‘Spartacus: Vengeance’ Episode 7: ‘Sacramentum’ Recap

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Dustin Clare as Gannicus Spartacus Vengeance Sacramentum Spartacus: Vengeance Episode 7: Sacramentum Recap

After the destruction of the arena, it didn’t take long before Claudius Glaber took to punishing the very people Spartacus seeks to set free. Perhaps it is because he is a Praetor, and therefore holds more power than Baitatus (John Hannah), therefore Glaber (Craig Parker) has the potential to take villainy in Spartacus: Vengeance to new heights, as we see near the beginning of ‘Sacramentum.’

Having laid claim to Seppius’ (Tom Hobbs) soldiers, after crushing his throat at the end of ‘Chosen Path,’ Glaber finally finds himself in a position where he may stand a chance against his foes – both Spartacus and those who would oppose him politically.

Spartacus (Liam McIntyre), on the other hand, is still forced to corral his followers from time to time, and strengthen their spirits by demolishing an entire arena or making an example of a new recruit who doesn’t seem to get there is no “I” in team.

The newcomers to Spartacus’ party come courtesy of a liberated slave ship – scouted out by Agron (Dan Feuerriegel) – that just so happens to be filled with some seriously rough customers from his homeland. It turns out securing the boatload of Germans was in response to Agron’s growing disdain for the Gauls, and his desire to even – if not completely tip – the scales in his favor. Immediately, the presence of the Germans upsets the balance of Spartacus’ camp, with Agron seemingly more interested in breaking bread with his newfound friends, than in helping Spartacus earn the trust and loyalty of the would-be freedom fighters.

Much like it was in ‘Empty Hands,’ though, a great deal of the real action in ‘Sacramentum’ comes from the underhanded dealings of those in Capua.

After his run-in with Spartacus, last episode, Gannicus (Dustin Clare) has returned to the city in search of his payment for participating in the rather disastrous games in ‘Libertus.’ Given he’s partial to whorehouses and drink, it doesn’t take long for Ashur (Nick Tarabay) to track Gannicus down, and set him before Glaber. As luck would have it, Glaber is in possession of the rudis, which was bestowed upon Gannicus as a symbol of his freedom. Glaber sees the rudis returned, but expects Gannicus’ obedience as a thank you.

Not long after, Lucretia (Lucy Lawless) catches Gannicus in the streets gazing upon a recently crucified prostitute he had spoken with recently. Perhaps in desperation to escape the clutches of Ashur, or because she overestimated her insight into the man, Lucretia solicits Gannicus’ hand in killing Glaber – giving the former gladiator knowledge that his target will be left alone, and largely unguarded, as many of Glaber’s men will be accompanying Ilithyia (Viva Bianca) to Rome.

The two women had earlier conspired to fake an illness, which would threaten Glaber’s unborn child, resulting in his sending his supposedly ailing wife and Lucretia away from The House of Batiatus. Sadly, though, Ashur stepped in and swayed Glaber’s decision – with regards to Lucretia, at least.

Craig Parker and Viva Bianca Spartacus Vengeance Sacramentum Spartacus: Vengeance Episode 7: Sacramentum Recap

Back at the rebel’s camp, too much wine, revelry and Germanic song leads to Sedullus, a mountain of a man, taking things too far with a cornered Naevia (Cynthia Addai-Robbinson). Though she defends herself and stabs the towering German, it does little to deter his aggression. Before Sedullus can harm Naevia further, he is pulled away and into a fight by, of all people, Agron. Crixus is all too pleased to watch the two pummel one another, until he sees Naevia’s bloodied face – and he too joins the fracas.

Naturally, with everyone in the camp prone to violence, all hell breaks loose, causing Spartacus and a newly healed Oenomaus (Peter Mensah) to join the fray. While most of the men seem content to throw punches, Sedullus is the first to draw a weapon, and bring it down with the intent to kill Agron. Spartacus, sword in hand, halts the blow and proceeds to engage the towering German in combat. Since Sedullus has no idea the man he’s up against, the fight does not last long, and ends with his face being sliced off in a single, deadly blow.

The gruesome sight is enough to quell the skirmish, and afford Spartacus the opportunity to address a stunned group and remind them they fight a common foe, not one another. It is enough to earn Spartacus Oenomaus’ approval and the loyalty of all the men.

