Could ‘South Park’ Season 15 Be The Last?

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south park season 15 Could South Park Season 15 Be The Last?

Comedy Central’s longest-running cartoon returns this month to start its fifteenth season. The first of seven new South Park episodes will air on April 27th.

South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker are contractually obligated to produce at least one more season for Comedy Central. Fourteen episodes will air in 2011, with the trailing seven likely coming in their usual timeslot this fall. This will bring the total number of South Park episodes to 223.

Despite a rise in adult cartoons and general imitators, South Park has remained at the top of the cable ratings game and is consistently Comedy Central’s most-watched show. While the network has aired dozens of animated shows in its 21-year history, only South Park, Ugly Americans and Futurama (which was picked up after Fox cancelled it) remain.

South Park scored 3.7 million viewers for its 14th premiere, and kept an average of 3 million throughout the season. Last year continued the show’s mix of fantastic and topical subjects, including medicinal marijuana, Facebook, Jersey Shore and Inception. There were also two-episode arcs, surrounding H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu monster and the show’s 200th episode.

Inception South Park Insheeption Could South Park Season 15 Be The Last?

The shows leading up to South Park‘s 200th episode caused a media storm mirroring the Muhammad controversy in the show’s 2006 episode “Cartoon Wars”. Comedy Central refused to air a depiction of Muhammad after a group of Brooklyn, New York Muslims published terrorist threats on their website. In the second episode, the network even censored the prophet’s name and Kyle’s customary closing monologue.

Comedy Central faced harsh backlash for the decision from free speech advocates in the US. After the network refused to allow the episode to air online or in repeats, Matt Stone and Trey Parker issued a press release about the censorship, placing the future of South Park on Comedy Central in question:

“In the 14 years we’ve been doing South Park we have never done a show that we couldn’t stand behind. We delivered our version of the show to Comedy Central and they made a determination to alter the episode. It wasn’t some meta-joke on our part. Comedy Central added the bleeps. In fact, Kyle’s customary final speech was about intimidation and fear. It didn’t mention Muhammad at all but it got bleeped too. We’ll be back next week with a whole new show about something completely different and we’ll see what happens to it.”

Both episodes were nominated for the Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program (an award South Park has won four times). They will appear in the forthcoming Season 14 DVD release, though it’s not known whether the censorship will still be in place.

The events surrounding the controversial Muhammad episodes beg the question: is it time for South Park to end? The show has changed the game for adult animation over the last fourteen years, pushing the boundaries of censorship and cultural satire. Now that South Park has found the line that Comedy Central won’t cross, should the series conclude once its contract expires?

south park 201 censored Could South Park Season 15 Be The Last?

I think so. I’m a big fan of South Park, but even the most faithful of viewers would admit that the quality of the comedy has degraded in the last few years (see The Simpsons and Family Guy for similar lackluster seasons). The last two seasons in particular have been far more about shock laughs than topical observations or organic humor.

That said, South Park is the only creation of Stone and Parker that’s managed to secure a lasting foothold in popular culture. Movies like Baseketball and Team America World Police failed to cultivate the same uproarious response.

If the creators have finally had enough of Comedy Central, expect South Park to move to another cable network, or possibly to an Internet platform (all episodes of the show air for free on its website). In the meantime, fans can enjoy at least one more season on the show’s current home.


South Park airs Wednesday nights at 10PM on Comedy Central. New episodes begin April 27th.

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  1. southpark rocks and should continue,loving Eric Catman

  2. Just watched season 15 episode 7 on television last night. I guess I wont be surprised if its over after this season. However this particular episode hit home for me. The concept of everything that once seemed cool starting to look like crap reminded me of how I’ve been feeling about my hobbies, friends and even family. As much as i love the comedy of south park, these real life connections are what makes me like the show more than other animated shows (i.e family guy, Cleveland show, anything by Macfarland really). I hope south park stays alive, but frees itself from the networks leash. I want to see 200-201 uncensored. I want to hear Kyles speech about fear and intimidation. I want the real south park back.g

  3. What are you talking about, this franchise is making too much money off of clothing wear, contracts and the show its self. They’re probably just making another movie where everything goes back the way it was again. The show just makes fun of things in the most hilarious ways i dont think its going anywhere, anytime soon

  4. You are watching a different version of South Park than I am.
    Last year’s epic portrayal of “Coon and Friends” 3-episodes including Cthulhu was both fascinating and compelling.
    This season started out quite badly, I think and I suspect that the show is on it’s last legs, especially because I don’t think they can top last season.

