‘Sons of Anarchy’ Creator Says No Happy Ending to Series

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Sons of Anarchy Jax and Bobby Sons of Anarchy Creator Says No Happy Ending to Series

[WARNING: Season 5 Spoilers Ahead]


We have reached the beginning of the end for AMC’s hit Breaking Bad, and the notion of finding a natural ending for television storytelling has been popping up in relation to some of the other cable dramas considered to be in BB‘s league – notably FX’s outlaw biker-gang series, Sons of Anarchy.

The show’s creator Kurt Sutter has already been talking about entering the “endgame” phase of the show, since season 5 was really the beginning of the show’s third act.

As season 6′s premiere approaches, Sutter spoke with Zap2it about where the next two seasons will take the MC and the souls caught up in the club’s violent, often tragic orbit… as well as the predicted lack of a happy ending.

Season 5 saw Jax Teller truly step into his role as President of the club, and his increasing brutality has revealed that his trajectory makes him look more and more like his stepfather Clay. Sutter talks about where Jax will be at the open of season 6, acknowledging that the shocking, brutal death of his best friend Opie is what’s driving him at this point:

Opie set himself up, knowing where it was all going to a certain extent. And him sacrificing himself for the club, for Jax to walk away would be dishonoring his memory. That’s what I’m talking about when I say the ghost of Opie is living in Jax, in at least the first half of the season, and is sort of motivating him to … not necessarily go rogue, but perhaps pushing him down this path where he may be leaping before he looks.

As for Clay, he has lost everything - his club, his family, and the position of power he’s so used to. As portrayed by the great Ron Perlman, he has become increasingly isolated… which may simply make him more dangerous. Perlman appears to have internalized Clay’s position, since he has become uncomfortable playing the character given his current state.

Sons of Anarchy Clay Sons of Anarchy Creator Says No Happy Ending to Series

Sutter responded to this observation:

Yeah, you know it’s interesting. Actors always sort of tend to experience what their characters are going through. When you’ve been part of something so long, and are so committed to it … It’s so ironic because I think a lot of what Ron is feeling, in terms of what’s going on with Clay, is really what Clay is feeling.

When you’ve been playing these characters so long, and I saw it on “The Shield” too, it’s hard to distance yourself from it and not wear it. Not that they can’t distinguish reality from fiction, but you just wear it for a certain amount of time. To be a sort of vital part of this environment for so long, then all of a sudden to do these things that have you exiled from it all, and now you’re living this other life. It’s as difficult, I think, for Ron as it is for Clay. And it’s really interesting to see the impact that has on Ron.

Given the long, long list of underhanded, dishonest, and just plain evil things Clay has done over the course of the series, a path of redemption might be the only saving grace for the character. Sutter commented further on this unexpected position Clay is in: “I think, for me, it’s the most honest and real we’ve ever seen Clay. I think it’s truly more who he is as a man than anything else we’ve seen to date.”

One of the more fascinating character arcs since the show began has been that of Tara (Maggie Siff), who returned to her hometown – and to her teenage sweetheart, Jax – as a promising surgeon, only to become as deep into the violent, turbulent life of the Sons as anyone else.

Sons of Anarchy Tara Sons of Anarchy Creator Says No Happy Ending to Series

Tara is in prison as season 6 opens, and while Sutter did not directly comment on what could happen to her next, he did reflect on where the character came from – when we first meet her, she’s on the run from an obsessed stalker:

You know, Maggie and I have conversations about who she is and where she’s going all the time. But, I gotta tell you, and I’ve always said this whether it was conscious or unconscious, when Tara was being pursued by Agent Kohn (season 1), she really felt like her life was in danger, because he was a federal agent and nobody was going to believe her and nobody was going to protect her. So she came back to the one guy she knew could do it.

I think when that happens, when Jax kills Kohn in episode 7, to be okay with that and for them to consummate the relationship … Once that happens, I think it’s really about “Okay, I’m in.” That was a decision she made, and I felt like at that point she could not be spared the consequences of the life. She’s trying to, but ultimately once she made that decision that she  was part of it, she’s subjected to the same circumstances as everybody else.
And just how will all this end? Kurt Sutter has already said that he expects the show to conclude in “a pool of blood.” Sutter elaborates here in an abstract way on how likely a happy ending is for any of the characters:

You know, here’s how I describe all this: It’s a heavy world, it’s a dark world but as heavy and violent as it is, I like to think that ultimately there is some sense of hope. So that it’s sad and heavy, but there is always some sense of hope.

