Smallville Season 9 Premiere: Review & Discussion

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smailville premiere Smallville Season 9 Premiere: Review & Discussion

Last night’s premiere of Smallville started out with a recap of various scenes from season 8 to help catch up viewers to the big events that concluded last season’s storylines.

It has felt like forever since we’ve seen Clark take down Doomsday, watched Jimmy die and saw Clark walk away from Chloe. So, it was quite a rush to watch the teaser lead into the 9th season of Smallville as we were treated to several details for the upcoming season.

Join us to recap and discuss the premiere of Season 9 of Smallville.


It’s been 3 weeks since the events of last season’s finale when Lois (Erica Durance) returns to the present, showing up in a flash of light on a moving train. An unidentified female assassin who is pursuing her also shows up on the train in a similar flash of light.  The train derails just after that and Clark shows up and catches it.

Clark (Tom Welling) has gone from the red-blue blur to just a blur in his new dark outfit. He’s also become compelled to burn his chest symbol into things when he makes a save, to leave his mark.

smallvillenewpics2 Smallville Season 9 Premiere: Review & Discussion

In these last 3 weeks, Clark has committed himself to training with Jor-El in the fortress of solitude.  I found his conversation with Jor-El about his inability to fly interesting.  Speaking of flying, did I miss it, or did they not show what happened after Clark jumped off the Statue of Liberty?

Meanwhile, it seems that Major Zod (Callum Blue) has been holed up in the Luthor mansion, having taken Tess Mercer (Cassidy Freeman) hostage, believing she has information he needs.  He also has a number of soldiers from Kandor with him, but none of them have any powers under the yellow sun.

We’re also introduced to John Corben, the street reporter.  It’s good to see Brian Austin Green on TV again, but John is a critic of “the blur’s” methods, questioning why he has to burn symbols at his rescue scenes.  He openly calls him a vigilante.

Even though the female assassin who was pursuing Lois is never identified, she has the same powers as Clark and she brings some power-neutralizing blue kryptonite with her.  It seems she wasn’t after Lois at all, but was just using her to lure Clark out since he is her true target. When she and Clark do deck it out, it seems to me that Clark’s training with Jor-El pays off as he stands his ground with her surprisingly well.

There were some interesting moments however, like the assassin telling Clark the world will end in a year and that she’s here to stop him, Chloe (Allison Mack) getting ticked at Clark for refusing her request to use the time-ring to save Jimmy, and the army of powerless Kryptonians at Zod’s command. That’s really befuddling me.

Lois hunting down Oliver/Green Arrow (Justin Hartley) and finding him in cage matches was interesting but dang, how quickly he sank to this new lifestyle. Jimmy’s death is having quite the impact on everyone, being as how everyone seems to be blaming themselves for it.

Was it me, or was Lois running around in tank tops in this episode more than usual?  That wasn’t a complaint at all, just wondering out loud.

We also got to hear a new term for time travel: “Temporal Aperture Continuum” and I thought it was a nice cameo for the Statue of Liberty.

I’ve got to chime in about Oliver and the similarities between himself and Bruce Wayne / Batman has in his own mythos.  Since we’ll never see Bats in Smallville, I find the parallels interesting.  My final “ah-ha” moment pondering Oliver being the replacement Bats came when Oliver Queen’s money helped set up Chloe’s Watchtower.  “Oliver may be AWOL, but his funds aren’t.” In the source material for this reimagination, Watchtower was funded by Bruce Wayne.

How’d We Feel About The New Episode?

This episode started out with the momentum from last season and different aspects of the upcoming season were introduced to us.  I came away from the episode pleased but I have to wonder if they will be able to keep this up?  They had a lot to feed us right away so they had material for us.  Though the producers have said that this wasn’t going to be a dark season, there are a lot of story threads laced with overshadowing darkness to the characters.

If they can manage this momentum, it will be a good season but I think many of us are gun-shy after last seasons’ Doomsday buildup.  Plus, if the show gets another season, will this affect what material they’ll deliver to us?

My thought is that if they feel that this is the last season, I presume they’ll be wrapping up a lot of things for us. But if they get another season, will the production team pull back and pace themselves, saving some of the plot points and issues for next season?

I have to admit; at the end of the episode when Lois laid down to go to sleep, she sure had one heck of a recall/dream sequence from her alternate time trip… I mean her temporal aperture continuum trip!