‘Sacramentum’ ends with Seppia (Hannah Mangan Lawrence) and Glaber’s tryst interrupted by news that Ilithyia’s caravan was ambushed on the road. As Glaber and his men view the carnage, they come upon Ashur’s tattooed companion with Gannicus’ rudis buried deep in his neck – a fitting reply to the proposal of both Glaber and Lucretia.


Spartacus: Vengeance returns next Friday with ‘Balance,’ @10pm on Starz.

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  1. Just finished it. Another great episode and the face slice off was epic especially with the brain sliding out.

    Is next week the finale?

    • No there’s still like 3 more episodes

  2. When I saw that poor bastards face sliced off I jumped out of bed and said holy s*** lol. I couldn’t control myself.

    Awesome episode!!! This show just gets better and better!!!

    • LOL, me too, my wife came running in asking if I was alright. Great Scene!!!!!! One of the best Kill scenes in any show or movie!!!!

  3. I was speechless, breathless and every other “ess” you can think of at the climatic face slice off….epic and seminal scene of Spartacus reminding his men of who’s in charge….classic television!!

  4. nice episode with good action and twists

  5. My husband and I were like “Oooooo” when the face slid off. That was an epic moment. I love that Gannicus slaughtered all those men. Just shows just how dangerous he can be.

  6. This episode, in my mind, established Spartacus as the true leader. After slicing off the German’s face in 10 seconds, the speech he delievers was one of the most effective speeches since season 1′s finale speech when he is standing in the middle of the gladiators after killing Quintus. The look from Crixus and Oenomus after Spartacus’ speech shows the leadership role Spartacus has finally embraced.

    It was also the first time that I felt Liam finally owned the role of Spartacus. He’s done a great job and with each episode he has slowly grown into the role, which I think shows the beauty of the writers’ ability to transition the characters with the actors playing them.

    Judging by the preview, Gannicus still doesn’t understand the purpose of the rebellion and thinks the score between Glaber and Spartacus will be settled if he will kill Ilythia. Hopefully, next week’s episode will bring a new light on Gannicus. BTW, I appreciate the way Dustin Clare is playing him. You can tell he’s playing a man who has dealt with a great deal of tragedy and struggling to come to terms with the reality of choice being removed from him.

  7. I am with the everybody else here, the face slice was just one of the best fatalities I have witnessed on tv or film. It truly had me in awe. Spartatcus has made his mark to everybody he is the leader. This show is amazing. Glaber has truly became stand out player in this show as well as Ashur. Pretty much all of the characters are stepping up to the plate and making equal impact on the series. Another great episode .

  8. Whilst not as action packed as previous episodes – Sacramentum was probably the most brutal entry of the season so far.

    Even for the standards this show has set there were scenes that made you wince more than once. The female slave getting stabbed to the cross – was probably the most difficult to watch, more so because of it’s realism. There was no shock value here – just a cruel depiction of how times were back then.

    Spartacus slicing that guy was indeed shocking giving a whole new meaning to the term ‘face off’ Caster Troy would’ve been proud.

    This was yet another character driven episode – with the goalposts constantly shifting, twists and turns aplenty. You just can’t predict what each character’s next move is. Ahsur, Lucretia and Illythia continue to be as compelling as ever and it’s great to see Gannicus play a prominent role in the scheme of things.

    Glaber is clearly now the boss and Craig Parker continues to deliver as the writers are now letting him finally take center stage. Every event or consequence now comes from his instruction.

    Loved the massive free for all at the end. I’ll mention her every week but Katrina Law especially stood out in the fight scenes and just gets sexier every week.

    This show just completely rules now and really wish there were more than 3 episdoes left. The 2nd season of Game of Thrones has to step it up big time – if it’s to stand up to any sort of comparison.

    • Agreed, Katrina Law has step up her role so much. She is the break out character this season. Her strenght rivals that of Spartacus in some ways. Game of Thrones has to be on point this season but I think they should be up to the challenge. Both titles has up the bar so far.

  9. slicing of face was a great scene.the brain falling out was gross,exciting none the less.what is the name to the crucified slave.?

  10. Sebbius got his sh*t f*cked the hell up to put it in Lyman’s terms :D and I’m glad that Gannicus gave Glaber his answer, in blood ;)

  11. I think Stars should do a series based on the Amazon worriors.