Smallville Season 10 ‘Shield’ Spoilers Discussion

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smallville shield hawman1 Smallville Season 10 Shield Spoilers Discussion

Clark continues along his path to fulfill his destiny of becoming the Man of Steel in tonight’s episode of Smallville. As many hurdles lay in our hero’s path, it’s going to take more than some “tough love” from Jor-El and a test of might from a dying Lex Luthor to help the wayward Kryptonian. Thankfully, tonight’s episode, “Shield,” sees the first of many of Smallville season 10’s anticipated cameos – Hawkman/Carter Hall (Michael Shanks) – that will help Clark along his path.

Fortunately, Hawkman isn’t the only taste of DC Comics that we’ll receive tonight as Kat Grant returns to the Daily Planet – this time in reporter form. With Lois off on assignment, how will Clark deal with the self-proclaimed “anti-Lois?”

Preview (courtesy of The CW) – “Shield”

After Lois (Erica Durance) departs for Egypt, the Daily Planet hires a new reporter by the name of Kat Grant (guest star Keri Lynn Pratt) to take her place. An assassin named Deadshot (guest star Bradley Stryker) takes aim at Kat but Clark learns the man has a dangerous hidden agenda that involves The Blur. Meanwhile, Carter Hall (guest star Michael Shanks) turns up in Egypt to keep an eye on Lois and he tells Lois about his wife Shayera (guest star Sahar Biniaz).

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the episode – if you haven’t seen the episode, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. You’ve been warned.

Discuss away!

(In case you’re curious, you can also check out our review of the season premiere: Smallville Season 10 Premiere Review & Discussion)


Smallville airs Friday’s @8pm, on The CW

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  1. The contemporary Sergio Corbucci’s Man with no name Deadshot(see the episode and you will know what I mean) looks pretty awesome.But I think the character would benefit from a merky,gritty setting,preferably in the night.So far the show is good,hope everyone enjoys it.:)

  2. Costume at the end, GREAT! start to the final suit. I feel like it is a very logical step in that directions.

  3. this ep was just as awesome, if not more awesome than last week!!! :D and lois said superman!!! xD lol who is next weeks villain?

    • They’re probably just going to get into Darkseid a little more. That or the public will be clark’s enemy. There is an anti-shield symbol on the wall at one point, and a guy speaking out against the Blur (haven’t seen that before)

      • i read a spoiler about godfrey but wont say it here lol

        • Yeah. Cat Grant was listening to him on the radio.

      • about 50$

  4. Absolutely love the suit at the end.Great step towards the final suit.And not to mention the SUICIDE SQUAD!!!!

  5. Tonights episode was great, but from the way last weeks episode was with the little Lex clone and finding out tonight the the new Evil that is coming can take posession of people. I see the show ending with Michael Rosenbaum coming back to end the show with a bang. (keep in mind the clones age fast.)

    • Oh I think so too. One way or another they’ll get Michael back.


  7. This season IS seeming better so far and that the writers “get it.” But the whole Cat Grant as an uptight metaphor for Conservatives with her opinions about “vigilantes in the shadows” (ie. homosexuals) bothered the crap out if me.


    • lol i didnt think she was a metaphor for conservatives

      • ben,

        Being one, I can assure you it was a clumsy metaphor, yes.


        • lol being one myself……i guess i just dont read too deeply into some things lol

    • lol, I don’t think you’re supposed to read that deeply into a CW show, as much as I love it.

      • mom, (that’s funny)

        You’re right – and that’s probably why they thought they could sneak it in. Happens ALL the time on prime time TV.

        All. The. Time.


        • Vic,

          Please don’t take this personally, but the reason why they put stuff like that into episodes is because these are metaphors for what is going on in the real world. It probably wasn’t aimed at conservatives themselves but the narrow-minded, non accepting, and extremist values that are displayed generally in conservative culture. They are probably just representing a demographic (stereotypically, but if they didn’t then we wouldn’t have characters that fit the molds we need them to). I hope that this isn’t as offense as it looks, this is just my opinion.

          • Joshua,

            Don’t get me started. To me the other side is just as “extreme.” Add in naive and a few other choice words.

            That’s all I’m saying.


