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Since The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 will arrive in theaters soon (at the time of writing this), it looks like Universal is going to take advantage of the fevered anticipation and hype surrounding star Kristen Stewart to heighten awareness of the actress’s next outing on the big screen: the fairy tale retelling, Snow White and the Huntsman.

Huntsman is being designed as a dark and grisly spin on the famous Brothers Grimm story – one that could both kick off a trilogy about its namesakes and stand apart from the other (family-friendly) Snow White movie on the horizon, Mirror Mirror, which is being directed by Tarsem Singh – who is actually better-known for his stylishly macabre and “edgy” film work (see: The Cell, Immortals).

Snow White and the Huntsman is being helmed by video game commercial director Rupert Sanders (Halo 3) and was scripted by the likes of Evan Spiliotopoulos (who penned an early draft of the in-development Wanted 2) and Oscar-nominee Hossein Amini (Drive). So, it’s fair to say that a good chunk of the film’s creative team know a thing or two about crafting gritter and more violent cinematic fare.

Get an early look at what their take on the original Snow White story – which is often quite dark and disturbing on its own – will be like, by watching the Snow White and the Huntsman teaser trailer, after the synopsis, below:

In the epic action-adventure Snow White and the Huntsman, Kristen Stewart (Twilight) plays the only person in the land fairer than the evil queen (Oscar® winner Charlize Theron) out to destroy her.  But what the wicked ruler never imagined is that the young woman threatening her reign has been training in the art of war with a huntsman (Chris Hemsworth, Thor) dispatched to kill her.  Sam Claflin (Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides) joins the cast as the prince long enchanted by Snow White’s beauty and power.



Now have a look at the latest characters posters from Huntsman in the gallery below:


Overall (early) impression? Twilight 2.0, this clearly is not.

There’s a definite period fantasy action-adventure video game-inspired aesthetic to this Huntsman footage, which seems sufficiently different in style than either the Lord of the Rings trilogy or Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. In terms of its unique production design and dramatic atmosphere alone, Huntsman looks to actually stand out amongst the upcoming fairy tale movie crowd.

Hemsworth should do quite well as the Huntsman, who seems like a cross between Rings‘ Aragorn and Thor (albeit, wielding twin axes instead of a hammer). Hopefully, Stewart will prove her detractors wrong and make for a spirited incarnation of Snow White. Plus, since this trailer makes it clear that Stewart’s princess is destined, but is not yet “the fairest in the land,” perhaps people will lay off trashing her looks – especially, in comparison to Charlize Theron.

On that note: Theron comes off here as an (appropriately) vicious yet gorgeous villainess – one who could easily be a scene-stealer. That’s not to mention, the way her magic mirror melts and reforms to anthropomorphic life in Huntsman is pretty cool too…


Snow White and the Huntsman hits theaters around the U.S. on June 1st, 2012.


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  1. Why no seven dwarves in the trailer? Snow White and the Huntsman will be better than Mirror, Mirror because it has the stronger cast and it will be at least be the more critically successful movie. In addition, unlike Mirror, Mirror, the Queen in this film looks like an evil villain.

  2. Whoah, completely unexpected style. This looks DOPE! Speaking as an artist, it’s tough to create imagery that is fresh and new, there was loads of it in this teaser.

  3. Yeah this looks pretty promising. Almost like a mix of Brothers Grimm/LOTR/Pan’s Labriynth. Hopefully Kristen Stewart gives a good performance. Everyone else I am not worried about.

    • I have a better chance of spinning a web of gold out of my butt than Kristin Stewart has of ever giving a good performance in anything.

      • What an incredibly ignorant that comment. hah

  4. actually looks interesting

  5. looks really good. the only downside is kristen/i like how she doesnt talk at all in the trailer

    • plus 50

    • yeah That would be Great in The movie :)

  6. Good trailer. I’m quite excited to watch this now if only for Charlize Therons performance. She looks great in this. Think I’ll be rooting for her over snow white!

  7. Ps what accent has Hemsworth got in this? He sounds strange??!

  8. Yea…Hemsworth is turning into quite the badass. I think I would see this just for him and Theron…well maybe just for Theron.

    And I do believe I saw a quick glimpse of some dwarfs following the Huntsman in the woods. But they weren’t wearing colored hats.

