Smallville Still (Stupidly) Clinging To ‘No Flights’ Policy

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Smallville 3 Smallville Still (Stupidly) Clinging To No Flights PolicyIn an interview with TV Guide, Smallville producer Al Gough reiterated that they are still stubbornly sticking with their “no flights, no tights” mantra regarding the show. Personally, I think it’s time that they break the “no flights” half of that rule. I promise, the fans won’t get mad for your going back on your word.

They established that rule at the very beginning of the series, wanting to differentiate it from other Superman shows that had come before and to concentrate on Clark’s humanity. But come on now… that was over seven years ago and the show has come a very long way since then.

Here is Gough’s response to a question regarding whether they would be sticking with their original rule or whether Clark will learn to fly this season:

“Yes, we are sticking with that policy as far as Clark is concerned. (Obviously Bizarro can fly as well as Kara.) But following up on what Chloe said about his lack of flying in the season premiere (“Clark, you need to get on that”), Kara will be giving him ‘flying lessons’ later in the season. Although with Clark, they end up being more like ‘falling lessons.’”

Especially in view of the fact that Kara and Bizarro can fly, and the fact that when Clark was possessed by (was it Jor-El?) he was able to physically fly as well, this just seems plain stupid to me. That last item shows that it’s not because that power hasn’t “matured” yet.

I’m sure that at the start they believed that the show would last four or five seasons, tops. But here we are in season 7 with a probable 8th on the way. Fans have been clamoring for this for ages, and it’s not like some “will they or won’t they” sexual tension thing that would kill the show once it happens (anyone remember the old Bruce Willis series Moonlighting?).

Continuing to deny Clark the ability to fly is going to start looking really stupid very soon in light of all the other characters on the show that have the ability.

On another note, I found it really annoying in the episode “Kara” when she referred to the El family as “dysfunctional.” Gough reiterated this in the interview:

“Kara will give him an insight into his family (which is seriously screwed up) …”

I realize they’ve played fast and loose with the Superman mythos but to me this is really pushing it. Clark’s Kryptonian family has always been portrayed as noble, wise and intelligent. But now? Now they want it to be closer to Everybody Loves Raymond?

I’ve been a big supporter of this show, but I predict that this is the season in which Smallville truly “jumps the shark.” I had previously thought that this (#7) should be the final season, but now I’m thinking that perhaps they should have wrapped it up in season six. At this rate season eight will descend into pure parody.

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  1. I like Tom Welling. I love Superman. But I hate this show for no other reason than it’s trying to have Superman without Superman. The “no tights,no flights” policy says it all,not to mention the continuity is SO oposite the comics it’s not even recognizable. But,if I didn’t have anything good to say about this show,then I guess I shouldn’t have said anything at all.

  2. Kel,

    If I limited myself to only saying good things, there wouldn’t be much to read on this site. :-)


  3. I don’t mean any disrespect to fans of Smallville, but I have an opinion regarding this, and I don’t mind being controversial, so here it goes: I’m surprised that no one has brought up a discussion regarding the obvious perversion of the whole “superman” image that has been reflected in this TV show aimed in great part at our younger generation(mainly pre-teen and adolescent males). To me, it is very difficult as a true Superman fan to appreciate the distorted ideals that are increasingly portrayed in this series. The legend of Superman was about “good” overpowering evil but in Smallville, there is often pronouced ambiguity between the good and evil characters. Actually, the “evil” characters are often portrayed as more interesting, more attractive, successful, and more appealing than the supposed “good” characters.” The increasingly incessant scenes of zoomed in shots of scantily clad and sexually provocative females, and of the beloved Lois Lane character often portrayed, frankly as a “skanky” sexpot, are demeaning to women, and only further illustrate the level of debauchery involved here. I don’t believe in censorship, but I do think the writers’ clear distortion of the Superman legend/icon values borders on unethical filmmaking, particularly since the show is predominately geared toward a very young, impressionable audience. I think it’s a sad commentary about the declining values of our society. To put it bluntly, albiet somewhat crudely, it is akin to the “rape” of a superhero.

  4. Tracy,

    Although I personally agree with you, I don’t think you’re going to find a lot of viewers of the show in your corner. I wrote something similar about Captain America in a post that’s still on the home page here on the site.

