Sony Developing ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ Live-Action/CGI Movie

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Sony Developing Sonic the Hedgehog Film Sony Developing Sonic the Hedgehog Live Action/CGI Movie

With E3 currently in full-swing, the internet has been overflowing with gaming news. (Make sure to keep tabs on our sister site, Game Rant, for full E3 coverage.) And in the deluge of new title announcements and next-gen platform exclusives, one classic video game hero is getting some extra attention: Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic first burst onto the Sega Genesis in 1991 and became an immediate smash-hit. Developed initially as a mascot for the growing company, Sonic is now easily one of the most recognizable video game characters in the world, second only to Nintendo’s Mario. Over the years the “blue blur” has starred in over 20 titles, but sadly, many of Sonic’s more recent games have failed to recapture the success of his earlier adventures.

Unsuccessful games aside, Sega isn’t tossing Sonic to the curb yet. On the contrary, they are now developing a Sonic the Hedgehog movie with Sony.

Sony Pictures Entertainment and Marza Animation Planet will be teaming up for the CGI/live-action hybrid feature. Neal Moritz is producing from under his Original Film banner with Marza’s Takeshi Ito and Mie Onishi. Toby Ascher is on board as executive producer, while Dmitri Johnson and Dan Jevons are co-producing.

The script is coming from Upright Citizens Brigade alums Evan Susser and Van Robichaux, who are also writing The Jetsons live-action flick. The duo surely have some solid comedy chops and that’s a good match for a film that’s looking to “capture Sonic’s irreverent tone and spirit.”

Sonic the Hedgehog Film Sony Developing Sonic the Hedgehog Live Action/CGI Movie

At the same time, the CEO of Marza Animation, Masanao Maeda, promises “a fresh take to Sonic, while still capturing everything that the fans love about him.” That sounds awfully close to promises made for just about every Sonic game in recent memory, which have often gone unfulfilled.

Throughout his two decades of games, Sonic has gathered a colorful cast of allies to help him do battle against his nemesis, Dr. Eggman. However, beyond racing to collect rings and save his friends, most moviegoers aren’t very familiar with the mythos of Sonic the Hedgehog. Unlike Mario and his adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom, Sonic’s exploits aren’t quite as memorable in terms of narrative.

This could be a good thing or a bad thing. On the one hand, since audiences are mostly unfamiliar with Sonic the Hedgehog’s story, the filmmakers can pretty much do whatever they want with the characters, considering there won’t be much in the way of expectations. On the other hand, if Susser and Van Robichaux can’t nail down a focus for the film early on, the unstructured nature of the Sonic universe could prove a hindrance.

What do think of Sonic the Hedgehog‘s potential as a CGI/live-action film? Will the transition to film be any easier than Sonic’s transition to 3D gaming? Sound off in the comments below!


Stay tuned to Screen Rant for more news on the Sonic the Hedgehog movie. In the meantime, Sonic is returning to television with a new animated series on Cartoon Network called Sonic Boom.

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  1. Oh God why.

    • Yeah why would one do that?

  2. Pure animation would be okay. Would be a great way to give the game franchise a boost. Nintendo should make an animated Mario movie.

    • Give this a chance. It could work. Its not as if people are going to be examining the storyline and comparing every detail to the original sonic story. anyway i think live action would give it a whole new lease of life (#justsayin)

  3. This sounds awesome! Throw in some dope pop music and enjoy the ride!

  4. They might as well just take a few tens of millions of dollars and flush them down the toilet. It’d be more entertaining to watch than this will be.

  5. Has my attention but i will say i never saw any of the smurfs movies for similar reservations i am already having with this one… its really hard to take a character like sonic ( or the smurfs ) and translate it into live action cuz you end up with these random unessential human characters not from the history of said property (character). I honestly think the would be better off with an animated movie… they may come off as a kids movie but some are so good they pull in a larger audience (finding nemo for example however

  6. Has my attention but i will say i never saw any of the smurfs movies for similar reservations i am already having with this one… its really hard to take a character like sonic ( or the smurfs ) and translate it into live action cuz you end up with these random unessential human characters not from the history of said property (character). I honestly think the would be better off with an animated movie… they may come off as a kids movie but some are so good they pull in a larger audience (finding nemo for example) however the lego movie did have some live action scene that didnt take to much away from the story so it could work, it just has to be done right… wont be easy but il keep my eyes open on this one to see it its worth watching

  7. Bryan Cranston for Eggman.

    I was just watching the old animated series on youtube this morning. How strange.

  8. They’re 20 years too late for me. I would have killed for a Sonic movie as a kid.

    • Did you not see the 1996 Sonic movie?

      If you did then well…continue on! Personally, I’m excited for this.

  9. This is horrible why couldn’t they just make it animated..kinda Wreck it Ralph type of movie

    • Now that is an idea that would be worth watching.

  10. Sonic doesn’t collect coins…he collects rings.

  11. Why are they turning everything that exists into a movie? Like stop man. Sonic movie would be really garbage.

  12. ( ͡° _ʖ ͡°)

  13. Cmon guys remember ‘Wreck It Ralph”? give this a chance please, new movies means new games, possibly good ones, so wait and shhh,
    as we’ve been taught with quite a few things over the last decade or so.

