Todd McFarlane Says an Oscar-Winning Actor is On Board For the ‘Spawn’ Reboot

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Spawn Movie Reboot Update Todd McFarlane Says an Oscar Winning Actor is On Board For the Spawn Reboot

Todd McFarlane’s Spawn means something vastly different to comic book fans than what the character’s 1997 big screen adaptation might imply. But while the first attempt missed the mark, McFarlane isn’t giving up hope that his perpetually-in-development reboot could launch a franchise.

Not only is the film’s script almost completed – with an animated TV series set to be produced after the movie is released – McFarlane claims to have an Academy Award-winner impatiently awaiting the chance to star.

While showing off toys at the TIA Toy Fair this week, McFarlane offered an update on the Spawn reboot to MTV. Despite promising that an animated installment of Spawn was imminent years ago, it seems the plans have changed to let a live-action movie kick off Spawn‘s second wind.

spawn 2 todd mcfarlane Todd McFarlane Says an Oscar Winning Actor is On Board For the Spawn Reboot

That might sound like putting the cart before the horse, but apparently the film already has a star in place that will turn heads – if and when the film is green-lit:

“I continue to write a page here and there. As I’ve said before, I’ve got a guy waiting on the sidelines who’s an Academy Award-winning actor who phones every three weeks going ‘Todd, where’s the script? Where’s the script?’… He came out to the office, he gave me his pitch, I gave him my pitch, and he’s like ‘Fine, let’s do your gig.’ The pitch I gave him was that we could then do, like, ten of these for the next ten years, and he wouldn’t have to be 22 for the rest of his life.

“The plan would be to do the movie, bring the movie out and then go back on TV with the animation like we did the first time. But the cool thing with the animation is we’ve got 90 minutes all set, ready to go, other than just sending it to an animation house. We’ve done all the voice recordings, we’ve done all the backgrounds and everything. So the technology is way better than it was a decade ago. and there’s some spectacular stuff that we can now do when we bring it back that we were never able to do on HBO.”

A quick glance at Oscar winners fitting the bill of ‘younger African-American males’ leaves Jamie Foxx and Cuba Gooding Jr. as the most likely candidates.

Jamie Foxx Spawn Movie Todd McFarlane Says an Oscar Winning Actor is On Board For the Spawn Reboot

Foxx has expressed interest in comic books in the past, and can next be seen playing the villainous Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Whether that proves his ability to excel in a comic adaptation remains to be seen, but if the response to his character is mostly positive, a comic book movie with Foxx’s backing could be an attractive prospect to studios. Especially with the $10 million budget McFarlane claims he needs to make the film a reality.

Of course, Gooding Jr. seems the more likely of the two actors to repeatedly call up McFarlane asking to be cast in his Spawn reboot, given the current status of his career. That being said, Foxx has made a visit or two to McFarlane’s offices. That doesn’t mean the habitually-hyperbolic McFarlane isn’t exaggerating, but it proves Foxx is a fan, if nothing else.

Todd McFarlane Jamie Foxx Spawn Todd McFarlane Says an Oscar Winning Actor is On Board For the Spawn Reboot

There’s no question that a hard-R-Rated Spawn movie made on a budget (McFarlane wishes to write, direct and produce it himself) is an easier pill for a studio to swallow, especially after the release of Dredd - another underground comic legend that pulled no punches in its big screen adaptation (read our review).

Now there’s even promises of an R-Rated Deadpool movie, with mature humor and violence that could possibly bring more attention to the currently crowded world of comic book movies, not less.

At this point, we’d recommend that fans of Spawn try not to hold their breath, but if McFarlane isn’t simply exaggerating (and he very well could be), there may be reason to hold out hope.

What chance do you think McFarlane has of getting a second take on the character? Would you be interested in a Spawn reboot starring Jamie Foxx – or anyone else, Cuba Gooding Jr. included – or would it pale in comparison to the current crop of comic adaptations? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.


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Source: MTV, Todd McFarlane

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  1. Its about time. Im all in! stat over with a Tony twist / Overtkill storyline. and end with angela in the credit scene that all can be done on a short budget even if you add clown/violator. Lets do it todd!