    The titillation factor is there to bring in viewers, pure and simple and I have touched on some of what you’re talking about in past articles on this site.

    Thanks for chiming in,


  5. Thank you Vic,
    I know, and I kind of put myself out there with the boldness of my words. I don’t expect a great deal of support on this, but just wanted to put my thoughts out. Everyone has got an opinion, and diversity is what makes the world go round. Sometimes it actually hurts to think too much….LOL. My significant other was himself, a big fan of the show, but has become increasingly disillusioned with it. Anyway, thank you for the support, and I will look back at your comments on the other articles. If you know of other supportive forums for this line of thought, please let me know.


  6. Tracy,I totally agree with a lot of what you said! Great going! I’m a MEGA Superman fan too,and it really ticks me off to see such a radical view of the character. So,you aren’t the only person who doesn’t particularly like the show. As I said in a previous post,I like Tom Welling,and I love Superman,I just don’t like the show. I’m not saying it’s a poor show with crappy dialogue,I’m just saying I don’t like it because of it’s take on Superman.

  7. I had always wondered why Clark could’nt fly yet. And now I see that it was none of than stupidity.
    Seeing Clark progress into Superman was the only reason I was watching this show, but now I see that its pointless to do so.
    Now I understand Clark not Flying in the earlier episodes, because he was young. But now he’s out of high school, and has gone to college putting him at 20-23 years old. When is he finally going to “grow up”? Tom Welling sure has!, as his now 30 year old face is starting to show.

    And where the heck is Pete? He and Clark were supposed to be best friends, and Pete does’nt even bother to send and e-mail or post card!?

  8. Martian,

    I agree. And did you see last night’s episode? Ouch… dumb, dumb, dumb.


  9. Pete is suppose to be back this coming season. I agree with you guys, but I keep hoping CW will see the error in their ways. And what about the Justice League? Is Clark going to continue just wearing jeans and a red tee shirt? Come on CW, get with the program.

  10. I am a huge Superman fan and I’ve grown to really love Smallville. I think that some of the decisions the producers have made (in rethinking a few aspects of the Superman mythos) have been really smart moves.

    Even though he’s not wearing the “suit” yet, I’ve also enjoyed all of the tongue-in-cheek humor they’ve thrown into various episodes over the years (…I even though Milian’s red cape gift was a nice touch). But I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with Holtreman that they need to start getting Clark to fly.

    I’m fine with him getting trained to do it and having him mess up a few times, etc… but at least get the ball rolling. We’re in Season 7 now and, near as I can tell, they MAY have an eighth season, but that’ll probably do it.

  11. Bill,

    Yup, one of the things I like about Smallville are the numerous “winks” to the fans, but they need to get Clark off the GROUND!


  12. I must be in the minority, but I still LOVE Smallville. It’s definitely one of MY top 5 shows, and I think that this season so far has been better than last season. That being said, however, I do think it’s time for Clark to fly. I mean he KNOWS that Kara can do it, so he NEEDS to learn how to do it. I know in early episodes he had a fear of heights, but he must have conquered that by now, what with jumping across to the Daily Planet and riding a missle into space.

    I wouldn’t mind if they got rid of Lana though. She’s been really annoying the last couple of years.

  13. Andy,

    I don’t think you’re in the minority. There are just some things that are starting to get on people’s nerves regarding the show:

    1. Clark can’t fly yet.

    2. Lana won’t just go away.


  14. I have been a religious watcher of Smallville since the beginning and absolutely LOVE it. I am overjoyed to see that it’s lasted this long. With every new incarnation of a set of characters that have endured over the decades, it’s difficult to see them not as you expect them to be. Smallville was an outstanding idea that helps us to really delve into the Clark Kent character and his adventures that helped him mature into Superman. I too believe it was a mistake to bring Lois into the picture before Lana’s exit and that Lois is a little too gritty. Lana’s exit is something that also needs to happen very soon, by the way. Lana is supposed to be this idyllic “mom-and-apple-pie” memory for Clark and recent episodes have shown too much of a shift to a darker side of her in my opinion.

