Smallville Season 9 Premiere: Review & Discussion

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smailville premiere Smallville Season 9 Premiere: Review & Discussion

Last night’s premiere of Smallville started out with a recap of various scenes from season 8 to help catch up viewers to the big events that concluded last season’s storylines.

It has felt like forever since we’ve seen Clark take down Doomsday, watched Jimmy die and saw Clark walk away from Chloe. So, it was quite a rush to watch the teaser lead into the 9th season of Smallville as we were treated to several details for the upcoming season.

Join us to recap and discuss the premiere of Season 9 of Smallville.


It’s been 3 weeks since the events of last season’s finale when Lois (Erica Durance) returns to the present, showing up in a flash of light on a moving train. An unidentified female assassin who is pursuing her also shows up on the train in a similar flash of light.  The train derails just after that and Clark shows up and catches it.

Clark (Tom Welling) has gone from the red-blue blur to just a blur in his new dark outfit. He’s also become compelled to burn his chest symbol into things when he makes a save, to leave his mark.

smallvillenewpics2 Smallville Season 9 Premiere: Review & Discussion

In these last 3 weeks, Clark has committed himself to training with Jor-El in the fortress of solitude.  I found his conversation with Jor-El about his inability to fly interesting.  Speaking of flying, did I miss it, or did they not show what happened after Clark jumped off the Statue of Liberty?

Meanwhile, it seems that Major Zod (Callum Blue) has been holed up in the Luthor mansion, having taken Tess Mercer (Cassidy Freeman) hostage, believing she has information he needs.  He also has a number of soldiers from Kandor with him, but none of them have any powers under the yellow sun.

We’re also introduced to John Corben, the street reporter.  It’s good to see Brian Austin Green on TV again, but John is a critic of “the blur’s” methods, questioning why he has to burn symbols at his rescue scenes.  He openly calls him a vigilante.

Even though the female assassin who was pursuing Lois is never identified, she has the same powers as Clark and she brings some power-neutralizing blue kryptonite with her.  It seems she wasn’t after Lois at all, but was just using her to lure Clark out since he is her true target. When she and Clark do deck it out, it seems to me that Clark’s training with Jor-El pays off as he stands his ground with her surprisingly well.

There were some interesting moments however, like the assassin telling Clark the world will end in a year and that she’s here to stop him, Chloe (Allison Mack) getting ticked at Clark for refusing her request to use the time-ring to save Jimmy, and the army of powerless Kryptonians at Zod’s command. That’s really befuddling me.

Lois hunting down Oliver/Green Arrow (Justin Hartley) and finding him in cage matches was interesting but dang, how quickly he sank to this new lifestyle. Jimmy’s death is having quite the impact on everyone, being as how everyone seems to be blaming themselves for it.

Was it me, or was Lois running around in tank tops in this episode more than usual?  That wasn’t a complaint at all, just wondering out loud.

We also got to hear a new term for time travel: “Temporal Aperture Continuum” and I thought it was a nice cameo for the Statue of Liberty.

I’ve got to chime in about Oliver and the similarities between himself and Bruce Wayne / Batman has in his own mythos.  Since we’ll never see Bats in Smallville, I find the parallels interesting.  My final “ah-ha” moment pondering Oliver being the replacement Bats came when Oliver Queen’s money helped set up Chloe’s Watchtower.  “Oliver may be AWOL, but his funds aren’t.” In the source material for this reimagination, Watchtower was funded by Bruce Wayne.

How’d We Feel About The New Episode?

This episode started out with the momentum from last season and different aspects of the upcoming season were introduced to us.  I came away from the episode pleased but I have to wonder if they will be able to keep this up?  They had a lot to feed us right away so they had material for us.  Though the producers have said that this wasn’t going to be a dark season, there are a lot of story threads laced with overshadowing darkness to the characters.

If they can manage this momentum, it will be a good season but I think many of us are gun-shy after last seasons’ Doomsday buildup.  Plus, if the show gets another season, will this affect what material they’ll deliver to us?

My thought is that if they feel that this is the last season, I presume they’ll be wrapping up a lot of things for us. But if they get another season, will the production team pull back and pace themselves, saving some of the plot points and issues for next season?

