‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 5, Episode 5: ‘Orca Shrugged’ Recap

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Theo Rossi Charlie Hunnam Tommy Flanagan in Sons of Anarchy Orca Shrugged Sons of Anarchy Season 5, Episode 5: Orca Shrugged Recap

It’s a busy episode of Sons of Anarchy, which is in keeping with the monologue from Jax (Charlie Hunnam) that starts the show off. In it, Jax talks about how he spends each day cleaning up the mess that’s been made from the day before, and how its all become an endless cycle of pain, anguish and violence that was intended to correct previous instances of the same. Ironically, while Jax is clearly aware of the mountain of garbage the MC is under – enough to write about it, anyway – that doesn’t stop him from throwing what will likely be more garbage right on top.

That, of course, is in reference to Jax’s blackmail scheme, intended to get Mayor Hale (Jeff Kober) in bed with the club in exchange for a lease on the property that will become the new Diosa International. This leads to the resurrection of the tepid season 4 subplot concerning Charming Heights. As the finale left it, the last act of the questionably stable Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon) looked to have unraveled Hale’s development plans, and possibly damaged the mayor’s reputation beyond repair. But as it stands now, it seems every action Mr. Potter put into play during season 4 has fallen flat.

It turns out the Charming Heights development is still viable, but at the mercy of the city council –or, really, just one morbidly obese guy named Alan. The Sons manage to drug Alan with some special fudge, strip him and take photos of him in compromising positions with a transgender prostitute named Venus Van Damme – which proves that there isn’t a show on television that couldn’t benefit from the presence of the great Walton Goggins. And while the gag of seeing Boyd Crowder in some S&M gear is initially pretty funny, the scene drags on so long it becomes like watching a bad SNL skit go completely off the rails. To make matters worse, the club gets Alan’s stepson involved (with Van Damme), and Tig (Kim Coates) finds out the hard way that Alan can bite clean through denim.

Tommy Flanagan and Mark Boone Junior in Sons of Anarchy Orca Shrugged Sons of Anarchy Season 5, Episode 5: Orca Shrugged Recap

The whole thing is played for laughs – and there’ll likely be a division between viewers who think it’s hilarious and those who don’t – but perhaps there’s some insight to be taken away from the event that has to do with Jax’s monologue from the show’s opening. There is no doubt that the character is an outlaw who is drawing a line in the sand, but now we get a clearer picture of just where that line is. Running guns and drugs is bad. Running pricey escorts and molesting strangers with the help of Southern Dr. Frank-N-Furter, is totally fine. This isn’t a moral judgment on Jax or anything; it’s merely clarification of the kinds of things that don’t keep him up at night, and an observation of where the club’s new president thinks the safer money is at.

The episode is also intent on keeping the relationship between Gemma (Katey Sagal) and Nero (Jimmy Smits) dramatic by means of Jax forbidding it for the sake of the club. It’s understandable that, in his nascent presidency, Jax is looking to keep SAMCRO’s moneymaking endeavors from becoming entangled in the general mess of everything that Gemma makes, but it causes one to wonder how well Jax actually pays attention to his mother. She’s like a small child who, when told not to do something goes directly for it. While keeping Nero around could be interesting for the sake of the MC’s new direction, the inevitable fireworks that are going to erupt from Gemma lashing out because she wants something she can’t have are about as uninteresting a prospect as this show is capable of producing.

While that drama is being sorted out, SAMCRO still has to deal with the whole Irish guns and Galindo thing. Since neither Galen (Timothy V. Murphy) nor Romeo (Danny Trejo) has been seen in a while, ‘Orca Shrugged’ gives them some face time to remind everyone they’re still around, and reinforces why Clay (Ron Perlman) is integral to the whole Galindo deal. It turns out Galen doesn’t much like Jax because of events stemming from season 3, so the two work out their aggression by trading punches while they wait for Romeo to show up. After successfully making the sale with Romeo, Galen blows up a couple of the club’s bikes with a high-powered machine gun. The demonstration works to give Clay an edge in a situation that’s clearly out of Jax’s control, and perhaps serves as a little bit of foreshadowing to just how dicey things with the CIA can get when Clay finally makes his move.

Timothy V Murphy and Ron Perlman in Sons of Anarchy Orca Shrugged Sons of Anarchy Season 5, Episode 5: Orca Shrugged Recap

Since he’s been relatively low-key for much of season 5, it looks as though things are finally going to start heating up regarding the string of home invasions and whatever Clay’s connection to them is. For one reason or another, the trio breaks into the house of Eli Roosevelt (Rockmond Dunbar) and they briefly terrorize his wife Rita (Merle Dandridge), which results in her being not only being shot, but also clawing the neck of one of the intruders.

The extreme violence of the home invaders, and the fact that they’ve possibly claimed the life of Roosevelt’s wife and unborn child, stands in stark contrast to the cringe-worthy assault on Alan that took place earlier – which was likely the idea. But considering how disillusioned Jax is when he opens a cooler containing some body parts, at the episode’s end, it raises the question: Is Jax merely aware the sheer amount of garbage the club is buried under, or is he planning on doing something to pull SAMCRO out from beneath it?

