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Liam McIntyre Spartacus Vengeance Wrath of the Gods Spartacus: Vengeance Season Finale Review

Rushing headlong into this finale with a true sense of revolution, Spartacus: Vengeance is set to complete an incredibly strong season by finishing what it had started with ‘Kill Them All’ way back in April of 2010. Moreover, though, Spartacus: Vengeance faces an unlikely challenger in its own storytelling, by having to face the prospect of exceeding the kind of epic grandiosity on display in episodes like ‘Libertus‘ and last week’s ‘Monsters.’

Suffice to say: the season finale ‘Wrath of the Gods’ does not disappoint. The episode is nearly wall-to-wall action that gloriously upends the series, offers closure to several lingering plot threads, and once more redefines the man Spartacus (Liam McIntyre) will become for the pending third season – whatever that may be subtitled.

As storm clouds brew over Mt. Vesuvius, Spartacus’ band of rebels is nearly undone by the impatience of Nemetes (Ditch Davies), Saxa (Ellen Hollman) and Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage look-alike, Ludo, after they attempt to escape the mountain and take on a small band of Roman soldiers. Unfortunately, their escape is met by the arrival of Ashur (Nick Tarabay) and the Egyptian. Were it not for the intervention of Mira (Katrina Law) and eventually Spartacus, Crixus (Manu Bennett), Gannicus (Dustin Clare) and Agron (Dan Feuerriegel), the three surely would have met their end. Sadly, it is Mira who is dealt the deathblow. And while she and Spartacus had been growing apart after the events in ‘Balance,’ her death brings to the forefront the reason for Spartacus’ vengeance, and sets the tone for the rest of the episode: one in which any character, no matter the importance he or she have to the series’ narrative, may become a casualty before this season is officially in the record books.

Meanwhile, in the pit of deceit below, Glaber (Craig Parker) and Ashur each whittle away the time, waiting for the rebels to starve atop the mountain, by fixating on the life they will lead once this objectionable uprising is finally quelled. Such pleasant thoughts are put on hold, however, as the arrival of Ilithyia (Viva Bianca) and Lucretia (Lucy Lawless) heralds the end of Glaber’s arrangement with Ashur – effectively putting to rest any hopes the Syrian may have had of transferring the ludus and wife of Batiatus into the House of Ashur.

One good turn deserves another, though, as Glaber cannot have any loose ends, so he orders his newly dutiful wife to eliminate Lucretia before the couple embarks on their return to Rome.

If losing out on the promise of the House of Ashur wasn’t bad enough, the Syrian quickly loses the loyalty of his men, and very nearly his life at the hands of the Egyptian. Rather than simply kill him, Glaber sends Ashur to Vesuvius to negotiate the terms of the Spartacus’ surrender. Naturally, the rebels politely refuse, but Crixus feels the message to Glaber might carry more weight if Ashur’s head were separated from his shoulders first. Before they can square off, Naevia (Cynthia Addai-Robbinson) demands a shot at reclaiming a little of what was taken from her at the hands of the Syrian.

Manu Bennett Spartacus Vengeance Wrath of the Gods Spartacus: Vengeance Season Finale Review

At first it seems unlikely that both Mira and Naevia would fall in the same episode, but despite her rage, Ashur appears poised to once more evade the icy jaws of death – at least long enough for Crixus to kill him. After a heart wrenching and brutal brawl, Ashur, ready to cut Naevia’s throat, pauses to add ridicule, but in doing so opens himself up to a devastating slice from Naevia’s blade that almost certainly robs him of his weapon of choice. While Ashur gets a verbal shot at Naevia before she hacks his head off with three vicious blows, the smiting of her tormenter is the beginning of Naevia’s transformation from traumatized victim to fearsome warrior.

If you thought Ashur’s death brought about a sense of closure, then the goings on back at the ludus were appropriately mind-blowing. All season long, it was clear that Lucretia had a game plan that was known only to her. And the end goal she had in mind? Why the unborn spawn of Spartacus and Ilithyia, of course.

Lucretia delivers the line of the night by saying to the mother-to-be: “Your child? You are but a vessel carrying a gift from the gods to the House of Batiatus. Now then, let us see it unwrapped.” Having cut the child from Ilithyia, Lucretia makes her way to the cliff’s edge, and in as dramatic a goodbye as could possibly be imagined, joins her husband in the afterlife – bringing with her the child she failed to give him in life.

