‘Smallville’ Series Finale Spoilers Revealed

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smallville series finale promo Smallville Series Finale Spoilers Revealed

[Update: The final episode of CW’s Superman series has officially aired – check out our Smallville finale review and join in the discussion.]

With only 3 weeks left until the two-hour Smallville series finale, fans have been wondering what they can look forward to when the episode finally airs.

While news of Michael Rosenbaum, Allison Mack, John Schneider and many other familiar faces returning probably won’t surprise the dedicated Smallville fans, there is still a wealth of spoilers out there.

Contained below will be information on the future of Lois & Clark, what roles Chloe and Oliver will play in it and who will be attending a certain special event. On top of that, there’s also news about Lex Luthor’s return, Lionel’s recent escapades and the eventual meeting of two great tyrants.

Even though the title of this article already states that SPOILERS are contained within, I would like to reiterate the fact that there are many Smallville series finale spoilers below. If you’re trying to go into the series finale knowing absolutely nothing about what’s going to happen, I urge you to stop reading now!

For everyone else, enjoy! (we will update this post as more spoilers become available):











Characters slated to appear*

  • Clark Kent (Tom Welling)
  • Jonathan Kent (John Schneider)
  • Martha Kent (Annette O’Toole)
  • Lois Lane (Erica Durance)
  • Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum)
  • Tess Mercer (Cassidy Freeman)
  • Oliver Queen (Justin Hartley)
  • Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack)

*expect to see many more during Lois & Clark’s wedding


What you can expect

  • Lois & Clark’s wedding will be in part 1 of the Smallville series finale, but don’t expect it to be quick. Smallville executive producer Kelly Souders says, It’s a very, very long walk down that aisle. There are some good moments, some heart-wrenching moments and some surprising moments at their wedding.”
  • Oliver Queen and Chloe Sullivan will serve as Best Man and Matron of Honor, respectively.
  • Chloe will be in both parts of the two-hour Smallville series finale. Allison Mack says that Chloe’s story “ends in a very healthy and levelheaded way.”
  • Both Martha Kent and Jonathan Kent will be in attendance at Lois & Clark’s wedding.
  • Regarding whether or not Lois and Clark will actually get married, Souders says, “I think fans will be pleased with how things turn out, but it’s never what you expect.” Tom Welling explains, “I think that what you’ll see is that Clark is destined to be alone. It’s the hero’s burden. You’ll see in the finale that of course, there is a future between Clark and Lois in the world of Superman. It’s how they get there that I think will be very entertaining.” smallville series finale superman Smallville Series Finale Spoilers Revealed
  • Chloe’s married life with Oliver will be touched upon.
  • For the first time, Lex Luthor and Tess Mercer will come face-to-face and share scenes together. Cassidy Freeman says that “their scene is epic. But I think even if we were just having tea and crumpets it would be epic, because we have never met before.”
  • Lionel Luther and Lex Luthor will both be in the Smallville series finale, but will not share any scenes together.
  • Lex Luthor will return with a gloved hand (something that was foreshadowed in the Smallville season 1 episode “Hourglass.”)
  • Regarding the final scene of the Smallville series finale, Tom Welling says, “The final image of what you’ll see at the end of ‘Smallville’… makes me so proud and makes the hair on my arms stand up. It’s something that people have wanted to see for a long time and it’ll fulfill what they’ve been waiting for.”



smallville series finale lois clark wedding Smallville Series Finale Spoilers Revealed

“I will just say that there are moments directly before and after this photo that, even seeing the footage for the 50th time, I still get a little teary.” – Kelly Souders


Smallville exclusive 510 Smallville Series Finale Spoilers Revealed

“The scene between Clark and Lex [in the finale] is one of my
favorites, for sure.” – Tom Welling


Smallville Lex 510 Smallville Series Finale Spoilers Revealed


Teaser Trailers

Lex Is Back!


Smallville Series Finale Trailer


Smallville Series Finale Teaser #1


Smallville Series Finale Teaser #2


Smallville Series Finale Teaser #3


The two-hour Smallville series finale airs May 13 @8pm on The CW

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  1. Oh no, if they rehash some convoluted “Lois loses her memory” storyline, it will ruin what should be a most epic and awesome finale… Magic kissing powers that wipe memories is one Superman power that should never make a comeback.

    • That would be stupid considering during the episode “Homecoming” Lois and Clarke were still together in the future and she knew about him being Superman.

      • My point exactly. tom Welling saying that we find out Superman is “doomed to be alone” just brings to mind memories of the worst use of deux ex machina EVER, which was used TWICE in the original Superman movies..

