Smallville And Supernatural Renewed

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smallville supernatural Smallville And Supernatural Renewed

After all the noise and going back and forth on whether The CW is or is not going to do anything about two of its major tentpole shows, the wait is finally over.

Today The CW President Dawn Ostroff announced that Supernatural and Smallville were renewed for another season.

That makes it season 9 for Smallville, and Supernatural will be headed into season 5. Woohoo!

I’m guessing this means that the contract haggling between the network and Tom Welling is finally over and the show will go on.

The announcements also mean that despite what folks were wondering, The CW will be around for another year. Yes, there were concerns apparently.

There are no details about any story or character developments on either show so we’ll just have to sit on the edge of our seats and wait.

Wait to see what happens with the Winchester brothers and if they survive their brotherly feud and if Clark will…  well, you know.  What it is we are all wondering about? Like I even have to say it. Right? Tell me I don’t have to say it.

Expectations are that both shows will remain in their Thursday night time slots.

Source: TV Week

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  1. FLY?
    is that he word you are looking for Bruce?

  2. Ah hah! Indeed! Fly it is… Gary gets the prize!

    Well, actually, the only prize here is bragging rights to being first to saying it!

  3. But…but..I thought it; doesn’t that count for something? :-)

    I’ve never seen Supernatural; is it worth seeing? I’m glad Smallville is returning for at least 1 more season; but they do need to come up with a spin-off (Metropolis?).

  4. And no more Lana…PLEASE! I do think they need Rosenbaum back for a couple of episodes at least.

  5. John,
    They always say it’s the thought that counts. So yes.

  6. Clark will fly in the season finale…..making Season 9 all that more grand. We will have a whole season of him flying and with a dual identity….and possibly donning the suite. I mean, they used to obey the “no tights, not flights”, policy, but with that out the window maybe Clark will donn the tights too…..We’ll see. But I am definitely a happy fan……Now all that has to happen is a “Smallville: The Movie”…..but I won’t hold my breath.

  7. There will be a Season 9 of something but it won’t be Smallville. We rarely see Smallville. Change it to Metropolis, or “Lois finally gets her Superman.” I will still watch (I too want to see Tom/ Clark fly, altho he really doesn’t need a costume does he?) but without Lana, Smallville is over. As long as Chloe is still there it will be ok. The journey will be over and you kids will finally get to the destination. “Are we there yet?”

  8. bah, bring back Veronica Mars!

  9. Yes, the show gets its 9th season as I knew it would happen. There’s no way the show can recover in 8 episodes after the disastrous Lana arc. I hope that TW’s new deal would involve breaking one or both rules of No Tights, No Flights. Smallville will go on record as the longest running superhero and Superman related show ever. The new measuring stick for all future superhero shows to follow.

  10. @Rob: LOL… quit it!

  11. Tricia, I agree that they should change the itle to “metropolis” for the nith season or maybe “Smallville: The move to Metropolis”… get the picture. I agree that he doesn’t need the tights, but it would make it feel more like superman if he did…..

  12. I’d recommend Supernatural. I did find it a bit okish at first, but it has gotten a lot better. It does have a good sense of humour. Can be annoying at times as it goes too frivolous, but usually just lightens the mood.

    It’s kind of a younger X Files if you like. Not as good, but likeable.

  13. I just don’t get it.From all the news that I heard before the season started,this was supposed to be the final season of Smallville,and I was really hoping that it would be.I’ve hung onto this show for too long,and it’s probably been on fro about 2or 3 seasons too long.I wish they would just end it and get it over with so I can finally be done with it.

  14. I don’t know what people have against Lana, but they can bring her back and I’ll be completely fine with it. She is one hot looking chick. Good news with Smallville coming back. Supernatural sucks though. They were good for about 2 seasons. Jericho is another show that sucked.

  15. I dont get why ppl dont like lana either. I like her character, but the show can easily go on without her. She is not essential to the mythos. And no more lex seems improbable, (seens as hes supermans longest running enemy) but they would have to resign michael rosenbaum. Some look a like with a disguised voice isnt going to cut it.

