‘Snow White’ Sequel Could Focus More on the ‘Huntsman’

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snow white huntsman sequels chris hemsworth Snow White Sequel Could Focus More on the Huntsman

Snow White and the Huntsman, the Lord of the Rings-style fantasy treatment of the centuries-old princess fairy tale, is riding a high wave of positive buzz following nearly a months’ worth of newly-released trailers, featurettes, and TV spots. The promo materials suggest Universal and director Rupert Sanders (a respected veteran of the video game commercial industry) have a potential blockbuster hit on their hands.

Snow White producer Joe Roth (Alice in Wonderland) made it known last summer that his new film could birth a new trilogy, should it indeed prove to be a satisfactory box office success. Universal Chief Ron Meyer touched on that same issue recently, saying that the focus of future installments will likely shift away from the titular princess – and onto her elder comrade, the “nameless” Huntsman (as played by The Avengers‘ Chris Hemsworth).

THR is reporting that the Universal head “thinks [the studio] can do more movies based on the character of the Huntsman,” should the studio’s Snow White flick play well with the general moviegoing public. That idea clashes somewhat with previous comments made by Roth, who alluded to the idea of sequels where the stars of the first movie (Hemsworth, along with Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron) could all return in some capacity.

In case you missed it (or need a refresher), here is Roth’s statement from last year:

“['Snow White and the Huntsman' is] meant to be the first in a series of films. The story will end, but there will be questions remaining for these three characters [Snow White, the Huntsman, and the Evil Queen].”

A sequel (or more) that delves deeper into the “questions remaining” about the Huntsman’s backstory makes sense from a financial perspective, as Hemsworth is arguably the most bankable of the Snow White film’s three leads. On the other hand, the actor’s already committed to playing Thor in future Marvel movies – whereas Stewart’s schedule will be comparatively open, once the final Twilight movie is released this fall.

snow white huntsman featurettes trailer preview Snow White Sequel Could Focus More on the Huntsman

Hemsworth and Stewart in 'Snow White and the Huntsman'

That’s all to say: it might make more sense for future Snow White movies to be based more on… well, the Snow White character. Seeing how the first film will (presumably) conclude with the princess reclaiming her birthright, future installments could revolve around the new Queen White’s attempts to restore her kingdom to its former glory – having to counter the Evil Queen Ravenna’s (Theron) lingering influence and power in the process.

Snow White and the Huntsman could thus end up setting the stage for some Game of Thrones-style developments, where Snow White must navigate her way around treacherous players and dark magical forces that threaten to seize control of her fantastical realm. It would arguably be a more intriguing route to take – rather than having the sequels feel like spin-offs, centered more solely on the Huntsman’s later adventures.

Of course, any potential additional Snow White movies remain theoretical until the financial returns for the first film are tallied. Similarly, Universal heads may be changing their song, depending on how receptive (or not) moviegoers are to the fairy tale flick’s various characters – which will help determine which one receives more attention in latter installments (a la what Disney did with Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean series).

Snow White and the Huntsman arrives in theaters around the U.S. on June 1st, 2012.

Source: THR

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  1. I wanna see it looks really good, even if it doesnt get a sequel.

  2. I wouldn’t see that movie for the fact alone that ugly little vampire loving girl comes on it. of course the movie will still make money. thanks to tasteless little school girls and grown women without a brain in their heads lol

    • Your statement isnt true. My buddies and I are very interested in this movie. Yes its a bummer that they cast Kristen Stewart but with Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron in it, this movie has a great chance to make cash off of those two alone.

    • Sexist much, Victrois? Did it occur to you that some women are fans of Rupert Sanders, Charlize, Kristen Stewart, or that they just want to see Chris Hemsworth like men in Transformers wanted to see Megan Fox. The same thing could be said about people who see The Transformers.

    • ugly little vampire girl? so, she is the character she played in some movies? if that’s the case, i’m gonna see it cause joan jett is in it!

  3. I’m at the point where I’d be surprised if this doesn’t do well enough to earn a sequel.
    I don’t think it will earn the same as The Hunger Games but if it brings in even half of what THG has done it will be a big hit.
    As to what route the sequel will go in I like the idea of seeing how Snow White deals with taking over the throne and the former Queen’s quest to regain power.
    But then again we haven’t seen the 1st film yet so who knows how everything will play out???