Will it be a happy ending? No, but I do think that there will be something hopeful about the way it ends.

Given the distinct sense of free-fall for every major character on this show, the notion of some kind of hope to mark the end of such an overall dark tale comes as something of a surprise, but with the utter hell many of these people have been through, there is a clearly a lesson to be learned from it all. We’ll find out for sure as Sons of Anarchy enters it’s final two seasons.
Sons of Anarchy season 6 premieres on Tuesday, September 10th @10pm on FX.
Source: Zap2it
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  1. I hope the journal gets published. Maybe by Abel as an adult.

    • I’M really enjoying watching this show it’s TOO DARN addictive and i love kurt sutter and his writting staff to come up with these crazy storylines. Can’t wait to see how it really ends w. season 7 since it’s based on hamlet….. in shakespere THERE IS NO HAPPY ENDING.

      • good Stone’s



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      • It’s just a Dead folder “Keena Reaves” you know Winona Ryder with my running the train she puts on a strap on,”Thy Gold attached to any black and any issue” that type a folder,I know is there butter-scotch,Jay Downey just shot even par at the Club


        ! “good three way phone calls,HUH”

        • and the fat ***ch left the room!

  2. Having watched religiously since the pilot, I was more involved in this series than anything ever before. I was initially attracted to the Harleys but stayed for the story. The violence was hard to watch at first but the story was so compelling, The characters, though violent out laws, lived by their own set of rules and ethics. Jax especially was looking for a lifestyle more like a peaceful brotherhood, although the club had clearly taken a wrong turn, he seemed to be in a good position to set it right, except for the dominos that kept falling in the path of that dream. The bottom line is that Jax and others were likeable and easy to relate to, but unfortunately that has all changed. After this last episode where Jax had Juice suffocate an innocent mother (she’s a crack head but so what), I find that I don’t think I can watch the show any longer. I get the moral that Kurt is pushing on us, but I didn’t need to invest this kinda time to learn that people get corrupted and watch the SC crew soffocate innocent young mothers with pillows. Thanks Kurt for moving the show in a direction that I hope few fans will follow.

    • since the beginning of the series it is heavily influenced that the sons do not take kindly towards rats. Their immediate response tends to be to take them out, it is intense and Kurt did a great job in Jax’s character because he had to find a way to prove Juice’s commitment to the club due to previous circumstances. That chick messed up because of her ability to NOT think straight due to drugs, which is why the sons don’t take kindly to drug users at least in charming. The club goes to hell when Clay decides to start dealing with drugs and Kurt does a great job at allowing Jax to start pulling things together. Overall crazy and intense story, there’s worse stuff out there.

    • So you could watch an innocent young girl be burnt to death but not someone who flipped out and pointed a gun at people who were trying to help her be suffocated? Not entirely sure you’ve been paying as much attention as you think.

      • I agree! this just shows how stupid people are. they’re not going to watch a show they watched for over 5 years because jax had some girl killed. But every thing else on the show was ok, and they’re going to bash the Creator for one scene they don’t like.

    • It’s Kurt sutter former club member, it’s more like a mirage of his life suffocating the mother was nothing it’s been so much worse then that, tig watched his child burn to death, jax beat a guys skull out with a Chrystal ball and opp wife gets shot in the head, and there is so much more and you can’t watch the show because of a mother getting killed give me a break its a show man that’s why it’s interesting …your no real fan


    • Really. Her son was dead, she would have ratted if they let her live. Her man was dead too, what did she have left? Nothing but drugs. If you were a true fan you would watch til the end. This show has always shown a lot of violence and murder. Its getting towards the end which is not going to be happy, so its got to be bloody and dirty.

    • @tango I don’t know what fantasy world you subscribe to but MC gangs tend to do very bad things. If you wanted to watch something that makes you feel warm and fuzzy then perhaps you shouldn’t watch SOA anymore. Disney channel has plenty of shows that are better suited for your palette.

  3. I’m glad the show is wrapping. I love it, but Jax has become insufferable. He’s an all around scum bag. All that talk about learning from his father, and who does he become? Clay.

    I think Chibbs will either have to step up, or step down, before it’s all over.

    Gemma needs to go, end of story. She’s an annoying 2-D character that only exists to serve a single purpose.