        • True, but he also goes on to say that there is a clear future between Clark and Lois, I think they are talking in riddles trying not to give anything definite away. Maybe all it means is they won’t get married, guess we will have to wait to find out.

          P.S. If they do make Lois forget I will not be happy.

  2. i really cant wait to see how the show ends, iv been watching this show nearly half my life so it better be bonertastic looool.

    @Dello i really doubt they’d do that especially at the end of the series were everybody CK knows is all clued up about his alter ego, i just think that the wedding is crashed by either doomsday or just plain old darkseid

    • I think the wedding will be crashed by Lex, now wouldn’t that be something.

    • I should hope its something like that… But really, at this point, any plot thread that causes Clark to be “doomed to be alone” is just gonna be groan inducing and ruin the rest of the season thus far

    • I think you may be right about the “wedding crasher”, but who it would be I think it would either be Lex or Lionel.

  3. the cap on lex looks fine, don’t know they didn’t do that in the 1st place. Maybe he wouldn’t of been such a sissy to coming back if he didn’t think he had to shave his head.

    plus they won’t make Lois loose her memories, in the future that Clark saw, Lois knew about Clark and superman.

    • Yes. The bald cap looks better than I thought it would.

  4. Nothing here is really a spoiler it’s mainly things that have all been presumed anyways, I will admit though I thought lex would only have a small scene but clearly his in more than one which is a good thing. I really excited for this, it’s going to be better then MoS.

    • JR,

      The original title for this article was actually “Smallville Series Finale Viewer Presumptions,” but Vic was TOTALLY against it.

      I’m on your side, guy. :-)

      • That would have been a far better name, since you didn’t give anything away about the finale. I feel some people will be avoiding this article because it has SPOILERS in the title.

        • That’s your opinion…

          Last time I misjudged the presumptions of our readers, I got yelled at for revealing that Alexander Luthor is Superboy.

          The term “spoilers” means different things to different people. Considering the information provided above, I’d say there are some pretty big spoilers for fans.

          BTW – Minus 200 points for you for totally poo-pooing at my witty quip.

          • Anyway…the information and pictures provided here are a few days old. A few readers may have already stumbled upon these tidbits of news (that can be seen as less than spoilers, but a little more than presumptions).

    • While I agree none of it is earthshattering new stuff, but I appreciate it being declared as a spoiler so as to tread cautiously.

  5. I think the final scene will be set in the very distant future, with Clark, looking the same as always, at Lois’ grave or funeral, saying goodbye and flying off. It’s both something we’ve all waited for, and something that shows Clark is destined to be alone.

    • that would be too sad for the average watcher…

      I think that she gets her memory wiped, and from that one episode where clark visits the future, she eventually figures it out again…

      But if that funeral thing is how it will end, then ild be happy with it… but to most fans of the show it would be as bad as the final Seinfield episode…

      • I’d take that funeral-in-the-future scenario over any mind-wiping, hands down

  6. I do not really understanding why Jonathon Kent is in ‘Finale’, except that John Schneider is one of the orginal cast members. Is this the alternate Jonathon (that Clark just saw in ‘Kent’) or a revived Jonathon?

    Also, for the sake of completeness, Kara (in addition to her appearance in ‘Prophecy’) and Conner Kent had better be in ‘Finale’ (and remain alive).

    • Maybe he’ll be an Obi-Wan-esque ghosty…

  7. I bet Clark loses his powers… just kidding…

  8. The final scene will probably be Clark as Superman flying into space – if it is then it will be very annoying having had to wait 10 years.

  9. Wouldn’t it be great if he woke up and turns out the entire series was just a dream? I’m sure you Smallville fans would love that. :)

    • And he flops on his bed after floating in mid air. Like he did in Season 1 episode 2…

  10. I have to go now. My home planet needs me…..huh? Wait a sec.

  11. I love how even when they talk about what’s gonna happen we still have no idea how all of this will go down. I love it and I can’t wait!!!

  12. The final scene is Clark taking off his glasses and ripping open his shirt to reveal the suit. Queue up John Williams and he flies off. The End.

  13. cant wait to see lex back aaa 3 weeks is to longgg

  14. Wow… a 5 second teaser showing nothing of importance, followed by a 16 second teaser that shows little to none (none) followed by a third teaser that was 10 seconds, we all knew he would be superman, so why is it called a teaser?

    • Really…?

  15. i sure hope this turns into another series, with the exception of the last 2 seasons this has been a awesome show with the exception of killing of jimmy olsen and lex and leaving us with chloe!!! gimme a break shes a waste of a character and they have all but neutered superman, tom is an awesome superman and should have been on the big screen but the writers of this series have never let him be the man of steel i,m hoping for a big finale and series spin off

    • ?????????????

