Smallville Season 9 Premiere: Review & Discussion

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smailville premiere Smallville Season 9 Premiere: Review & Discussion

Last night’s premiere of Smallville started out with a recap of various scenes from season 8 to help catch up viewers to the big events that concluded last season’s storylines.

It has felt like forever since we’ve seen Clark take down Doomsday, watched Jimmy die and saw Clark walk away from Chloe. So, it was quite a rush to watch the teaser lead into the 9th season of Smallville as we were treated to several details for the upcoming season.

Join us to recap and discuss the premiere of Season 9 of Smallville.


It’s been 3 weeks since the events of last season’s finale when Lois (Erica Durance) returns to the present, showing up in a flash of light on a moving train. An unidentified female assassin who is pursuing her also shows up on the train in a similar flash of light.  The train derails just after that and Clark shows up and catches it.

Clark (Tom Welling) has gone from the red-blue blur to just a blur in his new dark outfit. He’s also become compelled to burn his chest symbol into things when he makes a save, to leave his mark.

smallvillenewpics2 Smallville Season 9 Premiere: Review & Discussion

In these last 3 weeks, Clark has committed himself to training with Jor-El in the fortress of solitude.  I found his conversation with Jor-El about his inability to fly interesting.  Speaking of flying, did I miss it, or did they not show what happened after Clark jumped off the Statue of Liberty?

Meanwhile, it seems that Major Zod (Callum Blue) has been holed up in the Luthor mansion, having taken Tess Mercer (Cassidy Freeman) hostage, believing she has information he needs.  He also has a number of soldiers from Kandor with him, but none of them have any powers under the yellow sun.

We’re also introduced to John Corben, the street reporter.  It’s good to see Brian Austin Green on TV again, but John is a critic of “the blur’s” methods, questioning why he has to burn symbols at his rescue scenes.  He openly calls him a vigilante.

Even though the female assassin who was pursuing Lois is never identified, she has the same powers as Clark and she brings some power-neutralizing blue kryptonite with her.  It seems she wasn’t after Lois at all, but was just using her to lure Clark out since he is her true target. When she and Clark do deck it out, it seems to me that Clark’s training with Jor-El pays off as he stands his ground with her surprisingly well.

There were some interesting moments however, like the assassin telling Clark the world will end in a year and that she’s here to stop him, Chloe (Allison Mack) getting ticked at Clark for refusing her request to use the time-ring to save Jimmy, and the army of powerless Kryptonians at Zod’s command. That’s really befuddling me.

Lois hunting down Oliver/Green Arrow (Justin Hartley) and finding him in cage matches was interesting but dang, how quickly he sank to this new lifestyle. Jimmy’s death is having quite the impact on everyone, being as how everyone seems to be blaming themselves for it.

Was it me, or was Lois running around in tank tops in this episode more than usual?  That wasn’t a complaint at all, just wondering out loud.

We also got to hear a new term for time travel: “Temporal Aperture Continuum” and I thought it was a nice cameo for the Statue of Liberty.

I’ve got to chime in about Oliver and the similarities between himself and Bruce Wayne / Batman has in his own mythos.  Since we’ll never see Bats in Smallville, I find the parallels interesting.  My final “ah-ha” moment pondering Oliver being the replacement Bats came when Oliver Queen’s money helped set up Chloe’s Watchtower.  “Oliver may be AWOL, but his funds aren’t.” In the source material for this reimagination, Watchtower was funded by Bruce Wayne.

How’d We Feel About The New Episode?

This episode started out with the momentum from last season and different aspects of the upcoming season were introduced to us.  I came away from the episode pleased but I have to wonder if they will be able to keep this up?  They had a lot to feed us right away so they had material for us.  Though the producers have said that this wasn’t going to be a dark season, there are a lot of story threads laced with overshadowing darkness to the characters.

If they can manage this momentum, it will be a good season but I think many of us are gun-shy after last seasons’ Doomsday buildup.  Plus, if the show gets another season, will this affect what material they’ll deliver to us?

