Supergirl Returning for the Final Season of ‘Smallville’

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The CW’s Smallville is gearing up for its tenth and final season and it appears they’re trying to wrangle back as many familiar faces as they can in lieu of all the departures the show has faced in recent years.

It was previously  revealed that John Schneider would be returning for at least two episodes as Clark’s father Jonathan Kent (death is really just a minor affliction in comic book properties after all) and now Entertainment Weekly has learned that Laura Vandervoort will reprise the role of Kara (a.k.a. Supergirl) for one episode.

Vandervoort was a series regular during Smallville‘s seventh season and returned briefly at the beginning of season eight. The last time viewers saw her, she was flying through space on her way to find the lost Kryptonian city of Kandor. While I believe her parting words to Clark about fulfilling his destiny on Earth would have been a nice way to conclude her storyline, the network’s decision was probably not based on creative factors.

Smallville‘s tenth season will only feature Allison Mack’s character Chloe as a guest star and Michael Rosenbaum doesn’t seem all that interested in returning as Lex Luthor. At this point the showrunners are probably reaching out to anyone and everyone, just trying to see who will bite. Vandervoort’s participation was no doubt aided by her involvement in another Warner Bros. owned show- the sci-fi drama, V.

As you’d expect from any show that’s been on the air this long, Smallville has had some dramatic ups and downs in terms of quality. The ninth season finale had one particular shot that filled fans with equal measures of excitement and apprehension. You know the one I’m talking about:

smallville superman eye Supergirl Returning for the Final Season of Smallville

Please don't screw this up.

While it’s admittedly an awesome shot, our own Anthony Ocasio noted in his ninth season finale review that the show has previously dropped the ball several times in regards to making promises it ultimately didn’t keep. From its inception, Smallville‘s creators were adamant that Clark would never wear the suit in the show and it was their way of separating themselves from other television adaptations of the character.

Either they’ve changed their minds or we’re facing the possibility of the writers taking ridiculous measures to keep Clark in civilian clothes for the entire season. Even worse, they might reveal it’s not the suit at all and that they just used the image to whip fans into a frenzy with no intentions of following through on what would be a pretty bold change in direction for the series.

What are your theories about the final season of Smallville?

Source: Entertainment Weekly.

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  1. I think he has to wear the’s the story of him becoming everybody sees Clark so if he does become superman people are going to know who he is.he don’t wear the glasses haha

    • i didnt even know this show still aired they should of cancled it a loong time ago it was about him in smallville they totally milked this

  2. In the last episode, I can assure you that he’ll be wearing the suit… If he doesnt, then they will have him do something to show that he now is wearing the suit… if they dont do that, then ten seasons are wasted…

  3. well its not the same showrunners how said no flight no tights rule so i think that the likely hood of it happening is high. I think S9 has been its strongest yet since Welling has become one of the producers so hopefully it just keep getting better =)

  4. He will wear the suit in the last episode only, guarantee the episode title will be “Superman”.

    • You’re probably right.

  5. I think speculation that he’d wear the suit in the final episode goes back as early as the first season.

    What I meant was, with last season finale’s reveal I’m curious whether that means we’ll see him in it earlier than the series finale and if not how they plan on working around it for an entire season.

  6. As long as he flys and wears the S on his chest its all gravy!!!!!!!!!

  7. If he ever wears the suit, hopefully it wont be as lame as hawkman.

    • So true dude lol The suit itself even looked fat and unfit shaped

  8. I dont have much expectations on Tom wearing the suit… but I like superman in “Black” more than the orignal costume… I find the black suit to be more elegant unlike the red cape.

  9. The episode name for her return episode is SUPERGIRL. So maybe that means “the Blur” will upgrade his name to match?

    • In the promo from comic con Lois says “Superman”

  10. Somebody save meeeeeeeeee!!!!LMAO!!!

  11. Laura Vandervoort, Yum!!

    Can you say “spin-off?”? I knew you could.

    Supergirl’s canon is a lot more obscure, and a lot less set in stone than that of Superman. The possibilities are wide open.

    Since Metropolis is New York (even though it started out as Minneapolis)and Gotham is now Chcago, how about giving the West Coast as defender?

    SG could move to “San Domingo” and take up a job as a Lifeguard, giving her ample opportunity to soak up that yellow sunlight, help the Navy when they get in over their head, and deal with the occasional bothersome gangbangers, smugglers, and crazy militia types.