Sons of Anarchy continues next Tuesday with ‘Small World’ @10pm on FX. Check out a preview of the episode below:

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  1. Nooo to the kid from prison break! please go away fast.

    Walter Goggins was total class though

  2. I’ll admit I enjoyed Goggins surprise appearance. I’m a big fan but mostly because I’m in the middle of watching The Shield at the moment and was watching it right before SOA (I’m at season 6 so please no spoilers) so as soon as he spoke I said to myself “That’s Shane!”.
    I really don’t have anything else to say about the episode besides that. I’ve been to negative about the show lately so I won’t go on any rants this week…

  3. Hey Kurt, What has this become the Gemma show too much Gemma not enough bikers stuff plus Katie is looking rough around the edges time to back off a bit with the wife and get some younger looking girls in there

    • too right I wish they would kill her off its just getting ridiculous the amount of time she gets over most….. kill her Off!!!

  4. I liked this episode. Best one in a while which isn’t saying much. I agree about the Gemma stuff being boring. I just hope they focus more on other aspects such as the “outlaw” stuff we havent seen in forever.

  5. Jax isn’t “disillusioned” at the end. If anything, he’s simply numb to the contents. They’re the necessary items to (hopefully) clean up the Gemma vs. Tisdale confrontation.

    • It’s good that they didn’t let that thread drop. But it’s been over three days. One would think those bangers wouldn’t be so patient about it.

  6. Oh, and how likely is it that the three guys committing the home invasions are the three “new” members to the Charming charter?

    • I have been thinking this since we saw the safe tossed in the garbage. Plus, it was Chuck Zito – Frankie Diamonds- that was holding the paperwork in the car.

  7. Anybody catch the cameo by Ryan Reynolds when the club took the vote about the Escort service?

  8. Walton Goggins was just awesome, and it goes to show what a truly diverse actor he is. The episode was very good, and I believe that the home invasions are kids from charming, and I would swear that the step son was one of them. It will be interesting to see how Pope plays into things and I hope the show moves along a little quicker. Parts of it are getting old (the whole Gemma aspect, she is getting annoying).

  9. whose limbs are those in the icebox that jax opened? I don’t get it?

    • They needed a ummm boobie and finger to give to the mexicans to save Ashley Tisdale from death, and return her to a life of hookerdom.

    • They have a connection at a funeral home. The parts are from a corpse.

  10. The home invasions are the Nomads.. when the home invasion happened at Gemma’s and attacked Unser; it showed one of the guys was missing a leg and wearing the exact same tennis shoes as Greg the Peg (who is missing a leg) and it shows t the end of episode 2; the Nomads disposing of Clay’s sage and Frankie reading the birth and marriage certificated. Clay is somehow behind it too, I think.

    • when the three guys spoke during the home invasion, the voice was obviously chuck zito, so the sons are definitely involved.

  11. it’s hard not to hate, people things, institutions.
    when they break your spirit and take pleasure in watching you bleed.
    hate is the only feeling that makes sense. but i know what hate does to a man, tears him apart,
    turns him into something he’s not. Something he promised himself he’d never become.
    That’s what i need to tell you, to let you know how hard i’m trying not to cave under the
    weight of all the awful things i feel in my heart.
    sometimes my life feels like a deadly balancing act, what i feel slamming up against what i should do.
    impulsive reactions racing to solutions miles ahead of my brain.
    When I look at my day, I realize that most of it was spent cleaning up the damage of the day before
    in that life i have no future, all i have is distraction and remorse.

    i buried my best friend 3 days ago. As cliche as this sounds, I left a part of me in that box.
    a part I barely knew, a part i’ll never see again. everyday is a new box, boys. you open it
    you take a look at what’s inside. you’re the one who determines if it’s a gift or a coffin.

  12. Gemma is stil making to many waves, feeling clayand the other to new b’s are the oe doing the home vasion

  13. This is my theory regarding the home invasions.

    ‘The circle narrative’

    Unses’s connection to the sons, will repeat itself.
    With the new sherif Roosevelt’s wife being attacked and maybe even killed, there is room for a scenario, where the sons do a cruel act which the sherif will know about and maybe even contribute to in some degree.
    Therefor move more into a similar role/position as Unser.

  14. Walton Goggins makes a sassy lady!
    I loved his cameo. It was miles better than anything SNL do. Genuinely hilarious. What a fantastic actor! More!!!

  15. I was glad to see that SoA went back to a humorous episode. But it was in keeping with their style of humor which is where you laugh but cringe at the same time. I admit that it went on a bit too long. And if it doesn’t pay off for them, then it may not have been worth it. Can’t imagine anyone else in the role, nice to see him willing to help out both the network and his old boss Sutter.
    Gemma is getting annoying. I’m starting to get tired of seeing her gigantic head. I’m kind of surprised at her reaction to being force-dumped by Nero. She seems to be taking it harder than I thought she would. I really hope they don’t then turn this into something she starts causing trouble for this new Nero-SAMCRO alliance.
    Jax should be suspicious of these new Nomads-turned-SAMCRO. All three of them pipe up to Jax at the table. And they all happen to be involved in the home invasions. And the stances they take are Clay’s, continuing to support the drug mule deal, because that was Clay’s, and generally opposing Jax.