But ‘Wrath of the Gods’ isn’t done, yet. After descending the sheer face of Vesuvius, the Gladiators Four begin the assault on Glaber’s camp by turning the Roman army’s firery catapults against them. And with that the climactic battle is upon us.

Peter Mensah Spartacus Vengeance Wrath of the Gods Spartacus: Vengeance Season Finale Review

Having delivered the final scenes of so many memorable characters, it stood to reason that only Glaber would be left on the finale’s bloody chopping block. But not so, says series creator Stephen S. DeKnight. In coming to the aid of the man who betrayed him, Oenomaus (Peter Mensah), battle weary and severely injured from his last run-in with the Egyptian, saves Gannicus’ life, but falls in his stead. And though it’s hard to see the once-proud Doctore go, his death acts to reaffirm Gannicus’ place in the world: as a warrior for Spartacus and the inevitable war that is coming.

As for Glaber, his death serves as the final act to the amazing character arc that has brought Spartacus from the unknown Thracian, to slave, gladiator, and now, the leader of an army united by a singular purpose: to bring freedom to those long suffering under the tyranny of an empire. It also shows how Spartacus is set to take on the new challenge of telling a larger, more powerful story now that will require a new cast of supporting characters be brought in with the expanding scale of the series.

Yet despite all the evidence to justify the program’s quality (re: this entire season) it can be downright impossible to convince others how Spartacus: Vengeance truly is a worthwhile program, with insanely talented people at the helm. Yes, the show is synonymous with gratuitous violence and sex – an aspect designed to attract a key demographic – but it is also home to some masterful storytelling. In the end, those of us who know will see ‘Wrath of the Gods’ as a fierce, powerful and insanely entertaining climax to what has been an epic season of a show that rightly claims its place as one of the most compelling programs on television.

Spartacus returns in 2013 for season 3 on Starz.

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  1. This episode was epic I can’t believe they killed off both Mira and Oenomaus. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time but now that it’s over I can’t believe I have to wait a whole year :(

    • Epic indeed, I’m looking forward to next season.

      • I also liked how they killed Ashur off and turned Naevia into a total badass.

        • I was shouting kill him!! Kill him!! at that moment. I’d been wanting him killed off for as long as I can remember. When Spartacus was slicing up Glaber I was like this better be it this better be his end. Then finally Vengeance it was awesome.

        • I would take issue with the “Total Badass” part….She only lived because Asure was toying with her…She couldn’t use that sword worth beans and by rights should have been killed within seconds….I’m glad she won, but had it been Spartagus ol’ lady that would have been a much more impressive fight….She really could look like a fighter….

          • Haha your talking like the show, I would have words. Yea Asher was caught off guard because he wanted to savor the moment like every bad guy does wow lol. Melitta was so much more of a bad ass.

            • I never thought this Naevia was a very good stand in for the other….I like the different Spartacus, but couldn’t really see her as the new Naevia

              • I’ve been thinking the same thing. The other Naevia was classicly beautiful and poised. This actress just doesn’t fill her shoes.

          • perhaps I was too quick in calling her a total badass but I mean to go from untouched house slave to battered and bruised salt mine slave and then to take out one of the top fighters in capua, seems pretty impressive to me.

            • I know what you meant, but the actress just couldn’t handle herself like a competent fighter. I mean in the end she basically sucker punched Asur, but I don’t think she had enough upper body strength to pull of using the prop sword well enough like the other women do….I mean I sure wouldn’t care to go up against that blonde….Now that one really pulls off being a badass….In colors…

              • yeah that blonde and Mira are true warriors. I hope that they get some more hot warriors that look as good as Katrina Law did as Mira

    • Any word on whether Lucretia will be back. I was thinking that perhaps her dress will get caught on something and she will survive the fall. No one plays crazy like Lucy Lawless. Illythia asks..”But aren’t we friends?” Lucretia responds knife in hand and a catlike grin..”the very best”

      • I just read that originally she wasn’t going to be coming back this season until the producer thought up an interesting loop…….Besides….Have you ever seen any of the shots from the top of that cliff? That’s many hundred feet up from the sea and a straight wall cliff. If they brought her back by trying to do something like having her dress get caught that would be pretty cheesy, and no one would buy it….From what I read I think all of the major Romans up to this point are done and it will be a new set…Probably the general Pompi, along with the young Julius Ceasar and Brutus…..Then again they’re more a part of the major showdowns when Spartacus develops a sizable army of former slaves…..Will be interesting regardless

  2. Spartacus punked the Egyptian.while everyone else had a hard time with him.

    • One question about that…..What the hell was he on that made him get an arrow in the leg and arm and then next week come back strong as ever? I don’t care how tought you are…Muscle shots don’t heal that fast….

