‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ Sequel is Moving Forward

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snow white huntsman sequel Snow White and the Huntsman Sequel is Moving Forward

These past few weeks have not been kind to Universal: the studio could use some good news, following the mediocre domestic box office returns for Battleship. Fortunately, the studio’s prospective franchise starter, Snow White and the Huntsman, has so far proven to be a worthy gamble, after pulling in $118 million worldwide during its first week of theatrical release (with openings in multiple lucrative international markets still on the horizon).

Rumblings about Universal’s plans for Snow White to be the first chapter in a trilogy leaked out nearly a year ago. In the months proceeding the film’s release, additional reports began trickling in, suggesting that the sequel(s) will focus more on the nameless Huntsman, as played by The Avengers‘ Chris Hemsworth. (That idea makes sense after you see the movie – more on that later.)

Deadline has learned that a followup to Snow White and the Huntsman is indeed being fast-tracked, with big-name screenwriter David Koepp (Jurassic Park, Spider-Man) already at work on the first script draft (that story broke about a month ago). Universal is also looking to bring back director Rupert Sanders to helm the sequel, as his deal for the first film did not include a sequel option (unlike the main stars).

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Kristen Stewart in 'Snow White and the Huntsman'

Snow White and the Huntsman (read our review) offers a lot of unique visual splendor, so Sanders’ return for the sequel would come as welcome news. However, the film’s script was (in our opinion) half-baked, leaving far too many plot threads dangling, to be resolved in later installments.

Furthermore, with the exceptions of the Huntsman and Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron), most of the film’s characters were not properly fleshed-out. As was discussed on the SR Underground Podcast, Snow White (Kristen Stewart) ended up being little more than a glorified plot device – with Stewart stuck having to just run around and react to her fantastical surroundings (as opposed to being allowed a three-dimensional personality).

That’s all to say: there’s certainly room for improvement in the followup. With a capable storyteller like Koepp (whose hits outnumber his misses), and Sanders possibly returning armed with more experience, the Snow White sequel could actually fulfill on that potential.

We’ll keep you updated on the Snow White and the Huntsman sequel as the story develops.


Source: Deadline

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  1. I see no reason for a sequel. What are they thinking?

  2. I see no reason for a sequel. What are they thinking? And isn’t the Huntsman’s name ERIC?

  3. A three-dimensional character often requires a three-dimensional actress. It’s easy to blame the writer, but sometimes it’s the performer who fails to bring the page to life. That’s often what separates an actor from a celebrity.

  4. My wife and I left the theater in a blah mood. While waiting for food I just blurted out, “AH! That movie pissed me off!” It was such a weird way to end the movie and Stewart stunk up the joint. My wife agreed and she likes her as an actress.

  5. Kristen Stewart = “Block of Wood” ~ Stark

    • oh come on, lets not be too harsh……..”Block of wood who can act angsty and scared”

  6. I’m gonna have to see this movie for Kriten’s “bad acting” alone. Surely you guys are just overreacting.

  7. no point to a sequel. the box office is a modest hit. yes that can change, but it’s going to be hard to do so when you have so many huge movies coming out. it wasn’t that amazing of a movie. it wasn’t horrible, but it was nothing amazing.

  8. I suppose at this point it would be too much to ask for someone to replace KStew? You know, someone who would actually be an asset to the story and not just a neutral element.

  9. Why?

  10. This movie was #1 for the week it came out mainly due to no competition from any other worthwhile movies (ie Paranha 3DD). Kristen Stewart was definitely the weak link and without a huntsman that just came off a billion dollar blockbuster and an oscar winning actress like Theron I doubt this movie would have come anywhere near the #1 spot. Cannot see why Universal would want a sequel – it just doesn’t warrant it.

  11. Hold on guys though I do agree 100% that Kristen Stewart is a horrible actress and she did not get any better in this movie , some of the blame goes to the Director for the long ass scenes that linger on the actors for way to long as they do ABSOLUTELY nothing, I mean what was that all about. The movie had some very good SFX, and Theron was the only bright spot of the movie in a very dark way. Unfortunately not even Theron could save this movie. Hell Hemsworth comes across as a poor mans Thor, who is constantly seen swinging something and getting his ass kicked. 2/2.5 starts C-/D+

  12. It was an ok movie that could definitely use another installment to explain a lot of plot holes that were left out. The hunstman’s orgin/history, the white deer, dwarfs, etc.

    Who knows maybe this was one of the many time that Odin has cast down Thor to teach him a lesson. I kid I kid.

  13. Just saw the movie, and I was unimpressed. It was obvious that they attempted to make it similar to The Lord of the Rings, at least visually, but it failed to capture the same magic. The dialogue was atrocious and boring. Kristen Stewart was not half as fair, or lovely, as Charlize Theron, and the dwarves were far from interesting. Would not recommend it, much less a sequel.

  14. I actually enjoyed it as another prespective of a fairy tale. But a sequel? Or even “the first chapter in a trilogy”?! Why??!! Would it take another 4 hours to say “Live happily ever after”???!!!

  15. Universal is stupid! The movie is going to loose millions so why do another!The actors were awful and Kristen was blah! I’m so happy that Universal is going to tank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • clam down to be honest your kind of tripping Because Universal has done loads of awesome movie int he last few years like Kick Ass, Nanny McPhee, Skyline, Little Fockers, Dream House, The Scorpion King 3, Wanderlust, SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN and loads more! plus Snow White and the Huntsman has actually been really successful so far.
      Your option is fine but just thought I would say ;)

      p.s please don’t say blah :L

      • SWATH will probably eventually make it’s money back but I wouldn’t say it has been really successful so far. With a production cost of $170 mil which does not even include the massive advertising costs I hardly think the studio is jumping up and down over this. I’m sure they thought Stewart could pull in the Twilight fans but for some reason her movies outside Twilight never seem to pull the majority over. A drop of 60% in the 2nd week is major so it will take a while before this one shows a profit.