My thought is that if they feel that this is the last season, I presume they’ll be wrapping up a lot of things for us. But if they get another season, will the production team pull back and pace themselves, saving some of the plot points and issues for next season?

I have to admit; at the end of the episode when Lois laid down to go to sleep, she sure had one heck of a recall/dream sequence from her alternate time trip… I mean her temporal aperture continuum trip!

Your turn!

Time to chime in Screen Rant readers.  We want to hear your thoughts on what you saw, what you felt while watching the start of the 9th season of Smallville!

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  1. Lois and her visions were sick! I can’t wait to see what that was all about… this looks like it’ll be Smallville’s best season yet!

  2. Yep!
    Awesome Visions: CHECK!

  3. The premiere rocked!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Great emotional performance by Allison Mack, and then Tom Welling’s reaction to it, he looked amazed! He was almost lost for words xD

  5. There was great acting by all cast members. I also liked the lighting in the mansion. It was more green

  6. I think last naghts season primaire was awsome it’s great to see Kal EL fineliy work on his traning with Jor EL and the onliy reasion Clark dosen’t want to use the JLA ring to save Jimmy is becouse his not shure of what he’ll change next, though i have a feeling he may use it to seand the kyptonieon asssine back to the furture an as for last season’s doomsday battle which wasen’t great but not baed doomsday is not daed not by a long shot they onliy barryed him under part of the city so he’ll be back most likeliy late in seison 9 an i think thats who will kill chloe i’m gussing becouse that’s what was shown in loises dream allso this seasion will not be the last seasion, seasion 9 lookes like it will be awsome so fare i lookforword seeing what they do next this show rocks hopefuliy smallville runs to sesasion 10

  7. best season yet it seams it’s going to go in a serial direction ala lost. Can’t wait for next week

  8. Lois’ dream alludes to the Richard Donner vision for the Superman mythos. She envisions a world taken control and ultimately destroyed by Zod and his minions while she is making love to Clark; a la Superman relinquishing his superhuman abilities to be with the one human he loves more than any other (Superman II) and removing himself as the only obstacle to Zod’s dream of domination.

  9. Might I add, Alia came back in time to kill Clark before he would give up his abilities and allow the destruction of earth. The scene before her throwdown with Supes with Jonathan’s watch appearing was a subtle hint that perhaps she and Clark will confide in one another later this season.

  10. cori, no offense, but were you in a hurry when you wrote that? lol

    it is interesting that alia had his dad’s watch. and lois’ dream was intense. can’t wait to see what they do with that

  11. Personally,I’m not sure about the whole Zod angle,it seems that it could get too much on the contrived side,plus,I find that the way that Callum Blue’s mouth moves when he talks to be VERY distracting.

    I think also,instead of doing the usual method of killing,or getting rid of extra characters(mainly villians) throughout the season,they should really just hunker down with the characters that they already have,and not parade extra people in and out of the cast like they usually do.I like BAG,and think he should stick around for at least half of the season,but if they follow their usual game plan,he’ll probably be gone after a few weeks.

    Heres to hoping that this season won’t require the absolute necessity for a season 10.

  12. A Ha! Heath – I wasn’t sure if that was Alia or not!

  13. I loved the new episode im lovin the new season!!!! I hope they dont put too much chloe in it cuz thats what killed it for me last season. U no too much chloe and davis not enough Clark and Lois. Maybe they will end the show this season ,but if they do i hope that it ends with Clark finally becoming Superman and having everthing more or less traditional.

  14. I thought it was great! I have been a smallville follower since the beginning. Do you think Clark may go back and save Jimmy? I kind of like the dark outfit. I look forward to seeing Clark fly. Looks like a SUPER season ahead.

  15. Savior almost felt like a Superman without the iconic suit and flight. Clark saving the train, training at the Fortress, and fighting Alia were the highlights of the season.

    When you have the entire cast in an episode like the premiere, a lot has crammed into it. It would have been nice if it was panned out in multiple episodes.

    The episode should have started with a bang with Lois fighting Alia and Clark saving the train instead of Chloe calling for Lois and meeting Dr. Hamilton.

