Todd McFarlane Says an Oscar-Winning Actor is On Board For the ‘Spawn’ Reboot

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Spawn Movie Reboot Update Todd McFarlane Says an Oscar Winning Actor is On Board For the Spawn Reboot

Todd McFarlane’s Spawn means something vastly different to comic book fans than what the character’s 1997 big screen adaptation might imply. But while the first attempt missed the mark, McFarlane isn’t giving up hope that his perpetually-in-development reboot could launch a franchise.

Not only is the film’s script almost completed – with an animated TV series set to be produced after the movie is released – McFarlane claims to have an Academy Award-winner impatiently awaiting the chance to star.

While showing off toys at the TIA Toy Fair this week, McFarlane offered an update on the Spawn reboot to MTV. Despite promising that an animated installment of Spawn was imminent years ago, it seems the plans have changed to let a live-action movie kick off Spawn‘s second wind.

spawn 2 todd mcfarlane Todd McFarlane Says an Oscar Winning Actor is On Board For the Spawn Reboot

That might sound like putting the cart before the horse, but apparently the film already has a star in place that will turn heads – if and when the film is green-lit:

“I continue to write a page here and there. As I’ve said before, I’ve got a guy waiting on the sidelines who’s an Academy Award-winning actor who phones every three weeks going ‘Todd, where’s the script? Where’s the script?’… He came out to the office, he gave me his pitch, I gave him my pitch, and he’s like ‘Fine, let’s do your gig.’ The pitch I gave him was that we could then do, like, ten of these for the next ten years, and he wouldn’t have to be 22 for the rest of his life.

“The plan would be to do the movie, bring the movie out and then go back on TV with the animation like we did the first time. But the cool thing with the animation is we’ve got 90 minutes all set, ready to go, other than just sending it to an animation house. We’ve done all the voice recordings, we’ve done all the backgrounds and everything. So the technology is way better than it was a decade ago. and there’s some spectacular stuff that we can now do when we bring it back that we were never able to do on HBO.”

A quick glance at Oscar winners fitting the bill of ‘younger African-American males’ leaves Jamie Foxx and Cuba Gooding Jr. as the most likely candidates.

Jamie Foxx Spawn Movie Todd McFarlane Says an Oscar Winning Actor is On Board For the Spawn Reboot

Foxx has expressed interest in comic books in the past, and can next be seen playing the villainous Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Whether that proves his ability to excel in a comic adaptation remains to be seen, but if the response to his character is mostly positive, a comic book movie with Foxx’s backing could be an attractive prospect to studios. Especially with the $10 million budget McFarlane claims he needs to make the film a reality.

Of course, Gooding Jr. seems the more likely of the two actors to repeatedly call up McFarlane asking to be cast in his Spawn reboot, given the current status of his career. That being said, Foxx has made a visit or two to McFarlane’s offices. That doesn’t mean the habitually-hyperbolic McFarlane isn’t exaggerating, but it proves Foxx is a fan, if nothing else.

Todd McFarlane Jamie Foxx Spawn Todd McFarlane Says an Oscar Winning Actor is On Board For the Spawn Reboot

There’s no question that a hard-R-Rated Spawn movie made on a budget (McFarlane wishes to write, direct and produce it himself) is an easier pill for a studio to swallow, especially after the release of Dredd - another underground comic legend that pulled no punches in its big screen adaptation (read our review).

Now there’s even promises of an R-Rated Deadpool movie, with mature humor and violence that could possibly bring more attention to the currently crowded world of comic book movies, not less.

At this point, we’d recommend that fans of Spawn try not to hold their breath, but if McFarlane isn’t simply exaggerating (and he very well could be), there may be reason to hold out hope.

What chance do you think McFarlane has of getting a second take on the character? Would you be interested in a Spawn reboot starring Jamie Foxx – or anyone else, Cuba Gooding Jr. included – or would it pale in comparison to the current crop of comic adaptations? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.


