‘Snow White & the Huntsman’ To Kick Off New Trilogy

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Chris Hemsworth and Kristen Stewart may be best known right as the onscreen incarnations of Thor and Bella Swan, but if Universal has its way, the two will also become strongly associated with their respective parts in next year’s Snow White and the Huntsman.

Not only is the fairy tale revamping in contention with Relativity’s fellow Snow White project to win over audience members in 2012, but producer Joe Roth (Alice in Wonderland) has now revealed that Huntsman is being conceived as the first chapter in a new folklore action-adventure movie trilogy.

EW is reporting that Huntsman is being structured as a “‘Lord of the Rings’-style take on the centuries-old tale” that sets the stage for future installments. According to Roth, the film concludes in such a fashion that “there will be questions remaining” about the three main characters: Stewart’s Snow White, Hemsworth’s Huntsman, and Charlize Theron’s wicked Queen.

When pressed for more information, Roth added the following:

“We retain the basic story in the same way we retain the basic story of ['Alice in Wonderland'], a young girl meant to be the queen who is cast out. The Huntsman is a mercenary, in the sense that he’s a guy who is very able in the woods, more able than most anyone. His job is to capture runaway girls, who are all fleeing the kingdom because of the queen. He’s a nondescript bounty hunter, as we first meet him.”

Roth also clarified that Hemworth’s Huntsman is no killer; rather, he’s a lost soul who has lost his wife and essentially given up on life. So the stage definitely remains set for there to be romantic tension between him and Snow White, as we’ve been speculating for a while now.

Snow White and the Huntsman getting script rewrite Snow White & the Huntsman To Kick Off New Trilogy

Re-imagining fairy tale princesses and female characters in a more contemporary light has been all the rage in Hollywood of late, whether it be a literal folklore retelling (Red Riding Hood, Tangled) or a more unusual spin on the traditional stories about young women in fantastical lands (Hanna, Sucker Punch). Snow White and the Huntsman looks to fall into the former category – what with Roth describing Stewart’s version of the ebony-haired gal as “innocent”, but also someone “who has some piss and vinegar in her.”

Relativity’s Snow White movie also promises to feature a take on the Brothers Grimm tale where the titular character plays a more active role in her fate. That film, however, is seemingly being conceived as a self-contained comedy-adventure tale that boasts some visually-extravagant and imaginative production design, courtesy of director Tarsem Singh (Immortals, The Fall). Huntsman, by comparison, will apparently go the more “epic” route, what with Rupert Sanders (the helmer of violent ads for video games like Halo 3 and Call of Duty) calling the shots.

Despite the difference in their respective approaches to the subject matter, it’ll be interesting to see how well either Snow White movie does at the box office next year. On the one hand, Huntsman might not fare as well since it will hit theaters after Relativity’s film; on the other hand, Armageddon still managed to become a huge moneymaking hit, back in 1998 – even though it was released just a few months after another (less popular) deadly asteroid thriller, Deep Impact. So history could easily repeat itself.

Snow White and the Huntsman arrives in theaters on June 1st, 2012.

Source: EW

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  1. Kristen Stewart as Snow White? It’s going to be awful.

    • Agreed. As I have stated in the past, I hope they do not spin this as her being “the fairest of them all”.

      She looks sleepy and apathetic. Two things that do not make a good lead character.

    • Totally agree. She’s one of the worst actresses in Hollywood. I bet this doesn’t even recoup it’s production cost, much less provide grounds for sequels.

  2. Horrible choice for Snow White. Her cardboard acting and deer in headlight talk show appearances makes me wonder what idiot talked her into going into acting. Preliminary score prediction on this movie: 2/10.

    • When I fist saw Stewart in Zarustha (or whatever the heck that Jumanji ripoff movie was called) I remember thinking she was a mildly cute girl with a lot of potential as an actress. I predicted at that time that she would someday be a star. What I did not predict is that she would become a star without growing one iota as an actress and having less personality than a Chi’s Pet. I’m extremely disappointed in what I’ve seen from her, but I guess Emo kids need heroes too.

      • zathura is based of a book, as is the movie Jumanji. The author of both books is the same man. Ergo Zathura is not a Rip off.

  3. ok how on earth and why are they making it an action adventure movie i mean it’s snow white what about that says action..i mean really

    • i think they are going to turn her into a fighter, and the huntsman trains her. either they will have to change the storyline a lot, because snow white was never a fighter.

      • Um, Disney didn’t invent Snow White buddy. Do some research.