  5. The show has gotten stale i think. I mean i loved the show up to season twelve but beyond that im just dont get the same buzz as i used to. I know its easy to say keep making them but its better to end on a high and i think theyve slightly overshot that. But Trey and matt make really good stuff and im sure theyll make more than hilarious replacements for it. Hopefully theyll make another team america or something.

  6. OK… I posted a while ago and just read EVERY SINGLE POST posted after me and have a couple things to say. First off, it seems as though the new South Park season’s speak to their specific “under twenty y.o.” generation; that is, to an immature, inexperienced audience looking for some cultural outlet to stand by and mutually vent socio-cultural frustrations, which is GREAT and exactly what I did. Which brings me to my next point. First off, IM TOO OLD TO BE WATCHING SOUTH PARK. At 23, and out of college, I already have a pretty solid view point on my specific politics and moral viewpoints (South Park being one of my mind’s molder’s from time’s past), and I know what I know and like. Bottom line is I USED to like south park in all its inappropriate glory, but bottom line is, I’ve grown, and most likely you, the reader, will grow out of south park as well. This is not an invitation to stop thinking and be critically minded… not at all. Watch Penn and Teller BS! and old George Carlin specials on Netflix (they’re all on there, among a ton of other things: {respond to this if you wanna know a few things to look out for}. I’ll come back to this page in a week and after that i wont post again. T

    • @hank i somewhat agree but i mostly i dont. what i see in south park beside obsene humor, is a moral to every episode. a good one. its more than fart jokes think outside the box they have a very interesting view on todays pop culture icons, look at 90% of the shows endings with the big speech the have some very good points. now at times the show is bad like season 15 its horrible. penn and teller tho they suck, some jon stewert is great

  7. Also BTW, Thanks for the good words MarkKy and the for the rebuttal Elissea. I hope more people start debating on here and stop talking.

  8. Umm They just confirmed the show will continue until Season 17.

    • I mean it will do through season 17. But will it continue?

  9. Sorry Hank, but I’ve got to disagree. I’m 28 and will continue to watch SP as long as it entertains more than it bores. Does my mind still need molding? I can’t really be the judge of that but I’m not watching TV for the purpose of shaping my world view. I don’t and never did look to SP to inform my moral or political opinions, as much as I enjoy the social commentary element which has developed over the last 14 years. I don’t only watch shows that are ‘worthy’ or age appropriate, I don’t like to discard any culture on the grounds that it’s not going to elevate my mind somehow – yes, SP is somewhat adolescent and un-nuanced in its approach but I can take it at face value and still enjoy it for what it is.
    Also, I’ve gotta add: Assuming people who don’t share your views must be younger and therefore cognitively impaired is, how can I say this…pretty immature.

    As for whether the debacle over the Mohammed episodes is a sign SP has reached the end of its natural life? I don’t think so, SP is still working well various levels – straight up comedy, vehicle for the creators social commentary, alternative to the mainstream… I would however really like it to move to a less censored internet distribution now we know the network isn’t really behind the show. I just think SP’s continued existance can be justified as much more than boundary pushing. It’s still managing to be funny and topical. Yeah, not every episode is a gem and the characterisation has been pushed aside but looking back at the early series’ many of them don’t hold up too well on repeat viewings either.

    As for Basketballs and Team America not garnering the same fandom as South Park – of course they didn’t they’re stand alone movies and movies just dont pick up commited fans the same way a long running series will.

    …and now I’m going to shut up before I end up writing an essay about South Park.

  10. I read on a website that the FCC cracked hard on them for the episode “Medicinal Fried Chicken.” More than likely, they may be getting canned soon based on that alone. Millions complained about seeing the scrotum on TV. The last closest uproar like this was with Howard Stern and his 13000 complaints.

  11. i think they should have let it die at series 14. series 15 has ruined south park for me heck I haven’t even seen Kenny die any more wtf. sry but I feel they have lost themselves

  12. Personally, i think South Park is still a great show even after all those years. Season 15 could be the best one by far in my opinion. Yes, some episodes suck but it’s always like that. You like, you don’t.

    I think it’s good compared to The Simpsons, they’re just trying way too hard now and Family Guy is just stupid.

    If South Park dies there’s gonna be nothing left for me on T.V i think.

  13. i watch loads of cartoons planet earth will be a crappy place to live without new south park

  14. I find it staggering that anybody can find this utter, utter drivel in the least bit amusing.

  15. South Park is pure GARBAGE! It’s in poor taste and offensive! The sooner it’s cancelled, the better!

  16. I was recommended this website by my cousin. I am not sure whether this
    post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my problem.
    You’re amazing! Thanks!

  17. this show IS the best and will ALWAYS be the best in my eyes!