Smallville Series Finale A Two-Hour Event On May 13th

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smallville series finale Smallville Series Finale A Two Hour Event On May 13th

[Update: Michael Rosenbaum Returns For ‘Smallville’ Finale]

Prepare the tissues (or your celebratory attire), because the date of the Smallville series finale has been revealed. Clark Kent will take his final steps and fulfill his destiny in a two-hour television event on May 13th.

While Supernatural fans may initially be upset to hear that Smallville’s final episode will be pre-empting any adventures with the Winchester brothers that week, I’m sure they’ll understand how long Smallville fans have been waiting for this – 10 years, to be specific.

Even though we sit three and a half months away from saying farewell to Clark, Lois, Oliver, Tess and (hopefully) Lex, there’s still much work that needs to be done in order for Clark Kent to become Superman. From the beginning of Smallville season 10, fans were hoping to see Clark make his final transformation earlier within the season and not wait until the final episode. Despite Clark technically flying in last week’s episode Collateral,” it  unfortunately appears that he will not fully become the Man of Steel until the finale.

You can read The CW’s announcement below:

“The story of a young Clark Kent (Tom Welling) and his journey to become the Man of Steel has captivated audiences for a decade.  This final season, Clark attempts to find a balance between saving the world, which becomes even more difficult as the Vigilante Registration Act separates a nation, and spending time with his new fiancée Lois Lane (Erica Durance).  Whether it’s donning glasses as a disguise, changing in a phone booth or learning how to fly, this season has put Clark closer to his destiny than ever before.  Taking on Darkseid and battling the darkest of his demons, this two-hour event will send Clark soaring towards his birthright to secure his place in history as the world’s greatest protector.”

Preparing for a Smallville series finale that has been ten years in the making is no small task. Executive producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders have taken on the arduous task wholeheartedly, here’s what they have to say:

“Paying homage to 10 seasons is no small task, and wrapping up each character and story arc has been extremely important to everyone involved in the show. We’re excited to be able to make the final moments of SMALLVILLE a television event, as the character we’ve grown up with makes his legendary transformation.”

Despite Supergirl (Laura Vandervoort) and Zod (Callum Blue) returning for one of the final five episodes, it’s highly unlikely that they’ll appear in this two-hour television event. Of course, there’s one person whose appearance would not only be welcomed, but would also help provide a wonderful sendoff for the series. You guessed it, Michael Rosenbaum.

With less than half of the episodes left for Smallville season 10, it’s hard to know exactly what the series finale will look like and where the plot will be focused (besides Clark becoming Superman). Fortunately, this past season has been executed almost perfectly, so whatever they have in store for the fans will most certainly be a joy to watch.

The Smallville series finale will air May 13 @8pm, on The CW.

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  1. i havent watched smallville since the first season :) maybe ill watch this

    • You’ll have no idea what’s going on but ok. haha

  2. This is the first good sign that this will be the epic event that we all expect it to be. I just hope that enough budget has been prioritised for this episode In a way the great anticipation may be spoilt by any early shots of Welling in the costume that will no doubt get leaked on the internet. I just wish E4 would pull their finger out and start boadcasting season 10 in the UK, like yesterday already…

    • They are usually quite good at keeping costumes off the net until they are ready to release the images. I’m actually getting concerned we won’t see him in the suit for more than a few seconds at the end.
      He should be Superman for this entire finale.

  3. I have followed this series from day one, and needless to say, it has been a thrill to watch.

    Tom did a great job as clark kent, and why he wont be starring as the man of steel in the upcoming movie i do not know.

    If smallville’s finale is as good as battlestar galactica’s was, then im sure it will be a finale to remember

    • Tom Welling would make a good Superman in the new upcoming movie. He looks like the traditional Man of Steel and he has been playing him for the past ten year; but unfortunately there seems to be a thin line between TV and movies.

      People see Welling as a TV actor, I guess he will have work to do to for people to see him as a movie actor.

  4. “With less than half of the episodes left for Smallville season 10, it’s hard to know exactly what the series finale will look like and where the plot will be focused”

    Perhaps Clark will thwart the destruction of the White House by an army of angry, Conservative, nuke wielding Tea Party members.


