Smallville To Last 7 8 Seasons

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smallville logo Smallville To Last <del>7</del> 8 SeasonsHey, when I’m wrong I admit it.

I was certain that despite the cries of fans for another season that the producers of Smallville had settled on season 7 as the final one for the series. Over the last few days however there have been a number of quotes coming from producer Al Gough indicating that the plan is to make season 8 the last season for the show. This, despite the fact that the character of Lex Luthor will no longer be around on a regular basis.

Here are a few quotes regarding the possibility of an 8th season for Smallville:

“We would all very much like a season 8, and that in our minds, would be the last season. But that will depend on many factors, not the least of which is ratings, so PLEASE KEEP WATCHING!”

“…we hope to bring Michael back for one more season after this one [season 7] in some capacity.”

“He’s [Tom Welling] under contract to the show through season 8.”

So there ya go. I have no doubt that the ratings will be strong enough this upcoming season to support one more year. How will the show do in an 8th season without one of the best things about the show, Michael Rosenbaum? I don’t know. They’d better do some things to make up for his absence… one of which should be to break their bloody “no flights” rule and have Clark embrace the fact that he can fly. Especially in light of the fact that his cousin Kara, who they’re introducing this season, can.

Some of what will be happening this upcoming season is Clark and Lana finally having a serious shot at a relationship (now that she knows about his powers) and the fact that Lex and Clark will have to team up against some other adversary.

Sources: iF Magazine, Kryptonsite

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  1. The idea of a season 8 scares me, especially without Lex. I can’t see Darkseid fitting into this world, and I dont know who else could carry a season as a villain. Sounds like serious jump the shark potential, or at least Lois and Clark territory.

  2. Yeah… I really think they’re going to pull a “SG-1″ with this show and have it last longer than it shoule.


  3. Is Darkseid coming to this show?
    hope not terrible idea

  4. No one mentioned Darkseid outside of Chip Chief right here. :-)


  5. i didnt mean to imply that darkseid was coming, just that i dont know of another villain, now that zod and brainiac have been used, that could carry a season.

  6. Well they could bring back Brainiac, and there is Bizzaro who they introduced in season 6, who knows what’s going to happen. Plus they still have that whole level 33.1 story arc going on.

  7. Well the villain that Lex and Clark team up against is a villain from the past. So I’m betting it’s either Brainiac or Zod, even though both of those are supposedly dead.


  8. glad to here that about darkseid i was worried for a minute there!
    i wouldnt mind if they were done with seven
    what itruiged me about smallville was the idea of the lex and clark friendship and clarks discovery of his powers all of that is pretty much covered now
    when it looked less like the comic it was more interesting
    when you bring supergirl on to share the stage i think its over and i hope the audience agrees

  9. another possibilty for a returning villain is
    Morgan Edge
    he doesnt know clarks secret
    but he does know about clarks abilties and his weakness to kryptonite
    and he helped gaslight lex
    sounds like somebody they might team up against
    a longshot i know but a possibilty nonetheless

  10. I think at the end of season 7 Clark will have completed Jor El’s training of being a superhero and will become Superman. That’s the only way a Season 8 will be interesting. The only way Clark will ever keep a secret identity with glasses is if everyone around him (Lois, Jimmy, Lana etc.) will only ever remember Clark with wearing glasses; maybe Jor-El might have some part to play in it… I mean, he can make Clark go back in time (Season5)so what’s stopping him hypnotising people? As for Lex, I think he’s going to go missing at the end of season 7, and he’s going to lose his memory of Clark, Lana etc. like supposedly the comics.


  12. Lana knows Clark’s secret?! Here in Italy she doesn’t yet… But we’ve just the fifth season, the VI is on tv right now.
    Anyway, how can Lana know it? In Superman III Lana Lang doesn’t know that Clark and Superman are the same person. Maybe she’ll forget it?
    And then, here some people say that Lana may die, in one of the last seasons. But she lives in the movie with Christopher Reeve… Can anyone explain, please?

    Ok, sorry for my english, I’m going…

  13. I forgot: Smallville without Michael Rosenbaum?? I don’t want to see it… :(

  14. Smallville is a different “universe” than that of the comic books and the movies. Lana finally learned Clark’s secret and saw his powers for herself in season 6. At the end of the season she seemed to be caught in a car explosion, but everyone knows she’s not dead.

    Regarding Rosenbaum not being around for season 8, I think that’s the season the show will go downhill.


  15. I’ll miss Rosenbaum anyway… But I have to see what will happen now, I suppose, to understand why you say that season 8 is “the season the show will go downhill” ;)
    Thanks for the info!

  16. no smallville that jus aint right

  17. The only way to continue into Season 8 would be to end #7 with Lex and Lois discovering Clark’s superpowers, but being mind-wiped by a dying Lionel (taking out two birds with one stone); Clark realizing that Lana has become corrupted by the Luthors, and that he must part ways with her; Clark’s retreat into the Fortress; Chloe’s transfer to another paper/job outside of Kansas.

