‘Spartacus: Vengeance’ Episode 2: ‘A Place In This World’ Recap

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Liam McIntyre Spartacus Vengeance A Place in this World Spartacus: Vengeance Episode 2: A Place In This World Recap

Continuing to explore the ramifications from the fall of the House of Batiatus, Spartacus: Vengeance takes a closer look at the idea that, although free, many of the series’ central characters find themselves adrift in a new world that offers them no sign of purpose.

‘A Place in This World’ focuses much of the episode on Oenomaus/Doctore (Peter Mensah), who, having participated in the destruction of his home, wrestles with mixed feelings. Seeking penance, Oenomaus puts himself into combat in the mines – a miserable place Spartacus knows all too well.

Oenomaus’ bloody and brutal battles in the mines are interspersed with memories of his training under Titus Batiatus (Jeffrey Thomas), where he moved from being a slave to a gladiator. Titus coaxes the young man into believing that through submission to him and loyalty to the House of Batiatus, Oenomaus will find his purpose, and be a more powerful gladiator because of it. By the end, the future Doctore is branded with the sign of the House and believes he has found purpose in his life – though it is now clear that Oenomaus was merely fulfilling the wishes of another man, and has chosen to start over where he began, or die trying.

Meanwhile, Spartacus (Liam McIntyre) keeps true to his word by helping Crixus (Manu Bennett) search for Naevia. Utilizing the information gained from storming the brothel in the season premiere, the band of rebels find themselves bestowing freedom onto a set of house slaves that, when faced with the notion of choice for the first time, find the uncertainty of a free world to be a somewhat daunting place.

In contrast to the Oenomaus portion of the episode, Spartacus must deal with a Syrian slave named Tiberius, whose first instinct is to lash out at the man that took from him a station of relative comfort and prestige. Spartacus spares Tiberius, and in his doing so, the Syrian comes to realize that his station, though high, came without choice, and he can now join Spartacus’ army, or seek purpose in his own life.

While the more tactful handling of Tiberius goes against Crixus’ wishes, it is the first step in Spartacus’ plan to build a force united as much by allegiance to one another, as they are in a common cause.

Nick Tarabay as Ashur Spartacus Vengeance A Place in this World Starz Spartacus: Vengeance Episode 2: A Place In This World Recap

Back in Capua, Claudis Glaber must deal with a petulant Seppius (Tom Hobbs), who controls enough men to squash Spartacus’ rebellion, but the talks do not go as well as he’d hoped. Meanwhile, Ilithyia tends to Lucretia at the request of her husband, who sees Batiatus’ widow as a means to ending his time in Capua quickly. Concerned her murderous actions will come to light, Ilithyia attempts to test Lucretia’s mental stability and memory – which, we soon find may be far better than she’s letting on.

The episode ends on the revelation that the treacherous Ashur (Nick Tarabay) has pulled Oenomaus from the mines, but delivers him to a fate potentially far worse than death.

At two episodes in, DeKnight and his writers task the characters with adapting to the new, uncertain status quo. So far, the series has presented new sides to Spartacus, Cirxus and even Mira (Katrina Law), who is left wondering where she would stand in the world without the Thracian’s favor.

It will be interesting to see how these changes evolve as the season progresses.


Spartacus: Vengeance airs Fridays @10pm on Starz.

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  1. Correction: It’s “the pit,” not “the mines.” Two totally different locations.

  2. I really liked this episode. I really like the exploration of Oenomaus’ character and his choice of repentance for his participation in betraying the house he swore to honor. The appearance of Asher and Lucretia’s look on her face when he showed up with Oenomaus was perfect. Those two are going to do great villianous things in this season.

    Glaber, I think, is going to die by Lucretia’s hand.

  3. I really enjoy almost everything about the new series…..I would like them to back off a bit on those spectacular blood gush stops….In fact they could tone down the gushing blood some. Yes I’m sure blood does gush in battle, but they’re over doing it to a point that it becomes distracting to the battle at hand.