    • *sigh* So this is now the place to discuss politics? That’s not what I come to Screen Rant to do, but this bugged me. I have been to a few Tea Party rallies, including 2 in Washington DC. I wish no harm on the White House, the President, or anyone else. I simply want a responsible government.

      Again, I don’t come here to discuss politics. I have great respect for Screen Rant, and it is my primary source for movie news. But making a crack essentially calling us terrorists is something I not only find rude, but insulting. You guys are better than that.

      • Agent Tom
        I dont believe that Vic was taking a shot at Tea Party conservatives… That it what smallville has been doing. Vic is just pointing out what they are doing. At least i think so.

        • If that is the case, then I apoligize, Vic. I’ve never seen an episode of Smallville, but I was planning on watching the finale. But if that’s the kind of show it’s become, then I won’t be watching.

          • Agent Tom, benji is correct. :)

            If you’d been watching Smallville this season you’d know exactly why I made that comment. Head over to Big Hollywood and search the site for Smallville to see an article I wrote which describes what’s been going on with the show this season.

            Best regards,


            • This is one of the times where I wish I had just kept quiet. Thanks for the article. Without that knowledge about the show, your comment just seemed like an ugly political joke. Again, I apologize.

            • I still disagree, there is no real agenda here at at all, just stories used to service an entire seasons worth of plots.

              • DrSam, usually I agree with and support your comments, but on this one I am with Vic and he is dead on.

                For some reason, that completely mystifies me, the writers feel compelled to drop in some snarky liberal shots at conservatives in every episode. And it is completely misplaced in a scifi fantasy show. Why do it. When you decide to go political, no matter which side you come down on, you’re bound to tick off at least half your audience. I’d feel the same way if they were having the characters mouth conservative talking points. When I watch Smallville politics is the furthest thing from my mind. Its completely out of place here.

                Right on Vic. I doubt they read these blogs, but someone ought to tell the producers and writers to keep their politics to themselves and just knock it off.

                • But it services the plot (mostly) the whole VRA is a massive part of the story, plus all these people are being influenced by Darkseid.

                  • I appreciate your viewpoint, but I think the VRA can be done apolitically… I never felt like the Xmen movies were preaching political gospel to me with the mutant registration act.

                    I’d suggest you read Vic’s article on Big Hollywood. He apparently wrote it after “Isis” and he is dead on. Since then its only gotten worse and there’s no reason for it.

                    Take last episode. So Dinah’s suspicious of Chloe. I think there’s justification for being suspicious. She left and no one knows where she’s been. But the writers decide to take this fact and have Lois bang “War Hawks” and “crash your Tea Party” and “Love it or Leave it types”… why? The VRA is based on fear. That’s an emotion not a political stance.

                    I just don’t get it.

                    • Very well stated, Tom.


                    • Well, the mutant registration act is about as political as you get, considering its origins.

                      Maybe it’s different because I’m not from the US, but I simply don’t understand why it bothers anyone, film and television have always included the political viewpoint of whoever is writing it, hell, I know I do it when I write.

                      If the VRA existed in the real world, it would certainly be a political force, I think you’re bang on about the fear aspect, but that fear can easily be drawn from politics.

                    • It’s showing how political power, if used incorrectly, can lead to bad things…

                    • foopher,

                      They could do that very easily without referencing one political ideology week after week after week. You’re assigning noble qualities to the writers that aren’t there. I can quite easily picture them around the table in the writers’ staff room snickering like little children after one of the comes up with a political “gem” to insert into the script.


                    • I agree that there is an excessive amount compared to past seasons (which had little to none), but I also don’t know what approach the writers are taking. That’s just how I’ve been viewing it. Haha.

                      They very well could be jabbing like crazy, or pulling out all the stops to make Clark have some very difficult decisions. I just don’t know 😉

            • I must admit I came into the series late. i haven’t been watching the series much, but I have seen some of the current season. The current season writing still seems to be pretty strong.

              After reading and seeing some of the other episodes of Smallville this series sure did take advantage of the DC comics catalog to make fans happy. I sorry to see it go.

  5. I would have gone with a title of “Birthright” as the Finale, but I’m watching it no matter what. Going to MISS Smallville, Good thing there’s dvd and Blu Ray.

