‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 5, Episode 4: ‘Stolen Huffy’ Recap

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Ashley Tisdale and Charlie Hunnam in Sons of Anarchy Stolen Huffy Sons of Anarchy Season 5, Episode 4: Stolen Huffy Recap

While the rest of SAMCRO is ready to begin the mourning process, ‘Stolen Huffy’ shows how problematic Gemma (Katey Sagal) can be when pursuing her own interests under the veil of what’s good for the club. So far during this young season of Sons of Anarchy, Gemma’s actions have become increasingly volatile; putting a strain on the already tenuous relationship she has with Tara (Maggie Siff), as well as her budding romance with Nero (Jimmy Smits). One has to wonder if this behavior is a sign Gemma is headed down a darker path, or if it’s just a means by which the writers are hoping to keep the character relevant.

On one hand, Gemma’s actions stand as a testament to the manipulative nature of the character, and the way she’s been using the club to meet her own needs since J.T. was at the head of the table. On the other hand, she’s on the outs with Clay (Ron Perlman) and her daughter-in-law is the first old lady, so Gemma’s likely to feel a bit marginalized; so, as she’s done before, Gemma decides to take action in the least helpful way possible – on a day nobody in the MC needs to hear any of her guff. At least Jax (Charlie Hunnam) has the presence of mind to call her on it.

Much of ‘Stolen Huffy’ has to do with preparation for Opie’s (Ryan Hurst) wake. The club is processing his death the only way they know how: deciding who needs to be killed in retribution. For their part, the SAMCRO newbies seem eager to take the fight directly to Pope (Harold Perrineau) – but, as Jax warns them, it’s not a fight the club is prepared to take on, let alone win. Again, Sons of Anarchy goes to great lengths to establish Pope as the most fearsome adversary the club has ever been up against, and, as Jax sees it, a $50k payoff to the guy who can have everyone killed with a phone call sounds like a pretty sweet deal – at least until he can figure out a way to even the score.

Charlie Hunnam Katey Sagal and Jimmy Smits in Sons of Anarchy Stolen Huffy Sons of Anarchy Season 5, Episode 4: Stolen Huffy Recap

Meanwhile, the raid on Diosa International has left Nero (Jimmy Smits) without his business and one of his best girls, Emma Jean (Ashley Tisdale) – who has begun turning tricks at a hotel as a means of avoiding Nero’s gang. The gang, meanwhile, wants vengeance for the cops being called, and with Emma Jean the most likely culprit, they’ve got a pretty specific shopping list of things to take from her as payment. Before they can get to her, though, Nero asks Jax and Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) if they’ll get the young woman out of town safely. Since Gemma’s ridiculous outburst and assault on Emma Jean can pretty much be seen as the beginning of the end for Diosa International, Jax agrees, while his mother looks on, showing little sign of remorse.

Although Emma Jean quickly consents to leave town at the request of a couple of bikers (hey, maybe she like motorcycles), things naturally get all screwy when two guys in Nero’s gang show up and a chase ensues. In the aftermath, Jax is somehow able to convince the men that SAMCRO wants Emma Jean dead and pinky swears to send them her body parts as evidence. She’s then delivered to Nero, who supposedly gets her out of town. Of course, we don’t see Emma Jean leaving, and considering Nero thought of her as a top earner, it seems unlikely this is the last Sons of Anarchy will see of the young woman.

With the preliminaries taken care of, and favors having been paid both ways, Jax sits Nero down with his plan to finance a new Diosa International, run out of a super-sexy Elks Lodge and partially staffed with the women from the adult entertainment biz SAMCRO is affiliated with. The deal seems pretty sweet, and Nero’s all for it, but Jax’s caveat is that Nero has to stay away from Gemma – it’s not a “mommy thing,” Jax tells him; it’s that there’s just too much garbage running between Gemma, Clay, Tara and himself, and Jax doesn’t want those issues jeopardizing what he sees as the future of SAMCRO.

