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Liam McIntyre in Spartacus Vengeance Starz Spartacus: Vengeance Opening Scene Sneak Peek

Ramping up the excitement for the return of Spartacus, Starz has enlisted Liam McIntyre in explaining where the series is headed and what viewers can expect from the Thracian warrior in the long-awaited continuation of the series with Spartacus: Vengeance.

So far, all that we have seen of McIntyre has been a handful of stills and the short trailer, which debuted in late summer. Now, in what amounts to an introduction of the man who will assume the mantle of Spartacus, after the tragic passing of Andy Whitfield, fans will get to see McIntyre in action – as well as get sense of where the actor is coming from with his interpretation of the character.

Additionally, the opening scene provides a look at more of the series’ visual style, which has been refined significantly since Spartacus: Blood & Sand first aired, and even looks to be an upgrade from the prequel miniseries, Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. It looks as though creator Stephen S. DeKnight and his team have worked hard to incorporate more of the slick, stylistic approach made so popular by director Zack Snyder with his work on 300 and Sucker Punch. As the success of Spartacus hinges a great deal on the spectacular theatricality of its action sequences, such improvements will unquestionably go a long way in securing the longevity of the series.

Not that Starz is particularly worried, mind you. Prior to airing the second season, and testing fans reactions to McIntyre, the network greenlit season 3 – suggesting its flagship series is just fine with McIntyre in the lead.

In addition to testing the VFX department, this season will certainly test the storytelling capabilities of DeKnight and the other writers. As the gladiators are now freed and battling to stay that way, the scope of the series has certainly expanded beyond the confines of arenas and the House of Batiatus. Switching the venue from such a familiar landscape to wide-open vistas should provide Spartacus an interesting new canvas to paint red.

Take a look at the NSFW opening scene of Spartacus: Vengeance below:

While the four-minute sneak peek really serves to highlight McIntyre, fans will be pleased to know that nearly all of the key players in season 1 (despite John Hannah’s Batiatus, for obvious reasons) will be coming back – and that surprisingly includes Lucretia (Lucy Lawless), last seen being cut down by the blade of Crixus (Manu Bennett).

According to Starz, season 2 largely concerns Rome’s effort to quell the uprising caused by the gladiator rebellion, and stop Spartacus and his army of freed slaves before they have a chance to get completely out of hand. That effort means Spartacus will finally face the man initially responsible for his captivity and the loss of his wife Sura – Gaius Cladius Glaber (Craig Parker, Lord of the Rings). However, with his goal in sight, the Thracian warrior, and newfound leader, must weigh personal satisfaction in vengeance against the larger battle in opposition of tyranny.

Things are about to get bloody.


Spartacus: Vengeance premieres January 27 @10pm on Starz.

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  1. Does anybody else think the new Spartacus looks too small? The guy needs to beef up.

    • Nope. It isn’t the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of fight in the dog.

    • He did just come from being rome’s greatest gladiator, he needs to look bigger, yes.

      I’m so pumped though! Huge fan of this series. I’m gonna Whitfield, but Gods of the Arena fired me up for what’s next!

    • Pretty sure they didn’t have supplements 2,000 years ago or have 300gm of protein a day diets. ;-)

        • The needs to do some pushup and sit ups even without supplements. He looks like too whimpy.

      • Thats incorrect gladiators ate very well and very strong and muscular men. If you would like to see for yourself google A graveyard for roman gladiators. In 2003 archaeologists found a well preserved cemetery in northern England containing fallen gladiators. This new guy looks foolish and has no business playing Spartacus.

    • Absolutely. He is skinny and he sucks. He is a pale comparison of the last guy. He looks soft.

      • I agree with you 100%!! I watched the first episode the other night and this new guy flat out sucks especially in the fighting scenes!! He doesn’t look like a real gladiator, the real Spartacus was a muscular man. I really don’t like the way they are doing the fighting, way to much slow motion. Andy CAN NOT BE REPLACED but they can find a better Spartacus than this clown.