    Then again I do have to hand it to them for those shots of spears, swords, and such that pop right through people. Like one where the person is facing the camera and a sword goes into the back of his neck and pops out his mouth….I’m guessing CG, but it sure looked real…

  4. This was an excellent episode. Yes I also believe that Lucretia is pulling a fast one on Glaber and company. I think she will be getting some payback at some point this season. As for the blood gushes an earlier poster was mentioning its just the style of the show. They got it from 300 and have incorporated it into this show quite effectively.

  5. This episode was BEAUTIFUL! The opening scene was incredible, I loved the heavy clash of the swords, powerful imagery to boot. The Oenomaus back story was awesome, it reminded me of ‘Gods of the Arena’ in how flawlessly it blended into the series. Epic show, definitely one of my favorite shows.

  6. To put it simply , this episode was fantastic.

    Despite only two episodes in, any lingering doubts (not that I had any) that Vengeance will fail to deliver that have now been put to rest. It is clearly becoming it’s own beast now – more darker and certainly more twisted.

    Without doubt the highlight was Oenomaus. Having him going back to fighting in the pits, is perfectly in keeping with his character. This is a man who’s whole life has been about fighting and he’s trying to reclaim his soul and sense of meaning. The flashback scenes were joy to watch, bringing such weight and power to the episode and it was great to see Baiatatus’ father Titus once again. In a season where many were anticipating the sight of Spartacus, Crxzus & Gannicus in the same space – Oenomaus could prove to outshine them all as the hero of the piece. I just have this continuing fear that he’s going to die in some final battle in the arena – possibly against Gannicus but hopefully the writers see sense.

    Loving Lucretia’s ever changing behaviour and the revelation at the end, sets up endless possibilities. The fight scenes as ever were expertly choreographed as usual, the ongoing rivalry between Glaber and Seppia is compelling, as is the continuing divisions going on between the rebels, and we have yet another stunningly attractive female character to add to the mix. Really can’t wait for next week already.

    Oh yeah and Katrina Law is hot, hot , hot.

  7. I love the show and the direction it’s taking, I hate having to wait in between weeks for episodes. I’m worried to see what’s going to happen to Oenomaus now that he’s been given to Glaber. I can’t stand Ashur I was hoping Oenomaus would kill him last season for killing Barka. I really hope that Spartacus somehow rescues Oenomaus so he can join the resistance

  8. The show so far has been great. I am thinking Ilithyia is carrying Sparticus’s child(remember they did get it on). It would be a nice spin on things. Anyway, fantastic episode.

  9. Yeah it would be a great twist but how would they find out if it was spartacus’ child or not I mean it’s not like they can get a paternity test done.

    • Lol…Yeah you are right. Idk. Match up the time or something.

      • Maybe if they had an ancient roman version of the Kerry Springer show where they went to the oracles at adelphi and asked them to predict who the father would be, and then if the so called prophecy came back that your wife had been unfaithful then either send her to the mines or the arena for sacrifice

        • lol….

  10. It seemed to me that Oenomaus is actually suicidal, and not repentant. Two things that point strongly to this:

    When it shows the flashback of him and Titus, he is told that he can choose for himself what to fight for. Young Batiatus was watching closely when this happened. I think it implies he learned the same thing from his father, and passed it on to the slaves – including Spartacus, who we then see pass it on to Tiberius/Nasir, in a really beautiful display of one of the few positive things that came out of the House of Batiatus, for Spartacus.

    In any case, I think Oenomaus respected Titus for letting him make his own choice, and felt genuinely honored by him. Titus didn’t seem to be nearly the same kind of snake that Batiatus was. Titus actually seemed genuinely honored when Oenomaus tells him that he wants to fight to bring honor to his house. With the house now destroyed, Oenomaus sees no purpose to his life any more, and wishes to die.

  11. This is also evidenced by him telling the pitmaster “If he doesn’t kill me, find someone who will.” The man clearly has a death wish, and feels like he cannot live with himself for dishonoring his house.

    That’s what I took away from it, anyway. Kinda cool that the characters are so deep and well-developed that two people can take away two similar-yet-different conclusions from watching it. It really speaks to the quality of the writing.

    • I think you’re right but I see it as a form of repentance. When honor is lost the taking of one’s life is required as form of repentance.

      But it is definitely in response to the loss of the house he fought for and had planned to restore honor to.