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Source: MTV, Todd McFarlane

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  1. If there was ever a movie that NEEDED a reboot, its this one.

  2. Can we please come up with a rule where movies are NEVER rebooted unless

    a) they were inexcusably horrible, even within its genre context, and I’m not talking Super Mario Brother so-bad-it’s-good, because leave that alone, I mean horrible to pretty much every single person with a valid opinion

    b) for the purpose of revisiting a film due to older technology just not working back then at all



    DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. IF YOU DON’T, REBOOT IT *ONCE*. If you fail a second time, you never get a chance again. PERIOD!

    I’m not talking about “let’s tell a different story” reboots either. Burton and Nolan are not the same.

    I’m talking about “Clash of the Titans old and new” reboots.

    Um, yeah, I can’t think of any other reasons that you would REBOOT something.

    Digitally re-master and maybe put in non-crappy 3D? Sure!

    REBOOT? F*ck, no. I’m so sick of f*cking reboots.

    Spawn was not bad ENOUGH to validate a reboot. As far as comic book movies go, it was decent for what it was. I can’t see anyone except for Michael in the role. Definitely not Cuba. No offence.

    This is clearly just a bad cash-grab.

    Give us some original f*cking movies that don’t suck!

    • Bull$h!t

      Reboot X-Men, Fantastic Four AND Spawn… and that’s just off the top of my head. Oh, and make sure they don’t suck of course.

    • the spawn movie is nothing like the comics or the cartoon this is why its need to be rebooted

  3. It’s gonna be Leonardo DiCaprio, i would say about 3 years ago Todd actually wanted him to be the main character for the movie but not to play spawn, there planning on making spawn a side character almost exactly like what they did with Transformers, have the humans be the main characters and the transformers be the side characters. And Leonardo DiCaprio will be playing the main human character. As you can see no where in this article did Todd say the Oscar winning actor was playing spawn. Trust me it’s gonna be Leonardo

    • Ugh… Todd is turning out to be worse than Lucas.

      • I agree… wtf is going on? He lost his edge. :/ Well…considering it’s been well over 20 years now…I guess that’s to be expected.

    • DiCaprio never won an Oscar, so that’s probably not who he’s referring to.

  4. “Of course, Gooding Jr. seems the more likely of the two actors to repeatedly call up McFarlane asking to be cast in his Spawn reboot, given the current status of his career.”

    Wow Andrew, you and I think identical in terms of this. When I was reading it and read that there is an academy award winner who has been calling to star, I thought about the black actors who have won an academy award that might fit the bill. Denzel Washington, Jamie Foxx, and Cuba Gooding Jr. all came to mind. Then I thought about the “calling every week” and my first thought was, Cuba Gooding Jr.. LOL!! Sorry, but it’s so true, Jamie Foxx might call every week if he’s just really excited for the character, but Cuba is the one that really needs work now. I see him in a whole lot of straight-to-DVD movies, and they are all action roles. So he definitely wants to be an action star and he definitely wants to be in a movie…

  5. If they reboot Spawn, it should most defiantly be
    Michael Jai White (Black Dynamite) Again! He was good the first time & his Martial Arts skills are on point!

  6. What about Don Cheadle or Will Smith? I’m not sure how likely it is that either of them are the actor in question, but I can see both of them wanting to play Spawn..

    • Don Cheadle? What, his stiff acting in Iron Man 2 wasn’t enough for you?

      Don Cheadle is awful.

  7. With CGI being what it is, stick with animation and go back to using Keith David.

    He is as much Spawn as Kevin Conroy is Batman.

  8. One name all of you are forgetting Get the great Chiwetel Ejiofor on board. This guy is awesome. Watch some of his movies, he could pull it off. He was good in Serenity, good in Redbelt, he’s just awesome.

    • Please no Jamie Foxx nor Cuba Jr!!!! Not them! It would ruined the project!!!! It gotta be someone less known and not with baby faces like them. It has to be a face more serious!!!