            • The fact that she was one of the most obnoxious guest stars in the history of the show didn’t help. I was looking for a way to PayPal Deadshot a couple of extra bucks to make a bullet with her name on it. :)

              One small detail, it bothers me how they dismiss memory of characters who have already appeared. Two Kara’s. Two Cat Grant’s.

              I also thought the blue beneath the jacket was a basic t-shirt. Still, it’s veering in the right direction.

              • They explained the first Kara in season 3. (at least I think that’s to what you’re referring) It was just a random girl that Jor-El had taken over her dead body.

                I’m assuming the Cat Grant from CROSSFIRE is like Jimmy Olsen from seasons 6 through 8. It is, but it isn’t the right one… or something :P

                • I remember the Kara explanation, now that you mention it. Thanks for the reminder, fooph. You’re probably right about the “them, but not really” approach, too.

            • all i’ll say is that they dont know whats best for me and my family….and wish they’d stop saying they do lol

            • They should leave the political stereotypes out of our TV, and let everyone come together and enjoy it. Plenty of time in our real lives to disagree.

              • Coderaven,

                Amen to that!


  8. I WANT CLARK’S NEW JACKET! It’s so cool. Can’t wait for next week. Gotta love when Laura Vandervoort stops by. Good God she’s sexy. Excited for what they’re gonna do with Darkseid and the rest of the season!!!

    BTW, are you going to have a discussion for every episode? Cause that would be cool. Smallville’s my favorite thing to chat about :)

    • foopher,

      Weekly would depend on how it goes over as far as visits/conversation.

      And did anyone else notice the blue peeking through around the collar area? I thought he was wearing the suit underneath – but I’m speculating.


      • Just checking.

        And yeah. I saw the Blue. But I just thought it was his T-shirt that he always wore under his (old) red jacket. I might be wrong though…

      • i thought the suit was encased in the fortress in last weeks premire?

        • It was

        • The suit is encased at the FoS. Clark was sporting the world’s coolest Members Only jacket. :)

          • AHHAHHAHHA i remember those

            • You’re wearing one now, aren’t you?

              • NO!!

                • *coughs* Neither am I.

          • Jason,

            LMAO! That was priceless, good sir. :-D


            • I’m just grateful there are other ScreenRant users who remember Members Only. :)

              • Jason,

                REMEMBER Members Only? I owned a MO jacket (grey, tab collar).

                Loved that thing. :-P


                • Is that what you’re wearing in your avatar? haha just kidding

                • Me too, Vic. Members Only jackets and parachute pants…

                  • Jason,

                    I never did the parachute pants – those were reserved for the big bodybuilder dudes. :-P


                    • Parachute pants are timeless…

                    • i had parachute pants ::slumps head down in shame::

    • It might be just me, but I could have sworn I saw the suit underneath with an inch of yellow poking out of the crack in his jacket from the “S”

  9. There are some good pictures from the 200th episode HOMECOMING at…

    …a couple involving… Clark in glasses.


      Here’s a good view of the “Anti-Blur” logo

      • Well, the best one I could find anyway.

        … not that anyone cares :(

        • How many times have I replied to myself……..?

          • “And now I’m talking to myself…now that…THAT’S chaos therory!”

        • I was distracted by Laura’s profile. The dark hair flatters her. I can’t help but be reminded of Lynda Carter when she dressed as Diana.

          • Well either way, she is rockin’ those glasses :D

            • Agreed.

  10. this episode was a lot better than last weeks thats for sure, im watching Supernatural right now

    • Curious to hear your thoughts on it, Anthony.

      • well its still in the begining, Dean just yelled at Ben. not cool

        • I’m watching Haven. I’ll see what you think when the episode ends. :)

          • just finished haven :)

            • Did you enjoy it, Ben?

              • yeah……the ending threw me through a loop lol :)

                • I enjoyed the story and the cast. I may have to read the book.

          • Haven was good, i wont spoil it for ya lol

            • I like it so far. (The series, I mean.)

              • ok…Dean really shoulda b**** slapped Nemec into oblivion, christ he has NO business on my favorite show!!

