‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ Trailer & Extended Preview

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snow white huntsman trailer kristen stewart Snow White and the Huntsman Trailer & Extended Preview

Studios just keep on rolling out new trailers for their most anticipated summer releases, and today we have more items to add to the pile: a full-length trailer and extended five-minute preview clip for Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman, starring the triumvirate of Kristen Stewart (The Twilight Saga), Chris Hemsworth (Thor in The Avengers), and Oscar-winner Charlize Theron.

Huntsman repurposes the centuries-old fairy tale about a lovely, kind-hearted princess (Stewart) and her aging, beauty-obsessed stepmother (Theron) as the potential first installment in a new trilogy of Medieval fantasy adventures – wherein Snow White joins forces with a huntsman (Hemsworth) hired to murder her, in order to lead a rebellion against the malicious queen and restore the decaying kingdom to its former glory.

To learn more about the plot of Snow White and the Huntsman – and get an early look at the film’s stylishly macabre imagery and eye candy (insert Stewart/Hemsworth/Theron pun of choice) – check out the new trailer and extended preview:


Snow White and the Huntsman Extended Preview


As worlds apart Huntsman may be from this month’s light-hearted Snow White re-telling (Mirror Mirror) – in terms of overall tone and style – there are still numerous similarities between the two – including, a feistier iteration of the Snow White character, the seven dwarfs re-imagined as wild-looking diminutive warriors who dwell in the woods, and an Evil Queen whose attire directly reflects her personality (pompous like a peacock in Mirror Mirror vs. the living embodiment of death in Snow White and the Huntsman). Not to mention, both films look visually-dazzling in terms of sets, costumes, and CGI effects.

Passing over those similarities and slight differences, Huntsman seems to have an edge over Mirror Mirror simply in terms of the acting from its two female leads. Theron as a coiled and threatening sorceress in Huntsman looks to easily trump Julia Roberts’ hammier performance as the queen in Mirror Mirror, while Stewart (say what you will about her work as Bella Swan in Twilight) appears to have the attitude, accent, and even the physical qualities of a refined, yet badass princess down pat – though admittedly, Lily Collins as a similarly “modernized” Snow White in Mirror Mirror also looks solid enough.

snow white huntsman kristen stewart Snow White and the Huntsman Trailer & Extended Preview

That’s all to say: by going in a more serious direction with the original Brothers Grimm fairy tale, assembling an overall stronger cast (including, numerous decorated character actors as the dwarfs) – and having a helmer in the form of acclaimed video game commercial director Rupert Sanders onboard to realize said darker vision, Snow White and the Huntsman looks to do readily triumph over Mirror Mirror, when it comes to re-imagining an overdone story and instilling it with new life. If only all the upcoming reboots/remakes around Hollywood could do likewise…

Snow White and the Huntsman arrives in theaters around the U.S. on June 1st, 2012.

Source: Universal Pictures

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  1. I love her, I do

    • So do i my friend, so do i.

  2. looks very good

  3. OK, I’ll admit it … it looks pretty sweet. Almost has a “del Torro” feel to it.

    PLUS, Charlize Theron is just TOO hot.

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking when I saw the green faries and whatever that other monster was.

  4. Thats what I can a trailer. I can’t wait for this film! :)

  5. this looks amazing

  6. wow, much better than I expected. And agreed, a definite “del Torro” feel to it.

  7. If it wasn’t for Kristin Stewart, I’d consider watching this but with her, it’s a death sentence.

  8. This is looking good…
    Personally, I really dislike Kristen Stewart (she’s a terrible actress with above average looks IMO).
    That said, not even Stewart can mess this movie up. The trailer was sweet and featured a lot more action than I was expecting.
    Plus, I’m very much looking forward to seeing South-Africa’s golden girl, Theron on screen again.

    I’ll definitely be seeing this on opening weekend.

    • Stewart is by far the weakest link in this movie. While she does a decent job of playing the pitiful role, I really don’t buy her transformation into the Joan of Arc type character. I don’t know if that is enough to unseat the entire movie but it will definitely be a sore spot by the end of the movie.

  9. This will definately be a flick to watch in the fall or winter when its cold outside with nothing else to do,but im not spending money on this at the theatre.

  10. i keep finding myself being impressed with this film despite myself, the design especially for the mirror looks really interesting and the tone and direction that it’s taking the snow white tale seems like a fresh approach for this particular fairy tale. very impressive trailer with a creepy hot charlize theron

  11. Looks good but isn’t Snow White supposed to be more beautiful than the queen?

    Meanwhile in that other Snow White movie, Mirror Mirror they have the queen who is supposed to be the second most beautiful woman in the land played by aging horsefaced Julia Roberts.

    Both casting departments seem to have dropped the ball.

    • I see your point, but from this trailer it says she is “destined to be the fairest” (future tense). Also, the mirror advises she take “the heart,” and the dwarves say she is destined to dispel the darkness (or whatever). So by “fairest,” they could be talking about her “inner beauty.” It would be typical of an evil narcissistic witch to only see one kind of beauty.

      • It also looks like the magic forest will appear dangerous and evil at first, but that beauty is there. The dwarf tells the huntsman that he has eyes but can’t see, yada yada. The message of the movie will be about inner and outer beauty, etc.

      • No, but now that you mention it. She does have the flared nostrils for it.

        • LOL…Look what i’ve done…

  12. Charlize Theron is on fire as the evil witch. She’s scary crazy hot.

  13. That’s the first trailer I’ve seen and I have to say it looks pretty good. It looks like a really fresh and original take on an old story. Could be a big hit.

  14. I’ve never thought Kristin Stewart was hot until the trailers for this movie. She’s a looker. This movie is most definitely on my radar. If it gets trashed by the critics, then I may wait to rent it. However, if it gets 50% or above on Rotten Tomatoes, then I’m seeing it opening weekend. Looks like a blast.

