‘Sons of Anarchy’: This Is What Rock Bottom Looks Like

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Ron Perlman and Katey Sagal in Sons of Anarchy Huang Wu Sons of Anarchy: This Is What Rock Bottom Looks Like

[This is a review of Sons of Anarchy season 6, episode 10. There will be SPOILERS.]


While Jax has been diligently looking after the needs of SAMCRO and attempting to expand its legitimate business interests by opening up another Diosa with the help of Kim Dickens and Peter Weller, his home life has been trying to quietly sneak out the back door.

But in typical Sons of Anarchy fashion, the act of sneaking out the back door doesn’t entail something as simple as, say, actually sneaking away. It involves several extended episodes worth of making deals with ex-junkies (at the time), fake pregnancies and miscarriages, and a stack of legal documents to be signed, all so a lawyer can be tricked into an ex-cop’s trailer to break the attorney-client privilege, therefore bringing the elaborate ruse crashing down around the woman who cooked it up in the first place.

To some extent, this overly complicated ruse of Tara’s, to ensure her soon-to-be ex-husband and ex-mother-in-law have no legal claim to Thomas and Abel, is the bi-product of having been exposed to a sub-culture in which overly elaborate ruses are as commonplace as lengthy monologues detailing the goings-on of other individuals and the need to stare pensively out windows, at walls or something else off in the distance. So it’s unsurprising that this would seem like a logical way out of a bad situation.

In that regard, Tara’s plan (and its subsequent, inevitable failure) managed to eat up ten extra-long episodes without producing much in the way of actual conflict or action. It was, to its credit, intriguing in the sense that the show managed to keep the finer details of it at bay for several episodes and, therefore, generated some sustained interest from the audience. But what it really boils down to is the question of whether or not Tara – or someone else, since there is an awful lot of close-ups on handguns going on – will have a one-on-one with Mr. Mayhem as a result of her futile transgressions against Jax and the club.

Jimmy Smitts and Katey Sagal in Sons of Anarchy Huang Wu Sons of Anarchy: This Is What Rock Bottom Looks Like

Naturally, ‘Huang Wu’ seems to imply that Gemma is the one most aggrieved by Tara’s plan, as it would have exposed her for the duplicitous, violent control freak she is (albeit through duplicitous means). Of course, because she’s alone in facing the verbal onslaught that is a conversation with Gemma – as Jax is too busy fooling around with his new business partner, and seems otherwise unwilling to have a basic conversation with his wife, who is clearly under incredible emotional duress – we share in Tara’s feelings that “nobody can help” her now.

Part of that stems from the fact that Jax hates deeper than he loves, or so his mother would have Tara believe. That alone is enough to get Dr. Knowles-Teller to seek some sort of protection and assurance from Tyne Patterson. But, as luck would have it, Tyne is all tied-up in Jax’s soon-to-be overly elaborate deal in which he delivers Galen and a portion of the IRA in exchange for SAMCRO’s immunity on all gun charges (naturally), and for Tara’s punishment to be reduced to a small fine and some community service.

Is any of this communicated to the one person who might also benefit from such information? No. Why? Because now the audience gets to wonder just where Tara will wind up, now that she’s hit rock bottom. The expectation, of course, being: the one place people don’t come back from.


Sons of Anarchy continues next Tuesday with ‘Aon Rud Persanta’ @10pm on FX.

Photos: Prashant Gupta/FX

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  1. Typical Tara Gemma episode used to love this show slowly losing intrested focus on the club not the women drama also if I gotta see jax ass one more time imma scream like wtf lol

  2. I keep repeating myself but yet again this season is going so predictably that is almost painful to watch. Always Gemma on top and Tara on the bottom. It’s nice thou that Sutter does reveal and show us what a complete A hole Jax is. Shutting his wife out like he is… I guess good for the show but let’s be real, in real life people would sit down hubby and wife together and have a serious conversation after something like this… But reality doesn’t, work for this show. More and more Jax is looking like such a ridiculous prez. The show continues to paint Jax as such a mommas boy. Another thing.. When Tara walked in to talk now and give the club up to protect her boys etc…. There is no way they would of turned her down and just let her walk out at the end of the show…. Trust me another deal would have been made to get these guys… Just so silly…. But should be interesting to see what other things Sutter does to build Gemma up and knock Tara down…. Sons of ararchy AKA the Gemma show

    • I think someone pegged it right a long time back when they called it a “Soap” with bikes. It didn’t start that way, but that’s what it’s become.

