‘Smallville’ & ‘Supernatural’ Return Episodes Pushed Back

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smallville supernatural pushed back Smallville & Supernatural Return Episodes Pushed Back

In a move that will combine the ire of Smallville and Supernatural fans, The CW has made the decision to push back the return of their Friday night line-up by one week. Instead of returning on January 28, both series will now be back on February 4.

In place of Smallville and Supernatural, The CW will be re-airing Thursday’s return episodes of Nikita and The Vampire Diaries this Friday. While The CW has yet to release a statement explaining their last-minute scheduling decision, many speculate that American Idol may be at the heart of it.

Now that American Idol is airing on Thursday, The CW rightly believes that this will impact the return ratings of Nikita and The Vampire Diaries – considering both have similar demographics. Since both series have been off the air for so long, the network is looking to hold on to as many of their viewers as possible by giving fans another chance to get back into the series.

Of course, that’s not the only theory. Another centers around The Vampire Diaries and Nikita being pre-empted in Chicago and Baltimore (by a mayoral debate and basketball game, respectively) – two major television markets. As with the previous supposition, The CW wants to give both shows the chance to reach as many potential viewers as possible.

Fortunately, Smallville and Supernatural fans will receive a double-dose of their favorite series next week, as The CW will air the final December episodes of both series on Wednesday, February 2, before Friday’s return.

smallville1 Smallville & Supernatural Return Episodes Pushed Back

In an attempt to calm any of our angry readers, I can tell you that Supernatural’s return is the best episode yet – so it’s definitely worth waiting for. In fact, the episode is so great and contains so much story progression that I’m not even allowed to say what happens… but it’s a game-changer.

As for Smallville, unfortunately I haven’t seen the episode yet, but with Chloe and Black Canary returning, this will most certainly be an episode to see.


Smallville airs Friday @8pm, on The CW
Supernatural airs Friday @9pm, on The CW

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  1. Yeah, you would think if they wanted to keep views they would pull stunts like this by making us wait yet another freakin week. They have had a LONG enough break already for christs sake.

  2. what a load those idiots

  3. WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    I am seriously pissed off about this!!!! These shows are always on bloody breaks!!!! They are only on for 4-5 episodes before they have another break in March anyway!!!!

    I was really looking forward to these tonight!!!! Got up, and thought, “Smallville and Supernatural tonight, that makes my whole day better”. Now, my whole day sucks!!!!

    Damn them all to hell!

  4. Just way to make the wait even harder Anthony lol. Tell us we have to wait and then rub it in just how great Supernatural is lol JK but seriously classy move man ;) lol

  5. Ugh. I am a big fan of smallville. I’ve followed it from the start till now. And I must say the breaks they take during the season are so ridiculously long!! I hope the reason for the push back is to eliminate any other breaks during the season from now till it finishes.

  6. Auuughhh!!!! now I have to wait at least one more week to see Clark don the suit and fly.*

    *I mean actually fly… not hover a little as he makes out with Lois. lol

  7. WHY?!!!! I have been waiting for over a month!!! This really dissapoints me and nowI am beyon curios to see what happens on Supernatural

  8. Have FOX execs taken over the CW?

  9. I saw this yesterday and I was very flustered! I’ve waited all this time for Smallville and now I have to wait longer?!?!?! For an encore episode of The Vampire Diaries?!?!?!?! People actually watch that sack of crap show?

    • Yes, i too am feeling your frustration, been waiting an age for this, been looking forward to this all week and now i am disappointed!!!! Typical!!!

      • It wouldn’t have been as bad had they announced this a couple weeks ago. But 2 days before!?!? Ugh CW, UGH!

        • Exactly! But to spring this 2 days before its meant to be shown?!?!?! It’s crazy. Someone on the open discussion said it was due to the following episode being re edited due to that Congresswoman who was shot, because in that episode Martha is shot.
          but I can’t find any evidence of that.

          • Yeah. I heard they were changing it “assulted” instead of “shot”. But you can still just delay THAT episode. Not this one!!!!!!!!!!!

            • Oops! “attacked” not “assulted”.

              If I’m gonna rant I’m gonna be accurate :)

  10. They changed the tag for the episode where Martha gets shot to Martha gets attacked. The rumor is that they are reshooting the scene due to the Arizona shooting since it is too close to the actual event, but nobody at CW is confirming this.

  11. I can’t think of enough cuss words to relay how I feel about this. It would just get deleted in the first sentence if I could. Instead of getting Superman we get a Tweeny Vampire show that sucks butthole. American Idol can suck it too.

  12. WTF
    way to piss off the fandoms CW,

    and as far as the new SPN episode, your comment on the episode has got me WAY too excited, holy $&*$^F

  13. Oh come on!I was so looking forward to seeing both Supernatural and Smallville this week!And they delay it because of The Crappy Diaries and Nikita?That’s just…It’s just…Aaargh!

  14. comonnn more delays????/ wtf

    • what show was delayed

      • really?

  15. hey what time deos supernatural come on please someone tell me like post it or some thing please

  16. Yesterday you could go to the CW website and leave feedback. I politely told them that when their flagship program; Smallville, went off the air I would remove their network from my cable box. I also told them to “Burn in Hell.” Hearing ths again today reinforces my belief that I did the right thing.