    Season 8 picks up with him emerging from the Fortress in the suit (3-4 years later) and returning to Metropolis as Superman. Lois, currently the Planet’s star reporter, barely remembers Clark (now in “disguise” with glasses). Throw in a few JLA adventures, introduce more characters from the canon (Kyle Rayner, Donna Troy, etc.), and possibly end with a two-hour TV movie as Supes, a more mature Supergirl (now Superwoman), and JLA battle some big enemy (maybe Starro or Felix Faust).

  18. Well… I really doubt to be possible that, in season 8, “Lois [...] barely remembers Clark”: after so many and so important things that in these years have been happening in Smallville (the town)!!

  19. My comment is that small ville film should last for the nexted 8th season. we wanna see Lex put in to final darkness as a reward for the bad things he has been doing in the last seasons 5 and 6

  20. Clark will probably go to the Fortress and complete
    his training. Season 8 will probably deal more with Clark becoming Superman (even though that’s where the series is meant to go,it kinda scares me). Lois and Jimmy will think Clark became a nerd the instant he left Smallville (i.e the glasses), he probably told a fib that he is going to Europe or something. Micheal McKean (Perry)would probably return and assume editorship of the Daily Planet. Well that’s just my theory.

  21. In the universe they’ve built with this series I don’t see ANY way that the “don’t recognize him with glasses on” thing can POSSIBLY work.


  22. I hope they have a season 8, I love the show. They need to have clark start working at the Daily Planet with Lois. He needs to start fighting crime in the city.

    We will miss Lex, he is great. They can always cast other DC Comic Characters to cause trouble.

    Chole and Lana need to leave so clark can be Superman. He always gets help from the girls. He needs to build a relationship with Lois and fight crime. Clark also needs to learn how to fly before they cancel the series. Hey Dean Cain got to fly, why not Tom Welling?

  23. Well i’m still at season 3 here, but I’m aware of what goes on the other seasons. Overall, I’m not really happy, Clark still feels like the same farm boy who stares at Lana. It feels like Jonathan Kent’s death was for nothing, Clark never changed. He should have moved on he should have gotten closer to that Superman vibe, he should have left Lana and he should have gotten a job as a reporter. But no, he is still moping around about LANA! it’s getting annoying, stupid and overused! Oh COME ON! They got 3 seasons to allow Clark delve into the superhero personality after his dad died and still get NOTHING! I don’t know why I watch this show anymore it’s practically running around in circles.
    Anyway, I think Parasite might be a good addition to the show.

  24. well I would like to see a season 8 because i would like forl Lois & Clarks relationship mature into something more even I am sooo LOVING the foreshadowing they are giving us in the series also it’s getting annoying how can go moping around about lana. And what I also found odd is that Lois Lane (Erica Durance) Is very pretty but sometimes theres episodes where they make her physicall flaws stand out because when i see her in other appearances she is very beuatiful. Is it because they don’t want her totick out more than Lana and other characters? I think that is it but from a rumor that is going around that lana is not be in season 8 maybe they will let lois dye her darker because she looks way better with her hair a darker shade :D

    Sorry I wrote so much P.S. I am gonna mix LEX X(

  25. I have only 1 comment to make regarding the series “Smallville” and that is, “Where the heck is Bruce Wayne”????

    We have seen in the past seasons cameo appearances from “The Flash” (ok I can handle that), “Aquaman” (in the middle of Kansas without an ocean in sight but OK), “The Green Arrow” (a Green Batman wanna be) and “Cyborg” (who???). Even SuperGirl gets in on the action (hot as she is, but after her 1980′s movie she should still be missing in action so the whole generation forgets) but no Bruce (a.k.a. Dark Knight). Does he not have enough money to “hob knob” with Lex Luther or Oliver (i.e. Green Arrow).

    More than likely the writers know that it would split the audience as to who to vote for and how to make a big show down doable so both turn out to be goodguys (in a dark way). The tension between the 2 (as they never really seen eye to eye could be priceless if written correctly.

    I have been a faithful fan of this series, buying the seasons as they become available. I got too see when Lex goes bad (nicely done by the way) and the start of the League. But enough already, bring in Batman!!!! Let the Dark Knight show you how it is done!!!!!

  26. I’m betting they’ll use season 8 to bring in Bruce Wayne. Because the timing ties nicely into the new batman movie “The Dark Knight” which is released in may of 08′. People can bounce off of the movie of batman’s start then dive into the tv program where he and superman first cross paths.

  27. Season 7 is great! When do we get to see Lois and Clark??? Lana is lame she really need to get a life, everything about her is depressing!

    Besides like Clark said, Lana is his present and Lois is his future, but the present is getting dragged out now don’t you think?

    Hoping smallville don’t stop at season 8, there is still alot that need to happen and Clark can’t even fly yet.