      • I think it’s been more than “next week” since last episode. My guess is it was weeks, maybe a month or two, between last episode and this one. Also, I think Illythia made a comment during the trip to the temple about it having been weeks since she saw her husband.

  3. As much as i wanted it, it was hard to see ashur go. and doctore, i knew that was coming when he lost his eye. he will be sorely missed. They did his death perfect though, “i go to my wifes arms, we will greet you in the afterlife, brother”, perfect.

  4. I cried at Oneomaus’ death. And my mouth dropped when Lucretia took her own life.

  5. Spartacus didn’t kill the Egyptian dude, Gannicus did.

    • No but he punked him hard at the bottom of Visuvius at the start of the episode.

      • Yeah he did!!! That was one of my fav parts of the whole show as short as it was.

  6. I loved Mira’s character, felt bad they killed her off in the first 5 minutes. I did not approve of Oneomaus’ death. He was such a strong character. I was shocked to see Ashur go down by Naevia’s hand, even though he did have it coming. Same thing went for Glaber. I went insane when Lucretia jumped off the cliff. Despite her sneaky ways, I did grow a soft spot for her character this season. Im guessing Ilithyia will survive and find her way to Varinius after a rescue mission. I see alot of potential evilness from this future power couple. Lets wait and see for next season.

    • Varnious died in the previous episode when a fire ball took him out

    • I too was sad when Oneomaus died, but was far from surprised. The show, while definitely taking lots of liberty artistically, seems to follow the general history of Spartacus, and it is believed that the real Oneomaus died in this battle.

  7. According to Steven de Knight Ilithyia is dead-she bleed to death-there is no one alive to save her.She will not be back in season 3.

  8. My guess is next season will be the end of Spartacus, the end is inevitable he has to lose to Crassus. I’m looking forward to more sex next season. Can’t believe Lucretia killed the baby and herself !

    • Lets see them try to bring back Lucretia again next season…..Other than flashbacks that is.

      I don’t know if the next season will be the last (I think I read someplace the producer was thinking 6 seasons) There’s a whole lot of battles in the historic story. Of course they very loosly follow the actual history, but still there’s freeing all the slaves they can to build their own army to fight the Romans. I think the reason the actual history is so facinating to people is because he and his gladiators basically trained a bunch of societies lowest to take on the elite fighting machine that fell many kingdoms….And lasted longer than some well trained militaries against the Roman’s.

      The biggest problem both this season and for seasons to come is how do they makd the armies at a big enough scale to seem like the real story? This season we saw a band of something like 40 to 75 slaves against maybe the same number of Romans (Both way too small historically)…..As the story goes on the numbers grow into many thousands on each side. With limited budget my guess is that we’ll always be seeing the command centers of the forces and reference to to the rest of the troops and perhaps an ocassional CG shot showing a massive group here or there….None the less it should be interesting…

      By the by…I just watch something about gladiators on the History channel….Here’s a tidbit…The original fights were between slaves at the funeral of a fallen warrior. It was supposed to be an honor for the warrior……I guess flowers weren’t a big seller back then eh?

      • Another problem is that we were very emotionally invested in these characters (Mira, Onemaeous, Glabber, Lucretia, Illythia, Asher). The new characters will not have builtthe same attachments with the audience, kind of like how The Tudors became less interesting after the Anne Bolyn arc was over.

  9. More sex lol :)

  10. Maybe its just me and I am crazy but Asher was always my favorite character. His character added soooo much depth and excitement to the show. I was so pissed to see him fall at the hands of Neavia of all characters!? Make it worst it wasn’t even his fault.

    • Yeah he was my favorite character to I was really sad to see him go

    • Actually, when Asher was envisioning his life as the head of the ludus, I thought it would be cool if they did an alt-universe series where Glaber (and Asher) win the battle and Asher starts his ludus. Asher is such an interesting character and compelling villain, it would be interesting to have such a villain as the lead of a series. (Yes, I know “Gods of Arena” was centered around Batiatus, but he was actually fairly well-meaning in the beginning and it wasn’t until he was duped and beaten by Tullius did he adopted the win at any cost/ evilish tendencies.) But, with Asher as the lead, he would start out as is, which is evil.