    In order for any show to be successful though, the audience has to be able to relate to the characters on some level. A lot of the hero characters that were created during and after World War II were allowed to be incorruptible and very simplistic because of the mind-set of our youth at the time and our interpretation of our national identity. Young people today are more aware of the real world and the harsh realities in it, thanks to our improved worldwide instant communications systems today, so those versions of them and their supporting characters just don’t hold up as well. As much as I relate to the ideal wholesome versions of my childhood heroes, Vic is absolutely correct in that the tried and true versions of Superman and Captain America just don’t continue to work very well.

    With that said here is what I think needs to happen before the show ends in Season 8:
    - Clark needs to adopt the costume at some point so people quit seeing Clark and see the icon. We all saw the episode back in Season 2 or 3 with the Roman armor with the “S” design on it.
    - Clark needs something to happen that makes him embrace Green Arrow’s advice and understand that he has a higher calling. Clark needs to get out of Kansas see the darker side to a world which is calling out for a hero. I think an episode with a trip to Gotham where he meets a young Bruce Wayne/Batman would be ideal. (Heck he’s met up with nearly everyone else already.)
    - The season culminates with him and Batman joining the Justice League which could coincide with the release of the new Justice League movie they’re trying to get made or a spin-off for a new Justice League TV series.
    Mike W.

  15. I think I’ve figured out why I (and many others) haven’t been completely disappointed with Clark’s inability to fly yet. Because we’ve been given a taste here and there since the first season where Clark dreamt of flying into Lana’s bedroom and woke up levitating (before crashing) onto his bed.

    One could argue that he flew in the first season’s finale to save Lana from the tornado because Clark himself said words to the effect that he kinda willed himself towards the truck.

    When he was Kal-El in the Season 4 opener, he really did fly (though people say that wasn’t “Clark,” rather his Kryptonian counterpart. Plus, he’s made a few superleaps as well (catching the rocket, revealing his secret to Lana in Season 5 prior to having to relive that day to save Lana from her death, impressing Lois while they were both on Red Kryptonite in Season 6).

    And though I haven’t seen it, someone hinted to me that Clark (not Bizarro) did a bit of flying himself in the Season 7 opener by the dam. Had we never been given those tastes of “flying” Clark, I’m pretty sure Smallville would have lost a LOT of its fanbase by now.

    They also do a good job with teasing the fans with hints about the suit he will one day wear (i.e.: the black cape he wore to the vampire sorority costume party. He said he liked the cape, but wasn’t diggin’ the mask too much). Plus, the red cape gift he got from Christina Milian, the S emblem crystal he has, his constant need to wear blue jeans, the blue t-shirt and the bright red jacket.

    I mean, c’mon, how many blue t-shirts does this dude own? I know that at least one of them was toasted upon reentry when Clark saved Smallville from the rocket. And didn’t he burn one up shielding the boy on top of the windmill right before he disintegrated in that huge energy emission?

    My point in this huge novel is that Clark isn’t Superman yet, but MOST of the fans have gotten enough appetizers to hold them off before the main course.

