Sony Is Stepping Into ‘The Shadow Of The Colossus’

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Shadow of the Colossus movie Sony Is Stepping Into ‘The Shadow Of The Colossus’

[Update: Josh Tranks (Chronicle) will be directing Shadow of the Colossus]

If you’ve played Shadow of the Colossus, the cinematic Playstation 2 game, you know that this was going to be a feature film some day. That day has come.

Sony has announced that the video game property is officially being developed by the studio into a big budget film. Is this simply another video game adaptation in line to be ruined by filmmakers?

What we know so far is that it will be produced by Kevin Misher (The Interpreter, Public Enemies) and that it’ll be written by Justin Marks, the writer of this year’s smash hit, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li.

Uh oh…

The problem with this adaptation is that there’s not much to the story and there’s certainly very little dialogue amongst the few characters we see/hear in the game. To sum up the plot quickly, a young man is trying to resurrect the life of a young girl and to do so, he must confront and defeat sixteen massive creatures called the Colossi.

shadow of the colossus colossi Sony Is Stepping Into ‘The Shadow Of The Colossus’
One of the Colossi

Unlike your standard games, there are no regular enemies or other characters you meet during gameplay. There are also no inventory items, exploration or dungeons to conquer – the entire game is riding around on horseback and trying to determine the best way to take down the titans – basically, it’s an epic puzzle game.

shadow of the colossus wander and agro Sony Is Stepping Into ‘The Shadow Of The Colossus’
The protagonist, Wander, rides his horse Agro into battle

So, knowing the basic premise, how can this make for a good film? The game itself was full of epic visuals and it set up an interesting fantasy setting but will they introduce other characters, back story and plenty of dialogue? If they do, the movie will not be true to the game and will most likely fail. But is it enough to just watch cinematic action sequences?

Does this movie excite you and have you played the game?

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  1. I think it would be interesting to have a movie based mostly on breathtaking cinematography. Like the Planet Earth documentaries without narration.

  2. This sounds more interesting to me then your average videogame film.
    We shall soon find out .
    I wish them luck.
    I would really like to be pleasantly surprised by a movie based on a videogame.

  3. First off, let me say that if there are three properties in videogames that you can give examples as Art and/or Playing a Motion Picture. Those are the Metal Gear Solid series, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and this game, Shadow Of The Colossus.
    That being said, I would love to see a film on this but, like I have said, the games were as if you were playing an actual movie. This game is the definition of EPIC, there is a majority of films out there that cannot even compete with this!
    Also, I see this project staying in developmental hell for a long time. First off, the story was good for a game, not for a film. Then again, they made Where The Wild Things Are and that book only has 10 lines in it so there is obviously going to be studio input. Then you have the Colossi, I mean, that’s a huge budget right there if they intend to put in all 16, or hell even 3 of them! Stages 1, 7, and 12, those who have played the game know about these Colossi.
    I cannot see this happening at all, if anything, Sony should do a realy high-budget-co-produce with HBO & BBC-mini-series.

  4. I think it’s a bad idea. anybody who’s played the game knows that the story is super vague. It leaves almost everything to the imagination as to what is motivating the characters.

    You could reasonably argue the story is so vague that there isn’t even a story in the first place. Kid wants to revive girl, is told by some ethereal voice he can do so by killing all the giant monsters hidden in the lands. That’s the entire game and background minus the ending (which is intriguing but offers only more questions).

    Movie audiences would fall asleep 15 mins into it or scratch their heads by the end of a movie version of this.

  5. Rob, where did you find those two concept art pics? The second one is the Phalanx correct?
    That was a good battle!

  6. If they mess this adaption up, then there is no hope for video game to movie movies.
    the story is very subtle, but very good. It’s an epic game. Epic in definition.
    there are other characters, and they could easily make them more involved in the movie, but I will be interested to see if they can capture the isolation, and mood of the game. Probably not, but I always have the game to go back to. they better just let Kow Otani re-orchestrate the original score though. the music is just too perfect to mess with.

  7. @ SK47,

    The first is a wallpaper for the game the second one is a screen shot from within game.

    We have this game in my house but I never finished it – Thinking about the movie makes me want to play it through some time.

  8. @SK47

    Yes, that’s Phalanx, and it definitely was a good battle. I sure had a heck of a time jumping on it though. Eesh. I really need to buy the game, so I can try it on the extra hard difficulty.

    As for a movie, I think they should go for it because, if they can pull it off, it’ll be mind blowing, if they can’t, I won’t feel as jaded as when they screw up a typical video game/comic book movie. Usually there is a character history and dialog that movies can ruin, not so in this case. All you know, from the game, is his quest and all you hear is him shouting at a horse and grunting.

    That said, I think they can easily fail by trying to make it into a typical movie with too much of a story and too much action. Some extra character development and history would be cool because I always wondered who he and the girl were, but, if they truly want to associate it with the game, they’re going to have to limit their audience to a very narrow group. People that can appreciate an epic movie and the feats behind it. I fear it’ll be doomed as soon as they decide they should appeal to the ADD kids that can’t sit through a movie without nonstop action and hilarity. Granted, it’s entirely based on amazing fights and battles, but not fast paced martial arts.

    I’ll be watching the development of this one.

  9. Psyko, here is a tip on jumping on the Phalanx. You know how you can stand on top of Argo while riding? Do that when you get close to the wing. Not only will you get better leverage and jump higher, but it also looks so F’N cool when you do it!

    After rethinking about it, Sony has better ways of using their money than spending it developing this property. SOTC works perfectly as a game, translated into a film will not work. Maybe as an Anime, but as a film designed for North American audiences, no.
    If anyone at Sony does come on this site, here is some advice, save your money and put it on another project.

  10. Honestly this makes no sense, the main character like never talks, there is no other characters in the game besides the chick who would play dead through the whole movie. There are tons of games out there that would make amazing movies but I honestly think this will not be one of them.

  11. i say no because it just will not work and thats all i have to say….

    EXCEPT the game was awesoem ansd they will never live up to its standards…i mean ive beaten it like ten times and my fastest time is like 5 and a half hours so if they try to make a movie itll be boring….who wants to watch a guy ride a hore 80% of the time and yell at it…i think itll be a fail

  12. Shadow of the Colossus is a mind-blowing game with game play as clear as the cut scences. I loved it for the isolationism, and how the game had a great sound track, but only where it should: during the epic battles with the colossi. I’ve never been so jumpy playing a game at one in the morning with all the lights turned out before, and that’s for the fact that after a couple hours I felt so immersed in the game that at points I’d literally loose my sight of reality. Just like stepping into my backyard, I’d step into this game. To be honest, I’d absolutely love to see this game made into a movie. However, with that said: as long as it stuck to the principals of the game’s initial story. It’s an amazing story about a man, who’s just trying everything he can to revive the love of his life who was sacrificed after it was fortold in their village that she was to raise a demon baby, and with the deception of Dormin that prediction came true. The movie should try and be as real as possible. If people have a problem with being patient for the colossi battles than obviously they can’t appreciate this tale of pure genious!