  11. i agree. with Elton. i wanted Ashur dead for a while. but I don’t really like the way that they did it with naevia killing him. he was way to awesome and sneaky to just go walk into his own death. and after it was done. i was kinda bummed that he was dead. no more awesomely serpenty maneuvers. sigh.

  12. Hell….Asur can now get a part on “Justified” That show is stock full of bad guys who seem like really nice guys…Much like Asur did to those who he was playing….

  13. Kevin, as always I enjoyed your review. Although, I thought it was interesting that you missed that Lucretia referred to Crixus in her dying act saying Crixus always wanted a son which makes her plan/actions all the more startling and deliciously complex as it became clear that her drive all season was not really restoring the House of Batiatus, but rather her delusional devotion to Crixus that began in the first season, which apparently only grew into an all-consuming, but well-hidden, mania this season. I really enjoyed this little touch.

    Another thought, while I understand that there was a necessity to essentially clear the slate of current villains to make way for the coming struggle with Rome itself, I thought it was particularly unfortunate from a story-telling standpoint to remove all of them especially Ashur. Now there is no longer a personal edge to any of the fighting/struggles that we see, and the particularly sly and snakey character of Ashur could have continued to offer a layer of intrigue and espionage to the series that is now lost. I am concerned that without some of the personal stakes so present in these past seasons, that the next season could be in danger of losing some of its tension.

    Also, while Naevia’s battle makes sense in her narrative, I felt conflicted about that scene in terms of both feeling a little flatter than it was intended to and in comparison to the expected battle we knew was coming later in the show.

    Finally, Gannicus’ schooling of the Egyptian was unbelievably fun to watch.

    • She said Qintus, not Crixus….

    • I wish the fight scene between gannicus and the egyptian lasted longer…some hand to hand combat ….but it was great either way.

  14. I spent the entire season of ‘Vengeance’ waiting for this very episode, and now that it has come – I am so incredibly satisfied. It was totally worth it – The way this show slowly pulled a band of slaves, gladiators, and anyone else whom did not yet own his own freedom, out of the pits of slavery and desperation was nothing less than inspiring.

    And as if such a trait weren’t enough, starz well near took character development, and definition to the next level. I was amazed to witness Spartacus seize the power and the moral attitude required to grow into such a cunning, vigilant, and most of all – righteous warrior, and leader.

    Also, his ‘Vengeance’ upon Glabbba.. was magnificent. The moments before the impaling of his throat we’re so well acted, and captured. It was such a friggin rush.

    Though, luckily – they spent just asmuch attention to the other main characters. I very much enjoyed witnessing Crixus and Agron surpass simple prejudice their people held against eachother – which obviously ruled quite strong over people in those days – And to in time, and through singular purpose shared by any and all following Spartacus – grow into brothers.

    I am quite neutral though about the death of Ashur. Though Naevia is in my vision quite a strong character deep inside. One that just hasn’t awaken her full potential yet. Her pain still shackles her to suffering and no redemption from haunting dreams. (Again, this is all just a fan’s speculation) But it just didn’t seem right to see Ashur, a cunning and intelligent character be wasted so easily, and so fast. I’d rather have expected him to either die by Crixus or to escape when Glabba sent him over to Spartacus in the first place.

    Anyway, all by all – I loved this season just as the others! And am very anxious to see what Starz has in store for us next season!

  15. tacitus – she said Quintus! Not Crixus!

    The actress that plays Naevia is painful to watch, she is terrible

    • Agreed, why couldnt they get the Original? I really dont like the new Naevia. She’s not as good in the acting department as the original and not to mention the looks :-/.

  16. First off I wish andy had been alive to finished what he started. Im pleased with the finale…i feel like ashur should have died at the hands of a gladiator…lucretia’s exit was epic….im still blown away by her characters ending. I feel like anamaeus met his match with the egyptian..but I also felt like he was ready to go. Ppl like him and lucretia had no place in the world without the ludas. I love the brotherhood between gannicus spartacus and crixus. ashur will be missed. Glabba finally learned his place!!!