  16. I’m going to have to disagree with most of whats said on the narrow points of view with most of these comments. I truly enjoy this show for several reasons. 1. The complaints of demeaning women and scantily clad vixens? Of a “skanky reporter”? I dont see that at all. First of all, the level of supposed “Debauchery” is no more than anyone see’s on a daily basis. You see less clothing at the beach. Second, all of these supposed ‘skanks’ and ‘degraded women’ are all very aware of their bodies, and proud of them. In all cases they are strong women. I have yet to see a weak woman on the show, there are so many female empowered characters that its unrealistic. But I dont complain, I enjoy it. Its hard to have too much realism when it comes to superman. 2. The complaints about the changing of the mythos. Well, to be honest, a true fan wouldnt care about the changes as long as the core characters, in this case Clark and Lex, were true to themselves. Its supposed to be about the journey to who they become, a growth, not an instant, cardboard cutout. The comics change the mythos several times, hence we have Golden age, Silver age, and Modern age. Three different mythos. Smallville pulls from all of them, yet it also changes certain things and makes them work for the show. I dont have a problem with that, mainly because that means im not tuning in every week for a recap of history, but the telling of an old story in a new light. Not too many people complain when Disney brings out an new version of an old story. They change it so much thats it holds no truth at all, Smallville changes it enough to make its own version, its own mythology. I like that, it takes balls to change the superman mythos. They did it, and they made it work. If you disagree then fine, but 7 seasons of ever increasing ratings disagree’s with you. 3. Clark not flying. I think that he should fly once and only once as Clark Kent, and that would be in the last episode in the series. Superman has always been about overcoming insurmountable odds without sacrifing his values. Him taking leave of his fear of flying, and flying out into space to do something that saves the entire world would be a good end to the show, and a good beginning into his life as Superman. 4. Lastly, to whom I like to call, The Smaters. They are sort of like player haters, but only in regards to smallville. They purposely look for reason to not like the show, and look for people who are of a same mind. Most of them dont watch more than the trailers. They often criticize the women for wearing bathing suits, the men for wearing jeans, and they generally pick up on other peoples dislikes and call them their own. They also often use their probably fictional relationships to validate their opinions, such as, My boyfriend or girlfriend USED to like the show, but now they dont for every single reason I dont like it. It is a strange cult of people. They often have multiple shows they dislike, and they latch onto forums like leeches, spending inordinate amounts of time, which their significant others are apparently ok with, enforcing their own negative and narrow minded views. The only thing I have to say to you is…nothing. Your opinions are usually uninformed and not worth anyones time. Please seek help, not for bashing smallville, thats your perogative, but for possibly having a mental disorder because you like to bash everything, and are just an angry person in general. For everyone who has a legitimate opinion on the show, good or bad, its your opinion and I wont say you’re wrong. Opinions can very rarely be wrong, as it is based on one personal point of view and experience. Long mini rant at an end, I say good bye, and I hope you guys enjoy season 8, because I know I will.

  17. Mike,

    First, paragraphs – learn to love them. Your long post was very difficult to read as one long paragraph.

    Second, “the narrow points of view with most of these comments”? I went back and reread the comments here and while they may disagree with your point of view and annoy you, the don’t seem narrow minded OR “Smater” as you put it.

    Your argument that you “see less clothing at the beach” is ingenuous at best. What’s seen at the beach in that environment doesn’t raise eyebrows, but put a woman in a string bikini at the grocery store or in a boardroom and it’s a very different thing. Then there is the point regarding the difference between that sort of thing being incidental in a scene and the camera lovingly panning across Lois Lane’s cleavage in a close up.

    So please don’t play coy on that point.

    Your points about the mythos are valid though, to me this has always been an “alternate universe” version of the character.

    Regarding flying however, come on now. He’s obviously capable of it already but just refuses to admit it for some reason. Considering how incredibly advanced all his other powers are, it seems silly to me that he hasn’t gotten a handle on this one yet.

    Thanks for leaving your thoughts,


  18. Come on now, season seven and still does not know how to fly! Jeesh this is getting really tiring. I agree with one of the previous posts that they purposefully keep him from flying to tempt you to stay with the show.

    Given all that has transpired in the past seven seasons there is absolutely no reason to keep the boy wonder from doing what is totally natural to all the otther Krytonian characters in the show.

    If they keep this up I will be hard pressed to stick with season eight. Instead I will wait till its over and catch it on DVD’s. I am getting very tired of being disappointed with each episode’s lame excuses for not have our hero take to the air…

    Nothing makes Clark look dumber than having all these supepowers and a fear of heights, especially since all the other Krytonian characters seem to master this capability without any training whatsoever? Kara was stuck in her ship for sisteen years but mastered flight the minute she was released from her ship in the lake. How in the owrld can the writers continue to keep this farce going?

    Sorry, there I go ranting again! This happens to me everytime I dwell this topic…

  19. Vic,

    My bad with the paragraph thing, I kinda get into what i’m writing and forget to use them sometimes. Again, people have their own opinions, i’m from Los Angeles, California, so my view on what is scantily clad and demeaning to women is wildly different from someone from say, Texas, or Alabama, where they still believe in ridiculously idiotic things like the bible. I will admit that some of the fanservice they do with the female cast members is designed to look good. But it IS television. It is supposed to look good. In most cases, this would be a bad and derogatory thing. Not so in the case of a show based on a comic book filled with hot, scantily clad vixens and massively muscled heroes.

