(Another) New ‘Snow White’ Movie In The Works

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Snow White and the Huntsman (Another) New Snow White Movie In The Works

The success of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland has left Hollywood utterly convinced that revisiting classic fairytales which are now in the public domain is the key to striking gold at the box office.  As a result of this trend, yet another cinematic takeoff of Snow White is being shopped around for studio consideration.

This new Snow White project is titled Snow White and the Huntsman.  It features an expanded role for the Huntsman (the fellow the Evil Queen ordered to murder Miss White), who – according to Heat Vision – ends up “chained together [with Snow White] for part of the movie as they make their escape.” The Huntsman will reportedly be more of a mentor figure to Snow White, who will still eventually fall in love with Prince Charming.

Alice in Wonderland producer Joe Roth is one of the forces behind this new take on Snow White, which should not to be confused with director Brett Ratner’s more straightforward adaptation, The Brothers Grimm: Snow White or Walt Disney Picture’s upcoming Snow and the Seven – which, if you can believe it, involves the famous princess being trained by Shaolin monks to do battle against evil forces threatening Hong Kong (…).

The Huntsman script was written by Evan Daugherty, who also penned a draft of the screenplay for the upcoming Masters of the Universe movie.  Attached to direct is one Rupert Saunders, a commercial director best know for helming advertisements for the Halo games.

Alice in Wonderland (Another) New Snow White Movie In The Works

Mia Wasikowska in 'Alice in Wonderland.'

Snow White is not the only classic literary character whose face will soon grace the big screen once more.  Disney currently has a new take on Cinderella in the works, along with its Sleeping Beauty-inspired Maleficent project and a movie based around Peter Pan‘s Tinkerbell.  That is not to mention the numerous Wizard of Oz-inspired films in the works or Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. icon razz (Another) New Snow White Movie In The Works

Filmmaking is an expensive business and studios generally consider it safer to invest in a project based off an already-established property, rather than take a risk on something for which there is no guaranteed market.  Features like Inception have already demonstrated pretty handily that brand recognition need not always be the case for a film to succeed at the box office – so when is Hollywood going to take that hint?

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  1. Yup, Hollywood will ruin it just like they did with Alice in Wonderland. The only one of these I’m actually rooting for is Maleficent. A Tinkerbell live-action movie? Psh, c’mon!

  2. Theyre gonna ruin it! :(

  3. (Snow White, a classic literary character) lol, the story is based on the drug,”Cocaine”.
    It makes you happy when your using it.
    It makes you sneezy, when your using it.
    It makes you bashful when your useing it.
    It makes you dopey when your using it.
    It makes you grumpy when you can’t get any.
    It makes you sleepy when your coming down from it.
    And sometimes you need a Doctor afterwards…

    And there’s also a talking mirror to guide us through the story.

    Yeah its a classic.

  4. LMAO 790! that comments classic! :D

  5. Hey Rickster!, here’s some Disney history for you…

    Keep in mind they own parts of Marvel, ABC, Pixar, and some other stuff.

  6. hahaha ok 790 im going to check it out right now ;)

  7. Rickster if you read that entire link, all think about watching Harry Potter.

  8. WOW 790 i just finished reading it,interesting stuff,i did not know most of that! Some stuff i knew like alice and wonderland was a drug story and the author was drugged while writing it but others (about walt himself) I did not! Great article definitely! And the naked characters ROFL theres some good points there…

  9. Thanks for reading that Rickster!

  10. 790

    No problem i told my bro many things and hes shocked LOL

    Now think about watching HP my freind! :D

  11. Anjelica Huston can play The Evil Queen in Disney’s Snow White, just like she played The Evil Stepmother in EVER AFTER. If that doesn’t work, will try Michelle Pfeiffer, Jodie Foster, Cate Blanchett, and Cher. Also, Warwick Davis and Peter Dinklage can also play one of the 7 Dwarfs.

    In my suggestions for the casting of Snow White will be Kate Bosworth, Claire Danes, Katie Holmes, Keira Knightley, Naomi Watts, and Jennifer Connelly

  12. Rickster I will.

  13. 790

    You will think about it or you WILL watch them? If you will ill literaly jump up and down i swear! LOL! :D

  14. Alic in Wonderland was great! wtf were you guys watching?? it also ended very well as Alice embarked in another adventure..What they have planned for the other adaptions remains to be seen-the only one that sounds promising is the hansel and Gretel film…Maleficient??maybe but the new versions of Snow white sound horrible and stupid…like they are trying to bank on whats cool..Alice was great and made sense-and had great characters..the story was great as well..a very good sequel to an original story… an only decent comparison would be “Hook” from way back..

