‘Snowpiercer’ Trailer: Chris Evans Leads a Rebellion on a Futuristic Train

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Snowpiercer is a movie adaptation of the dystopian sci-fi graphic novel “Le Transperceneige,” by Jacob Lob and Jean-Marc Rochette. The film takes place on a post-apocalyptic Earth, where humanity has made a failed attempt to reverse the effects of global warming; instead, they’ve brought on the next Ice Age and left the planet largely uninhabitable – save for aboard the Snowpiercer, a train powered by a perpetual-motion engine (where the surviving humans reside).

Chris Evans (Captain America) plays one of the train’s passengers, who resides with the other lower-class individuals in the cramped and unsanitary rear cars of the Snowpiercer; meanwhile, the more privileged passengers – whose ranks include Tilda Swinton – live in comparative luxury, in the comfortable and well-kept portions of the train. A revolution begins to take shape, led by Evans – but will it change anything?

Snowpiercer is the English-language debut for Korean filmmaker Joon-ho Bong (The Host), who co-wrote the script alongside Kelly Masterson (Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead). The supporting cast includes John Hurt (Immortals), Octavia Spencer (The Help), Ed Harris (Pain & Gain), Jamie Bell (The Adventures of Tintin) and Alison Pill (The Newsroom).

chris evans snowpiercer Snowpiercer Trailer: Chris Evans Leads a Rebellion on a Futuristic Train

The Snowpiercer international trailer suggests that Bong and his production team have created an impressively bleak and grimy version of the future, as populated by a very talented cast of character actors and actresses. It’s difficult to gauge what Swinton is saying – due to the trailer’s editing and her accent in the film – but she appears to be a worthy menacing and diabolical opponent for Evans and his fellow under-priviledged civilians. Similarly, the Wilford “character” could make for a good variation on the usual Big Brother archetype.

Problem is, Snowpiercer arrives at a time when there’s an over-abundance of thinly-veiled futuristic sci-fi parables about social inequality on the market (see: Elysium, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, etc.). Hopefully, Bong will prove to be an effective storyteller – even while making the jump to English – and bring something new to the ongoing “discussion,” in the process.


Snowpiercer doesn’t have an official U.S. theatrical release date yet, but is expected to arrive before 2013 draws to a close.

Source: CJ Entertainment International

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  1. I think I just saw Bucky fall off the train.

  2. SO all dystopian futures look like the Hunger Games now? blah.

    • Hence the word “dystopian”, at least your name fits perfectly with your comment.

  3. As much as I want to like this film, that trailer made absolutely no sense. Maybe it was the editing or the poor quality but I’m more confused now than I was before.

  4. sounds interesting but ehh

  5. “Snowpiercer.”

    Seriously? That was the best title they could come up with?

    • Just FYI, Transperceneige translates as transperce = pierces + neige = snow; so, snowpiercer it’s a very apt title.

      • Yeah, that explanation makes sense.

        But most folks who go to the cinema are not linguists.

        • Yeah, how long did it take people to realize Vader meant father..lol

      • the french title is also a pun on perce-neige, which is basically any flower that blooms while there is still snow on the ground (usually in the amaryllis family: Snowdrops).

        the title is symbolic of hope, as well as the very literal “piercing through the snow”.

  6. Looks a bit rubbish to me.

  7. @Kryptonic:

    Is “The Elysium Train” better?

    • Heh. NO!

      Peeps will get it confused with Blomkamp’s ” Elysium. ”

      Who knows?

      When you have a flick in which the director’s last name is BONG, you’re going to wind up having some confusion.

  8. I understood about 8% of the dialogue….do I need new speakers?

    • Nah, it’s the trailer. It sounded like Scott Grimes’s “National Anthem with Bad Accoustics” on the Tonight show the other day… terrible dialog quality.

      http://www.nbc.com/the-tonight-show/video/russell-crowe-presents-scott-grimes-singing-the-national-anthem/n37799/ (Skip to 1:20)

      I don’t know what I’m supposed to think about this. These overly quirky scenes with the kids and the matriarch totally clash with the gritty revolution scenes, in a bad way. These scenes look as if they are from two completely different movies. While the basic idea of Snowpiercer is kind of intriguing, its execution seems to be very poor.

  9. If I read correctly those graphic novels (3 volumes have been out since 1984.

  10. Volume 1 was 1984. Another finished V2/3 in 99/2000.

  11. Joon-Ho Bong previous films: Memories of Murder, The Most and Mother were great. Can’t wait to see this one.

    It might not be to level of Geekdom for the folks on here though.

  12. 300 on a Train!?

    I thought Snakes on a Plane was bad. lol.

    I wonder if they’ll have a pit of death… or a window of death. XD

  13. Pass

  14. Looks pretty decent to me. Alors great director. I’m sold.

  15. What was the point of the kids scene in the trailer ???
    What language is that ?
    What’s wrong with the CGI and the sound ???
    Is that a SYfy original movie ?

    • The language of tilda swankypants is English but in the diabolical dulcet tones of people from the north of England, from the county of Yorkshire, although some may suggest Lancashire. In any event these folks were closely associated with the industrial revolution and tilda may be a relative of the inventor of this “perpetual motion” device…. And thusly a class system is borne of invention. Queue didactic tale paralleling control of finance/oil/knowledge*( delete as applicable.) nice to ‘ear t’ north in t’ not too distant future.

  16. This looks confusing to say the least, Japanese titles are so cryptic lol

    Chris Evens does not make good movie choices, neither does Jamie Bell, this reminded me of the Mutant Chronicles from a few years ago, great idea poorly executed!

  17. Elysium in a Train version.

  18. I’m not entirely sure what I just watched, but I’m definitely interested. This movie looks pretty sweet.

  19. Sorry, both this and Elysium look pretty dumb…

  20. Huh? I had no idea what was going on. It looked like just another typical day on the subway. Think I’ll give this one a pass, and take a plane instead.


    • @Akai

      Get AdBlock

  22. The hunger trains

    • LOL

  23. Rental…maybe.

    Looks odd. Dystopia on a train. Why?

  24. “YOU PEOPLE mumblymuddlemumpyma… YOU BELONG IN THE BACK… mumblymuddymumblemuck… WILFORD!!!”

    Evidently in the future Evil Overloard types are required to attend the Bane School of Enunciation.

    One to watch on DVD. With subtitles.

    • *Overlord. Jeez. I haz no typing skilz.

  25. Leads a rebellion ? Wow I think he’s quite over his reach. Chris evans has the face of a goofy waiter and i wouldn’t trust him to lead me to the toilets.

  26. Do never think this is Hunger Game imitator.
    Bong decided to make this movie in 2005 and original was released in 1984.

    This all happened because of CJ.
    They are suck at making trailer.