    The show is targeted at fans both young and old, but these people are not stupid, they know that the main audience is 15 to 30 year old males. So they cater to them, it’s called business, nothing wrong with it. They still dont degrade women. Even if they are overly annoying and deserve to have crap happen to them, i.e. Lana Lang. Possibly the most annoying character on the show. Come on, she stuck to that whole, “Everyone is purposely lying and trying to hurt lil’ ol’ me” thing for 5 1/2 seasons.

    Again, i’m goign to defend Clark not being able to fly. Everyone seem’s to be looking at it from the perspective of someone who knows who he is going to become. But he doesn’t know who he will become. He still think’s he is going to flip out and take over the earth. Anything that would make him want to fly was tossed out of the window the second he became Kal El and tore the door off of a plane at 20,000 or so feet. It was a miracle the plane didn’t crash, and that experience terrified him.

    Think of the implications. Everyone he has known who could fly has been either evil, or has their motives called in to question repeatedly. The only time he himself flew, he was evil. Only recently has he even considered that he might need to fly, and then he would have to get over his fear of heights. He may be indestructible, but one of the things that make’s him human is the fact that he has an irratational fear.

    Everyone know’s who superman is, everyone knows who he will become. But by the time he becomes superman, he is in his late twenties. Thats several years older than he is in the show. He still has time to grow, and the writers keep with the nods to the comics and movies, what was the one thing that introduced superman to the world during the Golden Age? A headline, and the most defining characteristic of the time. “Flying Man save’s plane.” That was when he was introduced into the main stream comic world.

    His ability to fly will make it so that he is no longer bound to the earth, and thus no longer grounded to Smallville. It will bring about the realization that hey, he can fly faster than the flash can run. He can make it around the world in less than a minute. There hasn’t been a single major ability of his that didnt come with a major realization about himself. I say major, the hearing and breath don’t count as major, and his speed was already there in the first episode. He did talk about it in a later season with Martha Kent, and it was a major realization again.

    Flight is the one major power he has left. They are simply waiting for the right time. He should develop it out of an intense need to protect something major, and it should be the final straw that lead’s him to the cape. It wont be an appropriate moment if they do it just because some people are whining about it. That would be a disserive to the character. Name a single movie that didn’t end with him flying out into space. That moment is for the end of the movie, or series, as it were.

    Every other series with superman has, for one reason or another, ended without a conclusion. Except for the movies. If they can pull this off in Smallville, have it actually have a conclusion, then him flying into space would be the most appropriate one. But if he can constantly fly, it would be fairly anti-climatic in the sense that the series would basically just end, instead of ending well. I have no doubt that it’s going to lead in to a Metropolis based show where he is actually superman. The ratings are too good and the writing this season is some of the best of the series.

    The opinions I called narrow minded are the uninformed ones. The ones that complain about the differences from the comic books and cartoons. The Smaters comment was basically a warning to people about the people who are like that. No one on here falls into that category, except for the one person who reek’s of smater-dom, she knows who she is because she is the one who called lois lane a skanky reporter and used her supposed relationship that can never be confirmed to try and validate her own opinion.

    One last thing, before I post this, is the issue of complaints about only attractive girls on the show. Two things about that. One, Lois Lane in the show is nowhere near as attractive as her comic counterpart, who is? Yes she is a very attractive woman, but she also has girl next door looks. Main characters, in both written, illustrated and other media formats, are usually attractive. That applied even when movie studios were obsessed with the art of filming rather than the money they can make from it.

    The reason for this is simple. Photogenesis. Think about it, they want people who turn heads as soon as they walk into a room. Clark hasn’t quite gotten down his bumbling reporter thing yet, so he is more superman than reporter right now. He commands every scene he is in. His physical presence, as the largest main character, his attractiveness, and his charisma make him a good leading man. Tom Welling wasn’t always like this. We all should remember the first season, and most of the second, before he really understood the character.

    It was his looks and physicality alone that made us think he could be clark kent. In recent seasons we see his charisma, but it started with looks. Lana Lang. I agree, maybe not the best choice. She is almost too pretty for being the girl next door. But she also get’s messed with constantly, and has had enormous trouble because of her looks due to stalkers, meteor freaks, even Lex Luthor. She has paid for it. Chloe Sullivan. I can’t say anything bad about her. I would love to see her character make the transition to the comics.