  17. First off I wish andy had been alive to finished what he started. Im pleased with the finale…i feel like ashur should have died at the hands of a gladiator…lucretia’s exit was epic….im still blown away by her character ending. I feel like anamaeus met his match with the egyptian..but I also felt like he was ready to go. Ppl like him and lucretia had no place in the world without the ludas. I love the brotherhood between gannicus spartacus and crixus. ashur will be missed. Glabba finally learned his place!!!

  18. I feel like next season spartacus fans are just waiting for all the heros to die off. I really dont want to see spartacus die at the hands of the romans…maybe they ll deviate from that part of history…afterall they said his body was never found.B-)

    • Yes, I completely agree. As much as I love this series, I am not looking forward to the eventual demise of Spartacus, Crixis et al. I am just too emotionally invested. I don’t see any way around an on-screen death of Crixis since it is his death that prompts Spartacus to force all captured roman solders to battle as gladiators in games to honor Crixis. With Spartacus, I just hope it’s an artistic off screen shot implying his death (similar to the movie “Hero” and Jet Li’s character death by a rainfall of arrows).

  19. The new naveia is bad… I always disliked casting changes.

    • IMDB lists the Naevia from blood and sand and vengeance as the same actress Lesley Ann Brandt

  20. My favorite spartacus characters are 1.) Andy whitfield spartacus 2.) Gannicus 3.) Crixus 4.) Oenamaus 5.)lucretia 6.) Ashur 7.)quintus 8.) Glaber& illithya 9.)mira 10.)the egyptian..i think the egyptian couldve defeated thocoles

  21. Two fights that bothered me…The one with Asur and the other with Spartacus and Glabba. The first was so outmatched that looked silly, the second in reality should have been too. About the only time you ever seen Glabba kill anyone was when they were unarmed and he had an easy kill. Suddenly Spartacus who goes through seasoned Roman soldiers like a hot knife to butter suddenly has a real match with him. I know it was all for effect, but they really should have made him at least look somewhat like a warrior from time to time to sell that Spartacus didn’t just run him threw within seconds….

    • Glaba was the leader of the army so I would guess he had a strong background in the art of combat..atleast enough to last one minute with a worn out spartacus who has been fighting the roman army. Thats how long the fight lasted one minute. As far as ashur he should have fallen to a gladiator

    • I was thinking that too. I think the problem is that he has the face of a man who works at a desk job..lol. But I rationalized it by thinking that to be elevated through the ranks and than catch the eye of a senator to marry his daughter, he must have been an impressive warrior at some point in his life. And in the many nude scenes, we could see that physically he was in good shape, even if he didn’t have high cheekbones and chiseled features like the gladiators.

    • Actually I think they handled the fights quite well. First off Naevia had been training for weeks with none than Crixus. However that fight really came off to me as Ashur was toying with her probably trying to figure out how he could use this to escape. It is only when he decides he can’t does he present an opening by taunting Crixus the Naevia can exploit.

      As for Glaber – the man is a trained soldier. You have to expect he has some skill with his blade (even Solonius gives Spartacus, pause I guess, to recognize the man has a small measure if irrelevant amount of skill). As for contrasting against Spartacus cutting through the Roman Legions it is a matter that he was cutting through men fully committed to offense and Spartacus out executes them with his own offense. Glaber on the other hand met Spartacus with a defense he was trying to convert to offense

  22. I’m excited to find a place to discuss my favorite show. I’ve been trying to get my friends to watch it but they can not get past all the sex and violence. I keep telling them to just close their eyes during those scenes because this is the best written show on tv.

    • A female who can get past all the violence….Good…..As for the others closing their eyes….They’d literally be closing their eyes for nearly halve of each showing….Especially the violence….It is a show about gladiators after all….

    • Agreed. When I first heard about it and saw the commercials, I thought it was more style over substance and, as a big fan of “Rome”, just felt this series would be a dumb-down, historically inaccurate re-telling of actual historical events. But, man, was I wrong! The storytelling of this show always keeps me on my toes. All the twists have been well thought-out and plausible and the acting has been first class (although I could do without Spartacus’ sermons).

  23. I just watched it and felt really confused. Generally, I don’t like how shows tend to extend the lives of some characters and storylines but I feel sad about seeing almost all of them gone from Spartacus. Ashur’s death pains me. He was the most entertaining character of the series and his death was unsatisfying just like Illithya’s death (if dead she is). Killing so many amazing characters who we loved and “loved to hate” disappeared in a few episodes…. leaving us with the main rebellion leaders only.

    Like I said, I hate to see characters living too long, but losing almost all of them seems like a risky choice.