  4. SOA grabbed me up the very first episode. It was so well written that the viewer was given the feeling they were involved with Sam crow personally. In your heart you knew they were criminals, killers taking the law into their own hands. THE MONEY, necessary to keep the club going came from weapon sales and prostitution and finally drugs…but you could justify this because of the dream of one man. Each week the viewer was drawn into the drama, suspense, you marveled at Jemmas strength and her explosive temper made you tingle with excitement waiting to see the damage she created for anyone that crossed her men. THERE WAS A NEED TO LOVE tIG despite his mental hangups cause you knew he would lay down his life for jemma and the club. jax was the heartthrob, capable of beating a man too deathwith his fists and but turn into a tender loving father to his kids. you wanted he and tara to live happily ever after , but you still found yourself wishing you were his tara. Clay you tried to think of him as doing his best to keep his club together and safe, but never really losing the uncomfortable feeling he was up to no good. Ope, jaxs best friend, a good guy devoted husband and father, a quiet cuddley giant that would do anything for sam crow. my favorite, Juice, the club was his only family and his torment at the thought of being tossed out of the club. Soa was pure magic and in my opinion the best show ever on tv its popularity hit like a giant wave, making other shows obsolete, an outstanding cast that worked together in bringing the best to the viewer, and humble to boot, appreciating the praise they received. After watching several episodes of season 5, I had to turn the tv off. For whatever reason the magic is gone for me and I doubt if I will watch the rest of season 5. My club has turned into criminals, too many of the guys are dead , the sensitivity has disappeared. THE REASON FOR sam crow to exsist has disappeared in a fog of violence and blood. It has been replaced with the shock factor making each murder worse than the last and I am so disappointed. SOA couldn’t last forever no matter how much I wanted it to, but it deserved a better death than it got. HOW TOTALLY SAD

    • I agree completely

  5. So far this season has been full of surprises. I didn’t so many things coming but tara and jax have come to far not to be together. Maybe he should get a visit or two or three from John Teller’s spirit leading him into a happy ending

    • Sounds good

  6. I think the show has gone downhill, and is all about gruesome shock. I’m tired if Charlie/Jax clenching his jaw all the time and frankly, want this to end THIS season. It’s become old. Breaking Bad did it the right way. Sutter needs to man-up and realize he peaked and this is becoming a waste of time. Now we see him injecting new MC members out of nowhere because the draw has diminished. Let it go Sutter. You are like Brett Favre – it’s time to retire.

  7. I have watched every episode since #1, first shows were awesome. Than as things progressed, story got thin so Sutter decided to go soap opera. Lots of turns and twists.. kinda like “As the world turns”. I have lost interest , but tolerate because my other half loves the drama. Think I will go watch re-runs of US Open golf.. or maybe that chess match with Bobby Fisher….

  8. Sutter is the maestro of mayhem. Best show in the history of tv. Have every episode on DVD my two college kids say it’s my adultery.

  9. I was just reading some of the comments before my first comment and I’m taken aback. I will repeat best show ever . Those that r upset about the direction the show has taken, really? We aren’t watching the Brady bunch here this is Samcro, art imitating life. Life’s messy even if your part of sons of anarchy motorcycle club redwood original, enjoy the ride people!!!

  10. Time to end sons.

  11. Arthur Fonzerelli wants his water skis back! SOA/Sutter just jumped the shark!

  12. The show has had a bad season (Ireland). It became slightly better following that season.

    This season is unwatchable. I just watched tonight’s episode.

    Biker gang and transexual chases after grandma in mini van. Unloads a full clip out the back window then stop and don’t worry about a box of guns in passenger seat. Even though they are all felons and shots were just fired.

    Gang kicks grandpa and his son out of studio and president shoots grandma in the head because she bad mouthed the transexual.

    Doctor draws blood to put on her dress to make it appear she has miscarriage.

    For no other reason other than to be edgy they show two inmates engaged in sex. Much like for no other reason did they show the Marshall standing naked in his hotel room.

    I deleted the show from my series recording. It may as well be written by high school kids.

    I miss Breaking Bad more than ever now.

  13. I kmow a lot of folks don’t agree on what is being shown on this show.But the show doesn’t force anyone to watch it!
    U can A. Change the channel ! B. Don’t watch it at all. C. Realize that this show is about what reality is happening out there in the free world.
    D.wait and see what the next show is and don’t judge a book by its cover!

