Starz Renews ‘Spartacus’ For Season 3

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Spartacus Season 3 Starz Renews Spartacus For Season 3

There’s nothing like getting the good news that a TV show you love is getting a shot at another season. It’s even better when the show in question hasn’t even gone into season 2 yet – or when it has had to overcome such tragedy as Starz’ Spartacus has endured, following the death of series lead Andy Whitfield earlier this year.

However, despite the fact that the new season of the show, Spartacus: Vengeance, hasn’t even premiered yet, Starz is already committing to a third season of the show.

Said Starz Media Managing director Carmi Zlotnik:

“There is no denying the impact ‘Spartacus‘ has had in the marketplace with fans across the globe thirsting for the continuation of the epic tale. “Vengeance” brings unparalleled action and drama to STARZ viewers in January. We are thrilled to come to an early agreement that allows the writers and talent to get right back to work in preparing for season three.”

Added executive producer Rob Tapert:

“Many surprises are in store for ‘Vengeance‘ viewers this year, but rest assured the multi-layered plot and richly developed characters will continue to be a trademark of this series. It’s incredibly gratifying to see how the story has resonated so well with viewers worldwide.”

While the first season of the series, Blood & Sand, did fairly well for a premium cable TV show, it’s safe to say that Spartacus has only recently come into its glory. As strange as it seems, season 1 of the series gained serious momentum via on-demand and home viewing, but it was the subsequent prequel mini-series, Gods of the Arena, which gained it wider exposure, earning and estimated 6.2 million viewers per episode – once all airings and on-demand viewing are tallied. Combined with Whitfield’s publicized bout with cancer, Spartacus hype has risen to an all-time high in anticipation of season 2, Vengeance, which will star Liam McIntyre (replacing Whitfield in the lead role of Spartacus).

Happy to hear that Spartacus season 3 is on the way?

Spartacus: Vengeance will premiere on Starz on January 27, 2012 @ 10pm ET/PT.

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  1. Very interesting. I am so looking forward to this season. So surprised they’re getting renewed without the second season starting. Especially with a new lead actor.

  2. whitfield RIP

  3. This is great news! This is my favorite TV Show. I can’t wait til the beginning of this season.

    R.I.P. Andy Whitfield. You are irreplaceable and will forever be missed.

  4. Starz makes NO sense. They cancel Camelot before the end of the 1st season saying it was too expensive to make yet this show with all its special effects appears much more expensive. I thought Camelot was a better story and had more potential. In Spartacus, other than Lucy Lawless and John Hannah, I thought the acting was simply awful and the effects overdone.

    • stop talking

    • Vicky, with all due respect the fact that you think Camelot is better/has more potential than Spartacus is a testiment to how much taste and knowledge you actually have. It is comforting to know that people know how to use the internet to leave their opinions online but when they are as pointless as your own id stay away from it! Cheers.

    • this show is by far the best show i have ever watched

  5. I’m confused. Didn’t they have an article here several months ago stating that they had the Sparticus replacement and they were going to start shooting? I thought this was a done deal some time ago.

    I’m sure some real historians can answer this…But the series Rome really seemed like it showed you a real slice of looks and sounds of Rome during that time period. Was there much about any of the Sparticus series that showed real Rome during that time period?

    • I think by season 3 they mean the next season after Spartacus:Vengeance. I think that Blood and Sand is considered season 1, Vengeance is season 2, while Gods of the Arena is the prequel and is somewhat a separate story. So season 3 refers to a future season that has not yet been filmed. Which is awesome, because it means we’ll enjoy this TV show for another season after Vengeance! Yay!

  6. The best possible replacement for Andy (BY FAR) would be ‘Chris Hemsworth’ (Thor) … I lost money _betting they were the same person & thinking it was him through-out the whole movie >it took the ending Credits to convince me other-wise!!
    The show is gonna be tight no matter what.. but just a tad disappointed Thor wasn’t up for the replacement

    • As if a movie star will do a tv show just like that. There’s more too it than just selecting someone. Imagine how much they would have to pay him.

      • Well, if one movie role and probably only one movie role makes you a “movie star” then you’re right. Once Thor has run its course do you really think he would turn down work on a big budget tv series? He’s not exactly a versatile leading man.

        He wouldn’t work as a Whitfield replacement though because he’s far too huge.