    Her character has evolved more than anyone’s, right along side Clark. Lois Lane. I was initially disappointed at her entry into the series. But now, not so much. You can see the beginnings of her relationship to Clark, and it is easy to believe they will fall in love later on. She is a foil to him, while everyone else cater’s to him, even if she knew his secret she would still keep him grounded.

    There have been numerous guest stars, most of them very attractive. Nearly all of them died. But you look at the other people in the series, and they are mostly average looking, even the girls. It has to be looked at from the standpoint of, the cameras are around the main characters. The other people are in the background. Attractive main characters stand out against the people who are average looking. They are more photogenic, and easier to look at. They can walk in to a crowded room and people will notice. That’s the point of it.

    The show would not have lasted past the second season if the main characters were unattractive in the slightest. The only people on the show who had an immediate initial charisma were the Luthors and Jonathan and Martha Kent. All of whom are average looking. They are also experienced actors.

    My point in this overly long thing is that people judge the show too harshly. Rather than judge it on its merits, they seek out percieved flaws. If you had a fear of heights so bad that it would literally stop you in your tracks and your mind would try to freeze up when you even thought about flying in a plane, then how much worse would it be if you not only were scared of heights, but had repeatedly, over the course of several years, been thrown, fallen, or forced to jump off of something extremely high, only to have it fail each and every time.

    In every instance of him being near a balcony or on top of a building, he is thrown, hit, or fall’s off. In maybe 3 or 4 instances has he actually jumped off, and only then when someone’s life was in danger. He hasnt ever had a good experience with heights. He has had to fight every single person who could fly that he has ever met except for two. Martian Manhunter and Supergirl. All of these things, and all of the events in the background, would keep even Clark Kent’s eyes focused on what he percieves as more important.

    That’s pretty much all I have to say on the subject. Again, I will answer any and all questions, and am perfectly willing to discuss this with people, because this show is a passion of mine and I do like to hear other peoples opinions, that’s why i’ve stated mine, and have not bashed anyone for stating theirs, as long as its intelligent and founded in provable fact rather than uneducated and baseless opinion. My yahoo, for anyone but especially for you, Vic, cause you seem to be a very intelligent person who isnt just recycling what they have heard somewhere else, is michael21m_ca. Feel free to message me anytime. Dont forget to have fun!

  20. Sorry, bud. You lost me right at the beginning of your tome with “where they still believe in ridiculously idiotic things like the bible.”

    Didn’t read the rest of it.


  21. Wow, way to discriminate against my opinion because I dont believe in fiction as reality.

  22. Yes, very nice – continue to score points.



  23. Mike & Vic,

    Vic, I think maybe you are being a little too harsh on Mike. You really should read his entire post because it brings some interesting insites that I never considered. I do not agree with all of them but they are interesting nontheless.

    Mike,you bring up some points that I never considered – which I like because it is always good to get others perspectives. I however still disagree with you on the flying thing. Personally I would find it extremely diappointing if they waited until the last episode of season eight before they put Clark into the air. In fact, now that I think about it, the last season should have at its central storyline showing various steps he takes to finally master the ability to fly! I’ve read many of the comic books and I do not remember ever reading of Superman’s age at being in his late twenty’s or early thirty’s? Please correct me if I am wrong on this.

    One of the reasons I feel so strongly about the flying issue is due to the fact that there will more than likely not be any Superman movie’s coming out in the near future and this would be a great way to reward the truly dedicated fans of the show. After spending so many years watching this character grow and not seeing at least a few episodes of Clark learning and mastering flight would be truly disappointing. Especially if all we got was a 2 minute scene at the last episode of Superman flying into space. Sorry but that just seems like a dumb way to end the Smallville series.

    Another alternative would be to have at least several episodes of Clark learning and mastering the flying thing and use the last episode of the season with Clark in his Superman costume flying off into space? Now that would rock!

    PS: I for one am also getting tired of seeing superman saving Lex? Everytime they do this they always make him look dumber and dumber. I will be more than happy if they keep him out of most of the last season. According to the comics Lex was supposed to be in jail when they introduced him as one of Supeman’s main villans. I would rather see a sensible close in season 8 to the storyline with his relationship with Lana. I can never get enough of Lana as long as they keep Lex out of the picture. I almost exploded when they showed the scene with Clark in Lex’s mind with Lana having sex. If I was Clark I would of totally fried Lex’x brain right then and there! In my opinion that scene should never have been shown. I think it brought the level of the show down to soap opera trash. They always managed to stay just above the line but with that scene I certainly have to make sure my kids do not see that episode.

