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Vengeance Starz First Look: Spartacus: Vengeance

In 2012, two years after the series initially debuted, the second season of Spartacus: Blood and Sand – entitled Spartacus: Vengeance will finally see its way to television screens everywhere. Though it is still several months away, fans can take a glimpse of the newly-cast Spartacus, Liam McIntyre, with these recently-released photos and hear him in the short teaser.

Although it seems like ages ago, it was only 2010 that Starz dipped into the forays of original programming with their exceedingly stylistic take on tale of Spartacus. Executive produced by Evil Dead duo Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert, and heavily inspired by the film 300, the blood and sex-filled series quickly became a hit for Starz. It seemed the show, and its star Andy Whitfield, were primed for a long, successful run.

However, those plans had to be put on hold – and much to the network’s credit, they were. Shortly after the first season, Whitfield was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma – the ongoing treatment of which caused him to eventually cede the role to McIntyre.

While placing the ongoing series on hold, Starz crafted an incredibly well written, cast and acted mini-series Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, which acted as a prequel to the first season. Not only did Spartacus: GOTA prove that prequels could actually be good, the six-episode series further enriched the Spartacus universe by focusing on the owner of the ludus Batiatus (John Hannah) and his wife Lucretia (Lucy Lawless) – while providing a deeper glimpse at key characters like Crixus (Manu Bennett) and Oenomaus/Doctore (Peter Mensah), before they had reached their prime.

The mini-series also displayed the forethought of the writers by introducing Gannicus (Dustin Clare) in a major role, which will eliminate the need for nasty exposition should he (hopefully) be seen again once Spartacus is in need of generals to assist in his impending war.

After the success of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, it was obvious that fans were still eager to have more gladiatorial action. Although many fans may be turned off by the thought of replacing Whitfield, it is the hope of all involved in the series that the audience will quickly warm up to McIntyre as the overall story progresses.

Series creator Steven S. DeKnight recently acknowledged the fans’ hesitation by saying, “I absolutely expect resistance. It’s absolutely impossible to replicate your lead actor and not expect some reluctance [from the audience].”

Perhaps one important note may be that McIntyre has inherited the title role with Whitfield’s blessing. DeKnight said the actor “got in touch with us and said, ‘I love this story, I love the character, and I want to see it played all the way through, and you have my full support to do that.”

Check out the full image of McIntyre as Spartacus:

liam mcintyre spartacus First Look: Spartacus: Vengeance

Not everything has changed, however. The aforementioned Crixus and Doctore will be back, as will many of the supporting characters like Ashur (Nick Tarabay), Claudius Glaber (Craig Parker) and Ilithyia (Viva Bianca).

One return many will certainly welcome is that of Lucy Lawless’ character, Lucretia – thought dead at the hands of Crixus during the first season’s bloody climax. It seems Spartacus and his band of slaves won’t be the only ones looking for a little vengeance come early 2012.

Take a look at the teaser below:

Look for plenty more news on Spartacus: Vengeance at the show’s Comic Con panel featuring DeKnight, McIntyre and Lawless.


Spartacus: Vengeance airs on Starz in January 2012.

Source: Entertainment Weekly, The Wrap

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  1. I hope for anodher teaser at the comic con event to see more of whats going on

  2. Don’t think I can watch this without the orginal lead.

    God be with him.

  3. Just won’t be the same without Andy Whitfield as Spartacus

    • no but we should embrace Liam and give him a chance. Steven wouldnt have casted him if he didnt think he could uphold Andy’s part and Andy gave his blessing and asked us to give Liam a chance and to embrace him as we embraced Andy!!!! I Love Andy but his health comes first so lets give Liam a chance!!!!!!!

      • It is so sad that Andy is now gone…. he will be remembered through his wonderful work in the first season. I too think we should embrace Liam and i sincerely hope he does a great job…. seriously big shoes he needs to fill.

  4. Great series, hopefully they will continue the quality. While I hate the loss of Andy Whitfield perhaps the new season can carry on for him. Better fights with more combat would make it even better.

  5. Yes, I agree that whilst I’m thoroughly looking forward to Vengeance, it is going to be difficult watching with Whitfield’s absence. Despite the fact it was for one season, Andy really excelled in making the role his own. It would be a bit like Smallville without Tom Welling or Sopranos minus James Galdofini.

    I apologise if this comes across as insensitive, but isn’t there any way Andy could return in the role in future seasons were he to fully recover.