  9. Seriously can you give Kristen a break? I know she isn’t much in Twilight, but her other films are good and she has even won an award for Welcome to Rileys. Runways was good, but there were literally no PR for the movie because of the studio being sold at the time and have you seen her in Speak and Panic room? Not to mention the Cake Eaters and In to the Wild. I like independent movies and I’ve actually never paid much mind to her, I just thought cool Actress she will be interesting to watch in years to come and then Twilight happened and suddenly she was everywhere and everyone is bashing her … I sometimes wish she never took on Twilight. Then maybe this would have been her first big film.

    I like the trailer, a nice mixture of fantasy, fighting and intrigue. I love Charlize, she made the perfect evil Queen.

  10. Kristen Stewart was really the only thing I didn’t like about this, but that trailer was incredible! I might be able to overlook her. haha

  11. I like how a lot of these classic fairy tales are getting a “gritty” spin when really they were pretty gritty and dark to begin with. Never underestimate the power of Disney.

    Who is the fairest?
    Charlize Theoron > Kristen Stewart

  12. I might be seeing both this and mirror mirror… why dose it still sound like mirror mirror is going to be the better movie? Oh right no Kristen Stewart. I do not care that this probably the more actioney movie. Untill Kristen Stewart can sound like she is not reading the script for the first time is the day the world ends.

  13. is that the tree of gondor on her shield?

  14. Who would of thought it, The Snow White Trailer Owned The Avengers trailer , intresting that looked EPIC !

    • I liked Quantum of Solace….

      • I liked it too. I hope they really are not planning on dropping the Quantum storyline altogether.

        • @Ignur Rant and @ Extractor , Cool i have updated my name accordingly = )

          • niiiiiiiiiiiiice

  15. damn it, it looks good
    will definitely see this one than mirror, mirror

  16. This actually looks interesting. Kind of a LOTR-Tim Burton-Pan’s Labyrinth mixer. Gritty is good in my book. One gripe is Stewart. Never liked her.

  17. Wow i might actually see this, lets hope Kristen Stewart can pull her weight in this movie, this looks like Charlize Theron’s movie.

  18. looks like theron will end up stealing the movie. hemsworth is becoming type casted, and stewart kinda odd that the title character doesn’t even utter a word. either she is so good that they are saving her till the next trailer, or she is so bad that they don’t want to turn people away.

  19. The production value looks really, really good. So I’m stoked on that, and hopefully the movie will be excellent. They did a very good job with the trailer.

    I still can’t believe that first picture is real, though. That shield is such a blatant ripoff of LOTR’s tree of Gondor (not that I’m offended, because I really like the aesthetic). It’s crazy. I can’t believe they let that slide. I seriously have a shield like that, that I made, in my room in front of me right now.

    Movie looks awesome thus far.

  20. After seeing this epic trailer, all I can think about is…

    “Legend” (1985)


  21. Looks good, Im in. :)

  22. finally! we get to see kristen act in a movie with a diff. genre, people should stop throwing her negative remarks. The movie hasnt even shown yet…geez!

  23. @woah i agree!

  24. kristen has no lines because they want the audience to hear her british accent a bit later…excited:)

    • The real reason Kristin Stewart isn’t talking in the trailer is the filmmakers are worried that once people see how terrible she is, they’ll just avoid the movie altogether.

  25. I am actually blown away!!! Its fine the way it is without them dwarves!

  26. Im excited to see this movie..I dont dislike Kristen Stewart..I think she’s kind of sexy in her own little way! But I do HATE the TWILIGHT MOVIES..HATE them!

  27. Just watch the trailer again. Hemsworth looking very Thor at 1:08 swinging the axe.

    And someone mentioned no seven dwarfs? Look harder *rafiki voice* At 1:12 they show the seven dwarfs led by Hensworth.

    This will be one of those movies where I am loudly rooting for the antagonist instead of the protagonist. Its Wall Street with Gordon Gekko all over again.

  28. It does actually look very impressive. Theron definitely looks like the star attraction (no complaints here) and this could be one of her biggest roles. Stewart’s association with Twilight could hurt the film’s chances, good actress or not.

    From a commercial point of view it’s a shame they could release nearer December as we wlll know that films of this genre tend for pull in more box office at that time. Obviously the studios want to keep as much distance as possible from the Hobbit to give the film chance of success.

    Hope the film does well

  29. “Do you hear that? That is the sound…OF DA POLICE!!!”