  16. I really like the cast this year. i think Callum Blue will be a good Zod. (even if he does open his mouth a little wide when he yells) lol. Very excited to see Brian Austin Green as Metallo.

  17. I cant really get into smallville nowadays, espiecally with clark not being himself anymore, im glad they the show is still going but i like it less because of so many changes the show has gone through. I mean the only two left from the original seasons are Clark and Chloe and if you count Lois

  18. smallville is the best i hope clark flys and gets a red and blue suit and works at the daily planet with lois and just the basic superman story is what im kinda hopein for

  19. That was a great start to a new season can’t wait until next week oh and cori that was not a JLA ring it was the Legion ring the JLA does not use rings.

  20. Loved it! Did they explain why Clark was not into red/blue anymore? Yeah, I know he cut his ties to humanity but I am not sure that would affect his color palette. Anybody still thinking the Eradicator angle?

  21. i thought the season 9 premiere of smallville was TWO THUMBS UP, IN THE ASS. it was interesting about how clark couldnt fly. the train seen, the fight seen;between clark and the assasin, the ending, and the part when clark jumps of the statue. it was awsome, this could be the best season yet.

  22. The problem for this season is that the story has already deviated from the comic books sporadically. Any further deviation may cause fans to seek other series. And still a lot of questions have not been answered. I hope they do not rush the season in these matters. But I for one am very glad with this seasons opening.

  23. Is it just me, or did this episode end oddly. After Lois woke up, the episode just ended. Nothing else. Is that how it was shown on TV or is it just the online episodes?

  24. @Angel
    No that was it, Lois has her dream/memories/vision as a little preview for the season, a little taste of what’s to come and then wakes up to credits. A little abrupt maybe.

    I thought the falling sequence was part of Jor-Els training tbh because it cut right from the fall to the FoS training. Could be wrong though.

    Really liked the premiere, was a bit put-off by last season but this has given me renewed hope that they can finally do the material justice, especially after losing so many (writing/producing/whatever) staff. Not sold on BAG yet but may come around. Not liking Zod at all though, should’ve gone with an older (and better) actor, his scene rallying his troops just made me cringe/laugh, like a playground battle-cry. A General in his mid 20s? Wow, the Krypton army promotes em fast…

  25. I don’t understand the whole ZOD thing. In prior movies, ZOD was a General and older when he was sent to the Phantom Zone by the elders (?) on Krypton, before the planet blew up.

    In Smallville, he is referred to as Major ZOD and is much younger and arrives from Kandor. Just how does he get promoted to General when he’s much older?

    The whole defacing thing that Clark does with his “S” just does not seem like something he would ever do. I’m guessing Jor-El told him to “Leave his mark” and Clark took him seriously.

    Also, if I am not mistaken, the female assassin, stated that Clark will destroy the World in a years time. Do we know for a fact that the world she was referring to was Earth? There seems to be some odd temporal aperture continuum thing going on. Could she have really been referring to Kandor, or Krypton, if she is not fully aware of times and events, much like Kara, after being asleep for about 18 years in her ship?

  26. I doubt Clark is the Eradicator just because of the way he talks to Chloe. But i guess we’ll find out :D

  27. @GPSpector

    Zod became Major in this episode when he was locked up with Tess before the trial, a temporary demotion (prior to the trial results – shocking) which after his speech I’m assuming was revoked. All hail General Overacting! Errr… I meant Zod!

    The female assassin is still a bit of a mystery though, from 1 year in the future with Johnathon’s watch. She is part of Zod’s ‘army’ (the last to look at him after his speech just before he smirks at Tess) and accuses Clark of betraying ‘them’ and destroying ‘their’ world (not THE world like this article states). I’m guessing she means the Kryptonians but… why did she tell Clark she was ‘so sorry’ after receiving some bad shaving cuts? It makes no sense in context with everything else? Oh, btw Clark could’ve saved her quite easily I thought – before she dies cover the rock, remove the metal and boom – rezzed! :P

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