‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Season 4 Episode 13 ‘To Be (Act I)’ Recap

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Charlie Hunnam Sons of Anarchy season 4 Sons Of Anarchy Season 4 Episode 13 To Be (Act I) Recap

Kurt Sutter had said there was just too much story to cram into a simple one-hour finale for the epic fourth season of Sons of Anarchy. With ‘To Be (Act 1)’, co-written and directed by Sutter, fans can expect to find out why.

With the sheer amount of manipulation, half-truths and flat-out lies floating around the inner confines of the Sons of Anarchy, it’s a wonder the motorcycle club is capable of running a garage, let alone take part in an astronomical amount of illegal dealings.

But, like any hotbed of Shakespearean deceit, SAMCRO may finally be ready to implode.

After Opie (Ryan Hurst) catches word from Unser (Dayton Callie) that his father, Piney (William Lucking) was gunned down by Clay (Ron Perlman), Opie saw fit to return the favor by putting two slugs in Clay’s chest. However, before Opie could deliver the deathblow to Clay, Jax (Charlie Hunnam) stepped in, wounding Opie in the process, but ostensibly saving the lives of both men.

Unfortunately, Jax and Unser’s attempt at covering up Opie’s would-be assassination leads the always half-cocked Tig (Kim Coates) to go rogue, and attempt to take out The Kings head-honcho, Laroy (Troy Kittles), on his own. The episode’s second botched hit finds the Sons coming to Tig’s rescue, as he flees from Laroy and his muscle.

Meanwhile, Gemma (Katey Sagal), endeavors to acquire the letters from Tara (Maggie Siff), convincing her that handing them over to Clay will be the only way any of them can hope to continue breathing. Acquiescing to Gemma’s request, Tara (reluctantly?) provides the matriarch with the letter’s location, knowing full well their intended use.

sons of anarchy season 4 jax gemma Sons Of Anarchy Season 4 Episode 13 To Be (Act I) Recap

At long last, Jax and his mother have the confrontation that’s been brewing for some time, and Gemma finally comes clean about John Teller and Clay’s role in his death. With this information comes the inescapable urging of her son to bring down Clay and to take his rightful place at the gavel.

While Jax ponders his next move, Tara stakes a claim on her husband – proving herself to be as masterful at manipulation as Gemma.

Is Jax preparing to lead the Sons, or will he finally skip town and leave behind the only life he’s ever known? And, will Clay earn an eleventh hour reprieve, or is his survival not to be?

As always, discuss under the assumption that other have watched the episode. If you have not, the comments section should be considered off limits.


The season finale of Sons of Anarchy season 4 airs December 6 @10pm on FX.

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  1. No matter what happens now, Clay will survive till Season 4 credits.
    My prediction is the season closes with:
    Jax speaking to Clay of his transgressions before intending to kill him and then Clay spills the big beans…He is NOT responsible for John Teller’s death…Gemma made a grave assumption based on a lie…just as Tig did in the last episode. Clay’s reveal will only be answered by the fade to a Reaper and the long wait till next season.

  2. How did Gemma know what part of the bike was tampered with
    when John Teller died? He was hit by a semi according to the
    police reports. I would assume the bike was destroyed as well.
    I think Tara will end up killing Gemma.

    • That is a good catch…it could very well be Gemma who actually killed J.T. instead of Clay. This is about the only thing that would gain Clay sympathy. I highly doubt they will kill off Gemma though, as I no longer think Clay is going anywhere either. Too much death this season already, and with Sutter planning 3 more seasons, I doubt the primary cast will be thinned out any more.

    • Potter is John Teller.

      • JT would be in his late 60′s if not older. Remember, he and Piney both served in Vietnam…Potter is nowhere near that old. Potter may very well be related to JT, but no way in hell is he actually JT

      • Did anyone pay attention to the Season 3 ensign with Tara reading the letters that John Teller wrote to Maureen? JT spoke of Thomas and Jax. Is there another son? If so, where is he and could that be Potter?

