‘Spartacus: Blood and Sand’ Season 2 Announced

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spartacus blood sand logo Spartacus: Blood and Sand Season 2 Announced

While speaking at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour, Starz president and CEO Chris Albrecht announced that contrary to reports that the show would end due to the loss of lead Andy Whitfield, the network will be producing a second season of Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

As was previously reported, Whitfield was forced to exit the gladiator series to obtain further treatment for non-Hodgkin lymphoma, despite earlier reports the star was free of the disease he was diagnosed with early last year. Now that it is confirmed Whitfield will not return, a new lead actor will be announced in the weeks to come, as production is slated to begin this April in New Zealand.

According to Albrecht, “We’re very confident about where we are in the casting process of finding a lead actor to step into Spartacus’ sandals, though we’ll never be able to replace Andy Whitfield.” While no definitive front-runner has been announced, in November it was reported that Aiden Turner, Liam McIntyre and Stephen Amell were amongst the favorites for the role. Albrecht continued by saying, “It will be fair to say the person will not be a household name, but he will potentially have a pre-existing fan base.”

Expected to begin airing early 2012, the second season of Spartacus: Blood and Sand exposes Spartacus and his fellow gladiators to new environments and characters. According to producer Rob Tapert, this means fans will see a potentially different take on the character for the actor chosen to take over the role. “‘The season two story no longer takes place in the ludus. It’s a different world and different set of shoes to fill,” says Tapert.

While Whitfield’s diagnosis delayed production of the second season, it did lead to a prequel. Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, a six-episode series set five years before the events of the first season, begins January 21 on Starz.

spartacus blood sand andy whitfield Spartacus: Blood and Sand Season 2 Announced

The question now becomes how will the second season of Spartacus: Blood and Sand fair amongst the cast change, a lengthy delay and increased competition? Programs like Camelot, also on Starz, and HBO‘s Game of Thrones will almost certainly piqué viewers’ interest with similar thematic elements, while having nearly a year longer to build their respective fan base. No doubt these concerns played a large role in the creation of this month’s prequel mini-series.


Spartacus: Blood and Sand is slated to returnin in early 2012, on Starz

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  1. If Starz had an class at all they would have cancel in honor of Andy. Andy is Spartacus but the producers and Lawless and her pimping husband only see dollars signs.Gods know Lucy would not even have a career with her producer husband.

    • Yeah, the heck with the producer, the rest of the cast, the effects people, the set designers, wardrobe people, caterers, camera men, janitors, and all the other assorted support people that worked on the show. All they want is money! They should not work for a living because Andy is sick…

      • No they should not cancel the show but they can go in other directions with the characters they have developed while Andy is recovering. Like, I don’t know, CRIXUS? Oneamaus? Claudius Glaber? Illithyia? Naevia?

    • Tim,

      why so bitter, Andy bowed out himself, and all fans wish him well. We all wanted him back. The show has too much going to just cancel.

      Now, business has to continue as usual as you seem to know nothing about.
      Andy is not the only actor in the series, and that’s alot of work for many actors in season 2.

      In business the dollar rules and then honor, so sit in front of your computer screen eating potatoe chips and bicker all you want.

    • The show must go on.

      Spartacus is a role, not just a person.

  2. i hope is sexey as seasom 1

    • Really just wanted to say best of luck to Andy in beating his disease. I hope he comes back stronger than ever…whether in this role at a later time or another.

  3. Well, since I have Starz via netflix, I should be able to watch Sparticus after it airs like I did with the first season. Same thing with Camelot. Don’t have HBO, and not going to get it for one show, so I’ll have to wait for DVD’s or watch it at a friends house…

  4. As crass as it sounds: I just hope the new actor looks like Andy Whitfield since they definitely ARE going to replace him.

    I just got done watching the first season at the behest of a friend of mine and I just loved it. Mainly because of Whitfield and John Hannah. And since Hannah won’t be returning in the second season as well, its almost like a completely different series.

    Just a thought, but since there’s “Blood and Sand” and then “Gods of the Arena” why don’t they name this season something else as well to denote the change of casting and scenery? It could be “Spartacus: __________” fill in the blank. That would be a nice way to show respect to Whitfield and still continue the show.

    • If they’re going to follow historical accounts, it should be called, Spartacus: Knee Deep in Dead Romans.