    • hey do u know what time supernatural comes on

    • You did the correct thing sir, and I for one applaud you.

      • DSM,

        You’re encouraging someone who told someone else they should burn in hell for canceling a TV show? Really?

        To me that sounds a bit unbalanced, not something to encourage.


        • I really don’t think he meant it Vic. You gotta admit though the breaks are a bit long.

        • Hell is just a word.

          • DSM,

            Don’t be disingenuous. It certainly means something as used above.


          • Sam I don’t condone Mike’s behavior he’s over reacting to the situation.

            That said I agree with you Hell is just a word. It’s not anything more or less than that. It’s a word used to describe a non existent place.

  17. Anyone else think the Supernatural picture makes them look real bad? Haha. It’s like their eyes are too big or something.

    • ya it kinda does

  18. why why why why why why why!!!!!!! dam cw to hell

  19. I can’t believe that when I turned on the CW to watch Smallville and Supernatural. I was blessed with some crappy twilight looking stupidly written show because CW wants to have some reach out program for shows with bad ratings. It’s Friday I ain’t got shiza to do, there ain’t nothing on TV, and now this crap. I have two words for CW “You Suck”.

  20. I can’t believe they did this, waited all week for Supernatural and I get figgin NIKITA WTF? I’m so mad I could punch a kitten in the face!

    • Poor Kitten, but it deserved it for taking away my Supernatural.

      • I am

        • i am totally bummed out over this sudden switch to thursday night fare. why didn’t you apprise us via email, twitter and facebook

    • well thats just not nice

      • Poor kitty :( It was probably just as upset

  21. And I agree with DissapointedinCW……CW you do suck!

  22. This is really upsetting. Who really watches Vampire Diaries or Nikkita? The stories are replicas of other stories and they really just suck. The only show I watch on tha crap channel is Supernatural. I DID watch Reaper but of course they canceled it. I wish Syfy would pick up Supernatural and for those who like, Smallville. At least they would not make a decision to pull an episode last minute. Leave the stupid tweenie shows like 90210 on the CW.

  23. CW REALLY? Your telling us that your delaying the two best shows you have on this network for one of those idiotic teeny bopper shows for “RATINGS?” Even if that isn’t the reason WHY would you pull a stupid idiotic asinine stunt like this WTFH Who runs this stupid network? I really hope that when Smallville and Supernatural go off the air that CW crashes and burns and get replaced by a GOOD network and all the rest of these teeny bopper NONshows disappear forever. YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. i’m so pissed man! I organised everything so i could watch smallvile peacefully. I didnt even know that it was cancelled till next week just to show you that i was preparing for my two favourites sv and sn. I never expect cw wud do this crap AGAIN! So angry. i mean there’s an Internet if u missed out on vd and nikita. Thats wat its there for.

  25. I’ve got to say, to get this bent out of shape for a delay of just one WEEK on new episodes tells me some of you folks need a little more difficulty in your lives – just to give you some perspective.

    I’m just sayin’…


    • Getting angry about this keeps my emotions focused on something other than attacking my co-workers… I mean I hate waiting :) heh heh…

    • Well Vic, you know, this is Screen Rant so folks come in here to rant and let off a little steam. To say that some folks must not have much difficulty in their lives to get bent out of shape for something so small as a one week delay in programming might not be accurate. In fact, there may be some that have quite a few other stresses in their lives, and this delay was just one more thing on the list. But, this was something that people could actually shout out about instead of just hanging on in quiet desperation. So, they come here and share their feelings of distress, and anger even, at having to deal with something that made them feel a bit powerless. Most of us don’t like that feeling.

      And I think that also, some of us have been so frustrated by the unfathomable decisions that network executives make over and over again, and this delay made some of us feel jerked around once more. I will agree that one saying that they wanted to “punch a kitten in the face” was nauseating but, that could be just a lame attempt at “edgy” humor. But, I am guessing that most of the complainers, once they were able to come here and rant, probably clicked to another web site and went on with their lives.

      • Well I know that was a general statement and I don’t know people personally. Just seemed a bit over the top is all.


        • FYI, the Supernatural fanbase is very loyal, very dedicated, and sometimes, kinda scary.

    • Gonna have to agree Vic. I’m a big supernatural fan and I wasn’t disappointed to hear it was delayed, but wasn’t that upset. It’s gotten a bit out of control here. It’s just one week it’s not like they delayed it another month or canceled it all together.

      I’m less irritated by them delaying it than I am that they didn’t change it showing up in guides so my DVR recorded what was named Supernatural but instead was Nikita. I watched 20 minutes and I’m angry I’ll never have that 20 minutes back. I saw a bit of the show when it started and knew it was bad, but I had no idea just how bad it really was until last night.

  26. Absurd overreactions for a couple of TV shows.

  27. Well hey! At least I stll had Fringe to fall back on ;)

  28. Outside looking in, its remarkable that this kind of political motive can outrage people when this is like the most trivial event of the week.

    Oh well,,,