‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ Images & International Poster [Updated]

Published 3 years ago by , Updated April 17th, 2012 at 7:04 pm,

Snow White Kristen Stewart Evil Queen Charlize Theron Huntsman Chris Hemsworth Snow White and the Huntsman Images & International Poster [Updated]


Those of you who have been keeping up with Universal’s marketing for Snow White and the Huntsman likely need no more convincing that this “dark and edgy” re-imagining of a timeless story will at least look fantastic – what with its stylishly textured scenery and expressive costumes, not to mention its gruffly handsome male leads and lovely female leads (passing over complaints about Kristen Stewart’s appearance in Twilight, that is).

All the same, the studio has released even more promotional imagery – along with a slick international one-sheet – for its epic fantasy spin on this centuries-old fairy tale. It’s worth having a look, even for those of you who’ve already marked your calendar in anticipation of this film’s theatrical release (like us).

Events in Snow White and the Huntsman are set in motion when the wicked Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron) learns that in order to retain her dark powers and beautiful appearance for all eternity, she must literally consume the heart of her step-daughter, Snow White (Stewart). When the princess just barely escapes before that can happen, the queen recruits a widowed huntsman (The Avengers‘ Chris Hemsworth) to hunt the young woman down.

However, the rugged warrior soon discovers that Snow White is destined to restore the crumbling kingdom to its former glory – inspiring him to team up with and train the lass in the art of war, so that she may lead a rebellion against the land’s malicious ruler and her shadowy forces.

Check out the French poster for Snow White and the Huntsman (followed by the latest photo gallery):


snow white huntsman international poster 280x170 Snow White and the Huntsman Images & International Poster [Updated]





Judging by Screen Rant’s exclusive interview with Snow White director Rupert Sanders, it sounds as though the filmmaker is genuinely interested in using the movie’s visuals to reflect and enhance the thematic substance of its storyline – as opposed to simply serving as eye candy, which is more the case with Tarsem Singh’s recently-released take on the fairy tale, Mirror Mirror. Whether or not Sanders and his creative team will actually prove successful with that endeavor is the question, of course – but based on early footage, there’s good reason to be optimistic.

For more images from Snow White and the Huntsman (which hits U.S. theaters on June 1st, 2012) check out the full gallery over at The Lebanese Cinema Movie Guide [via Comic Book Movie].

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  1. I find Kristen Stewart to be one of the most unattractive female actresses I have ever seen.
    And I’m 41. Think about it.

    • And counterpoint to that:
      Charlize Theron is one of the most beautiful women EVER.
      Effing mirror is blind if you ask me.

      • Hahaha yeah Ink.. I thought you were a real man :D
        I on the other hand, like a gentleman, find both their appearance to be rather exquisite.

        • Suck-up. :)

    • If you are really 41 then act your age and stop acting like a 12 year old girl. What kind of a real man would say that about a woman . I feel sorry for your wife if you even have one.

      • You can feel sorry for my wife, most do, but all I did was give an opinion based on the fact that the “Mirror” is asked “who is the fairest of all?” and, IMO, that mirror is blind.

        You may disagree or not like my comments, and that is fine.

        But at least my opinion is based on something I see. You know nothing about me so your attacks on me are baseless and solely representational of an angry woman unable to smile or process any humor whatsoever.

        See … I can say things about people I don’t know, too.

        • If you consider Kristen Stewart one of the most unnattractive, how do you regard Maggie Gyllenhaal?

          • Are you trying to get me yelled at again? :)

  2. I think Kristen is very attractive. I first saw her in Zathura and have always noticed how pretty she is. Yeah, she did Twilight. But that doesnt make her ugly. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To me Charlize is not nearly as beautiful as everyone makes her out to be. Again, its just my opinion.

  3. Hahahahahaha she is also one of the worse actresses

  4. looking at that poster, the queen is the main focal point. i’ll admit, it it wasn’t for charlize looking amazing i wouldn’t really give this a second look.