  3. To answer 1 above me theres no way Gemma couldve tampered with the bike, she dont know what shes doing around a motorcycle we just have to assume clay told her about it. And my predicition for whats gonna happen next is when the meeting goes down police are gonna show up, but somehow not catch any of them with something, so then after finding out there is a definate snitch problem irish shut down the deal with cartel. and Jax will stay behind to assume the pres chair seeing as 2 members snitched 1 is in jail with 2 dead. and that’ll start season 5

  4. they showed that pic of jaxes father i think hes still alive it looks like the guy that set up otto

    • Wow – Didn’t catch that one until you mentioned it! It does look
      like that guy. Wonder what will happen to Tiggs. Looks like the old
      cast is being weeded out. However, I do think there can ony be one queen of the bike club!

      • Too young to actually be JT, but the working theory online is that he might be another one of JTs sons we didn’t know about.

        • It has to be the son that John wrote about in his letters to Maureen. He spoke of Thomas and Jax. Season 3 ended with Tara reading it.

      • Ok, lets try …There is no way in hell the Potter is JT. JT would be in his late 60′s if not older. Remember, he and Piney both served in Vietnam…Potter is nowhere near that old. Potter may very well be related to JT, but no way in hell is he actually JT. Doing that would be too much of a clich’ and would ruin the show. It would neccesitate changing the name of the show from “Sons of Anarchy”, to something akin to “Anarchy of the Days of Our Lives”. You all need to let this whole Potter is JT thing go.

    • You know who that guy actually is, the actor? That is Sonny Barger! The President of the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club, probably the most notorious of all MCs in America! I cant believe he’s still alive!

      • you’re talking about a different guy than they are. Sonny Barger is Lenny or whatever his name is, they’re talking about Potter

    • Potter can’t be JT. How the heck could Gemma and Otto have a conversation(s) with Potter and neither of them recognize him as JT?

    • JT would be in his late 60′s if not older. Remember, he and Piney both served in Vietnam…Potter is nowhere near that old. Potter may very well be related to JT, but no way in hell is he actually JT

  5. Laroy is the head-honcho of the Niners. The Kings are the Irish.

  6. Thats true – He doesn’t have JT’s kind heart either. He was such
    a wimp jumping on the table when Juice went after the sheriff. Don’t see JT being that sissy or that kind of a devious game player. Maybe Gemma’s other kid?? Just like her – LOL – Wonder where Romeo got his information that Otto did not rat out the club? We know he did

  7. Hmm, that would be interesting.Would love to find out it was Gemma all along who really killed Jax dad. Then what would Jax do>? Run away, avenge his dad, or make the club right again?
    She could off Unser who knew the Truth.
    Stage 3 cancer is lasting a long time with that guy. Doesnt appear/act sick, whats with that dragged out story line with the ex Sherrif? Its now beating a dead horse. His character just seems to pop up now and then. He must be friends with the producers. Would love more time with the main cast members that we only get a glimpse of any more. Opie, Tig, etc.

  8. how long is this episode??? is it 2 hours??

  9. An hour. Second hour is next week

  10. Some great ideas out there. Here is what I think:
    - Jason, I think you may be semi-right about Clay spilling the beans but I think he will name Gemma as the killer
    - Mike, Gemma could not have tampered with the bike but remember in this episode she said Clay didn’t even tamper with the bike because JT only let his best friend work on the bike and Clay must have had leverage/bribe to get him to do it. Three things: The best lies are made up of half truths. How did Gemma know it was a “Pan head” problem. If she or Clay got to JT’s mechanic it would have been leverage; a dark secret effecting someone still in the club (gotta have drama for next season).
    - That is an interesting thoght that the fed is one of JT’s other sons. consider the possibility of that being true and they raid the meet. Everyone gets away but the “Darkside” of the fed comes out and the black local poice officer he burned, uses the info to get rid the fed and the sons stay clean.
    - I think a legimate reason will emerge for Jax/Tara to stay in charming. Maybe Gemma is unearthed as the mastermind of JT’s and his best friends death but Jax cant kill her so she is put out on the farm and uses Uncer (who loves her) to help her way back to the club. Meanwhile all of Clay’s transgressions make him lose the gavel and jacket and he disappears for sometime or changes colors for revenge. Jax convinces Tara to stay now that the bad apples are gone and he can follow JT’s dreams of making the club legit and Tara becomes the new Matriarch. The niners start a war with the sons and Jax finds out about the Kings insistance to kill Tara after Clay tried to call it off so they are at war. Something dark is going on with Romeo (Is that the Mexican Cartel guys name?) but I cant figure that one out yet. If Jax takes the gavel I could see Bobby becoming VP and Opie taking over his fathers role as “Bitter Cripled guy”. I hope tig/Opie stay alive. I can see it with Opie taking over the role I just mentioned and Tig becoming the voice/champion and link for Gemma/Clay since he loves Gemma and feels guilty over note being there at Clay attack. I bet they bring some new blood into the main group either way. Just some thoughts…love to hear your comments. Love this show

    • I think this is right on the money.