Your turn!

Time to chime in Screen Rant readers.  We want to hear your thoughts on what you saw, what you felt while watching the start of the 9th season of Smallville!

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  1. @Tricia: Like I said. Smallville season 9 raped my soul, and The Man of Steel. Yes, a lame tv show, bent over The Man of Steel and gave it to him good. And the sad thing is, Smallville had so much potential. This drivel people are being fed now, belongs in the dustbin. No, better yet, it should be sealed beyond the gates of hell, and showed to the occupants as a method of torture. And no, Days of Our Lives is not one of my favs, but the theme song has a tendency to stick. Bet you, you’re hearing it as you read this.

  2. “Smallville season 9 raped my soul”… I’d see a therapist

    Also, GuyverXT9 was it, if you thought the sappy high school and “Oh my God Lana you’re the only one for me, but I can’t have you, yes I can, no I can’t, yes I can, ok now I really can’t” stuff was better(and less “Days of our lives”y) than what’s on the show now, you’ve obviously been watching a different show. I’d contact my cable provider and make sure it wasn’t some prank being pulled on me. Because quite frankly, this season, the one that’s just soooooo horrible (??????????????), is getting better ratings than the past couple of years. Normally when that happens it means a show is good. I Mean Really!?!

  3. @Foopher: The reason it’s pulling more ratings is because it’s on the Friday slot. When kids who aren’t allowed to party and are generally below the age of 13, are watching tv. Hence, Smallville never grew. It went and pulled a “Simple Jack” on itself aka “Going Full Retard”. So much potential wasted. And unfortunately my therapist told me the only way I can cure myself is by having copious amounts of sex for the next 5 years. Considering it’s only been two weeks, the road to recovery will be a long and joyful one.

  4. @Foopher: And as a final note. Smallville was about Clark becoming Superman. Not about Lana and Clark, and their trivial little romance. Not Clark going to Metropolis, working at The Daily Planet and having a this ridiculous relationship with Lois. Clark and Lana’s was a lot more authentic as well. If Smallville was High-School romance, Lois & Clark is kindergarten romance. Futhermore, Smallville seasons 1-7 had cool plot twists and turns when you think of the caves, the arrival of kryptonites, Dr. Swanson, Lex’s constant fascination with Clark and his abilities, Lionel Luthor, Chloe’s ability, Pete’s departure, Clark’s dad dying due to his interference with Lana’s death… very good show back in the days, now you have “KANDOR” and Tess, the pathetic Lex replacement, and Zod… for the THIRD time!!!! Add to that the cool cameos Smallville had regarding Flash, Aquaman, Green Arrow and all the other Justice League alumni. Now it’s just Justice League… but even the animated Justice League cartoon is 100 gazillion times better than this drivel. And I haven’t even started on the failing production values, pathetic scripts and just plain idiotic plot lines since season 8 started. You’ll notice that I don’t mention Doomsday as ‘n plus for the series. I think everyone knows why. Wow… think it’s time to follow the doc’s advice. Enjoy your show, I’ll enjoy my twinkie.

  5. The weird problem people seem to have, is that they assume Smallville must follow the normal Superman continuity, and it really doesnt. It exists on its own terms, its own storylines and characters. Why do people always assume, Clark has to fly, this cant happen that cant happen, treat Smallville as a seperate entity. Pretend that you know nothing about Superman and enjoy the show on its own merits!

  6. @Dr Sam. And as you just read. If you compare the start of the show, to the end of the show, the end comes out lacking.

  7. …severly

  8. With Smallville, it has never been perfect, but the show means a lot to me, so I am in it till the very end. And I’ll enjoy every second.

  9. @Dr Sam: Had the same mentality, but unfortunately it was making me dumber by the second.

  10. Smallville has had good seasons and bad seasons.

    Good: 1,2,3,5,9

    Bad: 4,6,7,8

    So far thats more good than bad in my book. But hey, it all comes down to our own personal opinions. I actually dont know anyone else who watches Smallville, but the fans are out there. Somewhere. Probably trapped in a purple orb!