    • Maybe it’ll be titled “Absolute Superman” Haha

    • It will either be “Superman” or “Destiny”

      • Sorry, I’ve just read the article again, the episode is actual called “Finale”. That is rubbish. Why not Metropolis, or Destiny, or Superman?

        • Because the very first episode was titled “Pilot” 😉

  6. This is legen… wait for it… dary!!! I can’t wait, I’m beyond excited, I’m all manner of other things. I’m sad that show’s ending, but I’m happy it’s ending like this!!!!!!!

  7. I have never followed Smallville, never got into it, but I might check the finale out. Sounds pretty awesome. What I wanted to say though, is that Smallville fans have to consider themselves extremely lucky that the show is ending on its own terms. Only a handful of shows get to do that. LOST was one, and Supernatural is another. But even greats like Heroes fall apart and are forced to go off air. In that respect, Smallville has survived and it’s pretty nice to know that it’ll give its loyal fanbase exactly what they’ve always wanted. And if you’ve followed something for 10years, then you pretty much DESERVE to experience a legendary sendoff to the show.

  8. @Agent Tom, your agent skills are seriously in question…


    I’m so glad Smallville is ending. Finnaly the angst ridden high school superman story is over!!!!!
    Open Discussion can finally be an Open discussion.

    Well besides the Batman plot/casting/Robin/villains speculation discussion.

    • Oh dear. Do we have to do this again?

      Clark left High School in season 4! So for 3 years it College Superman story, then it was full time job at the Daily Planet Superman.

    • Actually I don’t see much Smallville talk in the open discussion posts – it’s usually confined to our Smallville specific articles.


      • I have been known to bring it up in the open discussions from time to time, espicially when there is something new released about the show, as I think people want to hear it and I don’t expect Screen Rant to keep up with every single piece of information.

        • I’ve seen some Smallville stuff in the open discussion…. the most recent one, to be more specific.

  9. This sucks I just started watching smallville I have started buying the dvds hate to see it go

  10. WIll be very sad to this end, been watching since day one, never missed an episode. 10 years is a long time to watch any show, I do feel like I have grown up with these character, I was still at school when it began.

    • Dr. Sam.
      Favorite season would be…?

      • 2,5 or 9. Hard to pick.

        I’d probably rank them from best to worst like this;


        • I like the last two seasons best. I think Gough and Millar leaving were actually a blessing. It became an entirely different and better show.

      • Oh, and 5 favourite episodes.

        Red (S2)
        Reckoning (S5)
        Homecoming (S10
        Rosetta (S2)
        Salvation (S9)

        • I’ll give you Homecoming and raise you

          Pandora and
          Absolute Justice

  11. So there is an episode on for the next 3 weeks. And then after Feb. 25th they are going to spread out 6 episodes over 3 months!?!?!?! That is absolutely crazy.

  12. Okay, I guess I better set the DVR. Still wish that Bruce and Diana had made an appearance sometime during the run.

  13. the finale is going to be epic

    • It better be, or a lot of people will be extremely pissed off.

  14. I’m sorry but the final episode has failed before it has even begun.

    Not having the last ever episode titles “DESTINY” is a disgrace. It’s what the entire series has been about from day one. “Finale” is boring, meaningless and quite frankly lazy.

    Why do I think it’s failed? Because it just shows they don’t have a grip on the series themes or characters.

    • The first episode of season one is titled “Pilot”, so I think this is kinda cool. That and I had joked about “finale” being the title before. :)

      Who cares what the title is for goodness sake!

      • Foopher – that is the exact kind of attitude that pisses me off. A title is SO important for episodes. They can really add depth thematically to the story or character.

        It should have been DESTING – There’s no excuse.

        • DESTINY* rather.

  15. Everybody name your top five moments that define the show for you or did not expect to happen.

    • 1. Clark meets Virgil Swan
      2. Clark meets Lois
      3. Lex takes down the fortress
      4. Clark (as Kal-El) flies!
      5. Clark rises off the ground while dancing with Lois
      6. The (1st) meteor shower
      7. Lex kills Lionel
      8. Clark vs Zod
      9. Lana vs Chloe (season 3)
      10. “Lois Lane. Will you marry me?”

      those aren’t in order, but they’re my top 10 moments (that I can think of right now 😉 )

      • I know. You asked for 5, I gave 10. But I just couldn’t stop :)

    • My favorite Smallville moment is whichever one in which Lana finally left the show.



