Are Smallville And Supernatural Ending Next Season?

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smallville supernatural Are Smallville And Supernatural Ending Next Season?

With Smallville moving to Fridays and Supernatural getting a new vampire neighbor on Thursday nights, what does the future look like for both shows?

Various factors have me thinking “bleak.”

As we know, Smallville is moving to the dreaded ratings vacuum called Friday night.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s a place networks put shows they don’t care about.  We all saw how Friday night killed viewer numbers for The Sarah Connor Chronicles when it was moved there.  And TSCC had more viewers than Smallville.

Back on Thursdays, The Vampire Diaries will be the lead-in to Supernatural in the 9 o’clock hour.  This isn’t necessarily the doom of the show, but we need to remember that Eric Kripke had a 5 year story outline for the Supernatural.  Yet on the down side of things, the Winchester brothers will be up against Fringe on Thursdays at 9 – that alone makes puts Supernatural‘s fate into question.

CW entertainment president Dawn Ostroff is also saying “We’ll see how the season goes,” in regards to Supernatural continuing beyond a 5th season, as if they’re not paying any heed to Kripke’s plan.

With the break-up of a great duo and the stiff competition that Fox is bringing to Thursdays, it does look like the next seasons of Smallville and Supernatural could be a little bleak in the ratings department.

Smallville:  A Quote To Remember

I had to toss this out for later reference at the end of the 2009/10 season of Smallville.

CW entertainment president Dawn Ostroff is being noted as saying that if Smallville delivers more viewers than some previous Friday night shows like Everybody Hates Chris and The Game, that that would be super.

Does this mean super as in good, we’ll keep it around or super as in, it’s just super it did that, but we’re going to let it simmer and steam out from there?

Is it me, or does this all sound like lip-service in a weak attempt to retain viewers?

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  1. I just hate the fact that the CW program decided to move Smallville on Friday nights. They should have moved the Vampire Diaries show to Friday, instead. Who gives a crap about that show. If both Supernatural and Smallville don’t make it through a full season, I will get very upset with CW and never watch a show from their program every again!

  2. The CW is a joke of a network. They have NO idea how to create original programming (Smallville was originally a WB show before the merger) and when they DO have a good show, they treat it like crap. I’ll still be watching Smallville, but chances are it’ll be after it’s on my DVR. I wish that Smallville was made by the USA network. At least THEY take care of their core shows.

  3. I get what they’re trying to do with their effort to jump on the teenage vampire bandwagon but I think that the mix of shows they’re tossing in the can (I mean put on Friday nights) is a tragic combination that even if it weren’t on Friday’s would still dampen fan enthusiasm.

    You are right… it appears to be a joke.

    To be honest, I’d hate to be in their shoes trying to convince sponsors and such to come on board.

    It’s like trying to get a corporate sponsor for the Titanic, after it hit the iceberg.

  4. End Smallville already!!! The show needs to have a series finale!!!

  5. She’s just trying to kill SV and SPN. They’re the only shows that actually target a broad audience and that’s not what CW wants. The just want to target young woman who don’t watch their shows.

  6. I’m not sure what to make of the CW. They had TWO built in audiences (the Smallville/Supernatural crowd) and an African-American audience with shows such as Everybody Hates Chris. Now they appear to be abandoning those 2 audiences to just cater to a 15-24 year old female audience. Hey, I can see having a night of TV that is targeted for a specific audience (i.e Smallville/Supernatural), but to put ALL your programming eggs in one basket is going to be the end of The CW.

    All I can say is: Thank God for the Discovery Channel!!

  7. If Kripke really has a five-year plan for Supernatural, I’d prefer it be cancelled at the end of that plan. I always find it painful when a TV series continues beyond its natural lifespan and steeply declines in quality.

    As for Smallville … that particular horse should have been shot two years ago.

  8. I Love Supernatural !!! Please Continue it !!!!

  9. Eric Kripke only planned out 5 seasons of Supernatural. As a huge fan of the show, this is bittersweet. It’s bad because I will miss the show like hell (thank God for DVDs!) but good because I bet it will go out like a bang (they have amazing writers) and won’t drag on for too many seasons (*cough*cough*Smallville-which got moved to the worst timeslot ever). So yes Supernatural is almost definitely ending…but I will never stop loving it :)

  10. I am mad as H$%^^ll! I Love both shows, Supernatural and Smallville I am dedicated to both shows, if the CW thinks for one minute they will gain a younger crowd by doing this, think again, my teenage daughter loves One Tree Hill but she records it to watch only on her free time as do all of her friends, teenagers are to busy these days for TV trust me between school activities, sports, and just hanging out with friends there really isn’t time for tv. CW might want to think this one through and make there adult viewers happy, because we move onto other networks when you let us down! And Smallville has already gone through 8 seasons, they may as well see them through to at least 10 years, they owe them that much. Supernatural I Love the show and don’t want to see it go, but at 5 years they are done I will be ok, just give Sam and Dean a happy ending, maybe throw in some wives and kids :)Don’t be stupid CW us adults keep you going not the younger crowd.

  11. Smallville rocks my socks. If being on friday kills the ratings i’m gonna be a very mad person. who gives a flying fladoodle about vampires? didn’t twilight prove that vampires is a lame idea to base anything on. i mean what’s with all the vampire stuff lately? it’s like the 2009 entertainment theme.