    Credit to Screen Rant for recognition of Gods Of The Arena. It was a superb mini series creating an engrossing back story and at the same time enhancing the story of Blood and Sand. The season finale was probably the best of the year of any show (although I haven’t seen Smallville’s yet) If it proved anything it was that this show is not reliant on just the lead performance. Crixus, Doctore / Oenomaus, Gannicus are just as compelling and rootable characters as Spartacus himself. There is just as much fun to be had with the villains Asher, Lucretia, Iilythia, Glaber etc

    It will be interesting to see how the show copes without the closed environment of the ludus. With the gladiators free, battles will be more out in the open as opposed to the arena. Will the show’s budget be able to cope with greater scale battles that will be required as the rebellion army grows against the Roman forces?

    I’m still holding onto hope that Batiatus makes some miraculous recovery / resurrection. If there was one major mistake the producers made, it was killing him off. I could forgive any return no matter how implausible as John Hannah was brilliant and gave episodes a real kick when needed. I’d even go as far as to say that he was an even bigger influence on the show than Andy was.

    Roll on January 2012

    • “Credit to Screen Rant for recognition of Gods Of The Arena. It was a superb mini series creating an engrossing back story and at the same time enhancing the story of Blood and Sand”

      Uh…absolutely right! Gods of the Arena enhanced the story of season 1. I watched Blood and Sand first and then watched GOTA after it came out on netflix and am now rewatching BAS. When Solonius is about to be executed and says, “Well played Batiatus. I under estimated you.” that scene had more impact knowing the events of the GOTA.

      All in all, I’m looking forward to Vengence though I will miss Andy in the Spartacus role. Especially when asked, “What do we do?” he responds, “Kill them all”

      • 100% agree, they showed the episode ‘Revelation’ again on Sky 1 and it’s one of the best episodes of the season without question. Indeed I remember watching it first time round, particularly when Spartacus takes on 6 soldiers alone in display for Glaber – it’s a brilliantly staged action sequence. When he says that line at the end of the episode it’s the perfect set up for the finale.

        Like most I hope Vengeance can reach even greater heights than Gods of the Arena, though it will not be easy..

    • I would have to strongly disagree about the killing of Batiatus as a mistake. While John Hannah was amazing and the character of Batiatus made the show incredibly enjoyable, Spartacus: Blood and Sand was the first series in a LONG time to have a season finale that left me wanting more all the while coming to a SATISFYING conclusion. Its not another one of those shows that teases major plot developments like killing off characters only for the end to get there and it turns out they’ve managed to survive. In fact, if they somehow attempt to bring Batiatus back from nigh-unsurvivable injury, it would greatly hurt the show, IMO.

      • I understand this point of view and it’s shared by a few that Batiatus’ death closes Spartacus’ chapter as a gladiator and the show is forced to progress in another direction.

        However in both movies and television, the hero is only as great as the villian. Just like Lex in Smallville despite being evil Batiatus had a likeability about him amd many found appealing his ambition to futher himself. I just think his time was cut too short.

        As a character, any return could have good possibilities without making things stale. The motivation for revenge against Spartacus would make him even more compelling. He already knows the gladiators inside out, and his background knowledge in military would prove useful in the conflict against the rebellion. I think it would be very entertaining to see him trying to rise in the ranks of the senate.

        It’s going to be very difficult to find a villain equal to his standing, though Glaber is still around to fill the gap.

        And after all Lucretia is still alive despite suffering an equally fatal injury. Not that I’m complaining about Lucy Lawless returning. She can comeback as many times as possible as far as I’m concerned.

        • I liked Batiatus during season 2 and thought he was epically one bad dude doing what he must as he raised himself up. Lucy’s turn after Gia’s death was brilliant and when Batiatus had the slave killed as a statement to Solunious, I could see that sinister turn. I liked him in season 1 until he took Nora’s life/arranged for it be done. But then I found some weird respect for him when the plot to frame Solunious went through followed by blackmailing Ilithyia for Glades’ patronage.

          So, yes. I think he needed to die. However we still have the villian Asher and that is someone I want to see in Vengence as Doctore hunts him down.

      • The show itself had morphed into Batiatus: Blood and Sand. This is because everything revolved around the star character who took over based on his ability to become Batiatus. Spartacus, while important to the plot, only filled the parts of the show that continued to be the same. Each week, Spartacus said and did the exact same thing. Now, he continues to say and do the same thing over and over and over.