  11. Watched Pandora episode, im confused the world was defeated by kandorians who built a tower turning the sun into red. But where was the other heroes, don’t tell me Clark is the ONLY one capable of putting a fight. Continuity wipe my arse. DC consist of many heroes some where even guess stars in that show, but where were they??? Whats the point of saying Smallville is in its own entity when it keeps putting characters from the Mainstream DC comics, such as the upcoming Society episode or Wonder Twins, separate entity my arse. And who doesn’t know superman, even the most jocked up Bimbo would know when you say Clark Kent, they picture Glasses reporter, superman Cape DUHHHHH. On the upside i would defend that i like the Lois and Clark thing, Lana although beautiful seemed to be like the ball and chain of Clark.

    P.S Smallville can never be a seperate entity to the Superman Legacy, why do you think they are always required to put the names of its creators on the credits. They are bound by copyright laws to adhere to the creators original characters.

  12. pwned :P!!! Well said Peter. I don’t even know what happened in that episode, but it sounds horrendous.

  13. Im enjoying the storyline between Lois and Clark right now, sorry to the others guys who may now share the same enthusiasm. But i have feeling they butter you up before they throw you in the oven. And the fact they are jumping the gun of having the romance between Clark And Lois happen immediately. One thinks they will do something horrible in the end of the season. Like mindwipe Lois memory of having any feelings for Clark at all. And thus negating the whole previous seasons and episodes.

  14. @ peter
    you’re completely right about the other superheroes.And I reffer to one in particular when saying that. Lana.She got that kryptonite suit and with that she could have at least given an advantage to the other superheroes, right? But I think they forgot about that, just like they forget about other stuff too.

  15. Your right about that i forgot about Lana’s suit what happened to her in the future?, how about the kryptonite powered baddies, i doubt they would have just rolled over

  16. Maybe the Kandorians killed off all the other heroes, or they just decdided they couldnt win, why did Oliver wait six months to attack Zod in the mansion?

    And as for it being seperate, it may be inspired by the original mythology, but the story is not the same, they used Supermans origins as a template and evolved it on from there.

  17. @Dr Sam: You’re defending a lost cause.

  18. whats evolved? he still grew up in Smallville right? he still was raised by Jonathan and Martha Kent right? his first love was still Lana right? He is still ending with Lois right? he is still working at Daily Planet right? he still surrounded by the same superheroes in the DC comics right? He still has the same enemies right? he still got the same powers? And trust me they will make him eventually fly and put the costume, its copyright. If they wanted to make a separate entity without being constantly compared to its origins, they they should have followed heroes and created their own characters.

  19. Don’t get me wrong i still enjoy Smallville despite my criticism, we only bag it to make it better for our enjoyment, that what fans do.

  20. GuyverXT9 says:
    @Dr Sam: Had the same mentality, but unfortunately it was making me dumber by the second.

    We noticed.

    GuyverXT9 says:
    I don’t even know what happened in that episode, but it sounds horrendous.

    Yeah right. We know you watched it. Pretty good episode. Chloe saved the day. Again. Chloe rocks!

  21. Hehehe, sorry Tricia, but no. I didn’t. And I’m glad, because any episode where Chloe saves the day, is most definitely a bad one. Really sad that you are all happy a inferior season compared to the rest.

  22. Just rewatched this episode, there is a stupid plothole.

    When Corbin meets Lois in the train carriage, he tells her the date that day 25th, which is the morning after the crash, and Lois picks up the dirty newspaper, it also says 25th. But surely it would be 24th as it was left in the train?

    I know no one cares.

  23. rewatched it just now, i think you’re right about the date. Maybe they did a misprint on the newspaper when they were making the props. Or the newspaper time traveled.

    I would like to see more Chloe action actually, if they would just give her an ability or at least training. Instead of trying t slowly fade her into the background which i have i feeling their trying to do.

  24. Dr. Sam, I had also thought about that. But in order to make it make sense to me i said… “Some one with a newspaper that morning and his girl friend were in the train (doing junk) when a security guy told them to scram. But the guy forgot is paper. Enter Lois and Corben. Again the security guy is all get out of here.

  25. (forgot ‘his’ paper.) and (get out of here.”)

    my oops

  26. And (not to be annoying but) #200

  27. and it keeps going, and going. Thanks to the Foopher-nator, the commenting machine!

  28. Foopher, how does that make any sense??

  29. GuyverXT9, The guy with the news paper and his honey were in the train before Lois. he left his newspaper there for her to find. I don’t know. It made sense in my head. I swear.

    And “the Foopher-nator”? Really Bruce?? Haha. Sweet 😀