  11. To figure out who will be killed off, just see which actor didn’t get a contract for next season.

  12. I believe this first of all has been the best season to date.

    I also believe that maybe Tara might go to jail for killing Clay, with that being said then she goes to jail, and comes out to find Jax has giving up on the boys and Wendy is back on the scene trying to worm her way back into the club.

    Opie will be VP and Tig will take over Bobby’s role.

    Gemma will be alive and try and help Tara get Wendy out of the picture afterwards.

    Juice/Bobby/Clay will be gone.

    Seems like theres always two main stories going on in Charming, a personal and a business one.

    Personal – Tara vs Wendy over Abel/Jax

    Business – Jax/Opie trying to take out the Cartel who are helping the feds?


    • Mike, Nice twist, Tara going to jail, never thought of it but it would be a shocker, she is already getting “Jail hardened” last few episodes and it would toughen her up should they ever consider her to replace Gemma as Matriarch. Wendy will definatly be a factor next season but I would think her actions would be more dramatic (for shock factor). Are you getting the feeling that the feds are working with that Mexican in the cartel (one who stared in Machette) the one who told them that Otto did not roll over this wk? When you say Juice/Bobby/Clay gone can you elaborate on your thoughts (dead, disavowled,??)
      Great ideas bro and yeah this is the best season yet.

    • “How did Gemma know it was a Pan Head problem?”

      I’m trying to understand that, too. Panhead is a type of Harley Davidson engine, not a specific part, right? Other engine types were Shovelhead and Knucklehead. Bikes are sometimes referred to by their engine name – aka “The Panhead” and any old lady would know the kind of motorcycle her guy rides, so could that explain how she knew it was a “Pan Head” problem?

      • Sadie,

        “How did Gemma know it was a Pan Head problem?” This is the reason why I think she had something to do with it. I dont recall them ever saying what happen to the engine “Panhead” and in tonights episode she only says “He had to be the one who sabotaged the panhead” referencing the Mechanic under Clay’s direction to my understanding.

        Does anyone else recall any part of the script providing more info???

        Love talking about SAMCRO…lol

        • There is a HD bike called Pan Head. Was she referencing the bike and not the motor? I could be wrong. I can’t remember exactly what she said.

  13. All good theories above guys. My prediction is:

    The members that are on the meet up with the guns all get caught and go to jail. Bobby and Juice also go. This gives next season to be shot in jail figuring out what happen and who flipped. That way they keep most of the main members plus it will be harder for the gang members to get to Tig.

    This of course means that Jax would not be able to kill Clay. I think he will die but by the hands of either Tara or Gemma. I think it will be Tara, she gets caught and goes to jail (but gets out somehow later next season), Gemma will take care of the boys while they are all away. This keeps Jax and family around when they get out.

    I think next season is going to be all about finding out who the rat “Juice” is in jail.

    On a side note, it does seem like Romeo is working both sides. Maybe made a deal.

    Can’t wait until next week.

  14. Possible answer to “How did Gemma know it was a Pan Head problem?” I found the follow excerpt from a show description (link at the bottom). It says they reconstructed JT’s Panhead and it is now in the clubhouse; maybe they determined it was “Sabotaged” during the reconstruction…only explanation outside of Gemma being a conspirator to JT’s demise I can think of. Excerpt:

    “Once night, while riding on 580, John Teller lost control of his Harley and was struck by a semi, his Panhead mangled and stretched across the westbound lanes. He died two days later, but left a legacy within the club. That 1949 Harley Panhead FL Hydra Glide was later reconstructed by his sons, Jackson and Thomas and Jackson’s best friend Opie Winston, and it sits in the SAMCRO Clubhouse as a reminder of where the club came from.”

    any thoughts?

