‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ Behind the Scenes Footage & Clips

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It’s hard to come up with much of anything new to say about Snow White and the Huntsman that hasn’t already been pointed out or discussed ad nauseum, at this point. Fortunately, we don’t have to: the film’s raw behind-the-scenes footage (or B-roll, if you will) and several clips from the final product, speak for themselves.

The behind-the-scenes material showcases the cast and crew of Snow White and the Huntsman working on location around the English countryside – along with scenes shot on the impressively-constructed set piece that is the fortress castle of Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron). Once again, if you didn’t know any better, you might think this was B-roll footage for a Ridley Scott production like Kingdom of Heaven or Robin Hood - given the sheer scale of the proceedings used to convincingly create a filthy Medieval setting.

Many of the scenes shown in the Snow White and the Huntsman B-roll footage are featured in finished form above – including, the previously-released final (?) encounter between Snow (Kristen Stewart) and her malicious step-mother (Theron).

We also get a better look at the film’s different interpretations of the Snow White fairy tale’s supporting players, such as the eponymous Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth), who begins as a lost soul with little purpose to his life; the prince (Sam Claflin), upgraded from a nice, handsome guy to a badass bowman; and the famous dwarfs, who are presented as much more wild-looking and threatening figures than is customary (with beloved character actors like Bob Hoskins, Ian McShane and Toby Jones filling out the parts). It also continues to look more and more likely that Theron’s performance as the evil queen could end up stealing the movie.

As for Stewart as the famous fairy tale princess: she doesn’t look to offer much competition for Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games when it comes to landing the title of “Best Young Heroine of 2012.” Much like Lily Collins in this spring’s Snow White retelling, Mirror Mirror, the Twlight actress appears to do an overall competent job, so as to not detract from everything else.

Snow White Kristen Stewart Evil Queen Charlize Theron Huntsman Chris Hemsworth Snow White and the Huntsman Behind the Scenes Footage & Clips

As mentioned before, there’s little more to be said about Snow White and the Huntsman until we see the actual film. What has been shown, however, has made a good impression and suggests this movie could be a great example of how to properly update a recycled story for an age where darker and grittier fare reigns triumphant – without sacrificing the substance of the original mythology. That quality will become all the more coveted in the future, as the trend of Hollywood reboots and remakes continues to thrive.

Snow White and the Huntsman opens in theaters around the U.S. on June 1st, 2012.


Source: Universal [via Collider]

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  1. If everything goes right Charlize Theron kills Kirsten Stewart and everyone lives happily ever after.

    • Or chris hemsworth uses that axe of his lol

    • Have either of you two actually seen one of the Twilight films or are you both just apart of the “I Hate Kristen” bandwagon?

      • I have. I don’t hate anyone but the movie I saw (Twilight: Eclipse, or was it New Moon?) was crap, and I was told that it was the best at the time. It wasn’t Avengers (from the British TV show) or Battlefield Earth type of crap but it was pretty bad.

      • I watched the first, half the second and Adventureland. Her actung skill is limited to gasp and dumb looks confusion.

      • “I hate Kristen” bandwagon? You make it sound as if you know her personally and we “haters” all have some personal vendetta against her.

        Is it just impossible to believe some of us feel she’s not a great actor without it being a personal insult?

        and oh yes……..I paid my dues last month and just got my secret “KS SX” decoder ring, button and bumper sticker! :D

        • I asked a simple question that was very legitimate. There are people, and I know this may shock you, that simply hate Kristen because everyone else hates her and via only word of mouth believe that they have enough knowledge on her acting ability to make their disdain for her legit and not just the result of peer influence.

          The initial comments where made in good fun, but if we are going to take things literal then yeah I’d say hoping that Queen kills Kristen or that Chris chops her up just because you hate her might be a tad personal. Not that I was making big deal out of it. Unless my question came across as more dramatic than I intended.

          In my personal opinion Kristen is a good actress who has starred in more films than that of the Twilight Saga. I also believe that even if KStew did great in this film people would still tear her apart. To each their own though.

          And congrats on your Hateful merchandise I hope it serves you well in life. =]

          • You are a Kristen fan and you think she is a good actress. Be aware that for many people act well is to do more that the same role in more than 20 films and panting, open mouth and touched her hair. You saw her in Twilight and then saw all her previous films. You are of this type people who think that Kristen is God and all the rest of the world is cruel. Sorry if my taste in performance is more demanding and if I do not like this inmature girl who shows her middle finger. Snow White is the same as Bella Swan: girl in problems with her vinegar face. Maybe you should accept that many people see this and she is not an actress.

            • What many people are you talking about? There are just as many people who love and adore her, probably more seeing that the twilight films are continuous box office hits, than there are that hate her. And lets set the record straight I have never seen a twilight film, the vampire genre is not my cup of tea, however I have seen plenty of her other movies.

              You know in your small word selective reading may help you feel secure in your stance because it justifies your mean but if you want to actually make an argument and have it understood then you have to address the actually points being brought up. No where did i say that people do not have the right to “hate” Kstew. regardless of whether or not you want to acknowledge it there is a bandwagon syndrome when it comes to the hate that is now her stigma. Granted I am sure there are plenty who have seen all her films or enough to validate their hate, but a lot have not and simply hate her for F*cks sake. That’s what I was pointing out.

              I think you should take your foot out your mouth, cause clearly you did not read what my post correctly. And I’m almost 100% certain Kstew, with her “vinegar face”, is a lot more appealing than you on her worst day and you on your best.

            • “Vinegar face”, ha love it. In regards to her acting she seemed decent enough in Into the Wild. Saw the first Twilight movie, obviously pretty poor movies so hard to judge someones acting ability fairly.

  2. Kristin Stewart is the worse.

    • Yes, she just can act.

      • Sorry, she just can’t act

  3. Kristen Stewart sucks but the movie looks great.

  4. i have neve seen any of the twiglight movies so i don’t know is she or she is not that bad and i dont have to bagage my self with that.. you never knows maybe she suprises me…

  5. Charlize Theron will own this movie. Think Joker in ‘Dark Knight’.

  6. i’m happy to say that first legit reviews are rather harsh! Now this better translate to a terrible box office too!

    • There are no early reviews.

  7. “Snow White and the Huntsman” Movie: What to Expect from the Remake? [PHOTOS and VIDEO] This remake is fairer, braver and darker.

  8. What should we expect from this film?

  9. i wouldn’t go and see a movie if i didn’t like the actors in it, end of story! as for twilight it was teen girls’ movie, i don’t know any self respecting man or boy who would have gone to see that chick flick! lol this swath movie interests me for the visuals and the new angle on story that’s all