‘Spartacus: Vengeance’ Episode 6: ‘Chosen Path’ Recap

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Liam McIntyre and Dustin Clare Spartacus Vengeance Chosen Path Spartacus: Vengeance Episode 6: Chosen Path Recap

After the grand spectacle that was last week’s ‘Libertus,’ it only makes sense that Spartacus: Vengeance takes a brief pause to rearrange the pieces left standing. As is the common theme running through this installment of the series, many characters find themselves questioning their place and their future amongst the chaos of rebellion. In ‘Chosen Path,’ however, it is not merely slaves who seek adjustment to the shift in the balance of power, but those who would enslave them as well.

The murder of Albinius (Kevin J. Wilson) has a ripple effect that immediately alters the plans and lives of those closest to him – namely his daughter Ilithyia (Viva Bianca) and his son in-law Claudius Glaber (Craig Parker). The effect is to immediately see Glaber wrest control of his wife and unborn heir; while Ilithyia sees her hopes of a marriage to Varinius (Brett Tucker) vanish without the influence of Albinius to guide her wishes.

Glaber’s brazenness is not limited to Ilithyia, as we will soon see, and those seeking more power are tempted to follow suit. Ashur (Nick Tarabay) played his cards right in ‘Libertus’ and figuring one good turn deserves another, suggests to Glaber that three of his Roman soldiers do not stand a fighting chance against one of Spartacus’ gladiators. Forced into demonstration, Ashur puts down a trio of Glaber’s men before informing the Praetor that he was considered lowest amongst Batiatus’ men.

Earning favor with Glaber instills Ashur with more wickedness – which he displays by raping Lucretia (Lucy Lawless), after she chastises him for informing Glaber of Ilithyia’s plans to terminate her pregnancy. The aftermath finds the bond between Ilithyia and Lucretia reformed in pain and suffering, as Lucretia tells a despondent Ilithyia, “If the gods have cast us adrift, we must together discover the cause for return to the blessings of their shores.”

Meanwhile, despite the victory in demolishing the arena, uncertainty grows amongst some in Spartacus’ group. While Mira (Katrina Law) continues to find ways to be of aid to Spartacus, Naevia (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) and Chadara (Bonnie Sveen) are far less certain of the path they are on. As Chadara seeks her place by giving herself to men, Naevia is so traumatized by her time in the mines that she contemplates taking her own life, stopped only by Crixus (Manu Bennett) and the assurance that he will teach her to live a life of value despite all that has been taken from her.

Perhaps least certain of his path is Gannicus (Dustin Clare), who remains with the group only to see that his friend and source of guilt, Oenomaus (Peter Mensah) will recover from injuries sustained in the collapse of the arena. Naturally, given Gannicus’ skill and fortitude, Spartacus (Liam McIntyre) is eager to convince him to join their ranks, but (for the time being, anyway) it appears Gannicus intends to walk in solitude – a fact confirmed when Oenomaus tells him, “You are a man who stands only for himself.”

Spartacus Vengeance Chosen Path Spartacus: Vengeance Episode 6: Chosen Path Recap

Before he can leave, though, Gannicus is thought to be in possession of a map, which would lead the Romans right to the rebels’ camp. The denial only serves to brings Gannicus to an inevitable confrontation with Spartacus. The ensuing fracas is the kind of thing everyone wonders: when two heroes face off, who would be the victor? It’s like seeing Wolverine go toe-to-toe with Captain America – we know there will be no clear winner, but the brief display of awesomeness is satisfying, nonetheless.

After Mira’s well-placed arrow reveals Chadara to be the real culprit, the fight is proven to be for naught, and Gannicus is once more on his way.

Spartacus and his men may soon feel the lack of Gannicus, as Ashur has raised a fearsome group of his own – including an Egyptian seemingly brought up from the pits of hell. Glaber quickly puts the men to task by having them storm Seppius’ house. The defiance of Seppius (Tom Hobbs) is literally crushed under Glaber’s boot, as we see the Praetor gloriously begin to manipulate his circumstances, much like John Hannah’s Batiatus did before.