    • Though a panhead is the motor, many people refinance their motorcycles as a panhead. I think that is what she meant. The movie Wild Hogs used this term. So I think she was just saying that someone messed with his bike.

    • I think the bigger question from your quote is “That 1949 Harley Panhead FL Hydra Glide was later reconstructed by his sons, Jackson and Thomas and Jackson’s best friend Opie”

      A’m I missing something? Who is Thomas?

      • Jackson and Thomas were brothers. Didn’t Thomas die from a heart defect when he was 6 or something? Not sure how he could be much help reconstructing a bike at that age! LOL

        • I’m also a little confused about the age Jax was supposed to be when his father died? Is it just me or do they make it seem like Jax was just a small kid when his old man bought it?

          As even a cusory glance at wikipedia will tell us, Jackson was “Born in 1978 to John and Gemma Teller” -which would make him approx: 33 years old? This being the case, surely he must have been at least 16 when John was murdered on November 13, 1993? I’m guessing a 16 year old Jax would have been more than savvy enough to detect foul-play when his father’s bike went to s***, causing him to be “hit by a semi-truck and he died two days later of his injuries”. And just to top it off, he stood by and watched his mother shack up Clay almost straight after? hmm

          On another note, wasn’t “Tommy” Teller (January 8, 1984 – April 4, 1990) apparently Jax’s elder brother despite having been born 6 years younger..?

          Is this a glitch in an otherwise flawless show..? Please say it aint so…

    • John Teller is not dead…..Potter is John Teller.

      • If Potter is Teller, why didn’t Gemma and Otto recognize him when they spoke to him?

    • how can Thomas help reconstruct the pan head when jt tells about losing him? i dont understand

      • Good catch Jake, The post that references that I believe was pulled from IMDB so this leaves the rest of their information suspect. I believe I posted that one; My intent of the posting was to show the possibility that “Whoever” rebuilt the panhed could have discovered foul play. The fact that the panhead was rebuild is undisputed as we all see it during the episodes. I think the IMDB post said Jax, his dead brother and Opie did the rebuild which is highly unlikely since they would have known of the foul play and of course the brother is dead. This one remains a mystery. Good catch man and if I got some info wrong please stear me strainght. Enjoy man…..B

  15. I think it makes sense that the cartel is working a deal as well – didn’t the assistant DA state that his goal was to get to the Irish Kings? If that’s what his ultimate prize is, then he wouldn’t let something like a little “deal” get in his way. Maybe Romero (Danny Trejo’s character) gives up his second in command….

  16. Romeo is a federal agent… He’s working with that Lincoln guy who might be JTs younger brother (that Gemma doesn’t know about)…. This is why (and how) his guys (actual Cartel) didn’t find any info on Otto’s flip…

    Lincoln (federal agent) is too old to be one of JTs other sons. He’s not really too young to be JT himself, but considering Gemma has already spoken to him face to face rules him out as actually being JT (she would recognize her ex husband).

    As far as who killed JT, I think Clay had everything to do with the bike being tampered with, but JT actually survived 2 days in the hospital before he died (something they made it a point to show us on the death certificate)… and I think Gemma’s role was convincing Unser to kill JT in the hospital, or possibly her finishing him off in the hospital herself and Unser just covering it up.

    That would be the parts she left out. I don’t believe anything she told Jax was a lie, but was only half the story obviously.

    I do think Clay may be a gonner from the aspect of “now”, but will be there throughout the next season in “history flashbacks” maybe? Since Sons is influenced by Hamlet, it makes sense that Clay dies. (Basically Hamlet’s ending will be stretched across the remaining seasons?)

    I do think they will also stay in Charming based on some sort of court order due to a custody battle between Jsx/Tara and Able’s biological mom. I believe Gemma will do a little “buddying up” with Able’s mom, and show intent on helping her with that pursuit, although Gemma’s reasons for doing so will be for keeping Jax and Tara in Charming. She will turn on Able’s mom later…

    Tara, who seems real close to just pulling out of the relationship with Jax altogether, will end up coming around and by willing to stay and stand by Jax’s side for several reasons… #1 her dislike of Gemma, #2 her love for Jax and Able, BUT most importantly #3 because she feels safer now that Clay is dead.

    That’s my take on it.

