FX Signs ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Creator For Seasons 6 & 7

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Even though FX renewed Sons of Anarchy for season 5 in October 2011, they had yet to officially sign series creator Kurt Sutter for the upcoming season. Fortunately, not only has FX signed Sutter for a fifth season, but they also have him locked in for season 6 and 7 – if the network chooses to continue the series.

Announcing his new deal for Sons of Anarchy on Twitter, Sutter made sure to include a quip about how much easier it is to deal with FX than AMC: “closed my deal for 3 more years on SOA. no headlines, no pushed schedule, no stealing from paul. thank you FX and 20th for your generosity.”

Sutter’s remarks about “no headlines, no pushed schedule, no stealing…” refers to Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner’s complicated negotiations with AMC – negotiations that reportedly put the future of Breaking Bad in question, as well as led to budget cuts for The Walking Dead. It’s been reported that one of the main reasons why Frank Darabont was fired from The Walking Dead was because he was continuously fighting with the network over their reduced budget for season 2.

Continuing, Sutter made sure to clarify that his previous Tweet was in regards to himself, not Sons of Anarchy the series. Additionally, Sutter also hinted at the possibility of the series continuing beyond season 7:

the 3 year deal is for season 5, and then if we get picked up, for 6 &7. if there is more story to tell beyond that, then we’ll decide then.

While Sons of Anarchy season 7 would see the series through 2014 – and perhaps beyond – the real piece of information to take from Sutter’s tweet is the fact that he’ll have to decide whether or not he has more stories to tell at that time.

What this means – beyond allowing Sutter to possibly continue the series – is that Sutter currently has a general story-arc for Sons of Anarchy seasons 6 and 7 already planned – on top of the upcoming season 5, which is set to air September 2012.

Continuously referencing (as well as mirroring) elements from William Shakespeare’s famed tragedy “Hamlet”, Sons of Anarchy has always focused on Jax’s (Charlie Hunnam) relationship with his stepfather Clay (Ron Pearlman) – but it wasn’t until the Sons of Anarchy season 4 finale that their relationship reached its tipping point.

Kim Coates Mark Boone Junior William Lucking Charlie Hunnam Theo Rossi Kurt Sutter Ryan Hurst Tommy Flanagan Sons of Anarchy FX FX Signs Sons of Anarchy Creator For Seasons 6 & 7

After Jax ousted Clay as the head of the SAMCRO, all eyes are on Sons of Anarchy season 5 as the battle between step-father and step-son begins to take shape. And what, if anything, does Gemma (Katey Sagal) have to do with it?

With Sutter having enough stories to tell to fill seasons 6 and 7, audiences won’t have to worry about the sometimes hit-or-miss execution of series such a Dexter – which largely doesn’t have subsequent seasons planned in advanced.

Barring any surprise appearances of Julia Stiles in Charming, fans of the series should be thoroughly excited to see what Sutter has planned for television’s favorite motorcycle club.

Sons of Anarchy season 5 will premiere September 2012

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  1. Anyone looking for a good laugh should follow Sutter on Twitter. He doesn’t hold back and has no problem taking a shot at those who he thinks are shady.
    As far as the show is concerned I’m happy that it will continue past season 5. While some shows benefit from end dates being set in stone (Breaking Bad) SoA is littered with characters and possible story lines that it can continue without feeling drawn out and forced.

  2. Either my connection is messed up or my 1st comment got flagged so I’ll try again and leave out the part I thought caused it…

    I’m happy that SoA will continue past season 5. While some shows benefit from a end date (Breaking Bad) SoA is full of characters and potential storylines that continuing won’t feel forced (Dexter). I’m not saying I’m happy to see BB go but within the world Vince Gilligan and his writers created Walter White can’t live like he does forever. With or without cancer.
    But with SoA Sutter has created a setting were even a departure of a major character like Clay can open the door to more story development without him. Granted I’d hate to see him go, Clay was just an example.

    • Woops!!
      Guess it was my connection.
      Sorry for multiple posts.

  3. Kurt Sutter just posted a link to this on Twitter. 😉

  4. Sounds badass but will the story be as strong as it was at the end of season 4 .
    Im sure kurt will kill it hes a great writer

  5. Kurt Sutter is a god and genius. SOA best show on tv bar none.

    • haha, no

  6. Have Sutter stick with Harleys. Sure there are other good motorcycles out there, but outlaw clubs ride harleys. Sure some members ( Sonny Barger) might own a victory but to stay in the club they must own a Harley. Keep the story line real.

  7. I’m betting that Jax really is Clay’s son.Who else?

    • no I don’t think jax dad is clay from the begining they said who his dad was witch is john teller clay killed his dad clay and gimma both was hidding it from jax

    • I believe that as well…. !!!!

    • John and Gemma = Brunette
      Jax and Clay = blonde

  8. Lisa jax can’t be his son jax an thomas was born before gemma ever met clay.

    • Chris
      Are you sure? I was thinking that John and Clay were best friends while she was stuck at the hospital with

      • Clay and John were best friends and she was pregnant when she married John. ( reference to the photo she burned)

  9. God love Kurt Sutter who puts thoughts into his series! So many series get strung on and stories die out and they quickly end the series with no answers no good ending. Example is Jericho great show with great potiental but no ending! Awful

    • Jericho had no end because it was canceled. They had a story arc planned out but it was never able to be completed because of the cancellation. The only reason we got that thrown together second season was because a bunch of people sent peanuts to the headquarters in protest.