As Glaber and Ashur round the corner into reprehensible villainy, we inch closer to a showdown between Spartacus’ men and a terrifying group formed in response to their victory.

Spartacus: Vengeance returns with ‘Sacramentum,’ Friday @10pm on Starz.

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  1. I was pleased to see Gannicus not so easily swayed to the side of the rebellion. I feared Omeneaus(sp) was going to say somethin so cliche to him, like needing to aid Spartacus in order to regain his honor.

  2. This was a very good filler episode to return things to balance. The last scene with Glaber’s Dirty Dozen destorying Seppius’ guards and house was shockingly brutal. I was surprised when Seppius was shown crawling and then not so surprised with Glaber crushed his throat. Batiatus would be proud of such reaction.

    I am really interested in seeing what happens next week. I have this erie feeling that Gannicus will die; though I thought he would die at the end of Gods of the Arena so he may survive.

    Does anyone know if there will be a season 3 or will we see a defeat of Glaber and eventual defeat of Spartacus by the end? Or will they leave it open ended much like season 1 where you felt satisfied and either can have another season or just let it be.

    • Historically, Spartacus went to battle Marcus Crassus after Glaber. Marcus Crassus was a popular/powerful roman general and Has been mentioned in the show numerous times as Licinia’s cousin. He has not made an appearance on the show yet tho.

      I would say yes, there willbe a season 3 if season 2 is successful.

      • Very cool. Did not know how far or how long it went historically. I may just have to rent Kirk Douglas’ Spartacus

      • From what I read Last Year the Producer or Writer of this Series already has the Story Mapped Out, he Plans to have 5-6 Seasons depending on how Successful the Show is. I’m Pretty Sure it will stay on the Air for that Long cuz its been Consistently Generating High Ratings…I LOVE this Show…p.s Liam McIntyre is doing a Pretty good Job but I liked Andy Whitfield Better, RIP Andy

    • Love how the house of Backstabius lives again in spirit with Glaber and his family.

  3. *Historical Spoilers*

    Gannicus isn’t going to die, history has him as one of the four main generals that help Sparticus defeat everything Rome throws at them until Marcus Crassus, the richest man in history, finally is brought in to deal with the rebels in the third servile war. The Generals were Onemeas (who was actually a Gaul), Crixus, Gannicus and Aggeron.

    • Thanks for the historical spoilers! I knew of the 3 generals but did not know Gannicus was a fourth

      • I just hope they( Spartacus & co.) Hold their own gladiatorial games with Roman captives, like Spartacus did historically for Crixus’ funeral using 300 legionaries.

    • Marcus Crassus still suffers some defeats at the hand of Spartacus, but in the end, he puts the slaves on the run, thanks to Roman tactics. Although when marcus entered the game, we all knew that Spartacus would be defeated, even if we somehow managed to defeat Marcus, Pompey was returning from Hispania with is legions, Spartacus never had a chance. (In the end Pompey congratulated himself for the end of the 3 serville war by capturing some of Spartacus army in is way back to Rome. Neeless to say, Crassus was mad!)

  4. Nice episode. I can not believe that Ashur raped Lucretia. Things are getting wild. The manipulation that has been used throughout the whole series and every season is just great. Now Glaber is using it to gain more power. This is really an incredible series.

      • true…

      • To be fair, the Republic/Empire would stand for another 500 years and every Democracy and set of laws in the western world comes from Roman influence.

        • which actually came from the Greeks

          • Trundrabeast,

            You bring a valid point that is true today. Many of us do think of the tragedies that happen to others as important but only when they happen to us.

          • The Greeks pioneered actual direct democracy, which no western country has today as it is too inefficient. The Romans set up their government with representative democracy, a republic, which we have now. The Roman code of laws is also how we base our laws.

        • 500 years?! not true. The roman empire lasted at lest till 1500 AC. Even if it was divided in two. western empire, wich eventually fall and byzantine empire

  5. Excellent episode. I love this show. It keeps getting better and better every episode

  6. spartacus Vs Gannicus who do you think won ? 😛 it was a beife but awsome fight and amazing epsiode its getting better n better!

