Bong Joon-Ho’s ‘Snowpiercer’ Round-Up: New Trailer, Images & Featurettes

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Unless you’re a polylinguist, you can expect to run into a few language barriers when digging for details about the film. Snowpiercer is an adaptation of a French comic book series called “Le Transperceneige,” which was never published in English.

chris evans snowpiercer Bong Joon Hos Snowpiercer Round Up: New Trailer, Images & Featurettes

Additionally, the new featurettes that have been created to promote the Korean release of Snowpiercer do not have English subtitles for the interviews with the South Korean cast and crew (though if you need a laugh you can switch on captions and watch You-Tube attempt to provide phonetic subtitles), which means that non-Korean speakers will have to make do without director Bong Joon-Ho’s insights for now. Hopefully, these featurettes will be released with English translations at a later date.

Language issues aside, the featurettes (collected together comprehensively by Collider) are worth watching for the new clips included and the behind the scenes footage of how the train was built and designed to move in a realistic fashion. Snowpiercer premieres in South Korea on August 1st, and one of the videos shows each of the main cast remotely greeting the South Korean audiences and apologizing for not being able to make it to the occasion. The first video is an animated movie for the trailer, which gives the background to the world catastrophe that drove everyone onto the train.

Despite the oppressive drabness of the color palette for many of the scenes (which serves to create a dramatic contrast with the vibrantly colored first-class section), Snowpiercer looks like an exciting new addition to the sci-fi genre and has an incredible cast. Joon-ho made a splash with his 2006 monster movie The Host (the star of which, Song Kang-ho, returns in Snowpiercer as a tech expert), and his new film was produced by another famed South Korean director, Park Chan-wook (Oldboy).

Considering the high-profile cast and the talent involved, it’s a shame that Snowpiercer has so far had virtually zero promotion outside of South Korea. It’s almost impressive that so few people have heard of it, especially since it has Captain America himself in the lead role.

Bong Joon-ho’s film looks like it might be one of the most noteworthy science fiction films of 2013 – let’s just hope it doesn’t take too much longer to leave its home country and head to Western theaters.


Snowpiercer will be released in South Korea on August 1st, 2013. The Weinstein Company owns the US distribution rights, but has not yet announced a release date for the film.

Source: Collider

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  1. Yipee, yet another class warfare movie… Guess that’s the new trend… I belong to the 100%!! Say what???

    • @Ken J: the majority of stories out there in the past century+ have been about class warfare. What rock have you been hiding under?

      • The majority of stories for the past century? There’s been plenty of them, I’ll give you that, but the majority? The burden of proof is on you for that.

    • EXACTLY. Enough with the dumb Occupy metaphors, Hollywood!

  2. “…the population is segregated into the First Class at the front of the train, the Economy in the middle, and the “freeloaders” at the back… ruled with an iron fist by a Thatcheresque leader who determines to keep everyone – especially the lowest class – in their proper place.”

    “Thatcheresque”. Are you kidding me?

    • I thought the exact same thing. Thatcher was an incredible leader. The phrase betrays the thinking of the author of this article.

      • Nah, Thatcher wasn’t an incredible leader, she split the UK deeply along class lines and ruined various industries forever. Shipbuilding and coalmining were decimated, thousands were left unemployed, poor people lost out and only the rich were rewarded. She was a disgrace and the celebrations here at her death (which i personally thought were in poor taste)tell you all you need to know about how she was regarded.

      • Wabalicious…it always amazes me how people view the world totally differently. Most have credited Thatcher with restoring Britain from an imminent collapse from the socilialist policies of its day, to include excessive government spending and taxation. You may not have liked her personally, but few deny this is the case, even on liberal MSNBC.

        • True Jeff, but the people who viewed Thatcher favourably were in a very small minority, most of them in the upper parts of society. The normal working folk of the UK didn’t support her because she destroyed the UK’s manufacturing base piece by piece to the point where UK industry became a shadow of it’s former self. To this day it has not recovered. The difference in this case is that i live in the UK and was around through all of the Thatcher years, i remember the strikes and the unrest and saw it all first hand. Just because some people on the US news channels said Mrs Thatcher did good work, and improved certain things doesn’t mean she was a success; she was a success in certain areas, i.e. making the rich richer and crushing the poor. The mark of her success and/or popularity is the fact that thousands of people took to the streets to celebrate her death, most of whom would never normally dream of doing such a thing. I’m sure you could find people in countries around the world who have nice things to say about even the most hated dictators, but that doesn’t mean the majority of people, who hated the dictators, were wrong. Mrs Thatcher was so popular she alienated even her own party, and they stabbed her in the back and ousted her from power. Too evil even for the Conservative party!