  2. Jamie Foxx is not who really should do this character, but he could probably do it really well if he can show the darkness of the character, Gooding Jr., however, is less likely able to

    • Jamie foxx should never be cast as spawn nor should gooding jr, they should just go back and get michael jai white to reprise hes role, he was awesome as spawn, this guy knows how to brood which is what spawn does alot, i am a massive fan but i will not be happy if they get someone else!!!!

      • He was terrible as Spawn! Maybe you and I didn’t see the same movies, but it would be a mistake to have MJW reprise his role.

        • he wasnt that bad to be honest he got al simmons black ops guy down and playing spawn was just as easy, spawn needs someone who can look at you and scare the s*** out of you, that is what mjw did, he is the only option as there are not many black actors out there that would do well.

          • to be honest, it didn’t like he had much to work with either.

            • I didn’t really like MJW as Spawn. He didn’t really bring in that scare factor. I could see someone like Idris Elba playing the role. He has enough talent to pull the character off

              • Hell yeah! Idris Elba would be a perfect Spawn!

    • I think they should go with Mehcad Brooks. look him up, he was in season 2 of true blood. the guy has super hero written all over him. I could see him easily playing SPAWN.

  3. No Cuba Gooding Jr, please! I do hope this is rebooted and done well, this character deserves a franchise.

  4. Denzel washington… I know he’s not a younger actor but I could see him wanting to get in the comic book game

  5. Would love to see this. Loved the comics but the first film just didn’t do it justice.

  6. some movies do deserve a re make — an re boot *kick*

  7. wasn’t the first spawn movie made for more then ten mili? In Todd we trust? I flipping hope so!

  8. i hope its cuba… that man needs a boost. academy award winner… WTF HAPPENED TO THIS GUY?

  9. most likely Terrance Howard.

  10. Jamie fox or terrance howard is who I could see doing this. But TH would want too much money im sure

  11. Has Idris Elba won a Oscar, if so he would cool as Spawn, he is a fantastic actor, who is very underrated in Hollywood

  12. Maybe ScreenRant should do a list of top 5 or 10 actors that could play Spawn.

    • @ k(Black)

      “Maybe ScreenRant should do a list of top 5 or 10 actors that could play Spawn.”

      That’s an excellent idea.

  13. Not offense to McFarlane in all, but this is the third time he has said this in an interview. My question is who, and when is he going to get things moving forward?

  14. Oh please… Todd has been making all kinds of claims about a new Spawn movie for over a decade. Each claim more elaborate then the last. So now we have an oscar winning actor who calls every three weeks wanting to know when the script will be ready. Really? An OSCAR winning actor is calling Todd every three weeks wanting to know when the script will be ready. And an animated TV show that is all set to go ? All the voice work and everything is done and some one just needs to draw it? Who paid for these voice actors? Who was willing to front the cash for voice work when no deal is in place to produce the movie or the new animated series. Don’t get me wrong I love Todd’s creations but someone needs to tell him he loses more and more credibility every time he makes elaborate promises and fails to deliver.

    • ^^This

      • Word – Todd McFarlane is the kid with $100 that wants to buy everything in the Mall of America.

        I’m gonna get a TV Show, an animated series, a live action movie, and a hot dog on a stick. YAY!

  15. This instead of another Ghost Rider.

  16. not convinced foxx is a great choice but i can be persuaded. i’m a gooding fan but i don’t see this as a fit for him at all. maybe we don’t need an oscar winning actor. lets get some new blood. i’m sure there are some young, hungry african american actors with talent waiting for the right role to propel them into mainstream.

    • He won an Oscar.

  17. How could you not cast Idris Elba as Spawn!?
    Hire him, he would be great for the role.

    Not Foxx, Not Cuba and not def NOT Terrance Howard…

    although I am curious to see Jamie Foxx w/ his take as Electro.

  18. Do Todd McFarlane and Dan Aykroyd have the same publicist?

    • Haha, Comment of the day!

  19. Spawn yawn. It’s too out there to make a superhero movie, as both Ghost Rider mpvies and the last Spawn prove. It would flop unless they radically make it more main stream or go for quality and DVD success like Dredd.

    • Denzel said in a old interview he loves comic book movies.