    • “That would be the parts she left out. I don’t believe anything she told Jax was a lie, but was only half the story obviously.”

      You realize this is unlikely right? How could JT write letters to Maureen about Gemma killing him in the hospital? If Gemma killed him in the hospital, after the motorcycle accident, then JT would be too dead to write Maureen about it.

  17. Yeah, i would like to see Tara go to jail.

    Clay will die at hands of Tara
    Juice will leave the club as he never snitched on them it’ll be the Cartel.
    Bobby will die in prison.

    I think the Cartel only have so much respect as they said “They have people in many places” so whose to say that they dont have someone working on the feds to work out what SAMCRO are doing.

    As you can see, so many people have so many comments, ideas. I cannot wait to see how it pans out.

  18. Clays dead. He killed 2 founding members, 3 but the irish guy deserved it. i think thomas is alive and john hid him in a normal family with kellen ashbys help after clay tried to set up john the first time. the fourth season will probbably be about the war with the niners and jaxs struggle to leave the club. either way clays dead.

    • I liked your idea, but I don’t think it’s likely.

      Clay wanted to kill JT because he didn’t want to stop the gun trade. JT wanted the gun trade to help pay for Thomas’ medical expenses. After Thomas died, JT started a relationship with Maureen Ashby.

      If JT was willing to move Thomas to be cared for (or helped) by Maureen Ashby, why wouldn’t he take Jax with him?

      • Unless he tried to stop it after thomas got better, then clay attempted to kill him with the set up, so he faked thomas death, leaving him in the care of maureen ashby. but john died before he could get jax out so kellan ashby gave him to another family to hide him.

      • Unless he tried to stop it after thomas got better, then clay attempted to kill him with the set up, so he faked thomas deathleaving him in the care of maureen ashby. but john died before he could get jax out so kellan ashby gave him to another family to hide him.

  19. Think it will be little duller in Charming without ol Clay.
    Cant imagine another season without him.

    Interesting theories folks.

  20. Yeah, as I understand it, Thomas died as a small kid. I just finished reading the article at the link provided. It’s brief but seems right in its facts, except for the last part. If Kurt Sutter had written the article, I’d buy it. But the article is unsigned. I’m thinking this guy’s wrong; Thomas was a ‘baby’, it’s been mentioned several times, and Jax was about 12 when his dad died. Maybe The Man Himself could clear this up for us? (I’m looking at you, Mr. Sutter)

    • How awesome would it be if he was still alive. thatd be a great new addition to replace clay

  21. I read tis review on AOL.com “What made the hour tragic was the fact that Jax and Tara stand on the brink of becoming Clay and Gemma.

    And they know it.

    Think about it: As Clay did decades ago, Jax is planning the cold-blooded murder of a Sons of Anarchy president. As Gemma did back in the day, Tara is conspiring with her old man to make that happen. And as she did way back when, Gemma has given herself plausible deniability regarding the murder — which she was, of course, instrumental in bringing about.

    Once Jax and Tara had decided to kill Clay, they had doomed looks in their eyes; Tara looked especially damned, as if her soul was already dead. She’s crossed over now; she’s no better than any of them — the people she’s held herself above for all these years. Now she’s a murderer too, or about to become one.”

    I think it says it all

    • There is something about Gemma’s scar on her chest that has to be revealed?

    • This is perhaps the most insightful post here. Thank you.

      I have faith in Jax though. I think he’ll realize what the right thing to do is.

  22. Ookay all you Son fans—–I figured out the truth…John Teller is not dead..Potter is John Teller… I started figuring out all the clues months ago!!!! who wants to bet me???????????????

    • It would be oddly, yet very remarkable if Potter is JT, but I don’t think it’s likely.

      I have to admit, when Potter made his first appearance, I thought he had an interesting “look” and thought it was odd that he drove a motorcycle too. Before it became known that he was a U.S. Attorney, I thought maybe “whoever this character is, he’s connected to SAMCRO.

      But Potter stated in this episode that it’s okay if Clay doesn’t go to the meeting on the reservation and that they’ll simply get Jax. If this is JT, why would he want to nail Jax (his son) and not his murderer?

      Furthermore, to be a U.S. Attorney, there is a lot of background scrutiny. It’s very unlikely that JT could pass that scrutiny and become a U.S. Attorney.