  2. Hopefully this guy doesnt get lymphoma too.

    RIP Andy Whitfield the one and only true spartacus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The one and only true Spartucus? I’m sure Kurt Douglas will have something to say about that. hahaha

  3. I also agree he needs to pump up more. With all the weapons and armor they had to use and all the training that gladiators did, they had to have put on muscle. Now that doesn’t mean that Spartacus would be jacked, when fighting with weapons, skill and speed is better then strength if I’m not mistaken. It’s not the same as a 195 pound guy trying to beat a 260 pound guy with his fist. weapons would almost even it out, possibly even give the advantage to the more nimble fighter.

  4. The slow motion may get to me afterwhile but it’s true to the Spartacus formula. Liam looks very comfortable in the role and is more ascertive than Andy was. Andy was more distant, until the season finale, which I think goes to show the length of time between Blood and Sand and Vengence and the growth of Spartacus as a leader.

    I am excited to see where this goes and if it there is more of a focus on Rome, I think that will definitely add to the suspense. Which is not hard to do because it’s normally suspenseful in wondering who is the next die, especially of the main characters.

    Now, I thought I saw Ganicus(sp)in the teaser trailer for season 2. I wonder what brings him back to the arena.

  5. Though I am excited for the return of the series it just won’t be the same without Andy Whitfield R. I. P. Andy your presence will be surely missed in this series.

    • Agreed. I’m sure the new guy adds his own take to the character and I’m sure the show will be a success (which I hope it is). However, as a fan of both seasons or half-seasons whatever, watching this show now will always just remind me of Andy’s untimely passing. I thought that he was so subtle and perfect in his role which is highlighted all the more by his death. Very sad and is, I think, too jarring for me to watch the show and completely enjoy it.

  6. all i’m saying is andy was much more ripped than this guy. forgetting realism of the time period, it just makes more aesthetic sense for the guy to be shredded.

    • I agree after watching that sneak peek of the new guy as spartacus he definately needs to hit the gym and add some muscle.

  7. Le sigh… Why do these Roman soldiers look like “Persians” from ’300′?

  8. I agree that Liam needs to bulk up more, but I’ll give him a pass this season because I don’t know the details of how much time he had to prepare before shooting started. Going by the shots of him in his other roles, he looks to be a naturally slender man/hardgainer. And anyone who knows anything about body-building knows it’s very difficult for hardgainers to put on muscle.

    Other than that, I think Liam brings a more raw/powerful intensity than Andy’s more reserved one.

  9. I love the series but the way this new guy fights, looks very fake, his features are from a boy, nothing against him. They should had hired somebody with more acting experience, he looks soft, just like brandon Routh in Superman Returns. Watch another trailer when Crixus talks to him, it looks like a father talking to a kid, he’s too young,I feel a little dissapointed.

    • I agree with you Henry. First he does need to bulk up, it’s not believable that he’s a great warrior if he looks weak and wimpy. Also the way he fights does look fake. He looks awkward in fight scenes. Something is off he just doesn’t look like he fits in. Maybe it’s the modern hairstyle he sports I don’t know…I’m still going to give it a chance since I love the show but I hope they fix these minor issues as they go along, seeing as he’s going to be Spartacus for seasons to come.

  10. I’ve been waiting for this for so long, it really sucks that Andy died he will always be the true Spartacus to me. Liam definitely seems more intense but that’s not gonna stop me from watching it. January 27 can’t get here quick enough

  11. It’s the first time I pay attention to something by Liam McIntyre and even if the guy is in a bad spot, having to replace Andy Whitfield to whom fans were already much attached, he sucks big time as an actor. I don’t know if he can get better with time, probably not. He just doesn’t seem genuine in the role he’s cast. I’m not just talking about his physical performance but as an actor altogether. It’s like his facial expressions are confused, he always has a jerky smile on his face, not that he can’t be happy it’s just that he’s supposed to be Spartacus fighting the Romans not a vacation in Sicily! The guy looks too soft, anyway I just watched 20 minutes from the first episode. Despite the great cast I’m not sure I’ll stick to the series.

