Welcome to Screen Rant’s “Geek Picks,” where we collect the finest movie-related geekery from around the Web. Today you’ll find a Marvel Comics Omega rap by Adam WarRock; a new South Park intro; Jimmy Fallon and the Roots doing the Sesame Street theme song; a Punisher fan film; and a fan’s intricately detailed breakdown of a Breaking Bad scene. All that and more on this edition of SR’s Geek Picks!

To kick things off today, io9 asks How much science does Breaking Bad get right?

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New South Park Intro

South Park Season 17 SR Geek Picks: New South Park Intro, Worlds Finest Fan Film Trailer & More

CLICK IMAGE to Check out the NEW INTRO to South Park!

Star Wars Episode 7 – The Auditions “Ginger Droid”

The new Star Wars films are on the horizon, but have you ever wondered which character Harry Styles, Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga might be cast as? And how would you diplomatically ask someone to play a young Jabba The Hutt?

Join Stinky Mike behind the scenes as we take celebrity fan Josh Homme (Queens Of The Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures) through the rigorous casting process. With cameos from Doctor Who’s Tardis and arch nemesis the Dalek for good measure.

Graphics For GTA V Are Great

Graphics for new GTA V are great 570x491 SR Geek Picks: New South Park Intro, Worlds Finest Fan Film Trailer & More

Everything Wrong With Now You See Me In 8 Minutes Or Less

Abracadabra, b*tches. You asked for it. Then you demanded it. Then you got all Occupy on our asses. So fine. Here are the sins of Now You See Me, the magic movie that wants to be a modern day Prestige, but ends up being more of a modern day Illusionist… meets Burt Wonderstone.

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Adam WarRock “Omega” [Marvel Comics]

Free download: http://www.adamwarrock.com/?p=3664

Beat used: Statik Selectah “Do It 2 Death”

Man Of Steel:World’s Finest Title Teaser (FAN MADE)

The Punisher: No Mercy (Fan Film)

Expect no deals, no compromises and no mercy in this fan-adaptation of Marvel’s foremost anti-hero, The Punisher! In The Punisher: No Mercy Frank Castle pursues his dark crusade of brutal justice against criminals who prey on the innocent. They may think they’re above the law, and they may be right, but they’re not above punishment, they’re not above HIM.

Jimmy Fallon, Sesame Street & The Roots Sing Sesame Street Theme (w/ Classroom Instruments)

Jimmy, the Roots & the cast of Sesame Street play the Sesame Street theme on classroom instruments in the Late Night Music Room. Instrument list below:

HOMELAND Season 2 Puppet Recap: Ketchup with the Hot Dogs

From Henson Alternative comes Ketchup with Hot Dogs! This week the Hot Dogs recap and reenact Season 2 of Showtime’s Homeland.

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Goldentusk’s Batman: The Dark Knight Theme Song Lyrics

The Sing Along Lyrics-Only Version to Goldentusk’s Batman: The Dark Knight Theme Song.
To sing along, go to http://youtubedoubler.com/afyi

Pros and Cons: Watching Breaking Bad

Jimmy weighs the good and the bad of watching the hit show Breaking Bad.

Fan Breakdown of a Breaking Bad Scene

Fan Breakdown of a ‘Breaking Bad’ Scene 570x381 SR Geek Picks: New South Park Intro, Worlds Finest Fan Film Trailer & More

You gotta love this Redditor’s analysis. Clearly this is a joke making fun of the Internet’s habit of dissecting the smallest minutiae in Breaking Bad into  “what does it all mean?!?!?!?!” symbolism. Symbolism is important and all in the show, but the extent to which some people are going to place emphasis on insignificant things will cause any Film or English major’s head to explode. People need to chill out.

Nerd Overload

Star Trek X Men Nerd Overload SR Geek Picks: New South Park Intro, Worlds Finest Fan Film Trailer & More

So much awesome. #Nerd overload. #XMen #DOFP

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