  5. id still f*ck her though , just sayin , but charlize is like hell yeah baby wanna dance :)

  6. Kristen will blow your minds if with her performance just watch, And if you say she is a bad actress you clearly have not seen any of her other films she has gotten positive praises non stop.

    • haha, you gotta take off those beer colored glasses there fan. I have seen her is a number of films (Adventureland being the most recent) and I have been nothing but unimpressed with her performances. She is a bland, one dimensional actress which is evidenced by her continual lackluster performances in the Twilight series. There are how many movies in that franchise? and never once have I read a review that said she was the sole saving grace in any of those abysmal movies.

      • Mongoose I guess you should do more research because clearly she has gotten alot of positive reviews in her other films.

        • Gotta agree with Mongoose. Just because some favorable reviews exist, which I haven’t seen either by the way, doesn’t mean she should be considered a good actress by the majority. I hope this film proves me wrong, but I also find her acting bland and uninspired. I have great contempt for her, considering how much she must get paid, whenever she does a half assed acting job, like in the Twilight films.

          • I’ve seen panic room, the runaways, into the wild, adventureland, the yellow hankercheif, and the cake eaters… oh and twilight. In each movie she failed to impress me. She is poor

            • If she failed to impress you, then why did you watch so many of her movies?

              • HAHAHA

      • Again, if you dislike Kristen and her movies why have watched so many of them? Yes, there are many critical reviews saying Kristen is the saving grace of a movie. Kristen will at Cannes with OTR so her career is doing great. If you don’t like her, don’t read articles about her and comment on them. Obsessed much?

        • If this is directed at me then…….I don’t dislike her, I just find her acting to be mediocre. There are definitely worse out there but then again there are also so many actors that could have done a better job imho. I also don’t search out movies with her in them, when they show up on TV I’m not going to let one actor stop me from enjoying the rest of the movie (as long as the movie is worth the 2hr investment in general….*cough* Twilight *cough*….I want those 2 hrs back btw). Take Adventureland for instance…..I just saw that on TV last week for the first time and watched it because I really like Jesse Eisenberg. Stewart was just kind of in there doing her average job. She thankfully didn’t drag the movie down but she also did nothing to make me feel like I believed her.

          And I searched and had a hard time finding any critical review that said Stewart was the one saving grace in a movie she was in. Some said she was good but most either agreed with my position or didn’t even comment on her performance at all. That’s very telling imho. So if you have read so “many” maybe you could provide us all with some links to these glowing reviews. Until then I will let the distinct lack of empirical evidence speak for itself.

  7. I’m a big fan of the Grimm Brothers and their interpretations of these stories. They were the original ” dark and edgy ” story tellers of English literature ( along with Shakespear, Goethe, Milton, most of the Romantics, etc..).
    There’s certainly a whole, new emergence of The Grimm Brothers’ on television and film.

    This looks good to me. But I’ll be seeing this more because of the drop dead beauty of Charlize Theron than because of high literature.
    Charlize as chilling, sexy and evil incarnate? Sounds perfect to me.

  8. I searched and watched all Kstews previous movies because I’m already bothered by some people, saying she can’t act. And by doing so, I love her more, she is really good! That is why, you like it or not, she is one of the hottest celebrity in hollywood today because she owns a unique style of acting and personality that makes her so interesting to watch. So haters prepare to be annoyed for a long long time. LOL

    • lol, “Kstews”? What, are you “tight” with her or something? I know, only those who truly get her can use such a personal nickname, right? /rolls eyes. Using that word speaks volumes and demonstrates why it’s impossible to reason with you. You are a starstruck fan and incapable of being impartial.

      And the only reason why she is a hot celebrity now is because of her Twilight movies that raked in buttloads of money despite being almost universally panned by critics. Other movies are simply hoping to capitalize on the name recognition and draw in all the sheep that spent their money seeing all the Twilight movies. Once Twilight has faded and she can’t use that as a crutch to get more acting jobs, her star will also fade.