  15. I’ll watch it, but I do have a ligit question for all of you…. Could someone please explain to me the attraction/on-screen chem of Kristen Stewart? Truly, I don’t see it. I didn’t see it during the whole Twilight ‘Who Ha’ and I don’t see it now. (Please don’t wrtite “Because she’s hot!” I just don’t see the ‘movie magic’ from her. Whould there have been a better choice for the role? If so, who?

    All the best! ~ Stark

    • She seems to me to have kind of a flat personality. Like somebody who’s taking mood controlling drugs or something.

    • I agree she is not all that. She has a very one dimensional personality on screen that seems to carry from film to film. I’m inclined to believe this is due more to bad acting more than her true personality though.

      And who would have been a better choice? Dare I say just about anyone else?

      I have the feeling she was cast for her “Twilight” drawing power. Nothing capitalizing on all those millions of mindless Twilight drones to help sell tickets.

    • She can be a good actress if given the correct role. Don’t believe me? Watch The Runaways or Panic Room or Adventureland, in which she receive praises for. Adventureland itself rates pretty high on Rotten Tomatoes. In Twilight, she was doomed to play an idiotic character. We’ll have to see how she does in this movie. So far, I’m impressed.

      • A truly great actor doesn’t need the “correct” role but instead excels at every role they play no matter what it is.

        I’ve seen her in a couple of movies outside of Twilight and was not impressed with her performances in the least. I would describe them at best as invisible, meaning they didn’t stand out as good or particularly bad.

        Not saying an actor can’t do a bad performance but she has had what, 4 chances now to make the character Bella at least believable?

        • She’s very unattractive as well. To me she looks a bit manish.

  16. Just thinking… Anna Silk (Lost Girl) maybe?

  17. at first i thought this would be totally unecessary(two times snow white couldn´t work). but, after seeing the differences between the films,it was a good marketing to make one for kids from 8-80,and one for young adults and adults.

    • I agree with you Leonidas, I thought too when they very first aired that there would be two variants, how would that work out? but now that we have more to look at, its clear they compliment each other very nicely (as you have already mentioned). One is very lighthearted and humorous, whereas the other (this one) is darker and less child-friendly.

  18. I’m not going to lie.. This actually looks really really good. Just wish they could have picked a different Snow White. I do not like Kristen Stewart at all. All the other actors are awesome =].

  19. Ok the basic premise that Kristen STewart is supposed to be fairest of all .. maybe if Rosie O’Donnell was playing the evil queen then she would be fairest of all but she doesn’t hold a candle to Theron..I do like Chris Hemsworth though and this role does not seem like much of a departure from his Thor persona..

    • the queen was always sexier then snowwhite. the mirror is lying.

      • Usually the queen has that dressed in black goth thing going but here she looks like Princess Grace of Monaco. Yet somehow still evil. Which somehow makes here even hotter than the goth look did. Strange.

  20. What a waste all of this will be. The movie is doomed to fail when their main character is played by someone who cannot act to save her life…

    • And they seem like wise dignified dwarves and not comic relief characters.

  21. This looks extremely good. I think Kristen Stewart actually looks great in this and her accent is believable. I can’t get over all of the awesome visuals.

  22. Its not necessarily a darker tone than the original, Disney really screwed up the perception of fairy tales, the original Grimm’s bros. were pretty twisted.

  23. Kristen Stewart is cute at best, but whatever. This looks pretty cool, I’ve been looking at Chris hemsworth’s work since I saw him in Thor and he’s good at this kind of stuff. Plus extra points for being in the Red Dawn remake, the original is one of my favorites, and I think he can pull it off.

  24. people do realize inner beauty is a huge theme in snow white go watch the 5 minute clip it specifically shows snow white’s mother touching her chest as a young child and saying

    “You posses rare beauty my love,in here(points to her chest)”

    queen can be as beautiful as she wants but she has a dark and evil heart

    the inner beauty and strength to fight in snow white is also the reason the prince falls in love with snow white and not the queen

    • Thank god you came and spoke some common sense.

      I don’t know if it’s just people want to jump on the Kristen Stewart is ugly bandwagon or it’s that they actually think she is . I don’t think she is personally, and even if she was the whole point of Snow white is soaring over their heads.

      The queen: outer beauty Vanity, Superficiality ( which is apparently what every commenter on screenrant is guilty of from what is been posted), and pride.

      Snow white: inner beauty, natural kindness, genuine, warm, and welcoming and in the case of this movie a complete badass.

      Granted Kristen Stewarts acting was hit and miss in the twilight saga, but aside from that I’ve enjoyed in her every other movie she has been in. That’s why I chalk her failings up to a poorly written character named bella.

      • I wouldn’t Say Stewart is ugly. She just looks depressed and tired in what I’ve seen of her. Of course that may work here. Being on the run from a powerful witch who wants to kill you would probably make you a tad haggard looking. Heh.

  25. Well, this definitely deserves a viewing. Or maybe two… ;) I live they they remake this good, old fairy tales (let’s face it we all sort of grew up with the disneyfied version of these, rather than the original Grimm ones), but give it a new tone. Mirror, Mirror doesn’t do that in my opinion. It might be modernized, but doesn’t really set a different tone.
    This one looks quite promising!


  26. I was not much impressed by this trailer – it wasn’t nearly as stylized or atmospheric as I was expecting. But who knows. Also, no disrespect to Kristen Stewart, but she really doesn’t seem like Snow White. The lady in Mirror, Mirror (Lily Collins?) looks more the part, although I do get that this film has to look grittier. Hopefully it’s good.

  27. It looks promising…has a bit of a Chronicles of Narnia feel to it.