    • So you’re actually gonna tell me that that jabberwocky dance was entertaining? Other than the visuals, the movie sucked. Complete letdown.
      And how do you think that Hanzel & Gretel is the only one that’s promising? It’s gonna star overrated Jeremy Renner. Aren’t they supposed to be kids anyway?
      In a related topic, Anjelica Huston as any evil queen is just perfect.

  15. Thank you for ruining my childhood classics 790. lol

  16. Well,that article is very interesting,all the facts were there and i never saw them lol,thanks for that 790,im still shocked but still,kids wont notice these things. They are classics. My kids are stillwatching these in the future lol

  17. The Tim Burton team-up with “Alice in Wonderland” is what made me excited for the film. He was a perfect director for that world and it was stunningly shot even if the plot and acting were ridiculously sub-par and the movie overall sucked. I just love the colors and the costumes.

    As for “Snow White” I enjoyed the “A Tale of Terror” remake with Sigourney Weaver, Sam Neill, and Monica Keena because of the darker aspect. I don’t know exactly how I feel about this…

    It seems Hollywood should just leave this territory to the SyFy Channel. Their “Alice” was much better than Burton’s and I greatly enjoyed their “Tin Man.” This re-take on classic tales seems better suited for cable tv than the big screen.

  18. umm yeah..if it sucked so badly-then why was it a bigger hit then Sweeney Todd??GTFO of Here..It was even a bigger hit then Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-I’m sorry but it was written quite well and for an original story based on a Disney cartoon as well as the stories,I for one was pretty impressed and appreciative of the fact that they stayed pretty true to the characters and didn’t change the formula or the setting-its an older ALICE for christ sake! what did you want,Alice playing with her dolls again??? c’mon man-it was visually stunning,and alot of kids liked it especially my lil girl..she’s infatuated with it.

    yes..Depp’s lil dance at the end was..ehh cute.But his Mad Hatter was on point as well as mia wasikowska’s Alice and Anne hathaway’s White Queen was great! Bonham-Carter was great as well..

    the only bad point was Crispin Glover-for the life of me i don’t understand why anyone still casts him in anything..

    if there was a sequel made to this film-i would definitely go see it..
    Sorry but Tim Burton did a pretty good job on this-much better than his last few outings with Depp/Bonham-Carter.

    i think those who hate this film or think it sucks are usually the ones who can’t admit that Depp and Co. usually do great work-to say he’s overrated is pretty much b.s.- I can’t remember the last time he “phoned” in a job-unlike other actors in hollywood.

    and wtf does over-rated mean?? so what every character he’s done recently has made box office duckets..is Tiger Woods over rated?? is Brad Pitt Over Rated ??wtf are you talking about??

    I love it when those who’ve never said line -one in anything come on here and complain about actors who actually get the job done.

    • You wanna relax there, Sally? These are all opinions, not for you to soil your tampon on. We realize you love your Alice in Wonderland and Johnny Depp is a god but the movie just wasn’t amazing, okay? Box office numbers have nothing to do with it. Refer to Transformers 2.

  19. This thread is dead lol

  20. are you guys crazy alice in wonderland was amazing it was a different take on the story yes the dance was alittle bit much but so it was a great film now idk why they are remaking all of these prob because they cant thinkof anything else to do but they will ruin the classics unlike tim who made a masterpiece so i think you guys need to get your eye checked thanks oh and kristen stewart should NOT play snow white terrible pick

  21. Personally i think this is cool as all the old classic stories from our childhood are being remade into new stories more relevant to us as we grow older.
    Not all of them are obviously gonna be brilliant but still the idea is new and spreading fast.
    From what ive read and seen red ridding hood’s going to be good but im not too sure about kirtsin steward as snow white.

    I also read that jokee about disney and who cares about if its relevant to drugs. Honestly their stories that are ment to teach childrens lessons about life. Besides the chance of us actually finding out if all these stuff are true are slim.

  22. I Think It Should Be Katy Perry, Megan Fox Zooey Deschanel
    Soleil Moon Frye, Michelle Ingrid Williams,Emma Watson Or Selena Gomez To Portray Disney’s Live Action Version Of An Animated Disney Princess Character Snow White And The Storyline Will Be In This Iteration (Of Snow White), The Seven Are The 19th Century-Set Disparate Band Of International Warriors Belonging To A Centuries-Old Order Who Have Lost Their Way, Their Meeting With Their Englishwomen Being Chased By Ancient Evil Is The Catalyst For Their Redemption, And While This Project Is Set In The Great Wall Of China That Means The Country Of China, The Warriors Will Be From Locales Near (The U.S.)And Far (Russia) And Each Warrior Will Have A Unique Fighting Style