    • It cost 200 million and therefore would have to do at least double that to justify a sequel.

      • No, it didn’t cost 200 mil. I’m a fan of Rupert Sanders and have been reading his interviews…He said 70 mil. Granted, they tend to lowball but not lowball that much when they discuss budgets. It makes sense though…Immortals, with all its crazy imagery, supposedly cost 70 mil (Nikke Finke said it was more like 90 mil)… When they were first talking about this film, I remember reading on Deadline that a few people dropped out of the Huntsman role because they couldn’t pay the actor’s asking price. Charlize signed on before Young Adult started getting all that buzz (her career was in a bit of a slump) and Chris signed on right after Thor but before he started getting a lot of other offers. Stewart wouldn’t have that high of an asking price because outside of Twilight she’s only done little indies. So if Sanders says 70 mil, I’m guessing it is more like 100 mil.

  4. “Hemsworth and Stewart as ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’” hmm… makes me thonking… Hemsworth is Snow White and Stewart the Huntsman right? ;) Just kidding but that’s what I understand in this sentence.
    Let’s see what they will do. Who will be more interesting for the audience? The strong Snow White (a la Katniss Everdeen) or the Huntsman (a la Thor with an axe)?

  5. From a business point of a view I get it. Excluding The Hunger Games and an Angelina Jolie action flick, very few action oriented (and this seems like an action oriented fantasy film) have women as leads because they tend to not make as much money. It’s dumb and sexist but that is the way it is. I’d rather they take a risk and put Theron and Stewart in the sequel. Also, I don’t know if Hemsworth is technically the most bankable. Charlize basically had a major comeback, with Young Adult, and with this and Prometheus coming up…Well, it seems a bit weird to not have her come back. People will go see a movie simply because Charlize is in it…I don’t know if you can say the same with Chris. Also, the majority of the marketing focuses on Charlize and then Kristen and Chris is barely in it…While I would love them to see an intelligent, Game of Thrones style film I doubt that will happen in a sequel.

  6. that why cancel my holiday im waiting kristen movie all the way to the end exit with rob movie cosmopolis 2 have to watch all this amazing movie

  7. well if charlize’s character dies in this film, chris is more entertaining to watch then stewart.

    • Agree, and I’m actually like Kristen Stewart somewhat. She was quite good in The Runaways and a few other indies I’ve seen her in…but I feel like she belongs in serious little indies or part of an ensemble cast, like this upcoming Snow White movie…I don’t see her being the solo star of a big budget film, a la Hemsworth because Thor was pretty much all focused on him. Not a knock on her, I just see her as more of an actress than a full on movie star.

  8. I think they miscast SW for the movie (I just don’t see how CT as the queen has anything to worry about w/KS as SW – sorry!) – and I hear the accents are all over the place (even though I don’t think they’ve had K speak a word in any of the trailers). It’s way too early to talk about sequels anyway…

    • That is a load of bollocks! As an Englishman I have to say that I find Kristin Stewart’s English accent good. Heard her speak in the five minute sneak peak preview, Stewart’s accent is posh (as all the royals) but very natural.

      And people should sod off with the personal attacks to Kristin about her “not being pretty enough”. I find the Stewart girl very pretty.

      Many are dismissing the inner-beauty theory because that takes away their platform to perpetually b**** in an incessant shallow manner around here.

      The true point of Snow White (forget Disney’s watered down version) is that beauty comes from within. Snow White is more beautiful than the queen because of her empathy. That’s why the Evil Queen needs to consume the heart of Snow White.

      • @Grant-”And people should sod off with the personal attacks to Kristin about her “not being pretty enough”. I find the Stewart girl very pretty.

        Many are dismissing the inner-beauty theory because that takes away their platform to perpetually b**** in an incessant shallow manner around here.”

        couldn’t have said it better myself, although i did try on a different article.

        If someone thinks Kristen Stewart is not attractive, then they are obviously not attracted to women…not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  9. You are sadly mistaken if you think the most bankable lead is Chris H. Yes he is gorgeous for sure. But, this film will be a huge success because of Kristen and her fanbase. Theron brings exceptional backing too. Without Kristen in future sequels, there won’t much to be excited about. Period.

    • thats not true. maybe you won’t be excited, but if the story is interesting to people, then they will watch it. so far what i’ve seen of snow white its a lot visuals and nice sounding score.