    • True!!!!

  9. Terence Howard

  10. Halle Berry is sweatin’ Todd every 3 weeks to play Wanda.

  11. Forest Whitaker as Spawn, Gabourey Sidibe as Wanda, Todd McFarlane as the Clown.

  12. @ Cole

    I guess you never thought about Blade! A great, iconic black comic book character portrayed by Wesley Snipes in three films which all made money when you take into account the international box office, DVD sales, DVD and video rentals, as well as network TV, and cable TV returns. Duh! I have to agree, your trollish comment really does reek of racism.

  13. I’d love to see Anthony mackie take the roll of spawn. I think he’s a much better choice over gooding jr and foxx.

  14. Todd’s writing is not even close to being able to do a Spawn movie justice, ask Alan Moore, or Neil Gaiman who made Spawn actually worthy of being read. Todd is so desperate at getting his only creation on screen because it would be his cash cow. Not because he thinks that Spawn deserves the attention (which it does if it’s done right). That’s the only reason he is advertising that he has an Oscar winner interested, yet not officially attached.
    If you are familiar with Todd’s career then you know he’s good at creating stuff and then sucking other people into “collaborating” and then not giving them credit for their success or money due to them. I won’t support a film version of this with McFarlane and his Burj Khalifa sized ego attached to it. Those two things guarantee an over-inflated action movie with no dramatic payoff or need for a sequel.

  15. Jai White is the perfect choice. But I doubt he would go back to it. I can’t see Jamie as spawn for some reason. Maybe because of his comedy roles is blocking me from visioning him Spawn. Cuba Gooding? NO! Will Smith? NO! Idris Elba is a good choice. The only thing with Elba is his voice. He’s tries so hard to get rid of his english accent and it just sounds weird in his movies. If he sounds like he did in “The Wire” he should be okay.

  16. I really hope that this racist over rated actor doesnt get to play my favorite comic book character. Cause if he does im not seeing it.

  17. I swear, if Jamie Foxx or Cuba Gooding Jnr star in this then I’m boycotting it.

    Denzel Washington is the only person I can see who could possibly take the role and make it great.

    Fact is, there’s a severe lack of good black up and coming actors.

  18. Omar Sy has the look and can act. Does anyone know if he speaks English? I just watched The Intouchables and it’s brilliant all round. I’ve read that he will star in X-Men: DoFP so that’s practically a free screen test for McFarlane to look at.

  19. I want Spawn to fight the Vindicater in the Spawn reboot movie and to have action figure toys.

  20. Finally, I have been waiting since 97 for a new spawn movie. The open-ending kept me wanting more… e.g, better acting and cg effects. still, it’d be cool if it works out!

  21. after seeing Jamie foxx as electro hell yeah hes perfect for spawn,make the movie

  22. You know movies that are reboot is not that bad Idea because we as people like to watch movies over and over agina. We forget about the old movies.

  23. Please no Jamie Foxx nor Cuba Jr!!!! Not them! It would ruined the project!!!! It gotta be someone less known and not with baby faces like them. It has to be a face more serious!!!

  24. I really want to see what todd wants to do with the new movie, it’s not like with alot of other comic movies because it’s all being done by the characters creater who is still passionate about the character

  25. I spoke to Todd many years ago, as a long time fan of spawn and Todds art, this was a dream come true. Granted this was over a decade ago, I was fortunate enough to hear from the man himself, that the opportunity for a movie was there. I will forever believe that this movie will be released, and will keep my ear to the ground until more precise production rumors surface :)

  26. I would have to cast my vote to Jamie Foxx for the Spawn Reboot. I don’t feel Cuba Gooding Jr. would be the best candidate. Also I feel that the budget is no where near the amount it would take to make this Reboot even remotely worth watching. I really hope the reboot turns out just as good if not better then the original. Also without a doubt John Luigizamo( however you spell that) should be casted as the Clown. I don’t think anyone else would do as good as a job as he did in the first one.