    • Wreck It Ralph was great but it was pure animation. It’s the live action part that is my biggest concern. And as far as video game tie ins with movies, well history kind of speaks on that.

    • Give this a chance because it means new games could happen?

      There are loads of Sonic games coming out on a regular basis for Wii and Wii U the past 8 years. He’s also returning to Smash Bros this year. How would a movie change that?

    • Good for Sonic that he gets more attention. But!!!!! Never has there been ANY instance when a movie resulted in good, quality games !!(off course there are a few exceptions like Star Wars and the new Alien game(?)
      There will probably be new games for Sonic, probably based on this movie, and they will probably suck super monkey ball-balls…
      A CGI Sonic, really? They do know he’s a hedgehog right? Can you imagine a blue hedgehog running around, say New York, preferably with a high pitched voice…

      That said, doesn’t anyone think that manga cartoony introduction of Palatina in the Nintendo direct could make for an awesome Zelda or Kid Icarus series?? If Ninety really is choosing the fan favourite route, they should have some awesome cartoons on tv, like that Donkey Kong Country series. It was for kids sure, but I did enjoy it before going to school!

      Anyway, let’s see what will happen with Sonic Boom, and continue from there!

      • Goldeneye?

  14. I’m all for this, there’s the wonderful book series from the 90s that introduced a whole load of concepts into sonic mythos, then add in the continuing comic series, there’s a lot of stories that can be told if they get it just right. Let’s see this be something truly special

  15. I am guessing it will be a dark and gritty story,showing how he got his powers. Sonic Begins perhaps ?

  16. An animated CGI movie would be much better version. Preferably by Dreamworks Animation

  17. I swear, if “Adrenaline” by 12 Stones or “Road Racing” by Riot aren’t in the movie’s marketing or the movie itself, I will be a bit disappointed. Every time I hear those songs, I want to run as fast as I can.

  18. Its a really cool idea, I would love to see it, and I hope its done right, I hope the story is good enough.

    Upcoming years are filled with speedsters on big and small screens, & I love it.

  19. Soni ’06: The movie

  20. Let’s just hope it’s not the super Mario bros. movie all over again…

  21. Lets hope Shadow can save this movie…


  22. I hope to God that Crush 40 will be doing the soundtrack, just to keep it true to the games. I’d love for there to be a final battle reminiscent of the ones in Sonic Adventure 1 and 2. Just don’t make it like Transformers where the human characters take precedence over the ones we actually came to see.

    • I agree with all your points, there.

      I think some people are forgetting, though, that human characters aren’t always bad. They just need to be done “right,” and have Sonic and…Friends? (I hope they include more than just Sonic…) keep the main focus.

  23. …does anybody actually think this is a good idea? no? ok, didn’t think so.

  24. Okay, I have spent a long… long time dreaming of this (and also partially writing it as a hobby) here is what they should do: BASE IT ON SONIC ADVENTURE 1!

    Here is why: it had a cohesive story, it was from back when sonic was a bigger player in gaming and before people hated him at all, YET it is still modern sonic, so kids will recognise him. Also they can make sonic adventure 2 later, and that game deserves a movie, with a fully developed shadow the hedgehog. AAAANDD it leaves room for prequels

    I sum up my points for this film like so:

    Do NOT address sonic’s origins, he’s never had one, he’s never needed one.

    Do NOT make it cartoony or too child friendly. Sonic has that mischievous scowl all the time for a reason, he isn’t some goody-goody two shoes, he’s an irreverent vigilante teenager with no respect for authority, he shows up, messes up eggman’s stuff and leaves.

    DO make eggman menacing, he’s not pure evil, but he does believe hard in a world under his rule, I want it to come off with him thinking he’s the good guy, because he does. He is order, Sonic is chaos, that’s his worldview.

    DO: cast Mike Myers as eggman with prosthetics, cast zach braff as Sonic, and cast justin timberlake as tails (he’s actually a brilliant voice actor, he was sound in yogi bear)

    DO: add a stinger for Project Shadow and Colony ARK.

    DO NOT make this movie about sonic, I realise that’s counterintuitive, but this should be a movie about and around the chaos emeralds, with themes of the price of power and how it goes awry.

    • I think Sonic should have some origins. But nothing to be focused on, not in the first movie. Only something small. Some foreshadowing.
      At least say where did he came from. Just mention the South Island. They can state that he is no different than other Sonic animals out there if they want. His speed just came out of nowhere. It’s cool. But it still is some origin. In the SA games it’s weird how Sonic cast is thrown into world, that is clearly ONLY human. Cities are human, all citizens are human, all architecture and all environments at all places are entirely human in origin (except for long lost and destroyed Echidna tribe). And Eggman is supposed to be human. So, Sonic had to appear on the scene somehow.
      That’s the only thing that bugs me about the SA games. Everything else I love. And I hope the movie will follow those games.

    • Good points, there. I agree. Would love for it to be a success, to, because a Sonic Adventure 2 movie would be amazing!

      • *too*

        -Sorry, I couldn’t help myself..hehe.

        Also, Kels, heck no. Urkel was good as silly Sonic, but not gritty serious Sonic…

  25. Bring Urkel back as the voice as Sonic!

  26. terrible idea !

  27. Who’s going to release it? Columbia Pictures or TriStar Pictures?

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  29. Jake Gyllenhaal as the voice as Sonic!