I have to admit; at the end of the episode when Lois laid down to go to sleep, she sure had one heck of a recall/dream sequence from her alternate time trip… I mean her temporal aperture continuum trip!

Your turn!

Time to chime in Screen Rant readers.  We want to hear your thoughts on what you saw, what you felt while watching the start of the 9th season of Smallville!

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  1. Am I the only one who misses the Lana-Clark plot? Or Lex Luthor? I know, I know, I should be over it by now, and adjusted…but I really don’t feel like the chemistry that Clark and Lana had can ever be recaptured — nor can any archenemy replace Lex.
    Sometimes I wish they’d made Kirsten Kruik (sp?) play the part of Lois Lane from the very beginning. I’m just not feeling any sort of sympathy/empathy for the actress playing Lois Lane…I don’t like her persona. Am I the only one?

  2. I’ve got a confession to make, I’ve still been watching the show on a weekly basis. Don’t know why, but I’m still tuning in, and I’m still being disappointed on a weekly basis. *Sigh*… As for the Clark-Lois thing?? Yes, I miss the Lana Clark angle as well. There was a lot more to them during the first couple of seasons, and now Clark and Lois is being forced down our throats. Eurgh. Smallville.. please die already and spare met the weekly horror.

  3. Sorry.. spare *me* the weekly horror.

  4. GuyverXT: STOP Watching! Nothing better to do? You look for the worst, so you will always be disappointed. How could you have been disappointed in “Rabid”? I know, I know, the cheap, CG cartoonish fake-looking plane – how dare they include that? In a show cased on cartoon characters? It’s bound to happen once in a while. And no cheesy dialogue allowed either. Ever. Watch something else.

  5. I really liked this last episode, even though the actore playing Jor-El seemed a bit long in the tooth to be Jor-El’s clone 20 years before the destruction of Krypton. But I nit-pick, Julian Sands is a great actor.

    Does anyone else think Clark seems much more violent towards humans than before? Like old Clark would never have put a strangle hold on Tess (or reveal his secret quite so readily). Also, in Roulette, he totally body slammed that mugger guy. It just seems a little off from Clark, but I Davis Bloome took the shine off humans.

    Fingers crossed for Season 10.

  6. that is I *guess* Davis Bloome yada yada

  7. @ssf:
    Personally, I think Tess got off lucky that all Clark did was pick her up. I certainly saw the subtle fear in her eyes. After all, regardless of the up and down feelings Clark may have had for his Birth Father, Tess was keeping his Father from him.

    What would you have done. I can’t think of anyone that would just turn the other cheek in that situation regarding a Family member.

  8. @Tricia: I was disappointed with Rabid, because it just took a movie plot (Dawn of the Dead, 28 Days Later… take your pick) and garbled some nonsense about the virus being released in order to reveal that there was already a Kryptonian on earth. Ummm…. yes…. wait… wait for it… UTTER NONSENSE!!!! Compare this episode to the previous Smallville plot episodes, granted that there were some dooooozers in the previous seasons, but nothing as ridiculous as this *crap*. The previous seasons had a lot more depth to them. Eurgh.. PVR’d Friday’s episode, still contemplating whether or not I should watch it though. Perhaps I should go get a bottle of whiskey and attempt it. Jeeez, this show is driving me to drink… BAAAAAD BAAAAAAAD Smallville.

  9. So Smallville can’t take a popular theme (Zombies) and use that to try to entertain people? I mean no other show’s done that before? Really?!? I mean REALLY! :D

    Tricia, thanks for watching the show to enjoy the ride. I like talking to people about the show who don’t shoot down every flaw.

  10. You want to talk about flaw, how about the inconsistency in Kandor episode. Where jorel prepares the orb and then puts it next to the crystal of Knowledge. In the beginning it says 20 years or so before the explosion of Krypton. Yet when the crystal where being uncovered in Earth they were buried inside ancient artifacts of ancient civilizations. Not to mention the evil witch who possess lana. was searching it in her own time line, how can they exist in Earth if they weren’t even made or hidden yet?