        If the show doesn’t get a new lead character soon, the show is over.

    • The show should have been called, “The Life of Batiatus”. By far the only driving force that kept the story flowing was Batiatus’ life. Plus, you never kill off the best actor and leave us with a sorry script and extras as actors.

      Now, it appears that each episode will be about carnage and nudity with little thought to an actual plot. Shall we spend most of the FINAL season walking in the sewers and talking with each other about finding people and not being gladiators?

      Very Frustrating. Probably another brilliant idea to save a few million on the best actor. Keep your money as you have sold out. I will not watch the show as nothing has happened in the first few episodes.

  6. I guess I am in the minority, I never thought much of Whitfields acting, although it did improve over time as did the storyline. Actually there is so much more to enjoy in this series that I hope the new actor takes the reigns and makes it his own, hopefully with a great written story I’ll be looking forward to the new season.

    • I can’t believe you didn’t like Andy Whitfield in Spartacus Blood and Sand. U are indeed in the minority! what can i say!

  7. Wow he actually looks quite a good choice. He looks like Andy and judging by his tone of voice in the teaser, he’s actually a bit more powerful sounding!

    Looking good so far methinks!

  8. Andy will be missed. This series is one of my favorites right now. I will be there when the season starts.

  9. I’m actually concerned about what more can be done or said that hasn’t already been done in the last two seasons. I will love to be pleasantly surprised though. Well written dialogue, impeccable acting (though in my opinion it falls short of the depth of ‘Rome’ series).
    As for Whitfield’s replacement, it is unfortunate and my heart’s go out to him. Resistance to the new guy is expected, just as there was resistance to Moore, Dalton, Brosnan, and Craig. Inertia. But the show must go on.

  10. Andy will be missed. However, Liam certainly looks as though he can step up and give us a great performance as well.

  11. I am really looking forward to this new season. Like everyone else I miss Andy Whitfield and am praying for his full recovery.
    This series got better with each episode. I watched the first episode online, because I don’t have cable. Later I watched the series on Netflix and loved it. I turned around a bought a used copy of season one on Ebay and watched it again.
    There are too many good actors on this series to just typecast it as action, blood and simple T and A. John Hannah was brilliant as Batiatus. Listening him rant and scheme was a clinic.
    Liam McIntyre does resemble Andy, but he looks a little convincing. I am confident the showrunners have picked the right man for the lead role. There is too much riding on this.
    They have made all the right moves so far with the casting, writing and the decision to do the prequel, Gods of the Arena. Dustin Claire was fantastic as Gannicus. I was worried he’d be a blonde Spartacus clone, but he was a wonderful character you could get behind. The look back at a Oenameous and Crixus was also welcome. Finally the friendship between Batiatus and Solonius was a big surprise and welcome.

  12. I love Andy to but his health is more important. He made the right decision. I rather have a new leading man than no spartacus at all.

  13. For those who wonder how the show can go on without John Hannah’s brilliant Battiatus I have one thing to say: Crassus! He’s the REAL Big Bad of this story.

    Also, I think Liam has an almost impossible task in taking over for Andy and anticipate a lot of the initial feedback to be of the “He sucks!” variety but I also recall a lot of the fan chatter didn’t particularly like Andy, either. The big push in the first half of “Blood & Sand” was all about Crixus. But Andy slowly won people over. I hope Liam gets the benefit of the doubt and I REALLY hope he does a good job because I love this show. I want it to go for another couple years at least!

  14. This Show needs more praise!

  15. Jupiter’s cock,can’t wait 2012. number 1 serious of all time SPARTACUS.

  16. No one can do the Sparticus scream like Andy.
    My boyfriend loves the Sparticus jump.

    Andy is way Hotter too.. This guy looks big, to big too much muscle.. Crixus body is the biggest I go for. Sparticus body is Perfect..

    • This new guy’s muscle are actually smaller than Andy’s…are we looking at the same guy here? And Crixus is bigger than both but shorter hehehe

  17. I agree that the true Spartacus will be missed, but as someone else mentioned, this show does not rely solely on it’s lead actor. I will be waiting eagerly until the new season begins. Can’t wait to see more of this story as a whole, and see more of each character’s story. Wishing Andy the best, he will be missed certainly.

