First Look At Soundwave & Ravage from Transformers 2

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Yesterday, Empire exclusively revealed images of two of the figures from the upcoming Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Included were an updated bumblebee and more importantly, the first ever pictures of Soundwave.

There are two pictures, one of him in a Cybertronian jet form and the other in full robot mode. My first reaction was to ask myself if that was really Soundwave. I don’t get that iconic look and impression he made in his original embodiment as the cassette recorder.  I’m also not sure I’m a fan of all the crazy appendages sticking out of him, let alone the color scheme (which could be different in the film).

I guess it will all come down to his trademark voice. I’m sure most hardcore fans of the original series will not be happy about his new design. I wonder if he’ll be changing into a variety of objects throughout the film.

Take a look at the images and see what you think:

soundwave 1 First Look At Soundwave & Ravage from Transformers 2

soundwave 2 First Look At Soundwave & Ravage from Transformers 2

In the original series, Soundwave was quite a useful member of the Decepticons and his special abilities made him the perfect communications officer for Megatron’s crew. What also made him special was that in robot mode, his microcassette slot would open and out would come cassettes that were actually other Decepticons. I know, crazy eh?

I only bring that up because one of the many mini-robots (not that ‘mini’ mattered, most of them could drastically change in size including Soundwave himself) is Frenzy who was that little stupid illogical robot from the first Transformers movie. Another, and probably the most popular of his little pets, was Ravage the jaguar who was rumored to be in Transformers 2 and later was confirmed by Roberto Orci earlier this month.

Here is some concept art of Ravage, courtesy of the Transformers Live Action Movie Blog:

ravage First Look At Soundwave & Ravage from Transformers 2

What do you think of the live-action incarnation of Soundwave?

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen hits theaters everywhere June 26, 2009.

Source: Empire

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  1. i bet ravage will have some crazy cool animation behind him regardless the movie sucks or not

  2. the way that “sound” and “music” have changed in the last 20 years, I supposed well have to “live” with this.

    I only sort of recognize the head and can imagine some kind of sonic wave weapon that he’ll have like we can use to now quell crowds with sonic tones and the like. Imagine the thunderous stereos in the tiny cars nowadays but as a booming sonic weapon. Ha!

    I’m way willing to see what they’re going to throw at us. I imagine were I to show my 5 year old a cassette she’d wonder what the ribbon is for? Wrapping presents or something? Snort.

  3. I can live with this. Sure, Soundwave was a boombox but you can’t have that today…it would be too corny.

  4. If ever there was a franchise that could ride the rails of time travel to somehow incorporate the cassette player, I’d have figured that the Transformers universe would be it, eh?

  5. Ravage looks pretty dope… Soundwave… I don’t like all these wing-like appendages they’re putting on the robots. I like the more humanesque bodies of the cartoon versions. C’est la vie…

  6. @ Kahless

    Dude what is wrong with SOundwave as a boombox..C’mon that would translate great onto the big screen with THX sound..


  7. Ok so now Soundwave will transform into a jetlike form, sort of like Megatron in the first movie. To bad they couldn’t make Soundwave Transform into multiple forms, oh well. I wish Frenzy was in the Transformers 2,but I guess we cant have both Ravage and Frenzy. to bad. Frenzy was cool. I think the new look of Soundwave will be ok. The movie will be a action-packed popcorn blast, just what we all want and need for the summer time. June 26th, 2009
    Till All Are One.

  8. Well you can’t have Soundawave to be a boombox and he is a communications expert.

    So the satellite mode fits him fine.

    Do note that its his cybertronian mode and his earth mode is not known. In G1 each ones cybertronian mode was diff from earth mode.

    Ravage looks menacing

    At the side of him is the tank mode of MEGATRON

  9. I don’t like his look. I thought the helicopter from the first movie looked more like soundwave. Hopefully this isn’t the final version. It looks way too busy. Ravage looks ok.

  10. These made me think of Japanese design, which I hate extremely.

  11. Soundwave looks ok but im really digging Ravage. He looks way awesome!

  12. The movie is going to be epic.

  13. Joshua, I would agree with you if Bay didn’t direct the actors. When it comes to action and effects, Bay is the man but when it comes to directing actors, he must belong to the same club as George Lucas and William Shatner. :-)

  14. Cool. Yes, but have you seen the new “Twins” pic in full robot mode! Sweet. Check it out here. Enjoy.
    The Rake

  15. I’m hip to it. Ravage rocks

  16. @ The Rake,

    thanks for the link – I’ll look around the net and maybe do a post on new pics of the twins.

  17. The toy is allready out for soundwave, seen it on youtube, and it looks just like the picture does, but there is no nostalgia feeling here for me! Michael Bay is the American version of UWE BOLL…. His way or nothing, and the fans will pay….. C’mon by changing the toys, they will make more money from the fans, no matter how much they rip off the bionicle molds………. And yes I will be there on opening day!~ even if it’s just for Megan Fox!!!!

  18. it would look retarded to have the same design as 1984. you gotta have the same voice or at least a new version very similar. the biggest disappointment is starscream i think. its a really annoying look. cant wait to see how bad they butcher cobra commander. chris latta’s a rollin around down there.

  19. so cool

  20. Umm Soundwave is not a boombox…its Frenzy.
    Soundwave is a satellite hence the name Soundwave.

  21. I really like the simple version of Soundwave. As a child I was able to transform him easily. Why are they making the Transformers so complicated these days? I have to say that Soundwave looks awesome.

  22. The satelite Idea works and i supose if he is gonna enter earths atmossphere he needs to be airborn. But the thing that defines Soundwave is his ability to track and pick up any type of singnal. he is the spy of the decepticons and he uses his mini robots as agents. I really hope the use the orginal voice for him just like they did with optimus. Or least tries to tweak whoever is doing the voice so that it sounds like him.if they can pull that off and show his realition to ravager and hopefully frenzy. Maybe i can buy it. i dont like the look of the robot though they should have kepts his orginal “Face shield” and the blue collour

  23. I can understand Soundwave (or Blaster for that matter) not looking like Boom Boxes. The movie version doesn’t seem to possess the ability to re-size to ridiculous proportions, because it made even less sense than intelligent talking rogots. So even a modern CD Player wouldn’t work in the new system. Megatron no longer transforms into a handgun small enough for a human to carry, and Perceptor wouldn’t work because of this, either.

    A satellite would be a cool, modern mode to fit with his theme. Frankly, he could transform into a Wiggermobile with a rattling sound system, and he’d still pass judgment- as long as he has the voice. Damnit, he has to have the voice. Otherwise it isn’t Soundwave.

  24. I think the new soundwave sucks! Whats wrong with the original? He was a big ghetto blaster and had a cool voice and he was a badass. I dont ever remember him as an aircraft. f u michael bay you suck just like the song says in Team America!

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