    Jorel also mentioned he did his rite of passage as a young man in Smallville in which we saw a young Jorel in earlier Smallville episode. Yet the person making the orb and crystal was an older one. So he made after many years of his first visit to earth. Again the orb was hidden before Jorel’s rite of passage, in the castle as well as the crystal. How can be both true??

    Plus they do not know how to do a proper advance civilization. I mean trench warfare for Kryptonians?? Where are the ships??? Nuclear mushroom cloud??
    Limited imagination.

  11. Foopher: Problem is. Smallville was A LOT better than the trash that’s being fed to us at the moment.

  12. Peter, “time travel” (it’s knida been a big thing in this, and past seasons. I’m not arguing i’m just saying

    GuyverXT9, ok

  13. oops forgot a “)” in there

  14. @foopher

    Its seems to be a escape hatch to the unexplained to be explained. Its more likely the writer’s lack of keeping continuity with their fellow smallville writers. Too many cooks spoils the soup.

    While the idea of introducing a cloned Jor-el is a great idea, but poorly exploited only to be killed right at the end. The emotional reconnection to his son should have been extended, to make his loss even more effective on Clark.

    While we need to see Zod do something Machiavelli, dark and insane. Instead of the continuous posturing which I dread every episode.

    We need innocents in jeopardy, dying, and then see them saved by Clark. Instead of the repetive self-indulging soap drama focused on the characters.

  15. Great and awsome.just cnt get enough.little and unnoticeable flaws.9 is great.

  16. @John: You lie… tssssssk tsssssk. I’m proud to say, I’ve actually stopped watching!!!!

  17. ^ no no. YOU lie

  18. What?? Me… Lie?? NEVER!!! I’m Smallville free. Was a bit painful as it passed through my urinary tract, but all’s good now!!!

  19. I have to comment on “Idol” – can’t help myself. Best episode in a long time. Tom is shirtless. Making out wih Lois. Clark and I miss Lana but I’m glad he’s back in the game. (Well, maybe he isn’t missing Lana so much, but the scene in bed with Lois hasn’t really happened yet). Clark in almost every scene. Clark gets to smile more and enjoy life once in a while. And when he saved Lois and Ollie on the roof in “Crossfire” – awesome. Loving season 9.

  20. @Tricia: you lie!!!!

  21. No Tricia doesn’t! Tricia tells the truth.

    Also to comment on IDOL, i think the Smallville interpretation of the Wondertwins was the best thing to happen to the characters. As weird as it is to say… the were awesome.

  22. Blasphemy!!!

  23. GuyverXT9: It’e obvious to me that you are a HUGE Smallville fan. Hang in there.

  24. Season 1-7 yes. From then onwards it became Days of Our Lives, but with superpowers. Clark: “Lois, I like you but I can’t get over Lana”. Lois: “Don’t worry I’ll still have my monster trucks”. Chloe: “Clark, I want you, but I’ll never have you”. Clark: “Screw it, Lois, I will now be hunky buff boy, and kiss you”. Lois: “Oh Clark, why don’t you just hit me over the head as well, and drag me off to a cave somewhere. Considering the quality of our scripts this last season, I’m pretty sure it’ll fit in perfectly with whatever we’re supposed to be doing”. BAD SMALLVILLE. BAD BAD SMALLVILLE.

  25. @GuyverXT9 Don’t you have a channel changer on your TV? For somebody who seems to hate Smallville so much, you sure are a glutton for punishment. Step. Away. From. The. TV and watch something else if you aren’t happy with the series. There’s a lot of channel options to be had. You don’t have to suffer needlessly sweetie.

  26. I stopped watching two weeks ago. But the lameness of season 9 has been burnt into my brain. It raped my soul. It destroyed the Man of Steel. DIE SMALLVILLE. DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!!!!

  27. You know, Smallville has its flaws, but the last episode, Pandora, was amazing in my opinion.

  28. GuyverXT9: Karen Scott’s suggestion is the right one: use your remote to change the channel. And if you are no longer watching, then why be obnoxious and comment negatively? Enjoy raining on someone else’s parade? You child. Bad, bad GuyverXT9. Or maybe you are still a big fan and SIMPLY love to hate the show.

  29. GuyverXT9: Days of our Lives huh? Is that another one of your favs? Interesting.