  20. I like the idea of a Spawn reboot but with McFarlane saying the same thing every year and nothing coming out of it I doubt this story is nothing more than useless gibber jabber from McFarlane. His credentials has gone downhill almost as much as Cuba Gooding Jr’s career

  21. Jamie Foxx is clear choice…glad they said he’s won an Academy Award…or else I’d be worried they were going after Tyler Perry haha

    • dear God not TP lol

      • Who doesn’t want to see a Hellspawn version of Madea?

  22. It’s funny how people say Cuba’s career is over. Before Iron Man came out, no one gave a sh*t about RDJ. Jamie & Cuba are good actors, don’t base your judgement off of one movie.

  23. Honestly if they do it, Spawn should be a periphery character and the focus should be on Sam and Twitch or some other detective with only bits and pieces focused on Al to keep the horror vibe.

  24. @Cole This may be the dumbest comment i seen on here. Have you read a comic book before?

  25. “There’s no question that a hard-R-Rated Spawn movie made on a budget (McFarlane wishes to write, direct and produce it himself) is an easier pill for a studio to swallow…”

    Here we go again. First, let me say that the fact that only TWO (2) names can be connected to a spawn movie regarding YOUNG AFRICAN AMERICAN MALE ACTORS in hollywood, who have WON THE OSCARS, shows to sad part of hollywood. This is an industry that is supposed to be liberal (while I myself am not a liberal, neither a conservative). With that said, there should be scores of young african american male actors who could fit Al Simmons (Spawn’s alter ego), who also have already won an oscar. Again, the fact that screenrant can only come up with TWO (2) names (Foxx and Gooding Jr.) shows (in my opinion) the hypocrisy of the industry.

    Secondly, if we do get a spawn reboot, AN R RATING WOULD BE BEST TO FIT IT. Spawn is a dark character, and a very serious character. With that said, slapstick comedy or even dry comedy added into the movie would not fit the character and the tone that the character brings, which is a SERIOUS-DARK TONE. Most comic book characters have already been wrongly portrayed in films because of the studios giving said characters a weaker and improper rating for the sake of appealing to kids to…make money (as some have said over the years). Wolverine should have been an R rated film as well as the X-Men. Some people complain that comic book movies that are given an R rating would not make as much money compared to giving such movies a PG rating. That’s ridiculous. As I have said for years, nothing about many comic book characters and their stories need to be changed because they ALREADY make sense. If a non comic book fan has never read an x-men comic book, what then would you have to change to appeal to them if the story ALREADY makes sense? Answer: NOTHING. Why? Because they know very little or nothing about the character. However, on the flip side of that, if I am a fan of a character(s) and I know the character(s) and their stories, I will refuse to pay 7, 8, 10, 12, etc. dollars to see a movie based on said character(s) if I know (THROUGH WORD OF MOUTH) that something about the character was DRASTICALLY DIFFERENT/CHANGED for whatever excuse (NOT REASON(S)). Becuase of that I will wait for it on cable and buy the dvd (if I collect dvds) when the dvd sells for 5 bucks, because paying 14 or 21 bucks for a dvd would make no sense when I could have saw the movie in theaters for 7-12 bucks.

    With all of that said, I personally would prefer Jaime Foxx or Ildris Elba playing Simmons/Spawn. However, I lean more toward Elba playing the part. He is an excellent actor.

    • “there should be scores of young african american male actors who could fit Al Simmons (Spawn’s alter ego), who also have already won an oscar”

      I’d accuse the academy of ageism before racism. Sidney Poitier, Louis Gossett Jr., Forest Whitaker, Morgan Freeman, and Denzel Washington really don’t fit the character of Al Simmons. Secondly, there is only a Leading Actor category and Supporting Actor category. ONE winner for each category ONCE per year. People age every year, so explain to me how there can be “scores of young african american male actors.” Based on the criteria given to us from Todd McFarlane…there are two.

      Now had McFarlane said Oscar nominated…well that opens the door to Terrence Howard, Djimon Hounsou, Will Smith, and Don Cheadle…among others who are not age appropriate. And honestly, all these actors are in their mid-to-upper 40s…which brings me back to my original point. The academy is guilty of ageism, not racism…only 5 actors under 30 have won Lead or Supporting Actor.