  4. The only reason he’s calling it the first chapter of a trilogy is because, somewhere between Thor and Twilight, he smelled money to be made.

    • i agree

    • Movie studios new favorite words, trilogy, re-boot, re-imagined, prequel. Shows how things can just go off the rails with these projects.

      Make the first one watchable, then hit people with the sequel idea. Even if they have some long term plan in mind to start talking about it at this point is what makes people turn on movies before they are even finished filming.

  5. I actually want to see this movie. I want to see how bad it is. I want to see what wasted time looks like

  6. Am I the only one who thinks Kristen Stewart is hot? Fine by me. But, I don’t watch these kinds of movies.

  7. Well…as long as Chris has something else going between Thor and Avenger flicks..
    RDJ got Sherlock, Renner looks to have the Bourne Identity/MI 4-5. Evans has got to get something else going..by the end of the CFA run..’He’ll be offered something..
    I ain’t no *hater keep dem checks comin in..

  8. Agree to that! :)

  9. @ Slayer, I was about to make the same comment. The word “Trilogy” is starting to make my skin crawl. This movie is still at least a year away and IMO not in any way something that sounds like a sure fire hit and they are already thinking about 2 more. Who knows, I am probably wrong but it sounds like a bad idea to me.

  10. So we can assume Kristen Stewart will be involved in ANOTHER love triangle in this film? I guess I’ll have and see. And Chris Hemswerth is too amazing to do silly films with that silly girl.

    • Amen Jasmine! Amen to that!

  11. Kristen Stewart is not that bad of an actress guys. Everyone who is saying that is just one of those “Twilight haters”. Don’t judge her based on those movies alone. Watch all of them and then make a decision. Cause anyone that has seen The Runaways won’t think she can’t act.

  12. I’ve seen her other movies. I think her acting in Twilight is actually BETTER than in those other films. Her fans just don’t want to believe that the criticism of her acting is actually based on her poor ability. They want to blame the Twilight-hate. No. It’s just her and her poor acting. Also, though she isn’t an ugly girl, she’s no great beauty. And with her limited range, she should stick to roles that come naturally to her. She should play a primadonna or the stereotypical high school b****. Or maybe an emo chick with a bad attitude and a juvenile delinquency record. That role would suit her to a tee. It would also describe the majority of her hardcore fans and go a long way in explaining their truly atrocious online behavior. The people behind this film are completely overestimating her popularity and her ability to fill seats. I know very few people who like her or are fans of her, though I do know a large number of people who say that they suffer through her performance in Twilight, just in support of the book that they love.

  13. I have seen just about every movie that Kristen Stewart has been involved in. I think she is a wonderful actress. She has an imense amout of talent. Honestly I think she is perfect for the role of Snow White. I personally believe that the reason that females dont like her is because they are jealous. She has a smokin hot guy and an incredible job. And males dont like her because shes not the typical prissy girl. She’s one of the guys. And I respect her for that. The casting directors thought she was good enough for the role, apparently they believe she has what it takes. Otherwise she wouldn’t be working. I for one can’t wait to see the whole trilogy…

  14. Kristen will be a great “Snow White”….this will be a darker more on the edge Snow White and Dark/Edgy is what Kristen is made for…

    I have enjoyed her performance as Joan Jett Rocker Chick…..
    as a prostitute/stripper in Meet the Reilys, in the Cake Eaters as a terminally ill teen looking to experience all life has, and Bella Swan/Cullen the danger magnet turn queen bee…..

    Kristen is drawn to the Characters that have to overcome…the ones that have opposition from everyone around….these characters have missions and they keep going no matter what…..

    I do not think this Snow White will be spinning around in the forest with little forest creatures singing to her….no this Snow White will have some bite to her…can’t wait to see it.

  15. I’m stunned with how people can see things totally different. Kristen Stewart is a mega talent and extremely talented. She would not have the tons of praise she receives from Producers and Directors if this were not the case. I, like many, didn’t really know about her until Twilight hit the screen, but even in those films, her acting is incredible. You might not like her style – for that’s a personal choice, but mark my words – someday she will win an academy award or two… and she’s going to be awesome in this new trilogy! Yet, you vocal haters of Kristen Stewart will still be out on the Net, slamming her… without justification.

  16. Oh my gosh YES! I saw this movie yesterday and I was just thinking that whoever wrote this and directed it should do more fairy tale movies! I loved this Snow White, it was dark, twisted, and elegant. I really enjoyed it and if they are going to make more dark fairy tale movies I cannot wait!!