  16. SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN IS EPICLY AWESOME! i think everyone here is being over dramatic because you don’t like the twilight films witch is perfectly fine but come on its a great film plus it has a good cast. Most of the time when i hear someone say “bad actor” I think its stupid coz its not real life so how can you define what and what is not good acting.
    I enjoyed it so much but everyone is entitled to their own opion but you don’t need to get so personal or nasty :D
    Rant over lawl :P

  17. I like SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN! I like KRISTEN as Snow White! A sequel with love story between Snow White and Prince William would be cute! KRISTEN STEWART and SAM CLAFLIN has adorable chemistry! Chris Hemsworth (ERIC the Huntsman) looks very much older than Snow White, evil queen Ravenna and the huntsman better tandem! We all enjoyed watching SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN! I believe a sequel will also register a good box office returns!!!

  18. Having just seen this movie, the only way it can go is back to Twilight territory. The only threads of the story left by the first film were :

    Which guy does she choose? The huntsman or the childhood sweetheart.

    And what happens during her reign.

    I really hoped during Theron’s dialogue (whilst she was in the fire), that this was just the first chapter in trying rid the land of the evil queen. After all, she was the most interesting thing in the entire film (apart from the beautiful cinematography).

  19. Snow White and the Huntsman was an amazing film and I loved it so much I went to see it 3 times and still not bored. Chris Hemsworth is a great actor and so is Charlize Theron. People only say Kristen Stewart is a bad actress because she was in Twilgiht (which even though many people don’t like, I love it) and everyone just joins in with saying she has no emotions. Twilight has nothing to do with SWATH so stop comparing! Personally, I think she was a lot better in this.
    A sequel would be great and a trilogy even better, can’t wait.

  20. In all fairness even i noticed kristen stewart acting bad. But I hope she chooses the huntsman I absolutely loved that guy! :) And I generally like the cute guy but he was way more charming and real than the dull prince. I went to the movie for charlize theron, she was bone chilling in the promos!

  21. I’m WTFING at all these comments about KStewart being bad at acting… I admit she looked emotionless in Twilight, but other then that, she was good in other movies! I loved the movie, and I hope the Hunter/Snow White get together!

    P.S – Get over yourselves! It does no good to write such bad comments about Kristen Stewart, it just shows how petty you are :P


  22. Hello, everyone! I’d just like to say that I personally enjoyed Snow White and the Huntsman incredibly. Charlize Theron was incredible, and I absolutely loved her. The Huntsman was also amazing, and Chris Hemsworth did fantastic. And yes, Kristen Stewart did nowhere near as amazing as Charlize Theron, but I personally think she did pretty good (well, at least better than she dd in Twilight.) She brought the right feel to her character, and I especially loved it when “Snow White” was in in “wonder” of something, because Kristen’s expressions were just amazing. And okay, guys, yes Kristen Stewart isn’t known for her wide range of expressions, but that wasn’t that bad in this movie. “Snow White” had been locked up for most of her youth by her STEPMOTHER after seeing her father with a knife in his gut. She wasn’t suddenly going to show all these emotions that were foreign to her. Kristen did a good job of showing that her character was still innocent, even after everything that happened, without singing and smiling about everything like in the Disney movie.

  23. Have just finished watching the movie and was not so impressed. I expected a little bit more… Even with the bad acting skills of Kristen Stewart, she will always just be another Twilight character. They could have used an other brilliant actress to play the role of Snow White. Charlize was excellent as always, but didnt see much of her witch power. Graphics was interesting. Will rather watch the series Once Upon a Time…

  24. I don’t think they should change Kristen. Regardless of what happened you can’t change the main character most people are not going to watch it if you change the person. No one likes main character changed. Not the same she did a great job.

  25. Samantha Barks woukd be a fabulous replacement for Kristen Stewart as Snow White, visually she is perfect to play snow.

  26. i really enjoyed snow white and the huntsman i was only a little disappointed with the ending would have loved to see snow whit end up with the huntsman hopefully if they make a sequel they can also make this happen

  27. I think everyone needs to stop hating on Kristen Stewart, I personally think she is a great actress, u all go on that she’s emotionless and a bad actress because of twilight, I love twilight I think all the films are great and can’t wait for breaking dawn part 2 to come out. SWATH is great to and I think Kristen Stewart is also great in this film and all the other films she’s been in. U all need to relise that kristen acts that way in films because that’s the way the character she plays has to act in that certain film, and before you say she’s like it in real life, she’s not she just gets nervous while doing interviews, n she is the way she is with paparazzi because they are annoying I know it comes with the job but seriously thay take the mick, I would be peed off to with them, apart from that she loves her fans and appreciates what they do for her :-)

  28. I loved snow white and the huntsman and the acting was alright. I loved the scene when the huntsman kissed snow white. snow white had more chemistry with the huntsman than the prince. I would not go to see the movie if kristen stewart is not in it. snow white and the huntsman dvd have been the top sellers in weeks. the ending of the movie when snow white was crowned and the huntsman was in the background I felt it needed a better ending.

  29. kristen stewart was great in the first one. if she isnt in the second one i wont be watching it. noone else could take her place.