                • jason, switching to open forum for Supernatural ranting…im not too happy lol

  11. I’m almost 15 mins in, but had to stop and come here as I was laughing so hard, to wit: (cheerfully) “My GrandDaddy always told me…seatbelts save lives”. Just brilliant!!
    The writers really did a number on Cat, but the actress must get plaudits too for nailing this stereotypical, nauseatingly cheerful, caricature of homespun conservatism. Eeewww!

    • Highlander,

      Nauseating is the right word. Maybe next week they can have an angry, late 20s, unemployed, pot-smoking male character that still lives at home and spends all his time online.



      • Come on Vic, the character is there to serve the story, there is no agenda behind it other than that.

        We both know that there really are people out there like that.

      • What, did I ruffle some feathers there Vic?
        That other stereotype, the “herbalist”…I think Brad Pitt got that covered in “True Romance”.
        Late 20′s, yeah i’d agree…early 20′s…not so much. ;-))

        • I suppose if you wanna get really deep about it, you could spin it that the writers and producers are using her cheery, apple pie schtick as a psychological coping mechanism to deal with her alcoholism. Already the facade started to crack when Clark rifled back at her “You mean like the vigilantes”?
          That’s probably a stretch tho’ huh?

        • Highlander,

          Just doing a little good-natured tit-for-tat there, bro. :-P


          • ;-)

  12. OMG!!!

    I want that jacket and I dont care how much it costs!!!!!!!!!

    I like the costume progression, mix the old one and the new one together and youve got a superman outfit right there! For a second I thought Clark was going to fly off the building!

    Great episode! So Carter Hall will die in episode 11(?) when Michael Shanks returns.

    So Lois is only actually away for this episode, becuase she’s on the trail for next weeks.

    • Amen about the jacket!

    • I’m pretty sure his dropping of the airline tickets was symbolic that he no longer needed a plane to get where he wanted to go.

      • You wouldn’t have thought Clark had the money to waste on not using tickets, he can’t make that much at the Planet.

    • My Company made the Sheild jacket. $2500.

      • Seriously?

      • How much is shipping?

  13. Finished watching now. Terrific episode. The actress who played Shayera was gorgeous.
    What’s with the jacket, it’s hideous..i thought he was gonna start moonwalking or break out a chorus of Thriller….or worse turn to camera and go “mahummannahummanahummana”!!
    Sorry, but does Clark secretly like the boys now? Come out of the closet Clark…it’s ok, this is the 21st century it’s cool….but lose the jacket ok, or at least get something even more gay from CloneZone!

    • I do not agree :P

      • I admit the build up was sweet. Hawkman with his Ubermensch spiel, Lois saying “Superman”..the word already plotting ideas and headlines in her mind. Cut to Clark strolling confidently onto the roof of the planet. The camera swirls around him, the red jacket with the iconic “S”. Superb set up.

        • There ya go :)

  14. Loved the shot on the building, that classic Superman stance, with that bad ass jacket. Loved the flag flying directly behind him, looking a lot like a cape. Truth, Justice, and the American way! That was one of those “Oh, hell yeah!” moments for me. Another “Oh, Hell yeah!” moment was the second Carter mentioned Nietzsche.. I thought, “one of you better say it… sayyy it!” lol All around a terrific episode.

    • When it showed Clark at the end I literally yelled “SHUT UP!” at my TV. I was scary happy.

  15. Ok, so Cat Grant has a line as soon as she meets clark. “No relation to the woman on TV, I get that alot” So that’s how they’re playing it off for anyone still confused :)

    • when did they introduce another cat grant? lol

      • Ok, so last season when Lois and Clark were up for their own daytime tv show…ring any bells…and eventually the producers of said show went instead with a lady named….?
        Ahuh! You got it now?

      • Clark and Lois auditioned to be hosts of “Good Morning Metropolis”. They went on blind dates as something to talk about on the show. Clark’s was with a young woman named Catherine Grant, who got the job hosting instead of Clark and Lois (Lois and Clark). It was season 9 episode 6 CROSSFIRE

        • oh, i remember that ep……just dont remember the names of the useless episode characters lol

  16. What, if any, is the consensus on the new jacket? I for one love it, but I find over at the message boards on (ugh) that everyone is calling it “gay,” which is upsetting. That aside, is it a step in the right direction?