      • Zing!

        I forgot to mention that…

      • And we have a winner! 😀

      • Right there with you Vic. Thank God she’s gone.

    • One of my absolute favourite moments was in S7 when you realised it wasnt Clark, it was Bizarro living with Lana, did not see that coming!

      But I agree with Foopher, the ultimate Smallville moment has to be Clark meeting Virgil Swan, I cannot even tell you how many times I have watched that episode.

      However, that could easily be eclipsed by Clark in the suit,flying.

      • I’d also add the return of Lionel in season 10, that was awesome.

    • One of the moments that define the show for me is when, at the end of the Homecoming episode, Clark imagines dancing with Lana, and from afar, he thanks her for the dance, and she — just coming back from the Homecoming dance — turns around as if she hears him, then smiles before going into her home.

      I get misty-eyed just thinking about it. :)

      And, to think, that some of the network people I think it was, didn’t like that ending. Shows how much they know.

  16. I’m glad to see that the FINAL will be a 2-hour special but feared
    that we would only get 21 episodes then, i was right now the final
    season of smallville will end quicker :(

    • That’s what I thought, but then again a two hour episode is just as good as two episodes. But yeah, I was hoping for 22 AND the final one be two hours

  17. Well if they can limit the TV commercials to a minimum
    that would be great, for us smallville fans to enjoy more!

    • Amen to that Gina! There are entirely too many commercials. What could easily be a 50 minute episode is reduced to 42 minutes…

  18. That would be ideal yes, if someone with Money & Power could
    sponser the smallville final 2-hour movie for less commercials
    to just one in the middle of the final episode of smallville that
    would be so awesome, if i COULD i would be happy to do that, just not
    in that position to do such a thing.

    • Too bad. If it was up to me I’d let you do just that

    • If you were going to underwrite the final episode… I was going to ask you for a loan.

  19. We all know that Clark will become Superman, so calling the finale “Superman” or “Man of Steel” wouldn’t be giving anything away. I am on the side that the title “Finale” is a bit lame. But if they give us a balls-to-the-wall epic showcase, they can call it “Twilight” for all I care. 😎

    • But what could it be giving away? Everyone on the planet knows Clark Kent is Superman, so calling the finale “Superman” wouldn’t be giving anything away. It would be similar to having a series called “The Bible” but was reluctant to call the final episode “Revelation”, even though everyone knows what happens.

    • Amen to that. Absolutely.

    • Ah, I see. Sorry.

  20. I was actually kind of agreeing with your point…guess we’ll have to wait and see

  21. I think they are wise to hold out the title of the finale. I am not ALWAYS in the loop due to my work timetables, but am always pleasantly surprised. I can wait.

  22. Damnit, May 13th is too far away. I can’t believe we’ve had Smallville on the air for decade, that’s absolutely insane to me! I’m so excited (and sad) for this finale so I just hope the cast and crew put their all into making the last episode go down in tv history!

  23. I looked at the smallville spoilers page & don’t see anything yet
    about any more justice league heroes like “Impulse” or “Zatanna” making
    a appearance before the show comes to an end, i’m also wondering where are they going to squeeze in the showdown with “Darkseid?” hope it doesn’t become like another quick & short “Doomsday” battle, anyone know
    or think might happen?

    • I don’t know Gina… they’re running out of time… masquerade is next and deals with one of Darkseid’s minions… then they have the lost weekend episode “Fortune”… Scion which I think deals with Conner Kent, … then the episode “Kent” which brings back Jonathan Kent… and then the episode about Booster Gold… after that two more episodes and the finale… its looking more and more like Darkseid might be getting short shrift… hope not… but another Doomsday isn’t out of the question

  24. This is really gonna suck if we don’t get to see any more
    Justice League heroes on Smallville again – just wish the show didn’t
    have to end tis season. look at these daytime soaps shows some have been
    on for 20 – 30+ years already, they seem to somehow last a lifetime it seems?

  25. I think it would be great if they had another 2-hour movie – a smallville SPECIAL – it could be about the showdown with Darkseid, they could assemble the rest of the J.L.A. heroes & really make the most of it, they could air it this summer or sometime in fall! I would watch it.