      • @ Professor

        “A quick glance at Oscar winners fitting the bill of ‘younger African-American males’ leaves Jamie Foxx and Cuba Gooding Jr. as the most likely candidates.” This statement is from screenrant.

        I never said that there are NO african american actors in hollywood. If you had read the article and my comment you would have noticed that I was replying to the criteria that was made, which is YOUNG AFRICAN AMERICAN MALES WHO HAVE WON THE OSCARS. When you do a comparison of black and white actors who have won the oscars (who are both young and old) you will notice that the ratio is vastly weighed to one side (with the majority being white). There are not enough roles written for afrcian american actors, asian actors, or latino actors. That is the point. You do realize that at least 46 small screen programs were cancelled in 2012 (which means that had a short life and just dropped by the networks). When you review these shows you begin to see that the onething they ll have in common is that the cast is either all white or 99% white. What am I saying? That there is a boredom with the general audience for that particular casting critieria because it is what has been done since TV was created. And it is the same with the big screen.

        “Now had McFarlane said Oscar nominated…well that opens the door to Terrence Howard, Djimon Hounsou, Will Smith, and Don Cheadle…among others who are not age appropriate.”

        And that’s just it, HE DID NOT SAY THAT. He said OSCAR WINNER. And because of that scrutiny is placed on the industry, and rightly so.

        “People age every year, so explain to me how there can be “scores of young african american male actors.”

        This statement from you is flawed because it has nothing to do with there only being the small number of 2 noticeable young african american oscar winning males (gooding jr and foxx who are both 45 by the way) who are possibly tied to this possible movie, while I am pointing out that there are a huge number of YOUNG african american actors who have excellent acting chops that have never won the oscars, while the affromentioned names you pointed out earlier proves my point…and moreso since, AGAIN, there are FEW roles in hollywood that are written for african amerians, latinos, asians, etc.

        The second reason why your statement is flawed is because you are implying that the reason why there are not enough young african american male actors to play a character like AL SIMMONS is because many of today’s african american actors are (according to hollywood’s standard) already old. Which you again prove my point of…if hollywood can dish out huge numbers of young white actors (male and female) every year by the truckloads, why is the same not being done when it comes to black actors, latino actors, asian actors, etc? Therefore, the reason for there only being 2 african american names mentioned by screenrant as possible candidates to play al simmons is not because all the other black male actors are old, but because there are not enough YOUNG BLACK MALE ACTORS.

  26. @Cole…I think you would be labled a troll simply because while you made a comment, you have not stated why you think “most black characters are non-factors” and why you think black comic characters are “crappy” as you put it. Therefore, explain your comment.

    • hes just a racist

    • The majority of black superheroes are not original. War Machine is a black Iron Man, Icon is a black Superman, Black Panther is a black Batman. A lot of black superheroes aren’t interesting at all. Name one iconic black superhero that’s on the same level as Superman, Batman & Spidey.

      • what u just said is just rubbish. all comic book characters are same or similar none are original characters. its like saying Namor is the same as Aquaman or Hawkeye is the same as Green Arrow. sorry but you just want to attack black comic book characters.

        • I’m half black. And I agree. There isn’t a iconic black comic figure. If there was one, there would have been a film made a long time ago. Its sucks but its just the truth.

          Jamie Foxx wouldn’t be my first choice to play spawn but its not a bad choice. But I would love Idris Elba to have a role he can sink his teeth into. All of his mainstream work he plays weak characters w/ no depth.

      • Giant-Man(Bill Foster) isnt terrible, even if he is the second giant man, he’s been the role for long time. Oh and there is this Fellow called Luke Cage, also known as Powerman, the first african-american superhero. he was cool enough to wear an afro and a tiara back in the day, then again, that was like the 70′s or 80′s. He and his partner Iron Fist were the heroes for hire. he may not be as big as some heroes, but he has held his own for a long time

      • I don’t think I would consider Black Panther as a black Batman, now for iconic black super heroes there’s Storm, John Stewart the GL in Justice League, Cyborg, and Static Shock. I’m sure someone would say there’s more but that’s all I would consider.

      • There are none. Doesn’t mean people don’t want to see Spawn.

  27. Top 10 it is Mr. Day!