  7. From what I read Last Year the Producer or Writer of this Series already has the Story Mapped Out, he Plans to have 5-6 Seasons depending on how Successful the Show is. I’m Pretty Sure it will stay on the Air for that Long cuz its been Consistently Generating High Ratings…I LOVE this Show…p.s Liam McIntyre is doing a Pretty good Job but I liked Andy Whitfield Better, RIP Andy

    • I have to agree. The antagonist has to be as prominent as the protagonist. Glaber and Asher truly do steal the show. Where I love to hate them, they bring such excitement to the series. As well as the other that go against Spartacus and the rebels.

    • I think Ashur has something up his sleeve. I see him blackmailing Glaber. Notice how he removed Sepius’ bracelet. As if to hold on for future use. Oh I see him having Glaber under his belt with the threat of exposing Sepius’ murder. He is so diabolical you can’t wait for him to meet his maker. I actually was entertained by the Gannicus and Spartacus fight. When Gannicus knocked the sword out of Spartacus’ hand and he caught it backwards. Wowza! That move was great. We all knew though that the fight would end without major injuries. They both are awesome fighters. The writers do such a good job of making you change your opinions about characters from one episode to the next. Last week, you felt bad for Glaber and sort of satisfied seeing him get ahead and this week, I sort of felt bad for Ilythia and Lucretia. But knowing Lucretia, she’s got her plans. It’s soooo good.

  8. The series just keeps getting better and better, with Glaber and Ashur carving out a niche as two of my most hated antagonists, but I guess that means the show is doing its job. The fight between Spartacus and Gannicus was awesome, the fight choreography must’ve taken a pretty good while. It seems like Glaber has gone off his rocker and is just killing anyone that gets in his way. I also have a question or two, why would killing Seppius automatically grant Glaber control over his men? I know he’s a praetor so did he really have to kill him to get him to give him his men? And lastly why the hell would anybody wanna rape Lucy Lawless? I mean maybe back in xena days, but now Ashur? I mean come on 😮

    • Agree with you that Glaber is starting to lose his marbles and approach things with a kill first ask questions later attitude now that he’s tasted killing in cold blood. As for your two questions. Yes he is a Preator which means that the number of men under his disposal is limited to those authorized by the senate, on the other hand, the men under Seppius command are mercenaries, so Seppius was basically free to hire as many as he wanted. If Glaber wanted those men without killing Seppius he’d have to get permission from Seppius to command them (which he tried to do earlier in the episode) or outbid him, which he could not do given that the he personally is not particularly wealthy, and that officially any money he uses also comes from the senate (and they are not very giving), so either way he is out of luck. By killing him, Seppius family could still be on the hook for the money (through Seppia), but with him in command from a tactical point of view due to his Praetor position (with her blessings). As for Ashur’s actions, like all rapes, it’s not about sexual attraction or looks, it is about power and showing who is boss. It was Ashur’s way of telling Lucretia I give the orders now and you do as I say not the other way around.

      • @solar thanks for explaining the Glaber Seppius situation but I was just making a joke about the whole Lucy Lawless thing but apparently I had a swing and a miss

  9. just saw the episode and man, it was a great episode. this show trumps MANY of the “best” shows that are getting nominations and are raved by critics. in the fight between spartacus and gannicus, i wish it was between andy and gannicus. since we started with andy and not liam. not dogging liam at all, just saying that since we went throught season ones battles with andy, would have been epic to see andy and gannicus square off. but the fight was still fantastic. and ashur is up to something. man i love this show.

  10. Holy s*** Sacramentum was Good as Hell, the Episodes just keep getting Better and Better, Can’t wait till next week and every week I always say that lol

  11. WOW! What a show! I honestly get an adrenalin rush from the battle scenes! heck it is almost like being at the games myself.

    I like the new Spartacus but gosh for me ANDY was THE MAN himself. May he RIP.