    • The didnt kill of the real Jimmy Olsen though just his uncle i believe James Olsen.

      • They killed Henry James Olsen, older brother of the apparent James (something) Olsen.

  16. We’re very excited to see what the Smallville writers have in store for the 2 hour finale.

  17. So we will only get to see the suit for the last two minutes of the show as the credits roll by. What a let down.

    • We don’t know that yet…

  18. Here’s some AWESOME images from the “finale” on May 13…


    … you’re welcome ;)

  19. that 30 second teaser gives me a chill down my spine, my family has been with smallville only the last three years, we caught up and have seen every episode though, on may 13, we are going to sit down as a family and watch this. Long live smallville.

  20. Goosebumps! Ack, I’m so sad but also happy Smallville is ending. I hope this opens doors to the people in the cast for bigger and better projects and I look forward to an exciting ending!

  21. Smallville Series Finale Teaser #3 would make a great sceensaver

  22. Tom Welling says, “The final image of what you’ll see at the end of ‘Smallville’… makes me so proud and makes the hair on my arms stand up. It’s something that people have wanted to see for a long time and it’ll fulfill what they’ve been waiting for.”

    No it wont. It’s a HUGE slap in the face to people like myself, who have stayed loyal to this show for 10 years. To only show Superman for 10 seconds at the end of the finale. Souders, Welling… all of them should ashamed. That really is a kick in the teeth…

    • Everyone knoew from the start that the last scene would be Clark in costume flying. For a decade we’ve known this. How anyone could possibly be upset by Smallville delivering that exact thing is beyond me.

    • From the start it has been a strict No Tights – No Flight rule. Why would you even expect him in the suit at all.

  23. This has been a great season. I am not disappointed at all. I wish they couldve have found a way to get Tom welling to play superman in the theatre. I think the Smallville team has Coined This Show. and I doubt that there will ever be a better interpretation of these characters again on any show or screen. Thank you Smallville for an awesome 10 years.

    Even though I would be surprised if there is not a spinoff from some of the main characters like Cara or the Green Arrow. :)

  24. Daaaamn! Can’t wait for the finale… I do agree wholeheartedly with Tom Welling and/or the crew to continue on with the series somehow.

    > To Scott: A kick in the teeth? You tell me you won’t enjoy the finale? It’s gonna be awesome!

    Me = looking forward to it!

  25. Before that final Scene, somehow Lois Lane will have to have her memory of Clark Kent erased by Jor-El – she’s not supposed to know that Clark Kent is Superman !!

  26. that wont happen as clark saw the future and lois in that scene even told clark to go save the world and to take off his glasses and change to superman. they may not get married but regardless they will be together as love interests. here hoping that tom welling is now able to become superman in a future movie now that he is not tied down to the tv show. only reqret is not having young clark meet a young bruce wayne (maybe just before bruce becomes batman) also would like to see a new flash series. maybe tom welling will now do a JLA movie that would be cool. regardless – good luck and thanks for the great tv memories

  27. Smallville is finally coming to an end with what many beleive to be a great finish. I only hope thats the case. Tom Welling is finally going to bring real justice to his character while others like Chloe and Lionel as well as Lex wont receive. What was best about this show is that it didnt stick to the complete Superman mythology, and played with a few creative ideas of their own. But if there was one thing that could have happened in the finale which I beleive would have been epic, would be that Clark and Lex could work together one last time to defeat Darkseid using Clarks abilities and Lex’s intellect before they become enemies they are destined to be. But I guess we all cant have what we want. But whatever happens its going to be epic

  28. smallville finale, a sad time of joy for all of the fans that have been here for ten years. An interesting interpratation of a classic character with more of a “human” feel than the others i have seen. bring on spinoffs with new interpretations(and nom de guers) for the teammates we have seen and not seen in smallville. and hey, who’s to say we can’t see the cast on the bigscreen for a smalleville movie, other tv shows have,(ask any “trekkie”.

  29. The most important element to becoming a loyal fan to any television franchise is understanding that the writers, actors and producers have created a medium of intertainment that has seduced you into wathing every week. Whether you agree with the final product or not, if any one has watched Smallville for 10 years without missing an episode then the writers have done their job. The only individual that can honestly have a complaint is the one who gave up on the series years ago.

    • Ok then – as the finale will air tonight when/what/how do you all think Clark will wear the suit – I am going for the last scene, John Williams music flying into space.

      Very curious to see who gets it right – your thoughts?