‘Sons of Anarchy’: Tara’s Plan Enters Phase One

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Ally Lowen and Maggie Siff in Sons of Anarchy Sweet and Vaded Sons of Anarchy: Taras Plan Enters Phase One

[This is a review of Sons of Anarchy Season 6, Episode 7. There will be SPOILERS.]


Normally, while Jax is off dealing with mad Irish bombers, revenge-driven businessmen, or moving the MC into an old, abandoned ice-cream parlor to temporarily replace the clubhouse lost on account of the aforementioned mad Irish bombers (which goes a long way in suggesting that, deep down, maybe the Sons are just boys playing some violent game), Tara only becomes a part of the storyline when Jax’s business or Gemma somehow pulls her into the fray.

But this season of Sons of Anarchy, Tara has been more than content to be pushed to the margins of everything going on with Jax Teller and the rest of SAMCRO, as it’s allowed her the freedom to maneuver the various pieces of her great escape plan in such an exacting way that when she finally sets it in motion – as we see in ‘Sweet and Vaded’ – there’s very little anyone can do (or even knows enough) to stop her.

It’s all been a long time coming, and frankly it’s good that we finally get to see what Tara’s plan actually entails, rather than have yet another episode be spent with her suspiciously in Wendy’s company, or reassuring her lawyer she understands the ramifications of the actions she’s about to take.

Tara’s been up to something for the last six episodes, and as much as Kurt Sutter seems to enjoy the moments before a plan comes together, there’s only so much build-up the audience is interested in seeing before curiosity and expectation are eventually trumped by the need to move on.

Charlie Hunnam as Jax and Mark Boone Junior as Bobby in Sons of Anarchy Sweet and Vaded Sons of Anarchy: Taras Plan Enters Phase One

So we see that a major part of Tara’s plan was to get Gemma riled up enough that she would assault Margaret Murphy in front of the hospital cafeteria, before storming off to find her daughter-in-law and presumably do much worse.

This is the same fight that’s been going on since the end of season 4, so it stands to reason that anyone with even the slightest knowledge about the often-confrontational relationship these two women have would believe Gemma might kick Tara in the gut, despite having been told she was pregnant. And we see when Jax signs the paperwork deeming Gemma an unfit grandparent, Tara’s lie was not exactly a tough sell, even to the son of the woman she was accusing.

Despite the big moment of Gemma’s arrest and Jax’s obliging his wife’s request, ‘Sweet and Vaded’ passes most of its time following the return of Walton Goggins as Venus Van Dam – which makes you wonder just how large a part Tara and her plan will play in regard to the overall storyline. On the one hand, she’s one of the few characters left to root for from a moral standpoint, as the rest are either off the map completely or just otherwise confused about the concept of morality.

As a terrific example of this, Bobby actually calls Hale “the real bad guy,” suggesting that, to the MC, white-collar crime and political malfeasance trumps funneling automatic weapons into the hands of pre-teen school shooters any day of the week.

But on the other hand, if Tara succeeds in taking Jax’s family away from him, it raises an interesting question: Will that loss force him to fight for something other than the survival of the MC, and therefore cause him to leave SAMCRO behind, or will it just send him deeper into the Reaper’s waiting arms?


Sons of Anarchy continues next Tuesday with ‘Los Fantasms’ @10pm on FX.

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  1. Actually…The “Real” bad guys in the Samcro world often seem to be law enforcement. They always seem willing to go way beyond he law to try t get the Sons.

    As for that prison….Talk about who the real criminals are there. Ok…So there could be some coruption going on, but in this story that prison is truely controlled by coruption, and basically anything goes because apparently there’s no checks and balances to make sure there’s not the exact thing we see. I think they’ve played quite a bit too loose with the prison stories. I can’t believe a prison could be so lax of oversite that anything goes….Then again…It is CA and with being in the red because of the foolish three strike laws overcrowding the system….Maybe they can’t afford much oversite…

  2. Another eh episode. The whole prison issue is just laughable considering I know some people who work in the system and there are soo many checks/balances that anything south would be caught. That’s not to say there isn’t corruption but not to the level of the show. The whole Tara storyline is okay but rather boring at some points. The SAMCO and DA issue also has ran it’s course. As much as I love this show it’s starting to get like Dexter in which it has lost it’s touch

  3. Another awesome episode to this season, i really do feel, despite a lot of things going on in this season, there’s a sense of build up, and suspense building, almost like the calm before the storm, the storm being season 7, i feel like that season is going to be full throttle, I’m suspecting Irish vs MC all out war, but that remains to be seen.

    Regardless, love the season so far, I think the reviewer (unless i mis interpreted what you were saying exactly, sorry if i did) is missing the point about all these conflicting opinions about morality and what not, it’s not supposed to make you feel, or show that they’re deluded into thinking “the other guy is bad” and take no responsibility on themselves, it’s just supposed to show the myriad of perspectives, opinions, and how in all their shoes if you look at it objective you completely understand their perspectives, but that doesn’t change that overall, or the “big picture” deems them with virtually 0 morality at this point, seeing their various views and conflicting viewpoints is compelling.

  4. OK, so we all know that at some point Jax will learn the truth about what Tara is doing/has done but the biggest question is what will he do about it?
    Wanting her kids out of Charming is one thing and who can blame her but considering the things she’s doing is it possible Jax will have to do the unthinkable?
    Having her plot and scheme is one thing and probably the only way she could get the job done but faking a pregnancy, staging a fight, framing his mother for essentially killing his unborn child to trick him into signing over guardianship of his children to someone else is pretty drastic to put it mildly.
    I’m 99.9% positive Tara will die by the end of the season. That may sound drastic but what other purpose could she serve once Jax finds out? There’s no way with this shows track record that she just rides off into the sunset after he finds out.
    I don’t want things to happen this way mostly because once again the only way a person could gain an advantage against Jax or the club is to do something morally wrong therefore making any response from him seem justified but this seems to be headed into some muddy waters and IMO maybe a step to far.

  5. This episode was by far the best one yet this season. It has been a long time coming for us to finally see Gemma getting what she so deserves. The problem of course, is that Sutter is often predictable with his story and viewers already know that Gemma will win in the end and Jax will soon find out the real story. The stage was set long ago with Unser and Wendy being involved with the plan. It would be nice to see a true good guy (Tara) come out on top in this show. I like the show and as bad as it has been getting will continue to watch just to see how it ends. It’s got so ridiculous how it paints the bikers as these great guys and the law side as complete bad guys and idiots…. I guess you can,t blame Sutter cuz he needs to have the fans actually think these guys are good guys so the show has fans. It is actually funny to hear people say they believe the show is almost true to life… It’s a hoaky show that’s nothing like real life especially the prison stuff but let’s face it, it’s entertaining and a guilty fantasy world pleasure for many.

  6. Good article. The thing about SOA is that the fandom is completely invested in each of the characters and that everyone’s story is just as important. What happens to Tara, Gemma, Bobby and even RatBoy is crucial to the story. The show is awesome, and although it’s hard to not have that impending doom sinking feeling that someone is going to die, get hurt or just plan screw something up, my crew and I are still planted in our comfy chairs, fingernails dug in, watching and waiting and enjoying the ride.

  7. I guess Tara’s a “True good guy” if you overlook the killing she’s either done or assisted with. For a doctor she’s a pretty hard core ol’ lady

  8. If you wanna see these 2 ladies in a very different relationship, watch the movie Concussion.

    After watching that movie, scenes with Tara and her lawyer always makes me smirk abit ;) he he