    Just trying to help the creative process along, and keep the production crew employed, I’m giving in that way.

    • this is pure genuis

      • Seems like a no-brainer to me. Look at what a great run Xena had, and she had no super-powers, and started out as Hercules villain to boot.

  12. Sterling Gates just wrote the Supergirl series on the New Girl of Steel just recently adopted a new secret identity as Linda Lang related to Lana Lang as her niece. The Story begins she and her visited the Daily Planet in Metropolis as Aunt and Niece. Don’t blame that writer for anything, all this became Kara in her own Secret Origins how she became Linda from the original version and the current version.

    First she was Linda Lee, and adopted as Linda Lee Danvers and the current version in the 90′s The Matrix (Supergirl) reused the alter ego of Linda Danvers living in a small town called Leesburg. In 2004, Kara meets the Matrix Supergirl in “Many Happy Returns” and also in 2007 she came to earth on a rocket ship crashing near Gotham City. She was born before her cousin Kal on Argo City.

    • “Argo City” Sounds like a seaport and beach town, I think Kara would feel right at home in “San Domingo”.

      • Argo City is Kara’s real home which is Krypton’s core which survived from Krypton’s holocaust

  13. I have a feeling i know how they end of the season will go..

    At the moment he’ll be noticed by absolutely everyone if he wore the suit and showed his face to the public.

    So I’m thinking his greatest challenge in the end will be deciding that everyone must forget him or something along those lines and they’ll wipe the memories of the public. Just a thought. Seeing as the turned back time with Reeves it could happen.

  14. If this season does well with ratings they’ll most likely have another season. You know how they are with milking franchises. (not that I’d complain. I really like this show)

    • Uh, Tom Welling has confirmed that this will be the last season. It really isnt coming back.

      • I’m just saying maybe…

      • Tom Welling spoke to the media about the upcoming final season of Smallville. Welling said, “[It's sad] it maybe being the last one. But we actually don’t know.”

  15. I am so happy my Celebrity Smallville crush Laura Vandervoort is coming back in the last season of Smallville. Tom Welling will finally, become Superman like we’ve all been waiting for I can’t waitttttt. Laura you are so beautiful sweetheart I think I’m falling in love with you. You, are really a beautiful woman and our birthdays are next to each other that is great your a Libra and I’m a welllllllll can’t tell Laura till we both meet in real life. Laura until we meet I’ll keep writing about you and your beautiful role as Kara/Zorel/Linda Lee Danvers/Supergirl in Smallville. I’m going to by the remaining 9 Seasons Season 10 included when it comes out on Two-Disc DVD. Byeeeeeee Laura I love you sweetheart your my Supergirl star on Smallville.

  16. Let’s see, supporting cast.

    Sidekick: A hot, streetwise Latina with a shady past.

    Love interest: A cocky “Top Gun” Naval aviator with a heart of gold.

    Villain: A demagogic media mogul with presidential aspirations and a strong anti-immigrant stance.

    Do people actually get PAID to do this? I really need to get my @$$ to Hollywood.

  17. Is darkside coming??

  18. No, but Darkseid is.

    • Ha!

    • didnt know it was a spelling bee!! but thanks for correcting me,

  19. Supergirl coming back helps support the Darkseid idea.

    Maybe she is under mind control.

    I hate Smallville, but I used to watch it when I was younger. I stopped when I heard he wasn’t going to wear the suit or fly. I’ll watch this season because I want to see Welling fly.

  20. I hope the season won’t just be a bunch of guest appearances and no decent storyline to close out the series. @Chris, we’ve been waiting for Clark to fly for years, I don’t think he’ll fly until the last episode.

  21. my guess is that you will only see clalk in the suit flying through space at the end like every superman film

  22. You know how the movies always end. With Superman flying high above the earth and as he flys overhead, he looks directly at the audience and smiles. That’s how Smallville should end and Clark’s transformation into Superman will be then complete. It would also be a great way of honoring Christopher Reeve. I can not think of a better ending than that. What do you think?

    • I actually really like that

  23. So is Jonathan Kent and Brainiac

  24. You’re welcome… :)

    It’s kinda hard to hear but it’s not completely not understandable. By the way, this is not my video. I just posted the link because it’s the best video I could find of it.

  25. They better put Clark in the Superman uniform. They have too. It’s the last season. I’d hate it if they dont put him in unifrom. And I hope flies like he appeared to be doing in the Comic-Con trailer. Anyway, thats my opinion.