Jimmy Smits and Charlie Hunnam Sons of Anarchy Stolen Huffy Sons of Anarchy Season 5, Episode 4: Stolen Huffy Recap

Jax is right; despite his reprimand, Gemma spends the majority of ‘Stolen Huffy’ once again managing to rope Wendy (Drea de Matteo) and Tara (Maggie Siff) into the same tired argument over Abel, and then assaulting and manipulating her way into getting what she wants. It’s the same old Gemma over and over again, and one can’t help but think the ultimate old lady has begun circling the drain. Perhaps that’s why she reenlists Tara into her rigorous old lady training program, and wrangles up a good old-fashioned brouhaha between her daughter-in-law and Carla (Wanda De Jesus). Gemma’s certainly not wrong in wanting to see Carla punished for alerting Nero’s gang to the whereabouts of Jax and Chibs, but getting Tara to do her bidding simply illustrates how green Jax’s wife is, and how badly the show could use a new direction for both Gemma and Tara.

As a testament to what does work, Gemma and Clay have a somewhat poignant scene together, suggesting extreme domestic violence or not, the two agents of chaos will always gravitate toward one another. Clay’s diminished role puts him as the bearer of bad news, and despite all the lingering hate Gemma has, she’s compelled to seek comfort in his embrace upon hearing the news of Opie’s demise. While much of what transpires in ‘Stolen Huffy’ seems to work against the more affecting elements of the episode, the nod to Gemma and Clay’s bloody, ill-gotten romance feels like it landed in the right place.

In that regard, Opie’s death and send off seems to have worked to bring some temporary stability to the increasingly fractured relationships amongst the men and women of SAMCRO. Even Lyla (Winter Ave Zoli) is welcomed back into the arms of the MC. As a surrogate family, the Sons often operate better than the real thing. (Well, as long as you’re not related to Opie.) And in death at least, the club is always reminded of that.

Sons of Anarchy continues next Tuesday with ‘Orca Shrugged’ @10pm on FX. Check out a preview of the episode below:

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  1. The thing I’m left wondering about the most so far this season is what is Clay up to?
    It seems obvious he’s the one who called the cops on Nero’s business and he’s involved with or behind the home invasions so I’ll ask again, what’s he up to?
    The way things are going it seems like he’ll be making a play for the President’s Chair or if things go wrong he’ll be joining Opie at the biker bar in the sky.
    The whole Gemma, Tara & Wendy storyline is boring me to tears though. Maybe if it was handled better I’d be more into it but as of now I’d like to see the three of them thrown in a cage and the last one standing wins. Until this season I really enjoyed the Tara storyline. Watching her maneuver between her career and dealing with being an “Old Lady” was always an interesting arc to follow but not so much anymore…

    • Yeah I liked the metaphor of Clay working out on the bench , it was just the beginning hints of him preparing his next move and needing to be ready !

    • I think that Jax made a weak move by not killing Clay. One thing that seems inauthentic about SAMCRO is that they have no Mama’s hanging around like any other MC would. Hell’s Angel’s would be one example.

  2. I knew I was not the only one tiring of the whole “Gemma” situation. Every time she is on the screen I want to fast forward, or I hope for Pope to show up and catch her on fire. The show is a great show, always entertaining, but Gemma has to go.

    • Yeah man, Gemma thing is really old, and just lingering. She causes the Sons more problems than they already have, and she isnt even a patch member. with her Goddess like needs, I hope Tara tells Jax about Gemma’s involvement with the murder of JT, n he kills her for once n for all. shes annoying

      • Do you realize that you should blame Sutter, not her? Gem’s acting like this because he wrote that. I know that Sagal’s back in the spotlight thanks to him and I’m grateful, but dude is a d*ck. I feel sorry for Katey sometimes.

  3. Awesome!. Finally a writer who loves the show enough not to bash its every move. I sit here reading reviews of pointless writers just to read about how much they dislike the show, n adding in stuff that has nothing to do with it, just to make SOA look bad, when its one of the best shows. this is one writer i will be revisiting thank you Kevin Yeoman

    • Agreed 100 % Good to see after last weeks review debacle changes have been made !