    One of the other things I never could grasp was the idea of Lois Lane being introduced into the Smallville storyline arc. Every movie I have seen of Superman shows them meeting for the first time after he gets his job at the Daily Planet. Although I love the way that Erica Durance plays Lois Lane I always have a hard time picturing them even knowing each other in the Smallville storyline arc?

    My two cents…

  24. Peter,

    Thanks, but I’m not being “hard” on anyone. I just won’t have a conversation with someone who insults my beliefs in his opening statement, and then goes on to do it again in reply to my being offended.

    Anyway, you raise some good points. However I know for a fact that the ARE plans for another Superman film. :-)

    On another note, I would be shocked if they ever put Clark in the blue suit, even in the last episode.

    Best regards,


  25. I agree with Peter on clark spending a good portion of season 8 learning to fly. If it was done right, I guess I could see him flying in a few episodes, but I dont think it should be for the whole season. Maybe the last 2 or 3 episodes of it. As for him being in his mid to late twenties when he first shows up on the scene in the comics, they dont expressly state it. But it’s a certain level of common sense. He has a master’s in journalism. You see it on his wall in his apartment when lois lane first goes over there. That’s six years of college, so if he started at 18, that would make him 24, then he has written other articles for other papers and has a small reputation, that’s why Perry White hired him. He hadn’t been doing the superman thing, but he had been writing for a paper.

    So at the very least, he is 25 or 26 when he shows up. Given the 3 times they’ve re-done the character in the comics, his youngest would have been this one, the modern age. That would be the 25 to 27 year old Clark Kent. As for Lana, I like the actress who plays her, she is cute. But I really dont like the character. Lana Lang is closer to a female Lex Luthor than a sweet high school memory to Clark now, and it’s kind of annoying. They change a lot of things, but this one I disapprove of the change. Her exit from the show will not be missed by me. I personally think that Clark and Chloe should have at least 4 or 5 episodes where they are a couple. At least.

    That way they can bring closure to that whole thing. If they do another series after this one, using the same actor’s for the most part, I would enjoy them using the storylines from smallville. That way you have major continuity. Any live action show that is goign to be made after smallville will have problems if it isnt based on the smallville storyline. Smallville has become too popular and accepted as its own interpretation for them to just go on with another superman show and have it have nothing to do with it.

    I got off track about Lois though, if you watch closely from her time joining the show, despite her various love interests, she has gotten closer and closer to clark. At first, she confided in Chloe and Martha. Then she occasionally confided in Lana. Now she almost exclusively talks to clark about her problems. Nearly everytime she she shows up in the barn, it’s because she wants to talk to him. She’s become extremely protective of him, and their friendship has only gotten deeper. It has been a steady character development from the start, and I wholeheartedly approve. They’ve changed a lot, introducing Brainiac is one of the major changes, so introducing Lois Lane is a good choice.

    It means that when they finally DO get together, and it’s heralded as the strongest love in the universe, then it actually has a reason to be. Look how much they’ve been through together already and they are just friends at this point. The reason Lana cant handle it is because Lana doesnt have Lois’s willpower or fortitude. Think of the very second episode Lois was in. Special forces came to take her away and she beat the hell out of them. Lana would have screamed for clark. That small difference makes Lois able to deal with people like lex without being fooled or impressed by the fake charm he gives to women.

    One last thing, for you vic. Didn’t mean to insult you Vic, even though a different document that I, as a soldier, have much more respect for says I can voice my opinion. I do find it kinda funny that you would respond like that, it’s basically the same response any non-christian has always gotten.”Uh-oh, you’re cynical of the bible, that is an insult that you dont have blind faith in my religion and you question it and you use logic with common sense, i’m not talking to you anymore.” Well, at least this isn’t the crusades or the inquisition so I dont have to worry about you burning or hanging me for using intelligence when it comes to religion. I’m not going to go into the many, many reasons why I dont believe in any fiction as a reality. That’s any and all religion, not just christianity, and thats the final thing i’m going to say on it because this is supposed to be about smallville.