  23. Wow some freaking great comments and theories. Let me throw some questions out to group for you to way in on. Everybody pretty much agrees Clay dies so who then becomes the bad guy in the group; there has to be one for internal conflict. Is it Tig because he feels responsible for Clay’s death and has some weird Gemma like edopus complex? Is is Opie because he has lost everything due to SAMCRO involvement and he becomes the man he hated in Clay? Or will Jax and Tara become Clay and Gemma and Opie with be the good guy and voice of reason for Jax as he struggles with his humanity? I do think that Lincoln could be someones child out for revenge; could it be JT’s best friend’s child, possibly born in Ireland and apart that baby selling ring they are into; come back and now wanting revenge on SAMCRO for his fathers death? Could there be any kind of link between Gemma massive chest scar and the fact that her youngest sons suppossedly died of a heart condition? The Wendy thing will be small drama next yr but hardly the heart-stopping drama we are used to. There has to be something bigger guys…What is it? Any other goods thoughts?

    • Oh and for the record, I posted the link but it was simple find from a goggle search and I can not attest to its validity. Thanks for providing Romero’s name (Danny Trejo) great to see him getting the bigger roles he deserves these last few yrs. I am not a SAMCRO buff but love the series and just like to talk about it; so my comments are my own and merely here to generate thought and good conversation. Love the call-out to Kurt Sutter…where you at Kurt weigh in baby.

  24. Jennie just saw your post. Not to discredit your theory but it seems a little too easy and cheesy for Sutters writing style. I do think Lincoln has a past associated with SAMCRO but what I cant work out yet.

  25. I wouldn’t be surprised if JT is alive and in witness protection program. Remember just how bad he wanted out. I think Jax is going to try and kill Clay but will get caught by the sheriff. There’s way more to Gemma’s involvement for JT’s death then they lead on. In all honesty I think Gemma has masterminded everything up until now. I think it was Gemma that got Clay the seat and Gemma’s idea to get JT out of the way once he made it known he wanted out. I truly believe Gemma is the center of it all and has a bigger role than anyone thinks. Just my theory’s rolling what say you?

  26. I think the reason Romeo wasn’t able to find out about Otto flipping is simply because there is only like 3 people working on the whole R.I.C.O. case, they’re trying to get the cartel, they would have to be stupid to not know the cartel has informants inside, so they keep everything under wraps.

    • I think it’s a lot more simpler than that. Remember when Clay tried to call off the assassination on Tara? Romeo said it couldn’t be done because he couldn’t get in touch with the hitman. But he was in touch with the hitman and he made sure that the hitman knew that Jax would be with Tara.

      I think Romeo (after talking with Jax) realized that the Feds are on to him and that he’s setting up Jax as a way of getting SAMCRO out.

  27. Does it bother anybody that pineys been dead for like EVER and the club, aside from jax clay opie, still dont know! Its one of the first nine man come on nobodys like……where the effs the old man at???

    • In the time frame of the show, Piney’s only been dead like three days.

      • Only 3 days…..but they take notice if bobby or juice is absent for two hours

  28. Great Convo going,

    I dont think JT is Lincoln Potter, too young. But LP could be either the son of JT’s best friend (mechanic) that Clay had killed a wk after JT’s death in Myan raid I think. JT and others were traveling back and forth to Ireland those days and what is to say none of the other org 9 didnt get some action too. This would explain why they keyed into the Irish baby-ring so deep previously. Potter could also be another illegit kid of JT’s born in Ireland. Only other thing I could think of is that Potter is JT/Gemma’s yougest son who Gemma had a major heart surgery to save in some way. That explains the scar but not why he would grow up away from SAMCRO. Ben it is odd that no one has taken notice of Piney missing.

  29. After doing some SOA research came across “Talking TV with Ryan & Ryan pod cast. Heard some interesting theories for the group to hear.
    - Clay is a silent investor in the Charming heights land development project and using it to sock away money to get out. The belief being this is a way to keep him alive on the show.
    - In season premier they killed a fed agent and that story has just kinda died thru out the season but will re-emerge for the finale.
    - Romeo’s Lt Torrez is the Fed snitch as he actually made the calls to say the meet was still good to go.

    Again, these are not my ideas but heard on a pod cast.

    Anyone want to weight in on them and give their thoughts