Hawkman, Stargirl and Dr. Fate Coming To Smallville

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With Geoff Johns (The Flash) scripting an episode Smallville, folks are in anticipation of which characters from the Justice Society would actually show up.

The recent news breaking on the street is that Hawkman, Doctor Fate and Stargirl will be showing up.  So we can now add these three to the other cast of heroes that will be gracing the episodes of Smallville, such as Green Arrow’s sidekick, Speedy (Appearing October 23rd) and the Wonder Twins.

What has me worried. though, is who is reportedly playing Hawkman.  Michael Shanks (Stargate SG-1) is slated to appear as Hawkman.  I’m happy to see Michael getting work, but I’m worried – as in career move worried.  Is this the best direction Michael can go?  I’ve been hoping for bigger, better roles from him since his time on Stargate.  But that’s just me.

michael shanks Hawkman, Stargirl and Dr. Fate Coming To Smallville

Brent Stait will be playing Doctor Fate and Britt Irvin (Aliens in America) is noted as playing Stargirl.

stargirl Hawkman, Stargirl and Dr. Fate Coming To Smallville

Here’s a tidbit about Hawkman: Geoff Johns says that Hawkman will have his wings and mace and he won’t be getting along with Green Arrow at all.

This Smallville episode we’re talking about will air in January, and it’s been noted that other Justice Society members will also appear, though I haven’t seen any details yet.

Is it me, or is The CW pulling out all the stops this season with the different heroes passing through?  What’s up?  It’s like a last bru-ha-ha party.  I hope that’s not the case.  Is anyone else having the same concerns?

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  1. I’m trying to understand how they plan to have Hawkman with his wings on this show. Genetic mutation? Luthorcorp experiment? Just doesn’t seem like he fits in with the Smallville universe.

  2. Michael Shanks was in 24! This will be an amazing episode, just like last seasons Legion!

  3. It’s going to be Clark and Green Arrow Vs. Star Girl, Hawkman, and Dr. Fate. With Green Arrow battling Hawkman, we’re left with Clark taking on Dr. Fate. It’s going to look like Superman/ Batman: Public Enemies.

  4. This strikes me as the CW hunting for spin-off potential, which probably isn’t a bad idea. That doesn’t necessarily mean this is the last season for “Smallville,” though. I suspect they’d try to find their spin-off character and then place it in a nine o’clock slot behind “Smallville” next season to build its own audience. However, if they succeed, then that would probably make next season the last one for “Smallville.” That show has got to be expensive to produce with such a long-running cast.

  5. I like the new characters that have been introduce throughout the season but you’ve got a good point Longshanks.

    Anyway i’m sure it will be a cool episode seeing that all 4 thus far have not let me down at all

  6. I was thinking that Bill… indeed!

  7. They must have some huge budget this year to have such characters like Hawkman and other dc characters in good costume or maybe it’s same as last year. Either way, fanboys aren’t pleased with the cameo-after-cameo this season. Nothing pleases them.

    Just hope this isn’t the last season. Although it may sound unbelieveable, there is still so much life left in the Show. Someone tell Rosenbaum to shave his head and come back, we all miss him.

  8. Smallville. I’m surprised its still on tv.

  9. I’ll just say this Michael Shanks was great on Burn Notice, blows his work on Stargate out of the water.

  10. If they are just doing this for spin off purposes, surely the same can be said of introducing the Legion last season. Which worked brilliantly.

  11. I hope they kick clark’s arse. And Dr Fate tells Clark “your Fate is doomed, for this parallel earth will cease to exist after the FINAL CRISIS”

  12. I think that there will be one more season of Smallville to come (I would hope for more, but I can accept season 10 as it) and hope that Lex will make a return in that season. At the least if Micheal Rosenbaum doesn’t want ot shave his head, they have head pieces that make the head appear bald, or there is CGI that can be worked into it!!!

    But this isn’t such a bad season of Smallville, in my opinion. There is life left in the series if it can be written properly!!!!

  13. I’m liking some of the comments. They should let US wirte an episode. lol

  14. Well not really “new” but yeah

  15. @Lencho HAHAHAHA I hope they don’t do Clark’s Cheer idea, those shows sucks. CW board members must have a thing for underage teens. How about the astronaut models, hahahhahah
    Zoolander on Mars.

  16. I,m always glad to see more DC stars on film, but Smallville hasn,t really done them (pardon the word)Justice. the only one they got right was Zatanna, costume and all. All for the JSA, but come on, Stargirl shoudn’t even be born yet. Oh well’ as long as Zee comes back.

  17. Come on then, lets do our own episode!!!!!

  18. This episode is now a two parter.

  19. LoL. They should change the name of the show to somthing else. I mean why is Clark meeting all his Super Friends now before he’s Superman? They shown Aquaman, Impulse, Cyborg, Green Arrow, Black Canary,Legion of Superheroes etc etc. And shown Brainiac, Morgan Edge,General Zod, even the one creature that kills Superman, Doomsday! I even heard Darkseid may make a appearance. With all the things happening these past few seasons, they may aswell have Clark finally fly and call himself Superman and rename the show to Metropolis.

  20. “…rename the show to Metropolis”

    But why? I mean, what’s wrong with just keeping the title? lol

    And where’d you here about Darkseid? Cuz that would be real cool.

  21. @ Foopher
    LOL, Well lately it seems that episodes take place in Metropolis, and Clark leaving his mark all over the city. I forget what website mentioned Darksied, its somthing i came across on Yahoo. It hasnt been confirmed yet, its just being thought of. Wouldnt surprise me since we came close to having Bruce Wayne but Batman Begins stopped that from happening.

  22. @Chris

    I agree, one should change the title to Metropolis, however it may confused some people ( i wont mention what kind) from the show smallville. As for the influx of DC characters, means the writers lack any imagination to make the show run on its own merits. I am not suprised DC reluctance to have its other flagship characters partake in the Smallville continuum as most DC writers and Illustrators have invested much in its history, to have it warped to produce ratings. That is why you may not see the some of the real Justice League Founders on the Show, like Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, Flash (they change the name to impulse, one wonders why?), Martian man-hunter and Aquaman not being just sidekicks taking orders to pretty boy Arrow or being a babysitter for Clark. I reckon WB is recycling writers from its other shows like Gossip Girl.

  23. I always wondered why they called him ‘Impulse’ instead of Flash. I guess that’s a reason (a stupid one anyway).

    But yeah, I’m not against changing the title, but i mean how much longer can the show go? It would (IMO) make sense to just keep everything as is.

    • impulse is actually the flash’s sidekick in the comics
      just saying