  10. Chris, if u watch the show on anorm. U would know that clay and j.t. Were friends when j.rt. and jemma were together.. It even shows a picture of jemma and j.t.s wedding WITH CLAY AS HIS BEST MAN… and may I remind u she is pregnant jax.. Lisa I don’t think jax could be clays.. But then again there are so many twists in this show that it keeps u on the edge if your seat.. So maybe! :)

    • Krys
      oh yeah my mistake but jax is not clay son

  11. I wonder if opie is coming back to be v.p?

    • i hope he is it would be a shame that he wont:(

  12. The splitting of ways is a classic beginning to another MC. I can definitely see Clay starting another outlaw MC and having to negotiate for turf. The possibilities are endless!

  13. I am sure that Opie will be back as V.P. I was waiting for the sound of his bike to come , maybe they will start the new year with him coming in the door. He loves Jax like a brother. I never put together that Auto was Sutter, that came as a surprise.

  14. Soa kicksass it’s the best show, I justed watched all the seasons again Kurt suttee rules

  15. I love SOA, Juice is just as hot as Jax. I don’t like that we have to wait 9 months for another season to begin.

  16. I am very excited to see what happens between Jax and Clay, Clay and Gemma, Gemma and Tara. This is my favorite show. Kurt Sutter please keep up the good work.

  17. The best piece of television for many years, Bring it On.

  18. Thank you Mr. Sutter…I feel so close to your wife as the character of Gemma…I think her and I are a lot alike and I look forward to the next 10 seasons if FX and you are??? I am a mom of a 17 yr old son and I feel like gemma does about jax….such a great show!!!!

  19. with so much music to help with what is going on i would like to know if they plane on a CD or 2.

  20. This is by far, the best T.V. show I have watched in a long time! Sutter, you definately have something here. I can`t wait to see season 5, and how it will play out, I AM STOKED, BROTHER!!!


  22. I am totally stoked about Season 5, season 4 finale can’t compare to season Finales of past. Season 2 finale I was watching online at 4:30 in the morning and my aderaline was rushing. I was a member of SAMCRO,I was pissed Zobelle got away. But I have a feeling that the federal attorny is somehow connected to Zobelle. With the whole league of whites or whatever they call them. Why else would he go into city council meeting and sabatoge Hail? All I know is Zobelle needs to comeback and get dealt with.
    I can’t see Clay dying off, so maybe him and Tig start there own lil fraction and we have civil war?
    Don’t get me wrong Season 4 finale was emotionally charge in the sense the boy becomes the man. But the way it was set up makes me think Season 5 could be the best season yet.

  23. Well, I just jumped onto the Sons of Anarchy bandwagon, and recently finished season 1. It’s an amazing show. And though the finale of season 1 did have some mild foreshadowing for what was to come at the end of season 4, I would never have thought that outcome a certainty.

    I guess my point is, why the F**K was there no “SPOILER ALERT!!!”?! Seriously, I’ll allow that discussions of seasons 1-3 are fair game at this point, WHY GIVE AWAY SPOILERS TO THE END OF SEASON 4?! It hasn’t even come out on DVD yet, so those of us without cable TV have had no chance, and now the ending has been blown. Thank you, Anthony Ocasio, for being reckless, thoughtless prick.

    • You know you can buy season 4 on demand on amazon.com right? It’s $1.99 per episode. They put each episode up the day after it airs on TV.

  24. Also, now that I’m rereading this article, there doesn’t appear to be any legitimate reason to be announcing the outcome of season 4. You could remove that spoiler paragraph and the entire article would be basically the same and get to the necessary point; the spoiler paragraph was entirely unnecessary.

  25. Yeah, great ride. Some hit and misses on the show.Dont like when an intriquing story line just falls apart/ cop out.
    Sorry piney bit it. Glad Clay is still a bad ass.
    Uncer and Gemma have gone from touching relationship to throw up in the mouth. C’mon. Does he really have cancer?
    Leave Tig and Gemma alone together for a bit. HOTTTTTTTT

  26. Great show but you need to be careful to keep it real…example the Harley… are too stock and too similar to each other in the SOA. It looks like you got a deal from a local dealership for a dozen bikes. MC like the SOA will be on custom rides, not a fleet lease deal on identical machines.

  27. I think that Kurt needs some girl mc clubs in the series :) Just sayin

  28. OK first off SOA rocks!!!! Season 4 finale was indeed emotional and AWESOME!!!!!
    IF anybody watched the Season 3 extras Kurt and his writers sat and “round tabled” questions and Kurt did say he had written for 7 Seasons so material was not a question…whether or not it got picked up was his worry. Not to worry there.
    If Mr. Sutter reads this….I would love to see and SOA Movie or on a channel where they can cut completely loose with violence. sex and whatever else he wants to throw in.
    Don’t get me wrong the show is doing fine by FX but it would let them get more realistic.

  29. I think the sons should have a gang in Kentucky because its a great state for bikers and a great state for outlaws. I love riding and I love the show I think a couple of good redneck bikers from the east coast could might do the club good.

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