  14. Soa is a great show I love it I make sure I watch every week and have all seasons on dvd and will get season 6 as soon as it comes out.. if your a true fan you would realize you have to stick with it through the good and bad also trying to go for doing criminal acts to being legit is a hard and bloody path when you change you life style theres going to be people who get mad and are out for blood there has been worse things them crack heads getting suffocated in this show what about auto, opie, Opie’s wife, the prospects in the warehouse getting cut up into pieces and having their hands place on there cut

  15. I have seen every episode of soa. It seems like Kurt must be running out of ideas at this
    Point though. What with the transsexual showing up? All the build up for Nero and that angle fizzled out. Tara up again down again, jax wanted out but now he changed his mind. The show has slowed down to a grind each week. So little actually happens to advance the story. In the beginning there was a lot going in to keep my attention but now just like a super gnarly daytime soap… :(

  16. SOA is the best show on TV now and for all time. Why is it that we let Tara pull her tricks and be the backhanded b**** that she is? Jax is bad, Jax is violent. Think about some of the stuff he has gone through. Take my child and see what happens, i would do the same thing he did. Kill my best friend and i would react the same. Put yourself in the same situation and tell me you would be so innocent. Yeah right. The show is awesome and Sutter is a genious. Cant wait to see how it pans out

  17. I love this show…

  18. Stop trying to give soa a bad name stop getting sensitive over juice smothering crack heads. Tho show is too intense if u can’t watch just know it’s not for the weak. There’s more people out there that like it then those like you who can’t Tango.

  19. Breaking clay out of jail, and Tara cut off trying to rat like I always knew she would to save her own face. I hope clay and Tara die and I hope jax kills the Irish. Hope they save happy from the Chinese.

  20. Hands down best show ever im so sad its coming to an end Mr.sutter you are amazing first tv show I’ve ever gotten into and I’m 30 glad i have the seasons

  21. What this show needs is a team of comedy writers, same cast but turn it into a slap-stick with canned laughter. I tune in ONLY to laugh out loud at the total unbelievability of this story line. Hurray for Hollyweird!

    • Being close to, but not in a 1%er club, I can say with all sincerity that Kurt Sutter’s writing portrays a certain amount of reality in regards to outlaw MCs. Granted a lot of it is hokey, but rest assured the violence and some of their dealings are quite accurate. Hey Look !!! Hasn’t anyone seen the newspapers? There are felons out getting popped left and right for being in possession of a firearm. The REAL world is NOT for the weak/squeamish. If senseless violence turns you off, simply stay at home w/ doors locked, blinds shut, and sqeak loudly enough you can’t hear what’s going on outside. As far as SoA goes, it is a social statement combined with art. My hat’s off to you, Mr. Sutter

  22. As you can tell from e-mail I’m a biker and yes I ride with a club. I think what got me hooked is Kurt’s writing, he is very good and I thank he should come out with a book covering some of John Teller’s stories from Vietnam and go through the club’s conception and earlier years, then carry it through Abel getting older and possibly become a member. Just my thoughts on what a great writer could do. Fantastic work Kurt, keep the material flowing Brother.

  23. Kurt with your abilities you could go a lot of different directions with this. Anything from spin offs to novels.
    Thanks for your writing;
    Army Ranger
    Combat Veteran

  24. They ruined this show…I can barely get through the last few episodes. Its taking me a few days to watch the final, because I could careless about any of the characters. What did you do to this show??? The kids, the guns, the kids, the guns, then you kill off the best character the show had. Also, get rid of the Married with Childen chick, kill her off….

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  27. I cannot believe they are going to kill tara in this picture this is a great great mistake she should live let it be the sherriff got a vision and bring back both of them .let tara put gemma in hell and stand at her husband side exactly what gemma did not do.

  28. I think that Tara dying at the end of season 6 was the happiest moment of the series!!! I was so happy she was done. She was living in a world she didn’t belong in and her and everyone knew it. Her attitude was so annoying throughout the series I seriously couldn’t stand her!! And honestly looking at Jax and Wendy and Chibs – there are so many good looking actors and actresses in the series and then they pair drop dead gorgeous Jax with disgustingly ugly Tara! The only thing I hated more then her personality was her face, that hideous double chin and her awful body! I feelf

  29. I was so happy when Tara died. She didn’t belong was so annoying and just ruined every scene she was in. And seriously I feel sorry for Charlie (Jax) he got stuck with the ugliest actress. The only thing worse then her characters personality was her hideous face and body – seriously her double chin – GROSS!! Glad she’s finally dead so Jax can move on to better things and hopefully more attractive women in season 7!!!