      One thin that’s always bothered me is that they made Tara an accomplished surgan who basically throws it all away to be an Ol’ Lady to the high school love of her life. Had she come back as a nurse or some other professional I could buy that possibility, but an accomplished surgan? Just too far of a stretch. For some time now she’s gotten so hard core that she seems like she always was a biker chick and not someone with the dedication it would take to become a doctor

      • @ Chris

        This show outside of a couple twists at the end of seasons (S3 and 4?) isn’t a show predicated on plot twists, so saying it’s “predictable” isn’t an insult to the show, as the reviewer pointed out, the inevitable failure of Tara’s plan was the point, you weren’t supposed to be “surprised” by any of the goings on in terms of the stuff between Wendy/Jax/Tara/Gemma That all was supposed to unfold that way, watching it do so, and the character’s reaction, growth, isn’t just the point of the season, but the show as a whole, sorry you haven’t grasped that yet LOL. Show is fantastic, great episodes this year, i will say the extra 30 mins per episode have been needed for a couple episodes, but not nearly every episode, could of easily trimmed some episodes.

        @Tundrabeast Seriously, surgan? It’s surgeon, secondly, Tara continued to be a surgeon on the show for awhile actually, until, you know, her hand was crushed? Did you miss that part? Not everyone who’s great at being a surgeon goes to the top hospitals in the world, that isn’t unrealistic at all.

        The reviewer correctly pointed out how a lot of the reactions, and things these characters do that seem “unrealistic” are a result of their environment, and caused them to conduct themselves in different ways than we would, psychology 101.

        • Yes my spelling sucks….Funny spell check didn’t catch it….But you missed my point. She spent years and supposedly a great deal of display to become a doctor and eventually a surgeon. Then she basically gives it all up to be a biker chick. That seems beyond far fetched is all I’m saying. I could see maybe a nurse because even though they too have to be dedicated to get into the profession it’s far less than what a surgeon has to commit to. It’s akin to a nun becoming a hooker…..One hell of a drop.

        • I can see what you are saying. I guess my thing is I am not a fan of the Gemma character. I find the whole thing with Gemma is just silly. I said in an earlier post that she is a female version of Clay. The audience got some satisfaction of watching Clay fall but with Gemma Sutter always continues to keep her on top. I can only hope that Jax finds out she had her part in his fathers death and that she may one day face her maker…. I was really hoping Tara was going to get the better of her but once again Sutter keeps her on top and the main focus of the show. It doesn’t,t help I don,t like Nero either… I find the show has drifted away from the biker aspect… The first few seasons were better cuz it focused more on that… Now they are more just a gang that happen to wear biker vests.

  3. Could we finally be at a point where we finally see Jax face some sort of consequences for his and the clubs actions?
    It’s starting to seem like it but as always I fear that the rug will be pulled out from under us at some point.
    Tara’s Arc has always been the best the show has ever done but now that we are at “rock bottom” there’s really only one way we can go if Sutter and the writers want any of this to feel earned and with this being the last few episodes of the second to last season it’s getting close (if we are not already there) to the point where it’s time for the end-game to start.
    While not as great as the first few seasons I really think this has been the best season the show has had in a while so I hope that there isn’t any last minute twist that throws everything into chaos again…
    Fingers Crossed. ;)

    • I agree…It’s always been a bit of a farce that the Son’s are seen as good guy bikers because they stay out of the drug trade…Yet they deal a death trade to street gangs…..At least they brought that reality home this season when the kid went on a shooting spree with one of their guns.

  4. So disgusted with how this turning out, but I can’t stop watching! Poor Tara, never should have gotten involved with such a pathetic mommy’s boy. Jax is strong enough to lead the MC but not strong enough to stand up to his Mommy and break the sick, twisted Oedipal hold she has on his life. Before we all paint Tara as the villain, can’t we please remember she has sacrificed everything for this MC and all they have done in return is crap all over her? How many bullet wounds has she illegally stitched up for these guys? How many illegal things has she been pushed into doing? She lost her medical license because of them. And now she’s losing her mind.
    All she wanted was her children to be safe and to have a life away from violence (hey remember like two episodes ago when her children were almost BLOWN the EFF UP!?). Jax promised her over and over he would get them away from all of the violence and then lied and betrayed her. Totally lost respect for Uncer here, as he also betrayed Tara because of his sick obsession with Gemma. Gemma is such a vile, twisted person yet everyone loves and defends her.
    The most fitting thing if we’re going to go the Greek tragedy route is for Tara to kill the boys and then herself. It’s the only way to properly punish Gemma and Jax.
    Damn, this show is crazy and so well written!!