  5. So they are recasting Andy to play the same character?? That’s pretty bad.

  6. Why don’t they start season 2 with cripsus looking for his woman Which was sold or taken away that will give Andy more time star is really stupid for allowing Andy to be replace I will cancel my star package if Andy gets replaced by some prison break actor Andy is the true Spartacus

    • LOOOOOL! Cripsus! I hope you are joking and not just an imbecile. His name is Crixus! Still, it got a laugh :)

    • We all would love to see Whitfield reprise the role, but he has to fight his own battle with the disease. Why not continue the show? They can pay homage to the great job he did and perhaps in the future he can come back when he’s better. What is the sense of quitting the show?

    • My guess, is according to Historical Accounts, Spartacus and Crixus led several Armies that marched all over Italy, that really, Spartacus was honoring Crixus search for Nadia.

  7. Spartacus will not be the same without Andy he made the character wat he was!! I hate when they change actors they should just leave it as it is and forget another season as a tribute to Andy

  8. one thing i know is that, good is never enough to those who seek the best.we need more wow this tyme

  9. :)

  10. I enjoyed season 1, as there was a plot behind the vulgarity. Season 2, a prequel, is all about vulgarity without a plot. I will not be watching from now on, they have lost me!

  11. I can see that a few posters here don’t get it. Season 2 is a prequel, meaning that the plot has gone back in time.

    This is probably a result of Andy Whitfield (Season 1 Spartacus) dealing with cancer. I wish him best of luck in his recovery.

  12. To the producers and whoever is in charge of replacing Andy. It will be a complete FAIL if you recast Spartacus. Do another character but if you recast Spartacus the show will bomb. Trust me. You can replace supporting cast members but NOT the main character of the show.

    • They have to replace him. What is the alternative? The guy has lymphona. Obviously he can’t play the role so what other option is there? I assume the producers plan on telling the complete story of Spartacus, his rebellion and subsequent war. I for one would love to see that story retold, but there is no story without Spartacus.

      • I have to agree HMV, in order to properly depict the entire story of Spartacus they have to continue. I wonder if some of the audience doesn’t realize this is not fiction! It is a detailed portrayal of true historic events. As with all shows and history they will embellish here and there to feed there need for control or to keep plots on the rise. But I would like to see the story to the end. Preferably with Andy Whitfield. But don’t leave us hanging with out him. One option, for Spartacus the character is to see himself as a new man, since the killing of Battiatus! Just So Andy memory never dies!

    • That is BS. Soap Opera’s do it all the time, and they have a loyal following. I wish they didn’t have to replace Andy Whitfield, he was wonderful as Spartacus. But, I am sure they can find someone who will do a good job. They should try Michael Graziadei who plays Daniel Romalotti on Young and the Restless, he looks just like Andy Whitfield. He may need to bulk up a bit but I think he could do it. Anyway, by the third episode everyone will like the new actor and unfortunately, Andy will probably be forgotten as Spartacus. Andy I thought you were wonderful and hope your good health returns, you made Spartacus a great show.

  13. Spartacus was a significant historic figure. Season 1 did a good job introducing the character, the season finale left me craving for continuity, since it ended at the door steps of a slave rebellion.

    Season 2 is a huge disappointment, there’s no meaningful historic background whatsoever, just vulgarity for the sake of vulgarity!

    Spartacus had the potential of becoming a huge success, Andy’s misfortune has been a big blow to the show, which now seems doomed to failure.

    • I guess people don’t understand why the prequel was made. Andy Whitfield was diagnosed with cancer so they put season 2 on hold, waiting for him to recover. In the meantime they put together this 6 episode prequel to keep the audience interested while the real story continues next year. I would also love to see the story of Spartacus retold, but the production had to be delayed through no fault of their own. Just be patient and we’ll get to see the slave rebellion unfold next January.

    • Gods of the Arena is not season 2….if it was they would call it Spartacus Blood and Sand Season 2..You are making it out to be that the only reason to watch the show is for the history lesson. Sure it is great that they are telling the story of how he eventually lead the huge rebellion, but a huge draw to watch this show is the vulgarity and boundaries that it pushes. Take away the blood, gore, sex, and vulgar language there wouldn’t be a show.