  4. I used to love this show, it used to be my favorite thing on. But this season lacks charm, and I can’t find any reason, as a woman, to want to watch a show where women get hit nonstop, beaten, set on fire, and its still hard for me to get over that horrible gang rape Gemma suffered a few years back. If I am going to endure such violence, the show has to give me something to make up for it. Also, Opie was my favorite character, played by Ryan Hurst who is a tragically underrated actor. The show took that away from me too. What am I left with? Talk about cutting a woman’s tit off. Enough. Bye, SOA. I can’t take you anymore…

    • Oh, wah. STFU.

    • It’s just a tv show! Really???

    • Tooo Bad. I am a woman and love the show. Will continue to watch until it ends. Then I will watch on DVD.

    • Amen.

  5. I’m in agreement with you guys. The Gemma storyline is getting old. But, I always catch myself amazed that Katey is really that good. It’s why she’s been awarded. But the storyline between she and Tara is starting to feel like a daytime soap to me and I’m ready for it to be done.

    Now that Ope’s been put to rest, I hope they get back to doing what they do best and that’s to be in constant chaos barely making it from one storyline to the next. I’m ready for them to take on Pope and I’m ready for Clay to take a side instead of sit back behind the scenes. But I’m with you Kevin, I think he’s keeping quiet for a reason.

    And the first scene with the kids on the bikes was awesome.

    • Gemma adds to the drama that’s what keeps the audience comming back for more. She is a great actress in this series and hopes she does’nt die too soon!

  6. I absolutely LOVE Jax no wonder he has so. Many children. LOL AND I absolutely LOVE Jemma YOU go Girl your the Heart and soul of Son’s

  7. PJ, impressive vocabulary you have there. Keep it coming.

  8. Where and when are the Mayan’s showing back up? They were heavily involved up to the end of last season.

  9. Please tell Sutter that I almost hate him for what he’s doing to Gemma. She was such a great character and now she as good as dead. Kill her already I want Katey to move on and start filming that new show. Or choose another character and make him as evil as her, do something. I bet Katey no matter how professional she is, would agree with me completely.

    Please Kurt, please. Gemma fans are agressive and confused now beacuse of what you did to her and beacuse of bunch of annoying haters. Funny, but I’m not sure what I despise more – Gemma haters, or Kurt Sutter’s writing.

  10. Yeah I agree that the Gemma storyline is getting old, but sadly she aint going nowhere. Katey Sagal is married to Kurt Sutter so she’s in for the long haul.

    • Oh don’t be so sure. Kurt’s capable of killing Gemma anytime just look what he’s doing to her now. When it comes to job I think he don’t care much whether she’s his wife or not.

      I still love Gemma, though. That’s why I hate to see her so miserable.

  11. Sons of Anarchy really is an amazing show, and it keeps getting better and better. Killing Ope was a move that blew my mind. I still can’t believe it. He was one of my favourite characters, and Hursts portrayal of him was just awsome. Ope was just bad ass when he was with the Sons. He had to go through some painful s***, but he was always loyal to the club, maybe too loyal, that finally got him killed. But I see that they had to move on, maybe change the guys around the table a bit. Then there was this thing between Ope and Clay that can now be forgotten. It was an easy way to get rid of that problem. But taking away Chibs would have been strange, after just appointing him brother of arms (or how that’s called). And Tig shurely couldn’t go. That decision would have been too easy. I mean he’s great as well, but he keeps doing stupid things over and over again.

    After what already happened in this Season, I’m really excited to see how Jax (amazing actor who should finally get a chance to play something big, SOA is big, but I mean something like theater big) will handle this Pope problem. I don’t think this bastard will make it through Season 5. And of course what will happen to Tig. I don’t think that the Sons will lose another major character, but maybe I’m wrong. Cheers!