  18. Really?!?!? Am I the only one who sees alot of wrong with the new lead?? His skin is really thin, reminds me of an old person’s skin. The reason? He was super pale and had to get really tanned fast. Also, he’s skinnier than the guys on the show and after watching the trailer I could have sworn that Crixis lost some mass. Maybe to make Liam look better I dont know. All I know is when the character Spartacus walks in the room all women should feel inhibition thrown out the window and just want him. I don’t want this guy, and epics don’t work that well without that quality in the lead. Think about it Braveheart, 300, King Arthur, the old Spartacus all attractive men. Besides that in the trailer you can tell the action is going to be a step down as well with this lead. He doesn’t move his body and head with his swings right. The closest reference I can think of to relate what I’m talking about is think of the set being low budget and then imagine a fight scene that looks super fake. Can not believe they gave this to a skinny guy…why??

    • Oh do I agree! They made a HUGE mistake replacing Andy with Liam! I just finished watching the first episode of season 2 “Vengeance” ad I’m really disappointed with the new Spartacus… (dimples – really?)

      Though I was happy to see the character of Crixus taken down a few notches in season 1… In season 2, I may have to transfer my fan rooting over to Manu! (Can’t wait to see how they work into Gannicus).

      I’m just not buying Liam McIntyre as Spartacus… sorry folks but the guy’s just not right for this part! I just don’t believe that this happy looking kid has suffered all the loss and tragedies and has plotted vengeance! If I can’t believe him then why waste my time? Maybe Spartacus won’t have so much screen time? Its really too bad…I just don’t see the show surviving. (Though I may just have to watch for a little while to watch a Crazy Lucy… AWESOME!)

      In the end… I think they need to go back to casting and find someone else to play Spartacus, someone that can be believed has suffered… someone that has some depth in their eyes! Otherwise, I just don’t see the show surviving! I kept waiting for Spartacus in S02/01 to bust out skipping – instead of running away from Roman mercs (not thinking that’s what the producers were aiming for!) Double dutch anyone?

      To Andy Whitfield’s family… my condolences!

  19. I apologize for my previous comments. They were said a couple days before Andy Whitfield passed, & I was just angry at the aspect of replacement. I’m sure this new guy has a family as well & need this job as do the others. Funny, I’m really missing someone I didn’t really knew nor met, but Andy has that quality. I thought he shined in Gabriel :)

  20. Andy had the trillz if he replaced it should be someone who lookz the way he is and also impress us the viewers.

  21. i have been waiting for this series to return for soooooo long. i really, really hope that Liam McIntyre would do great as Spartacus. I will surely miss Andy, though. Liam and Andy have great resemblance, the only thing that is making me reserved if he is as good as Andy in terms of acting.

  22. Andy Whitfield’s spirit will forever be a part of The “SPARTACUS” Series. He will forever be a part of the fabric of the show and he will live in our hearts now and always. I thank him for his marvelous portrayal of the gladiator hero. To such a brave and courage man in the end facing adversity with such dignity and grace. May GOD grant him peace forever and rest his soul. Thank you Andy!

  23. The storyline jumps around too much. first we see “Doctore” as a young man then flashes back and forth ’till my head spins. The last couple of episodes are completely confusing!! Dustin Clare would have been PERFECT as
    “Sparticus” from the beginning.!! Not taking anything from Andy. Dustin is beautiful!! Please center upcomming
    shows with a LOT of Dustin. Quit jumping around and keep the storyline sequential. I really want to see
    Glaucus get his, long,slow and personal!

    Lawless is superb. As is “Batiatus” and his father. Two of the best episodes, were WHORE and PATERFAMILIAS!! Writing was tight and stunning. Love the series, and quit with the confusing story lines!!

  24. I can’t believe that they would end the story line with Lucy Lawless and have her, literally, ‘drop out of the series.’ She’s the first reason I even tuned in to the program. Shouldn’t they have had Lucretia and Ilithia move on to Rome? It’s going to be hard to continuing watching the show without Lucy being part of the production. I am not sure if they know what they are doing or not. I’ll tune in, starting next year, but if it isn’t worth watching, I’ll find another show to get excited about. Sorry, but I am a Lucy Lawless fan.

  25. i have not followed a series for thirty years,spartacus had me hooked,whitfield was beleivable as a gladiator,the new guy just does not do it,physically he needs to hit the gym harder also he is a prettyboy,very dissapointing.