    Here’s a trivia question: Did we see more succeed or more lose in trying to get their vengeance this season?

  24. Incredible, attempting to express my feelings in words, is impossible! This season was “stocked full” of perfection! Loved all the characters. Naevia, replaced the original and I accepted her. She doesn’t have the toughness as some of the other female characters, but the original Naevia would have had the same weak presence in the fight against Ashur.

  25. In my opinion, the killing of many of the major characters is what made the finale so amazing. Although a good portion of fans almost hated to see these characters go is what made it so breathtaking.

    Finally, a show that won’t use cliffhangers to pull people back to another season. They made the hard choice, and as I have stated, TOTALLY WORTH IT.

  26. These producers do the best season finales. No silly cliffhangers. Everything ties up nicely. Great Season.

    It was bittersweet watching Liam deliver the “the roman finally learns his place before me”. RIP Andy. Bring on season 3!

  27. amazing episode. so satisfying.. ashur shouldnt have gone like that though.. he deserves better.. i mean after all u gotta hand it to him, all he did was just trying to survive and succeed in becoming a better status of himself amidst the ruthless roman caste system.. i do admire ashur a lot for his brilliance and will to better himself, even in the most unscrupulous ways.. but i do admire him after all.. too bad he couldnt complete his endeavors like many in real life.. but yea he did give it one heck of a shot and worthy of respect and adoration.. glaber’s death however was still too soon to me.. he shoulda lasted a little more for he is indeed a dignified character after all and fiercely loyal to his heritage and country.. after all he did die a hero, aside from his feud with spartacus, he did die a hero in service to his empire.. he died a soldier of rome.. with honor after all.. he has my respect and my only cheering doesnt come from his death but the fact that he didnt defeat spartacus.. gannichus’s bludgeoning of the egyptian is awesome, goes to show the power of loyalty and deep friendship that can make a man rise above and beyond and defeat probably the most lethal warrior in the entire the series.

  28. Looooved the finale!!

    However, I was hoping that Spartacus would tell Glaber the true identity of the child…imagine how effective that would have been, to tell him just before finishing him off! Ah well, it was still a brilliant finish!

    I hear what everyone is saying about Ashur’s death and can understand how it may seem he was ‘cheated’ a proper killing by a gladiator, but I thought it rather fitting. He was a snake – such a character didn’t deserve to have an proper (honorable) death with a real gladiator. He never got his gladiator status the right way in the first place, and tho’ he was the way he was in an effort to ‘save’ himself all the time, he was mean. Just plain mean. Look at the other gladiators, even if some didn’t initially start off caring about the fate of fellow slaves, over time, the bond of ‘brotherhood’ kicked in and they started to see this cause for freedom as a joint thing – in it together…but Ashur was only ever looking out for his own interests. Even his own fellow countryman (that other Syrian he was first captured with), he didn’t care for him at all. So I think it’s perfect he was killed in a rather humiliating way by a mere girl.

    Speaking of which…I kind of disagree with how people are viewing her too. It’s unfortunate that the new Naevia came in when the character she was to play had become such a weak personality – but I can totally understand how she came to be such a person – abuse, the mines…especially with a character who was not strong to begin with (she was never like Mira – who was a strong personality even as a slave in the house). I feel like the old Naevia had a beauty and grace the new one doesn’t, but the new one is fitting for the pain the character has gone through…tho’ I agree that physically she’s just not as ‘fitting’ for the part as the old one. I loved the old one’s appearance, perfect! But, what can you do – they did the best with what they could to recast, and it’s not a bad effort.

    So much I could say. Loooooooved Lucretia’s ending – wow!!! And so sad about Oenamaus dying – but he was ready, he so missed his wife and really what would a life of freedom without her hold for him? Not much I imagine…he fought well, and it was fitting that he die now.

    I almost wish that Illythia would stay alive for the next season. Would love to see her and Spartacus come face to face again…but I guess it is time to move on to the rest of the stuff – the battles…ahh!! Can’t wait!!

  29. Will Spartacus ever learn the fate of his child with all the relating characters dead…unless Illythia lives.

    • i don’t think he will know the fate of his child since he wasn’t sure if it was his. I think Lucretia just jumping off the cliff was already planning it she was always two steps ahead. As crazy as she was I’m going to miss her character.. They shouldn’t have ended Oenamus big mistake , they needed his character but I don’t get it ..