    • I freaking love it! If that’s saying anything. Anyone who calls it gay is trollin’

    • Not just me then.Lol ;-)

  17. Although I like Smallville the show always seemed off to me and the final season is heading towards is logically fuzzy ending. Some of the alterations have been good, some alright, and some jarring. The jab at conservatives was uncalled for, but at least they humanized her which is better treatment then conservatives receive in most shows, although I’d expect more of this with the introduction of Godfrey.

    One thing that always deeply bothered me about the show was its concept of fate being perfectly laid out and the constant visions of the future. Is it just me, or does that completely undermine the idea of Superman as a great hero? Seriously, how difficult is it to make a decision when you know the outcome? At this point in the show, most of the air is let out.

    What exactly is the point of the jacket? What about protecting your secret identity to protect the ones you love? Superman is invincible after all, so his enemies will target those close to him. And what about not serving humanity 24 hours a day, or else come to rely on Superman to solve all their problems? When Smallville first came out, I was excited to see the exploration on the nature of heroism and now I’m worried that the writers have confused having powers with having courage and kind of hero this version of Superman will be.

    • The point of the jacket is to get his ” red and blue” back. He still wanted to wear the “S” on his chest he got a new jacket instead of the red one he’s worn since season 2.

  18. The real purpose of the jacket is to let everybody know that he is getting closer to wearing the classic costume.

  19. Well yes. The point is why, outside the fact that we know he’s Superman and that he has to wear it. Some of the recent seasons took a nihilistic turn and I sort of get the sense that they are trying to have Clark embracing meaning, but they just cannot let it go. I would hope the reason to don the suit would be something besides the slapstick surface heroism they’ve devolved Superman into, but I doubt it.

    • Well what else is there?

  20. I’m glad I started watching the series again, it’s been pretty great so far. I had given up on it a few episodes into season 8(I own the first 6 seasons on DVD). Is seasons 8 and 9 worth going back and watching?

    • I liked season 8 enough, some didn’t. Season 9 is completely worth every second (except maybe some parts, but nothing is perfect). You do have to go through 8 to understand what’s happening in 9 though.

  21. Anyone else notice Oliver’s throwaway comment about ‘not running for public office’ hints of something to come perhaps as that’s exactly what the character does in the comics, also Oliver announces to the world he’s the Green Arrow, not just in the comics but in the show too!

  22. I liked Deadshot in this episode besides his costume but I learned to get used to it. I really loved his qoutes he gave out in the episode, couldn’t be any better
    I am upset that Clark is wearing that jacket. I thought he was gonna wear the Superman suit through out the season?
    I hope they will bring back some of the villains in the season again like Parasite, maybe have him join the Suicide Squad or just on his own? I just hope to see a lot more of Deadshot then Rick Flag.

  23. I tried to read all your posts, so I apologize if someone mentioned this already…..But did anyone else think that the end scene when clark dropped what I thought was a plane ticket to see Lois was symbolic of him now realizing he can fly….? I’m pretty sure it was a plane ticket and now he is standing there symobolically saying “plane ticket….I dont nee no stinkin’ plane ticket (or something more superhero-like)”……Just my opinion…

    • It was, and God I hope so :)

  24. i gotta say its good to see clark back in the good old blue-red color scheme cause i really was’nt digging the Neo style trench coat.

    • james,

      Yeah, they spent 8 seasons putting Clark in red and blue and when he finally decides to go “superheroing” he wears black…


      • The wearing black was Clarks reaction to Jimmy being killed because of him and everything else that was going wrong in his life, he was just acting like a human being.

        • i understood the black colors and honestly it was nice to see him in something different for change,but the trench coat,i could never get used to it is all im saying

          • The trench coat was a cape substitute.

          • I’m just glad they kept him in it through the whole season. They could’ve had him change back to his red jacket that’s he’s worn in every episode since season 2. haha

            • I have a similar jacket to his old red one, funny, I only ever wear it with a blue T

  25. Scott, I read through the comments to see if anyone else noticed him dropping the plane ticket. He is in the new jacket with the colors back. He is on the ledge on top of the Daily Planet. The scene ends and in my mind he flys off the Planet for a tour around town.

  26. That would be cool having him fly off the building to start next episode….but I kind of think he will have some sort of training period…..more so than what he has been doing with Jor-el….and maybe this episode his cousin will show him how to fly….we’ll see..