  16. I love Smallville, but I’m tired of the ‘how long can we keep Clark Kent from becoming Superman’ routine. They’re using up all of the villains and major supes storylines and he hasn’t even put on the suit yet. The only thing left is him marrying Lois and Lex becoming president.

  17. Theres still plenty of storylines and villains-lobo, darkseid, imperiax, brainiac is never gone for good, mongul, metallo….list goes on!

  18. @Jerm

    So you think Smallville is great, Jericho sucks AND you want Lana back?

    Dude you are on the WRONG website. :-P


  19. @Vic
    I would like to see Lana back as well…to be crushed into the dirt by Doomsday! 8-)

  20. Lana was a good character for the first 6-7 seasons… she is not only holding the story line back, but holding Clark back from moving forward and becoming the Clark Kent/Superman persona. For all that think it should have ended….you are on the wrong website…this is for smallville supporters….negative commments are okay, but not to stop the show. I believe the last couple months this season and the finale will set up a great final season 9…….

  21. Clark will never put on the tights. That was stipulated in Smallville’s agreement with DC Comics. That’s also why lois is not in as many episodes as we would like. The Contract also says Clark and Lois can’t be together by their own accord (i.e. red kriptonite

  22. @Vic….

    How true….LOL.

    I love Smallville and I am glad that it is coming back. It is the only show on The CW that is watchable. The rest of their lineup is pure garbage.

    I have to agree, John. I would love to see Lana as Doomsday fodder!! Then we can FINALLY end the whole Lana/Clark thing. Ugh, it’s getting SOOO monotonous. The first 4-5 seasons I really like Lana, but the past couple of years have been awful when she’s on the show.


    So you had access to DC’s contract with The CW? I think DC would do ANYTHING to promote their brand, up to and including Tom Welling donning the tights and rescuing a young Bruce Wayne…. :P


  24. Supernatural is fantastic! Watching the two shows back-to-back is night and day as far as dialogue and acting goes. I consider Smallville the somewhat thin but tasty soup before Supernatural’s more filling, delish main course.

    I’ve noticed that most people who actually like Lana’s character generally say “I like her. She’s hot.” Which says more about the actress than the character. Beyond that, she’s all hype and no substance. The writers have to tell us how great Lana is; otherwise, we wouldn’t pick it up on our own.

  25. OK….. Clark will never wear the tights… I get it. However….. don’t you think by now he should be able to fly? All the other Kryptonian characters have the ability to fly, so why not him?

  26. For Christ sake,please get Lana back in the Show because the dosen’t rock without her even if she has to be a mystery solver for Clark and help him in his hero duties.

  27. I am done with Lana to be honest. I am ready for Clark to fall for Lois and fly of course. I think bringing in more of the league is awesome. I think to finish this show they need a season nine and it needs to be about Clark and Lois and him becoming superman. Though I thought in this season finale they will get close to something of the sort… not sure yet… hmmm….

    Oh and I love supernatural Winchester brothers rock and are hilarious! They need to put a Got Pie shirt on Dean for one episode LOL

  28. I don’t think lex should return until clark becomes superman, if i remember rightly that’s how it happened in the comics. lex was friends with superboy until an explosion maimed him and he left for metropolis, not even remembering that he lived in smallville. As much as i love lana she shouldn’t return either until clark is totally over her and has become superman and is in love/ totally smitten by lois. I agree with the no tights, i’d personally like the final scene of smallville to be Welling tearing open his shirt to reveal the fabled S, then cut to the credits for the final time. But then there are so many different versions of the mythos that there probably is no wrong way. Sorry for ranting, just had to get it out there.

  29. i think clark should find out that it wasn’t the real lex in the truck when it got blown up, but never find the real lex until he turns up in superman: the movie.

    Smallville season 9 has got me “super” excited. i would love for the show to go on for many more seasons, but i fear this may be the last. i might shed a tear if that’s the case because i love superman and i love the story smallville has set up, and once smallville ends, superman is gone again. smallville’s really the only superman thing that’s new and i’d hate to see him go again.