    • Chris Hemsworth? I wouldnt take him his body type is to large and would do no justice to Andy Whitfield. Although there will not be another actor who can play Spartacus like he did I think starz did the best they could in attempting to recast the role. Liam had some resemblence to Andy and by the end of “Vengence” I had forgot about the role switch slightly. I find myself interested more in the original actors casted for their roles such as Danaicus. I was upset when Andy died but in order to keep the show going starz did what they must of. Hopefully as the next season comes we can all accept Liam as Spartacus as for Season 2 I feel he had a great start but its still a hard pill to swallow.

  7. Amazing.. I am an aspiring film student at Fullsail university. I have been following Spartacus for a long while now. I’m am aww’d by the amazing shots, screen weighting and characters that have made Spartacus a masterpiece. Great camera angles great effects. Gladiators is my thing and I had been waiting fit something like this for a long time the reality of it us impeccable and I couldn’t be more excited to watch season 3..

  8. Spartacus rules! I can’t wait for season 2 (or 3 if you count the prequel as season 2). Very sad to see Andy Whitfield die, and it sows cancer can hit anyone, healthy or out of shape people. can’t believe someone thinks Camelot is better than this! he or she must be on drugs! Camelot had promise but halfway through the series I wanted to destroy my TV set for showing this poor pathetic excuse for Arthurian legends.

  9. does any1 know when the next season is starting

    • The first episode is available on starz website now, but it officially airs on friday the 27th

  10. I reali miss andy whitfield. D movie spartacus is a hot cake here in Nigeria. I cant wait 2 grab a copy of d complete season 3!!!

  11. The first episode of Spartacus Vengeance was so bad in comparison to the first episode of Blood and Sand or the first episode of Gods of the Arena. The new actor makes Spartacus look like a pansy and has no emotion in his acting. If you want your memory of Spartacus to be awesome and amazing don’t watch the new episode of Vengeance!

    • You couldn’t be more wrong. Liam is excellent. Andy was great, but Liam is great in s different way. I watched Andy in the reruns just before the new season. Then I watched Liam. They both portray Spartacus in a believable way. You can’t have Andy back, so stop dissing Liam. You would have loved him if Andy hadn’t done it first.

      • Yeah guys are just being critics for nothing Liam is perfect..sit back and enjoy the show

  12. Season 3 is tuning into a huge dissapointment! Andy Whifield cannot be replaced!!!!

    • Season 3 is fantastic, and Liam has done a fantastic job of wielding Andy’s sword. Andy approved of Liam and so do I.

  13. I always had such a difficult time paying attention in history classes through my school years.
    Thanks to your production of spartacus,I have been most inspired to research other events about the same period.i hope you Will continue to keep the other histories of the Romans after spartacus’s demise.such as Nero,the birth of Christ,artilla,hanibal,alerec and so on to the crusades.

  14. They need to replace the new lead actor..he does not do it for me AT ALL..the rest of the cast and storyline keep me watching it. It’s a shame when the lead can’t carry the show. I love Spartacus RIP ANDY!!!!

    • Liam is simply great. I’m sorry that Andy died, and left a void, But Liam took up the sword and has done a marvelous job. Andy approved of Liam, how much more do you want?

  15. Many fans are missing Andy, that’s understandable. However, he wasn’t replaced, he died. So mourn Andy, and then move on. Liam is fantastic. He brings a fresh look to the role: one that is worthy of Spartacus. I am now totally addicted to the series. I didn’t watch it originally, but I did watch the reruns just before season 2 premiered. If I hadn’t known better, as a casual observer, I might of thought that Andy and Liam were the same. They look simular, they sound simular, and they act with simular intensity. So those of you who are not watching because you miss Andy, that is your loss. Spartacus is amazing, and the producers did an amazing job replacing Andy with an actor that Andy actually approved.