      I too think that there will be a big downturn for the show upon recast, but they have no choice. While it won’t be the same without Andy, I’m sure they can cast an equally talented actor to fit the role. Once the first three or four episodes in the actual second season get rolling, the character will probably feel like he belongs. They were able to create awesome first season, I’m confident they can do just as good job in the next.

      • to the director. please wait for andy to come back. i think i speak for 95% of the fans. if you have to do another prequil. we will wait patiently. gods of the areana so far is most exellent. i for one would love to see another. with todays medicine im sure andy will be ok and i would watch 3 more prequils if it meant seeing andy back as sparticus. i really dont want to see him replaced. i also would like to add your show is the best i have ever seen. please man, lets all just wait for andy. another prequil can be done! i cant take my eyes off the screen at all when i watch. i hope you listen to your fans and make the show with your origanal cast, the way you picked it first. your the man and youll be happy with the final product and make all of us happy if you do this.

  14. First season blew me away! Love the show and it’s going to be dames hard finding a spartacus as good as the last….he is a beast as was the whole cast, love the show hope he gets beter but I bet cancer can’t stop this guy for he’s beast!

    • Damned* and i think they should wait til Andy got better to make season 2 it would definantly be worth the wait it will be too hard to replace him because I mean we all kno he’s going to beat the cancer

      • I love the show and all of the actors addicted since the first episode it’s beast just finished season one and it blew me away just now starting gods of the arena the show is probaly in my opinion the best on television casting was to perfection

  15. Damned* and i think they should wait til Andy got better to make season 2 it would definantly be worth the wait it will be too hard to replace him because j mean we all kno he’s going to beat the cancer

  16. Well while it’s a shame that Andy Whitfield is recovering from cancer…..the show must go on. The producers of the show have no choice but to replace him. The other actors in the show can’t wait for Andy to get well, they would go onto other acting jobs, locked into other contracts and so forth. So what do we do, we see so many shows get canceled these days so do we want the story to continue so as an audience we can just be entertained or will we stop watching just because an actor got very unlucky medical problems.

    Everyone is replaceable that is just life…. trust the producers to recast another talented actor, I did hear from a friend that Wentworth Miller was interested… although I’m not sure how true that is.

  17. I totally agree with most of the Comments. It’s NOT going to be the same as Season 1, replacing Whitfield with somene else? That’s like replacing your mom with a wicked stepmom! Bad bad bad…rather change the storyline, maybe that he and some of his gladiator friends split and went diffirent ways…and start a new plote?!

  18. Gods of the Arena was one last “Spartacus”, about a ludus before the series turns into something like Hannibal or HBO’s Rome. Blood and Sand, Season 2, will feature no ludus politics, but going deeper into Roman-politics as they have to deal with this slave army. I’m looking forward to the scene in which Glaber, the man who originally enslaved Spartacus and since his loss of his patronage, would command he personally hunt down Spartacus for that death, would be his pursuer. When Glaber thought Spartacus was trapped, he out-witted him and did a surprise attack on his camp, probably killing Glaber.

  19. the articles by photoshop pattrens godd

  20. They should have season 2 fallow Crixus in his search of Naevia, and Oneamaus hunting down Asher for there fallen brother Barka. They can just say Spartacus is off recruiting slaves and free other gladiators until Andy is healthy enough to return.

  21. This website is completely incorrect. His cancer is gone and will continue to play spartacus after the prequel is over with.

    • No, actually it’s not. Andy Whitfield will not be returning as spartacus. Stars has recast his role. The character of Spartacus will now be played by Liam McIntyre.


      • Andy Whitfield is irreplaceable especially with Liam McIntyre cuz he is younger and taller…bad choice

    • His cancer returned and they had to replace him, he was supose to return to season two but the cancer returned, unfortunately.

  22. well i wish andy only the best but the show must go on ! they have waited more then enough…. i for once agree to the replecement since the show was not about only one man spartacus i would rather be more annoyed that batiatus will not show up for next sez he is my fav char ! hm… i wonder if they tried to cast the guy palying gannicus for the spartacus role with all the respect to andy i think gannicus will beat him easyly(as a better fighter in the arena i mean):D
    i also liked ashur now he is the true villan here perhaps the worst kind of a vilan that i`ve ever seen on the screen :D also ilithya grew a lot in the sez1 finale i mean there were times when i wantetd to throw my tv on the window because of what she was capable to do :D

    • I loved season 1 and I’m enjoying the prequel as well.
      The whole series has a great script with nice plots, great performances by the actors and I haven’t seen any shallow characters.