    • One of the previews shows jax going of a bridge. So he dies?

      • It could be a dream sequence. Anything is possible with SOA.

  12. Show was interesting in that it obviously needed to hit an emotional point with Opie’s wake. Looks like they are going back to some unattended storylines, like Hale, and Gaalen and the Irish. I hope they pick back up with the Nomad/home invasion thing. What’s their aim? It’s seems like Clay is behind it. He was working out with Frankie, Happy and Juice. Wonder if Happy is involved/aware. Juice is a weak simpleton, too easily manipulated by the US Attorney and the Sheriff last season, and now Clay with the Nero/Gemma information. Also the whole Jax/Nero deal seems a little to convenient, like it was set up this way. If that’s the case, sounds weird why Clay would rat them out. If his goal was simply revenge, it backfired because it gave Jax a great opportunity to make a nice business deal with Nero that the club looks to be more than happy to vote yes to. Makes Jax look good, and doesn’t help Clay out a bit. Which now makes me suspect that it wasn’t Clay. But then, who? Hmm, lots of mysteries.

    • Yeah, I think Sutter is teasing the fact that Clay is the one who called the police on Nero and Clay is the one who is behind the break ins. But I don’t think either is true. Pretty convinced Nero called the police and you will probably find out later that the girl he helped get away is dead courtesy of Nero or possibly sold to another group. Nero is going to be trouble for Jax.

      Not sure who is behind the break ins but I think Sutter wants people to believe it was Clay. I figured the scene where one of the nomads was looking through Clay’s documents was Jax’s birth certificate. Assuming Clay is the real father of Jax. Not JT.

      • WOW I never thought clay was Jax real father. I would be verrrry surprised if he was. And not thrilled. Clay and Gemma are so coniving and deceitful I can’t imagine them producing someone like Jax. I always figured he got his feelings from his dad. So you really think Nero called the cops? Well we will find out sooner or later.

  13. It feels like this episode was a “grieving” episode with the loss of Opie. It felt kind of boring and didn’t have the same excitment as other episodes. The storyline with Gemma has run its course and thought something like say, Gemma teaming up with Jax to bring JT’s vision would have been a new twist to the story. The whole thing between her, Tara, and Wendy was a Season 1 thing which should have stayed in Season 1. It has gotten soo bad that I just find myself fast forwarding through her scenes now. The whole Nero and Emma Jean thing is somewhat interesting but I guess we will see how that plays out. I am more interested in how the SOA deals with Pope and what Jax will do with the cartel(Trejo) since someone still died after protection was promised. It’s not the cartel’s fault but I have a feeling SOA won’t look at it that way. I am just hoping we get to see a showdown between the 3 groups(cartel, Pope, SOA) and see where it all goes

    • Gemma, Tara, Wendy and other so called ladies of the show are slowly turning into The Shield ladies. They were as boring and annoying. But I’d say Gemma is more like Calamity Jane from Deadwood and Shane from The Shield combined together. She’s a woman with a personality of a dude.

      Anyway the current season is weak. Pope is boring, all those action scenes are stupid and plot overall seems far-fetched. First two seasons are still the best.

    • Looks like part of the Galindo/Romeo thing will be addressed in the deal with Gaalen. Romeo and Luis obviously had guys inside the lockup to let them know that Pope met with Jax, but guess they couldn’t grease the same palms that Pope was able to. The whole Wendy is annoying. It was annoying in the first season, and even more so when she came back. I never bought Drea DiMatteo’s casting as Wendy to begin with. I always thought she seemed too old to be Jax’s old lady.