          • “Too evil even for the conservative party”…my friend, I am a conservative, and I believe in the kind of capitalism championed by the likes of Reagan and Thatcher. By calling Thatcher “evil”, and by now twice citing the “thousands” of people who celebrated her death (you know, millions did not), you show yourself to be an idealogue of a different kind. I’ve heard that tired old argument of these leaders making the rich richer and the poor poorer. Now, as a reaction of sorts, we have Obama here, and what has he done? More people in poverty and on food stamps than ever before, an unemployment rate hovering around eight percent, and close to 17 trillion dollars’ worth of debt. True freedom entails the opportunity to both succeed and fail. I would rather live under a government that believes in freedom than one that bestows dependency on its populace.

            • As a working class person born in the Midlands, I and my poor, working class family loved Thatcher as leader because she helped the country become even better than it had since the 40s.

              Plus she smashed union control that forced 4 day weeks and the poor even poorer by taking away their control and letting people buy houses for the first time.

              Just look at the Labour Party calling the police over the unions putting politicians in charge who they can control as an example of why Thatcher destroying unions was a great thing.

              Honestly, the majority of British people love Thatcher and the only people who hate her or who celebrated her death were those wrongly placing blame for their job losses on her (while their hero Arthur Scargill pocketed millions despite claiming to be a man of the people) or those who weren’t born until after she was ousted by her own party in the early 90s and who are therefore too stupid to understand the great things she did.

              • Thanks for your input, Dazz. Now more than ever, the world needs leaders like Reagan and Thatcher. I genuinely fear the prevailing trend as of late, one of dependency, entitlement, demonization, envy, and hatred. I am a government worker and a union member (required by the job that I hold), but I am also a taxpayer, and I am keenly aware of how some unions (not all), with their political power and persuasion, ultimately force cost of living increases on the masses, which itself results in increased taxation and unemployment. Getting back to the original point, the slight on Thatcher in the article here was misguided and unwarranted.

                • @Jeff

                  I’m surprised you wasted so much time with such an ignorant person. I wonder if you realize no matter how much logic you throw at these people nothing will change their way of thinking…

                  • Haha…yes, Ken, that thought did cross my mind…

  3. Looks very interesting! First time I have heard of it, I will have to check this one out.

    As to the class warfare stuff, it is a hollywood staple because it is a consistent fact of life.

    • A “consistent fact of life” for those who make it so. I am far down on the economic and social latter, but I have no envy or ill will for those who are above me.

      • It is not about envy or will and that is your personal view. History in large part (if you study it) is about the interplay between power and those who don’t have it in some form or another.

        From the caste system in India, colonialism, slavery, monarchism and feudalism etc. Hell, look at the greatest samurai movies.

        So it makes sense that Hollywood would consistently create movies that look to examine or exploit this human phenomenon. It is not about envy it is about power structure.

        • Exactly, envy doesn’t come into it.

          It’s about who you know, not what you know.

          The wealthy find themselves in the best universities and with the best opportunities in life. Those in the working classes have to fight harder to reach what the rich can easily grasp.

          • Although we agree above, Dazz, we disagree here. The point I was trying to make is that, regardless of one’s position in life, it is within his/her own power to be content. At its base, class warfare may stem from greed on the part of some, but envy on the part of others. It was said that Mother Teresa’s only worldly possessions were her robe, sandles, and a Bible, yet what a soul she had.

  4. I think I’ve seen both (I only know of 2) trailers that ScreenRant has posted and my thoughts for both..

    The trailers are god awful. Like really bad. I really don’t get how people can become interested in this movie from these extremely lackluster trailers..

    • well, let’s see: different people have different taste from you.

      simply because YOU don’t like something doesn’t actually mean that you’re right and everyone else is wrong.

      you don’t like the trailers, and the film holds no interest for you. that’s your absolute right. but please, don’t presume that the fact that you aren’t interested in it should be a bell-weather for other people. I honestly don’t care if you aren’t interested in it. I happen to be interested in it. Notice I’m not saying you’re wrong? Please have the same respect for others.

      • I don’t think I ever said anything bad about the people who ARE interested. I just don’t think these trailers are well put together and it does confuse me how so many people could be interested. Go ahead be interested, I don’t care. People say their thoughts all the time on this site, don’t get offended when I say mine.