    • I totally agree with you! Watching the first episode of the new season was a bit weird given the change of the lead actor. But I immediately noticed the physical resemblance between the two, and although I find Liam’s Spartacus different than Andy’s, I actually think that’s a good thing. I mean, the setting has changed, the action no longer takes place in the ludus, the gladiators are now shown as free men. And Spartacus needed to change in order to become a real leader. So I really have no problem seeing a different actor portraying Spartacus, since it feels like the whole story was developed in such a way as to show a different character altogether. I mean sure, at the core he’s the same, he’s still driven by the desire to revenge his wife, but I feel he’s really developed and understood he’s part of a bigger story now and that he’s responsible for many lives. I really think Liam’s doing an awesome job. It’s not easy to be constantly compared to someone else, but he took up a part and made it his own which is admirable. And all the other characters are doing an excellent job. I’m sure you agree that having Oenomaus, Crixus, Gannicus and Spartacus all together is mind blowing! 😀 and I also love the fact that they’ve given special attention to the ladies this season. Like Ford said, it’s very unfortunate what happened to Andy, but if you’re not watching the show because he’s no longer in it, you’re missing out on a lot. So give it a chance, keep an open mind and enjoy this amazing TV series for, hopefully, many seasons to come! 😀

    • u can never replace andy to me he is spartacus but liam very good and they do look the same

  16. I like the movie, but I don`t like to see negars as free roman citizens .Also some improvement of males hairstyle is necessary . I find all of this  very inaccurate .\m/

  17. I’m extremely happy to hear that there will be a third season of Spartacus. My wife and I do miss Andy, but still greatly enjoy the series.

  18. I feel the new show is running too fast there should be a more indepth look at how Spartacus manages to swell his ranks to 70,000 free slaves and then take on glabber (who in my oppinion is a great adversary and a damn fine actor ) .
    I hope the producers don’t kill him off just yet there could be many more Battles between then still before the enevitable
    Congrats to starz for doing an incredible job with the story
    RIP Andy :(

  19. This is a very good informations! I m wondering what will happen in episode 10 of Spartacus Vengeance.

  20. Love the show, huge fan BUT the replacement with the death of Andy left the 2nd session without a strong lead role as Liam does not show the same passion and emotion in his acting which is rather disappointing for the role of Spartacus. I must say that when I first saw that Andy would need to be replaced I could not help but see a huge resemblance (almost twin like) in a young man named Michael Graziadei who plays on the young and the restless but has also played an amazing role on an episode of criminal minds where he looks like he could either be Andy’s twin brother or son. I sure hope in season 3 we see more heart and passion and I’m sure part of that will come out if there is love again in his life/role. Great show, my favorite, keep it coming, fan for life!

  21. I just finished to watch spartacus vengeance and i can;t wait for the next season.I am from Romania, and i have a lot of friends and acquaintances that love the tv show.we can’t wait for the next season..weee looooveee yoooouuu!!!!

    • I am from Romania too and I love the show. I cried when Andy died but now I really like Liam. He is a very good actor and I am sorry that he has to fight with the memory of Andy who was our first Spartacus. Andy got his chance and he is doing a great job. Starz, please continue the series, there is so much left to tell from this wonderful tragic legend.
      Thank you!

  22. What another amazing season. So happy to hear there will be a 3rd thanks starz:D

  23. Anyone knows when the next season will premiere? I cant wait!

  24. yeah yeah yeah buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. by the way, if the agron character ever dies, or fury is replaced, i stop watching it.

  26. Hearing that there will be a season 3 is a message very well received!!!
    I am from Holland and almost everyone loves Spartacus. It’s one of the best TV shows ever made! Hopefully there will be many more seasons so we can enjoy it for a long time…

  27. Well boys and girls not one to spoil it for those who havnt seen the last episode of the current season but it’s Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Only tinged with a couple of regrets Andy Whitfield wasn’t in it but great replacement ( thanks starz & Andy ) for picking a good replacement.
    And the other one is the next season must be the last when you see the episode you will understand why I say it .

    I only hope we can have some thing as good as this in the future “fingers crossed”

    • Next season will not be the last, the end of next season is where Crixus will probably be killed off when his army loses a battle. The final season will start off with Spartacus moving south to get to the mercenary ships they hired then eventually killed of and all of them crucified. I think 2 more seasons left.

  28. This season was awesome! I look forward very much to seeing the march on Rome!

    For anyone who hasn’t seen the season yet, Liam very quickly replaces Andy as a mental image for spartacus. In a way they look and behave quite similarly on screen, so the transition is easy enough.

  29. Great news that there will be a season 3! This show is watched by myself and members of my family and it is great entertainment. Roll on season 4 as well!