‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Season 4 Episode 13 ‘To Be (Act I)’ Recap

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Charlie Hunnam Sons of Anarchy season 4 Sons Of Anarchy Season 4 Episode 13 To Be (Act I) Recap

Kurt Sutter had said there was just too much story to cram into a simple one-hour finale for the epic fourth season of Sons of Anarchy. With ‘To Be (Act 1)’, co-written and directed by Sutter, fans can expect to find out why.

With the sheer amount of manipulation, half-truths and flat-out lies floating around the inner confines of the Sons of Anarchy, it’s a wonder the motorcycle club is capable of running a garage, let alone take part in an astronomical amount of illegal dealings.

But, like any hotbed of Shakespearean deceit, SAMCRO may finally be ready to implode.

After Opie (Ryan Hurst) catches word from Unser (Dayton Callie) that his father, Piney (William Lucking) was gunned down by Clay (Ron Perlman), Opie saw fit to return the favor by putting two slugs in Clay’s chest. However, before Opie could deliver the deathblow to Clay, Jax (Charlie Hunnam) stepped in, wounding Opie in the process, but ostensibly saving the lives of both men.

Unfortunately, Jax and Unser’s attempt at covering up Opie’s would-be assassination leads the always half-cocked Tig (Kim Coates) to go rogue, and attempt to take out The Kings head-honcho, Laroy (Troy Kittles), on his own. The episode’s second botched hit finds the Sons coming to Tig’s rescue, as he flees from Laroy and his muscle.

Meanwhile, Gemma (Katey Sagal), endeavors to acquire the letters from Tara (Maggie Siff), convincing her that handing them over to Clay will be the only way any of them can hope to continue breathing. Acquiescing to Gemma’s request, Tara (reluctantly?) provides the matriarch with the letter’s location, knowing full well their intended use.

sons of anarchy season 4 jax gemma Sons Of Anarchy Season 4 Episode 13 To Be (Act I) Recap

At long last, Jax and his mother have the confrontation that’s been brewing for some time, and Gemma finally comes clean about John Teller and Clay’s role in his death. With this information comes the inescapable urging of her son to bring down Clay and to take his rightful place at the gavel.

While Jax ponders his next move, Tara stakes a claim on her husband – proving herself to be as masterful at manipulation as Gemma.

Is Jax preparing to lead the Sons, or will he finally skip town and leave behind the only life he’s ever known? And, will Clay earn an eleventh hour reprieve, or is his survival not to be?

As always, discuss under the assumption that other have watched the episode. If you have not, the comments section should be considered off limits.


The season finale of Sons of Anarchy season 4 airs December 6 @10pm on FX.

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  1. ACT 2 TEASER: From IMDB. While not actually a Spoiler if you feel any advanced knowledge will reuine it for you do not read below.

    Start Post:

    Simply put, I have seen both parts of the Sons of Anarchy season four finale – and they are each terrific.

    Beginning tomorrow night, Kurt Sutter will bring this pulse-pounding season to a conclusion that, I can safely say, few will see coming. Significant decisions will be made, threats levied and at least one twist takes place that changes the game entirely.

    Sons of Anarchy Promo: “To Be, Act 1″

    So, what can fans expect? Consider these teases:

    Someone will read Maureen Ashby’s letters for the first time. We will see Jax Teller naked. Tara will attempt to out-Gemma Gemma. Potter will make an important point… using a bag full of sex toys. There will be a background reference to The Shield. A death will possibly plant the seeds for a major season five storyline. Opie will be faced with a significant decision. »

    • If you saw it then tell us if any of us are right or close?

      • Hector/Guys
        I (Billy) pulled the Act 2 Teaser post from IMDB and found the Promo from U-Tube. I (Billy) haven not seen it yet and wont til Wed (American in Europe). The IMDB writer apparently has seen Act 2 already and shared his teaser. I dont know what happen but I love hearing your ideas. I personally hope Clay dies and Tara doesnt. Gemma can stay for a nice big battle of the Mama bears (with Tara).

  2. I think this will be the end of Tarra. I think the contract on her will be sucessful. Unless as someone else suggested she ends up going to jail that is. Something has to happen to keep Jax’s in the game. Without Jax I doubt the show would continue. It would be different if something happened to the actor and had to be written out, but I just don’t see him ever actually getting out of the club as long as the show continues.

    If Clay doesn’t die, then the start of next season will be interesting as they try to tie things up to take on whatever is coming down the pike next.

  3. I dnt think the DA is related to any SAMCROW member. He is to old to be any1s child and I think mayb he is just trying to get ahead of the game by getting a big bust to fyrther his career, ie Stahl. She had no personal connection 2 SAMCROW but caused chaos for three seasons

  4. There is no way Potter is JT. There have been a number of posts providing excellent reasons why they aren’t the same person, but I would like to add one more. Through out season 1, Jax was reading his dads journal. We heard the journal narrated in JT’s voice. Potter and JT sound nothing alike.

    Some have mentioned the fact that Romeo’s intel didn’t turn up anything. Potter has gone to great efforts to keep his operation off the grid. His paranoia was on display early in the season, by the measure he took to secure his secret war room inside the Sheriff’s office. Potter keeps everything close to the vest, and his inner circle is small.

    The only way Clay doesn’t die, is because some outside force intervenes, and takes away any opportunity Jax has to kill him. Regardless of what truth Clay may share about JT’s death, Clay still tried to have Tara killed. Jax might be able to find a way to overlook the killing of his dad, but not an attempt on Tara’s life. Either the Irish Kings step in, and save Clay from his fate, or the Feds snatch him up a part of their RICO sting.

  5. All good points and analysist Claw. I think the possible ways you provide of Clay avoiding death are plausable. A question for the group. What does leaving Clay alive do to/for the plot. Can Clay ever justify his actions and becomes cleansed to any degree in the eye of the viewer? I think not. He could remain the bad guy either with some access to the plot (Irish rescue) or little to none (arrested by RICO) but to what end? I think trying save the charachter in any form may not be acccepted/appreciated by the fans. If he is arrested the sons will have access to get him on the inside and if he goes to Ireland he will have litte impact I would think. Best way for the writers is to end this is with his death and provide the viewer with some degree of appreciation. Your thoughts?

    • I think you may have hit it on the head. If he is left alive but looses the gavil, there is to much of a chance on his part for undermining or trying to manipulate Jax (or Chibs, or whoever ends up with the gavil) to his advantage. Keeping him alive, even if he is voted out of the presidency, also keeps Opie out of the picture. Keeping him alive is ultimately counterproductive because it seems to like to much of a cliche’. It almost becomes ‘who shot JR’. That would be a slap in the face to the fans of the show…and would really suck.

    • Hey guys,
      Am I correct in the belief that Bobby and Juice are in a local jail holding cell so they are not around but they have not actually been sent to a prison yet.
      thanks for the claification

      • Sure looked like they just ushered Bobby to another cell in the prison where he was at and Juice was already there. They didn’t show him in cuffs so I don’t think they transported him