    Smallville has kept it’s own for 8 years, why all of a sudeen knock it down for a, most likely, cheesy, blood sucking dawson’s creek

  12. maybe smallville’s switch is a try at getting more friday viewers? i don’t know. but if this vampire show better be pretty freaking good if they want to keep the spot that smallville had

  13. I have watched Smallville from the beginning – WHY mess with your only GOOD show ! ! ! My family has 8 members from 18 to 62 that enjoy SMALLVILLE – you have a hit with all ages – why why why – mess with it.


  15. yes yes yes. if you’re a smallville fan, PLEASE, for the love of God, do your best to watch fridays. i don’t want the show going down the tubes because of a vampire show (i mean come on)

  16. isn’t it only going to be season 5 of supernatural? not a very long running show. smallville’s going in to season 9. now that’s a good show

  17. smallville is a aplus show there is so much to wright about for smallville if it done right with the writers it can go to ten years or longer net work cw think what you are doing take a close look before you decide to cancle the show rating come and go have the write writers and the show will never go back take a good look at the comic books a show is only good as it writers and actors so think twice before cancling the show

  18. smallville, like disco, will never die!!!

  19. smallville and supernatural are The greastest shows on the CW and is the greatest dynmatic duo on TV. so why CW? Why break up such an amazing line-up. i’ll still watch both shows but if Smallville end or Supernatural have a crappy ending i will NEVER watch any programs on the CW again

  20. How did the writers strike last year affect supernatural? Do you think there were any below par episodes that would correlate to the strike?

  21. Supernatural is cool. I think Smallville has good elements but its very sugar coated teeny bull as well all in the same package.
    It needs to get darker to continue and move to metropolis with lex becoming a criminal mastermind, and not just an average uber rich power hungry elitist

  22. Smallville should be paired up with One Tree Hill or Gossip Girl because it has become show a ridiculously idiotic tv show that it might as well be paired with another idiotic tv show. I CANNOT believe that this season was sooooo sappy for Smallville, honestly Clark Kent on teh show is a tool, the whole episode when LAna came back and got powers and then had to absorb the esenence of the kryptonite was the sappiest and most pathetic thing I have seen in years. That episode was an episode for people that like that sappy, grabage stuff…like people that like “the Notebook”… Give me a break, Clark will do all this homo-erotic nonsense but he wont fly or wear the Superman outfit? Yeaaa BOLD choice Tom Welling…
    This coming season will clearly be the last season of the show and even if the writers and TOm Welling want to sign on for another, it wont happen, ratings will drop signifantly more than they have this past season mainly because the show’s primary audience ranges from 13-28 years old, I am 25 and I can tell you for damn sure that I will not waste a Friday night on this show.
    Oh and Zod is back again, yay woopty dooo, havent we done this already? Screw this show

  23. Well that was cheerful. Did you see any other episodes of season 8 beside REQUIEM? This season beat @$$

  24. Season 8 had hardly any “sappy” stuff. (with the exception of when lana came back). The first seasons and farther on are like that because, even now, clark is only like 5 years out of high school. He was a teenager for the majority of the show. That’s what the show was supposed to be about, the teen years of superman. But now they’re moving out of it and he’s becoming a (super)man.

    If you hate it, don’t trash it. Just don’t watch it.

  25. “If you don’t like it don’t trash it…”? Screw that! This show has done nothing but garner all the anger and hatred I can muster. I’m this close to just saying “To hell with Superman” because of this show! No, I SHALL trash it. And I shall hope for the unemployment of its conspirators. This show is a crime against art, science, intellect, Jesus, Buddha, puppies, and kittens. Forget it.

  26. supermn flied in every comic, movies and in evry story. its so clear that the teen yers of superman is over and clark is a man becoming a superman. knowing fully well that movies cannot hold every detail of superman,and series can. therefore season 9 cannot and should not end smallville.of course there are som flaws in some seasons, but the pefect part is 80%, and that is very acceptble. there is no success without critics. once again, smallville season 9 is taking too long. don’t wait for the coment of does that confuse entertainment from reality. smallville rocks.

  27. Only reason I still watch this show is cause I watched it from teh beginnnig and want to see it through….and yes unfortunately I saw EVERY episode this season…and YES it was the sappiest season…take away the whole Clark/Lana thing now we also have to deal with the whole Oliver and Tess grabage romance the whole Cloe and Jimmy (who could not be a bigger loser on the show)romance which also goes into cloe and davis bloom…what is this dawson’s creek? Will clark pick Lana or Lois? Will Cloe pick Davis or Jimmy? Will Lois hook up with all of the Justice Leaugue? What is this like the 100th visit that Cloe has had to a hospital?

  28. And whatever happened to Clark in college, did he just drop out? No ncomment in the show about it. His mother? Barely a comment here or there…if he works in the daily planet shoudlnt he be flying by now? And Lex is he really dead? A superman show without Lex Luthor, without a superman suit, without him flying, and with countless chracters that just cry all the time about their love lifes….this gets more like Dawson’s Creek year after year.
    I can already see teh premise for the 9th season…Clark battles Dawson for the rights to Lois’ heart…or probably teh way this show is going for the rights to Oliver’s heart

  29. As said before in countless posts, Superman doesn’t exist… yet.

    Clark with Lois: wow you’ve cracked the code