  26. Mike,

    Listen, I don’t want any bad blood between us, ok? But you may believe you weren’t insulting, while you in fact, you were.

    There’s a difference between saying:

    you’re “cynical of the bible” (which is a reasonable statement)


    people “believe in ridiculously idiotic things like the bible.” (which is insulting to anyone who believes in God)

    Certainly you can see that? If you had a face to face conversation with someone who told you that as a soldier, your standing up for America was “ridiculously idiotic” as opposed to saying “I don’t believe America is as free as you say”, wouldn’t YOU be insulted at the former but not so much at the latter?

    And yes, you are correct sir, this IS a free country (and I thank you for putting your life on the line for it!), but while you are free to say anything you like, remember that I am also free to not listen to it.

    I hope that clarifies my point of view. :-)

    And regarding the show, I’m very curious what will happen next season without Lex and Lana is primary characters on the show and with it under the control of new producers. Either it’s going to get a lot worse than it’s been lately or it will turn a corner and get better.

    I’m betting on “worse,” though.

    Best regards,


  27. Vic,
    Alright, I see your point and how it could be insulting. My apologies, I didnt mean that anyone who believed in god was an idiot. Even though I dont believe in god, I would never call someone an idiot because they do. I was trying to say that the bible itself is the problem, not the belief in a higher power. As for smallville, I really am hoping for the best part. I think if they buckle down and focus on tight storytelling, then they can accomplish it. Unfortunately, it might not happen. One of the major problems with american cinema is that we dont know when to stop. We could take a good lesson from Japan in that regard. They have shows that last only 12 episodes, but tell an excellent story. Then they move on to something else.

    Hopefully it will be an excellent season. The last few episodes of smallville have been very, very good, so my hopes are fairly high. Also, I dont want bad blood between us, its much more fun to make a friend than an enemy. Again, I apologize for not making myself clear and insulting you. As for the soldier question, if someone said that, I would probably get angry. Unfortunately our country is not what it should be, but it’s still my home, and I will do whatever I need to so it stay’s safe.

  28. Mike, no worries, bro. We’re good. The thing I like about folks who visit my site is that with few exceptions they’re reasonable and civil and things can be talked out. :-)

    Regarding the U.S. today, I hear ya. I think things are really getting scary, gotta say.


  29. I have a few questions things to point out. when I first heard of smallville I thought ugh! then I heard they were going to use the krytonite as like x-file type stories and that is why I tuned in then it got silly with the fast and furious green fuel and now kryponite money instead of pety criminals why don’t these people turn into a coperation? And for the rest of the show for some reason they have to losely follow the 70′s movie had to kill off the dad etc, but Clark joins the planet before Perry White? He was suposed to hire Clark.

    And also if Clark flies etc becomes superman how are you going to hide him from the rest of the world everyone knows Clark is buff this good lookin’ guy going against the whole ‘nerd’ thing of Clark so how is he to be different than Clark?

    And as for the 70′s movie Jore-el trained him stayed gone like 10-20 years only they have his father as a villain like so not getting this and in the comics John Byrne when they re-did Superman had his parents alive which keep his moral compus he turned to them.

    as for everyone hating Lana I like her but other than the 70′s movie I have not liked all the other versions of Lois it’s one thing to be a strong woman but the ‘bitchy’ way they potray her now is I don’t like her and didn’t like her in Lois and Clark.

    As for doomsday the comics (other than Byrns) sucked where he moved the sun etc, etc. and they killed him off with a rock guy then they have to bring the worst excuse to sell a comic to the show??!!

    Maybe they’ll end it where he has to escape to the other world and live as the nerd Clark but this way they are going it’s like there is no point to be Superman.

    And what was the point of Cyborg? Their version was awful he was with the Titans not his comic and not even metal??!!

    Please let the show end no more krypo dogs kryponite pens that answers the questions on tests etc. they’ve stretched this out to long and at our expense because we like Superman and the cast but like Cloe SHE was a reporter now she’s just going from this to that when it was her pasion??!! And Lois out of no where they throw her in and she is the biggest reporter ever??!!

    If he’s not going to fly etc then there was no reason for this awful Lois and keep Cloe as the information hub!!!