      Ashur is a nice embodyment of an opportunist who would do whatever it takes to stay alive and get what he want. I wouldn’y really call him a vilain or an evil person…

      Spartacus/Gannicus… well, that would give a great battle, but you can’t really compare both characters. Gannicus is a Gladiator who’s not really hating his position. He has accepted the fact that he’s a slave/gladiator and enjoys the fighting. As his quote says well “We are truly free when we fight, or when we f***, which I shall leave to do presently”
      Spartacus on the other end doesn’t want to be a gladiator. He doesn’t enjoy the fighting/killing and he just wants to get away.

      A fight between the 2 of them would be interesting… would his will to survive be enough to overcome the expertise of Gannicus…

      Anyways, I can’t wait for season 2 to begin and I hope there will be a part for Ashur and John Hannah (Batiatus) will be missed (unless they make a second prequel-season)

    • Andy should not be changed coz nobody can play his role. If it means he will not be able to continue coz of his cancer it is better to stop the film there.Abt other actors no complain what ever u want to do with them.

      • You do realize that Andy Passed, and that a few months ago he gave his blessing to his replacement. The show will go on in his honour. He was a great actor indeed, to end the show would be completely disrespectful.

  23. To be honest i like Gannicus more than Spartacus and “gods of the arena” it was realy realy great show and i hope to see more of Gannicus somehow. And i m sorry for Andy i dont know if Spartacus will be the same without Andy but my hope is still Gannicus

  24. poor andy, i just hope he get’s better soon but non hodgkin lymphoma is one of the most malignant blood cancer types he was so unlucky cuz if he had hodgkin lymphoma he could have come back to series by a year but it’s just so sad i’m much worry about him rather than this tv series story! hope he become healthy again.

  25. Nooooo! we wan’t andy back!
    no Andy Whitfield = no watch 2nd season!

    • I was displeased as all of you, certainly, when I heard Andy Whitfield’s role in Spartacus was going to be recasted due to his diagnostic of cancer. Firstly, I would like to wish him well. Secondly, I think he had a remarkable performance in the series (as we’d all agree), something that no forthcoming actor will even out. Though I express relative despite in what concerns his replacement in “Spartacus: Blood and Sand”, I think it is done with best intentions. In addition, I considered wisely to fill the 2011′s gap with the prequel “Gods of the Arena”, as the public would have lost interest if it hadn’t been done so. Also, it gives a good insight of the House of Batiatus altogether.

      A couple of months ago, in 2010, I was thrilled when “The Walking Dead” premiered on AMC and later on Fox. As the first season finished, I, as any enthusiastic viewer would, searched on the internet for the date of the second season release. I found it disappointing to see I would have to wait till October 2011 (a whole year) to watch it again, due to some opportunistic Halloween Festival. As I predicted, I gradually began to lose interest, which now, is practically none. I fear the same thing will happen with Spartacus. Although, I advise you all not to, to hold your anxiety and not let it fade. This series is astoundingly promising. I hope that the 13th episode leave you all mouth watering till 2012 (no pun intended). :)

  26. I wish Andy Well! I just finished season 1 via Netflix and became a HUGE fan of his in a months time. Every night watching one episode and just yearning for more the next day. With out Andy I hope the show fairs well because believe it or not the writers of this show are OUTSTANDING. It would be unfair for anyone to not give the 2nd season a try because Andy is not there as Sparticus. Instead we should give the writers and liam Mcintyre a chance. I cant wait to watch the second episode of the Prequel. One a night for five more days. :)
    I already ordered season 1 on DVD and the prequal is on preorder. Long live Sparticus.

  27. This is the greatest iv watch so far. waiting for the season – 2. it should be good. hope more blood action will be there to enjoy ;)

  28. I still don’t like the fact there is no Andy for season 2!

  29. While I wish Andy a speedy recovery, I for one am happy to see that they will be continuing with the show…I’m anxious to see the story line progress! I am curious to see how they handle flashbacks and the like, and look forward to the airing!!