      • Right. The girl looks old. I mean I understand some drugs can do that to a person but it would be years of intake before it alters your overall appearance(wrinkles and so on). I think she served her purpose in the 1st season and that should have been the end of it. I get the whole killing of Opie thing. Jax needs a catalist to send him over to a darker side and to develop his character. Since Opie was his best friend it just seemed like an obvious choice. Gemma’s character is a little too much and too predictable at time point. She needs a new direction to make things interesting. Clay actually is still an interesting character because you have to wonder what his whole play is going to be. The guy is known for his deception and brutality so the whole house invasion could be his idea to stir something else up. Even with all that I do have to agree with Callum with the first 2 seasons still being the best with the 3rd season finale being the best finale soo far IMHO. Season 4 was alright but lost some of it’s “spark” and this season is slow thus far with the exception of episode 3.

      • Me Too!!!

  14. i just could not get past the disrespect to Opie by Gemma and Tara. Opie’s funeral, everyone is there saying goodbye, everyone! Yet Gemma and Tara are beating up a woman in the next building! Seriously, what sort of person would do that? One scene Gemma is faking tears and next scene she is the only one not attending Opie’s funeral. And Tara…all bloody after beating another woman’s face in smoking a joint, having never shown respect to Opie! She is on the fast track to becoming a much different person than the one Jax fell in love with. Tara and the boys are his reasons for a life outside the club…his link to humanity, his end game! Geezzz, i really dislike those two women and hope they beat the tar out of each other and leave the show! I love Opie, seriously love that character. He needed to be around to remind Jax about the love of his life, Donna, who remained the woman he loved till the end.

    • I totally agree. When all stuff was going on Tara should have been very present. Not off by herself getting high. She also showed non concern for her kids when Jax found out about the warrant for them. Smoking a joint she turns the baby monitor off so she doesn’t have to here her baby crying. She just irritates me alot.

      • I think you might see Tara becoming an addict too. I mean her career is gone so the very thing that was keeping her on the “good” side is now gone. She is slowly becoming Gemma without realizing it. It’s a good twist from the producers/creators/writers but if that’s the way it’s going then it’s too predictable and boring.

  15. I thought that the way Opie’s wake was set up was appropriate and I think it’s a good thing that the show emphasized that the world doesn’t stop just because the Sons are burying one of their own. This episode could have been more explosive but it was really toned down compared to the previous episodes. The fact that Tara beat the daylights out of Carla under the careful eye of Gemma only tells me that Tara may turn into her after all. This show is definitely one of my favorites and that’s why I’ve got my Hopper timer set to record the show each week. It also doesn’t really surprise me that Carla called the cops because I think Gemma is treading on Carla’s territory. Having her beat up though hurt her when it comes to Nero: yes he made a deal with Jax but there is something between him and Carla. My DISH co-workers are convinced that this deal with Nero is a bad one but I don’t. I see it as a way to recoup the money that the Sons are shelling out to Pope.

  16. It was a great send off for ope(R.I.P). However, ive noticed jax isnt to keen on gemma knowing anything? i mean, Opie dying and his own wedding. I dont think this is taras doing. A 4 clay and gemma, i think clay is on his way back into gemmas arms, now that gemma cant be with nero? unless nero breaks his promise? She will always look 4 someone to lean on as her son is not bothered with her.. Tara is getting easily convinced by gemma, as is wendy? could their be a twist halve way through the season tara and wendy V gemma? Home invasions, there is too many facts that point to clay, with the marraige certificate and him wanting nomads to join samcro. However what is he up 2? Clays smart and ino he has some kind of backup plan. Juice is getting to close to Clay 4 my liking, i mean risking getting his head chewed of by gemma after bringing clay to Neros brothel,working in the gym with him,driving clay around and sorting out showers for him? this is probably because hes going through a similar event as clay. “Dora the whore” as gemma would say , is getting her own way, it seems as she wanted that fight to happen with gemma, as she knew nero wouldnt be pleased. And i agree with jax getting in bed with pope as they need that kind of support , even with th loss of 50k ..

  17. can anybody tell who sang the tune for opies wake ?

    • Wish I knew who sang that song. It was awesome. Really liked it.

  18. Clay is the one that needs to go. He is a venomous snake. He will be the downfall of SAMCRO if he isn’t stopped permanently.