    • You said it perfectly, as I said above I watched the entire first episode the other night and it was terrible. If you enjoy the story and want to really know Spartacus buy the book “The Spartacus War” by Barry Strauss it’s excellent!! Like you, I’m not sure I can stick with the series until they re-cast this guy, which I’m confident they will once the reviews start pouring in, well at least I hope they do. But Like I said before you absolutely said it perfect.

      • I’m begging to think that someone like Christian Bale might be a better Spartacus, and I can’t even picture it… I’m sure that Liam McIntyre has his good performances as other characters, like selling Doritos or being a Russian mafiosi, but not as Spartacus. Unfortunately they probably won’t rethink their cast decision, they’re so convinced they already found the perfect replacement that it’s too late for them to go back even if they get bad reviews… it would be easier to cancel the show altogether. At this point fans will not be taken seriously because it will seem that they’re using Andy Whitfield as their model Spartacus, which in fact is true for most. I’m no actor but I think that Liam McIntyre should start to act like Spartacus instead of pretending to act like him (which may not mean anything at all). His facial expressions are so wrong, I’m sure everyone can detect the unnatural emotional expressions, the bad boy glare, the “here comes my line” moments. Damn it Liam, do whatever you have to do, buy a bigger mirror or whatever but get that crap straight!

  12. I watched the first episode of vengence aswell and it ruined my love for this series. I know it must have been hard to find someone to replace Whitfield but McIntyre was the wrong choice. As stated above his acting is sub par imo. Why they would cast a skinny pretty boy for this role is beyond me. I couldnt take him seriously. I think this guy is more suitable for modeling than acting. I hope they get someone different.

  13. Although the new Spartacus does look similar to the original (whitfield) he does very much look under weight, and couple of times i noticed that he was too skinny compared to the original, in one scene he looks like he has no muscle at all, but this will not stop me watching,

  14. Liam McIntyre is a lot taller than the dearly departed Andy Whitfield. As a result, even if he is heavier (actually he is slightly heavier than Andy was during his run on Blood & Sand), his height negates the appearance of muscle on his body. He cannot just be slightly heavier…he has to be a lot heavier. BUT, one way to make himself look far more impressive than he does now is to build his shoulders and I’m talking muscle width and thickness.

    His shoulder definition now, are well, not there and it largely affects how he looks. Not to mention, his lower chest has very little definition but has some thickness, however when seen from the front and at certain angles, makes it look saggy. If you notice, whenever he turns slightly, it looks very awkward and it is exacerbated by the fact that he is overall lacking much muscle thickness.

    So yes, he is a skinny guy and given his height and the role he’s playing, he certainly needs to bulk up. I had my reservations and while I think his intensity is fine, he needs to be bigger. All I can hope for is thathe takes the Varro route. If you guys recall, Varro entered the ludus soft and he left it looking far more defined and beefed up than he was originally in just a few short episodes.

  15. They all look a lot thinner this series (except for Ashur who now has a big soft belly). I figure they all stopped taking steroids after Andy got sick. Not that there is necessarily any link, but it just makes you think.

  16. People have to understand that alot of people in the ufc are skinny and are very strong. They just do a lot of cardio so they do not bulk up like a bodybuilder. Hell some guys can be fat and still have good cardio so just food for thought. Do not have to look in shape to be in shape. Also look at Barka he was very skinny,but he is 6,4 so his muscle is very long. Does this mean he is weak not necessarily. Also they did not look in the mirror and be like of damn my lower pecs are not even damn I gotta fix that. They trained to fight nothing else.

  17. HELL NO! I watched 5 minutes of the first episode to the second season and couldn’t stand it. This guy is suppose to be spartacus not some skinny kid . It’s soooo unrealistic, Like for example he is suppose to be an equal match if not a stronger fighter than krixus ” no idea if that’s the correct spelling” , but there is no way he can be since he looks like a shrimp compared to him. He should have been hitting the gym 5 days a week drinking weight muscle with milk for at least a month before he hit the show , it would help him out significantly seeing as though he doesn’t look like he touched a weight ever in his life.