‘Transformers’ Producer Developing ‘Space Invaders’ Movie

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Transformers producer developing Space Invaders movie Transformers Producer Developing Space Invaders Movie

Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura is no stranger when it comes to developing live-action movies based on pre-established brands like Transformers or G.I. Joe. He’s also worked behind the scenes on video game adaptations before (see: Doom) and will do so again on the Space Invaders movie.

Warner Bros. was previously said to be involved in an attempt to realize the classic Space Invaders video game as a feature-length production, but now Bonaventura and Odd Lot Entertainment’s Gigi Pritzker (The Spirit) are handling that task.

Space Invaders is an arcade game that (according to Heat Vision) was technically created back in 1978, but really took off during the 1980s. The game involves endless rows of alien ships firing death rays at an individual player, who must seek refuge behind a collection of disintegrating barriers.

Bonaventura and Pritzker have optioned the rights to the Space Invaders name and basic concept, as a means of jump-starting pre-production on the project. The two are now searching for a screenwriter to expand on the game’s simple premise and flesh it out into a full-blown narrative.

If nothing else, that sounds like far less of an insurmountable challenge than the task of crafting a film around something like the Rubik’s Cube or Ouija board – and yes, both are those are already being developed as movies, too.

Rubiks Cube movie in the works Transformers Producer Developing Space Invaders Movie

Yes, this is really coming to a theater near you.

Unlike Transformers or G.I. Joe, there is no pre-established mythology for the Space Invaders movie to either adhere or deviate from. Chances are good, then, that the project will follow the example of most upcoming Hollywood board game movies by using its inspiration as the selling point for what is otherwise just a run-of-the-mill genre pic (here, a sci-fi action flick that involves extraterrestrials). That’s also the situation with the bulk of the upcoming Disney theme park rides-turned-movies being developed, with The Matterhorn being one of the more recent examples.

That’s all to say: Hollywood’s “story crisis” (as James Cameron calls it) is definitely a real thing to some degree, given the number of remakes, reboots, prequels, sequels, spinoffs, and re-adaptations that will reach theaters in the next few years. Bizarrely enough, though, a lot of these board game movies (like Battleship) or arcade game pics (like Space Invaders or Asteroids) don’t sound quite so blatantly unoriginal or lame in execution as they do upon their initial inception.

However, what is undeniably frustrating is Hollywood’s obsession with only developing projects that have some sort of pre-established standing or brand value. The only exceptions to that trend are those original titles that studios see as bankable due to the creative talent involved. Unfortunately, while some of those films turn out to be both good and very profitable (Inception), not all work out as well (Sucker Punch) and end up serving as an example for studio heads of why something like a Space Invaders movie is a comparatively safer bet.

All the same, we’ll keep you posted on the status of Space Invaders as more information is released.

Source: THR

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  1. No Space Invaders movie, the game was a classic but they should do another game that can be turn into a movie maybe like Call Of Duty, Assissain’s Creed, Metal Gear Solid, Gears Of Wars or Halo, all of these games deserved to be turned into a movie because they are possible and also great.

    • If it were anywhere but the vacuous Hollywood system, I would say they could do wonders with a God of War franchise.

      But knowing Hollywood, all such projects will be sunk by greed and a desire to pull in as many demographics as possible. It will fall under the weight of all the cliches, all the pulling of punches and the unlimited greed. They’re just going to make some generic demi-god flick, throw in a bunch of CGI, dangle 3D in front of people’s faces, slap on a known title, and VOILA! A movie!

    • Metal Gear Solid is a movie in itself :P

      • >implying that their isn’t on already:
        >Escape from L.A. starring Kurt Russell

  2. If they are gonna make any movie off a classic arcade game it obiously should be Galaga. Take a some inspiration from Battlestar Galactica/Wing Commander, skip the cliche romantic sub-plot, ignore the hollywood urge to insert cookie cutter fighter pilot characters and you a winner!

    • All these lazy “let’s make a movie named after some popular franchise!” movies remind me of articles with a generic byline. The writer doesn’t even need to try since his name’s not on the story.

      It seems whenever a Hollywood studio makes a movie based on some pre-existing brand, they just get lazy, relying almost entirely on the strength of that familiar name. They care little about what comes after.

    • You know I’m inclined to agree with you. What about combining both properties? Space Invaders sounds like a better movie title than Galaga but the dynamics and play of Galaga combined with one or two core ideas from Space invaders would make a much more exciting movie premise…

  3. Space Invaders? Really??!! What’s next, Pong?!

    Oh, Lord, I didn’t just give them another bad idea, did I? :-)

  4. How many games of Connect Four have been sold? Far more than Space Invaders. Now is the time for that Connect Four movie I’ve always been dreaming of! Get on it Hollywood!

    • I’d prefer Hungry Hungry Hippos, or Hi-Ho Cherry-O! myself.

  5. Another game movie? Really? Is Hollywood full of idiots?

    There are literally THOUSANDS of books begging to be turned into movie scripts out there.

    There are literally THOUSANDS of books that would make perfect launching points for sequels, trilogies, etc…

    And all these numbnuts can come up with is “Space Invaders: the movie”?????

    I give up. Humanity deserves to disappear into oblivion as unworthy of our universe.

  6. space invaders is a classic but we have way too many alien invasion flicks. an arcade classic to screen should be Donkey Kong

    • Yeah isn’t it funny that we can’t get A.C. Clark’s “Childhoods End” but we can get a plethora of evil invader movies. Sort of makes you wonder how much funding and cooperation the M.I.C. gives depending on the message of the movie??

  7. a Marbles movie, anyone?