‘Sons of Anarchy’ Is Setting Up the Terms of Betrayal

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Charlie Hunnam in Sons of Anarchy Salvage Sons of Anarchy Is Setting Up the Terms of Betrayal

[This is a review of Sons of Anarchy season 6, episode 6. It contains SPOILERS.]

As season 6 rolls along, we are starting to get a clearer sense of the various forces at play in both the larger and more personal arenas of the Sons of Anarchy universe. Jax continues to undertake a movement of non-aggression (at least against groups prone to placing C-4 in beer kegs) that sees him taking his crew out of town to make an impassioned speech about distancing the Sons of Anarchy from the gun business, though it’s motivated mostly on purposes of practicality and an aversion to doing serious time behind bars.

But while certain forces are pushing the MC away (or at least attempting to) from the dangers associated with running guns for the IRA, that’s not the only seemingly irresistible force at work at the moment. With the maniacal Lee Toric out of the picture, the spotlight is on DA Tyne Patterson more than ever, and although the audience isn’t shown the public’s cry for an arrest to be made in connection with the school shooting earlier this season (or a few days ago, in SoA time), it’s safe to assume that Tyne is feeling her own pressure with regard to the case.

Of course, Toric’s extracurricular activities involving dead call girls, Nero’s SUV, and a hotel room full of automatic weapons and drug paraphernalia create a serious problem for Tyne’s case against Nero, SAMCRO, and Tara. All of which is pointed out and underlined very distinctly by Eli Roosevelt, who has regrettably been reduced to little more than delivering snippets of exposition intended to put all the characters on the same page and otherwise providing a little foreshadowing of events to come.

Theo Rossi and Vince Duvall in Sons of Anarchy Salvage Sons of Anarchy Is Setting Up the Terms of Betrayal

In that regard, season 6 is building toward the eventuality of more criminal charges being brought against the club. Legal cases and criminal charges in the world of Sons of Anarchy are a fairly regular occurrence, even though none of them manage to stick or result in upsetting the status quo much. Even the events of season 3, which then led to the time jump starting season 4 was intended more to hit the reset button on Charming than to demonstrate a real sense of consequence for the club. But characters still hold on to a fear of lengthy prison terms, and of just being caught in general.

To that end, Otto’s legacy and the memory of his hellish experience in prison actually serves to justify his character beyond his being the recipient for whatever extreme punishment seemed to have been lying around the Sons of Anarchy writer’s room.

Despite their allegiance to the club or the idea of the group as an entity larger and more important than the individual, most members are essentially driven by the notion of self-preservation. This typically makes the threat of betrayal as potent at the thought of the retribution that will potentially be metered out in response to it (unless your name is Juice).

As the season moves forward, forces are pushing most heavily against Tara, compelling her to betray Jax and the club. So far she’s stood tall against Tyne’s offer of immunity, but should she waver, the only question is: Could that betrayal be any worse than what she already has planned?


Sons of Anarchy continues next Tuesday with ‘Sweet and Vaded’ @10pm on FX.

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  1. Loved Juice going all cowboy on those scumbag cops and the ensuing chase scene (especially the fact that it was to Pearl Jam’s new song “Mind your Manners.”) Overall, a very interesting episode. Can’t wait to see where it all leads.

  2. This episode was great- lots of funny and happy moments, which made a nice change

  3. I agree, this episode was a nice change of pace. From the seemingly easy vote to get out of guns(minus the loss of the clubhouse), to Bobby coming back and recruiting a few guys to S.A.M.C.R.O., it really shows a light at the end of the tunnel for the series and unity in the club in my opinion. It shows that despite the backlash from the IRA( even though it looks like the actual Kings wanted nothing to do with that) they are happy just using Clay instead of the club.

    Now the whole Tara/Gemma/ and now Wendy whirlpool that is always spinning around the show full of drama and woman stuff and worries and nonsnse… lol… I feel like yes Tara has the right to worry and do something about protecting her boys, but at the same time how the HELL does she ever expect to actually get away from Jax?? I mean this guy is not only the head of and international motorcycle club, but he has gone up against the IRA, the Russian mafia, the Neo-Nazis, the Cartel and their affiliates along with the CIA!! and the ATF a few times, and countless other threats. Jax has not only survived it all but pretty much came out on top with everyone looking to him for their next move, and she thinks a few divorce papers and a custody battle will stop him from being with his sons? I mean unless he has one of his soft moments like he did back in Ireland with Able, and decides to just let it happen, I highly doubt Tara or Wendy get out of it alive.

    Anyways… all in all I’m just as happy with the direction and the material presented in the show as I was when I first started watching, definitely my favorite show for the last few years.

  4. I won’t say this was a perfect episode but this episode was a reminder to me of why I started watching this show in the the first place and felt a lot like the SoA that I enjoyed so much and have missed sometimes in the past few seasons.
    My only concern is that scene when the DA took off her wig and said something like “it’s time to get ghetto”. What does that even mean and why does she have to get ghetto???
    Why can’t she just be a straight laced law enforcer who want’s to make somebody in the club answer for their crimes?

    Welcome back Walton Goggins!!! Even in drag he can show why he’s one of the best actors on TV today. :)

    • that’s because she know she is f@#$#d and only has a little bit of time before the dna comes back and the police find out her investigator killed a call girl , planted evidence on someone, she found out about it and continued to go after it. I don’t see nero tricking because they showed him in the preview and we know what ever they show wont happen. May be tarra tricks but I don’t think so .

  5. I loved loved LOVED the acoustic version of John the Revelator at the very beginning and very end of the episode. It was a nice auditory callback to the first season’s finale where Jax cements his decision to change the club.

  6. loved this weeks show was really how jax made the cops apologize to the club members that was really cool don’t see that very often