Smallville: First Look At Sandman, Dr. Fate & Green Lantern?

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smallville season 9 Smallville: First Look At Sandman, Dr. Fate & Green Lantern?

Let’s start off the week with some awesomeness that is, of course, Smallville. Even though the Smallville Justice Society two-hour movie (now titled “Absolute Justice”) is more than two months away, The CW has already begun rolling out enough teasers and sneak-peeks to keep any fan at bay. Still, Smallville fans are not the common fan and as such require even more teasers and sneak-peeks. Luckily, The CW has obliged.

Last week we brought you a glimpse of Hawkman along with some details of what to expect from the episode. Today, while we don’t have any more information about said Smallville movie, there just might be some information about the episode before the February 5th “Absolute Justice” event that fans might be interested in. Did someone say Dr. Fate, Sandman and… Green Lantern?

…Oh yes, they did!

It looks like we’re going to have quite the run-up to the Justice Society special, as a promo for the January 22 episode titled “Disciple” shows a couple familiar faces.

Some announced. Some not. All awesome.

Let’s kick it off with some photos.

smallville sandman1 Smallville: First Look At Sandman, Dr. Fate & Green Lantern?Sandman

smallville dr fate1 Smallville: First Look At Sandman, Dr. Fate & Green Lantern?Dr. Fate

And finally, possibly a little appearance from Alan Scott?

smallville green lantern Smallville: First Look At Sandman, Dr. Fate & Green Lantern?Green Lantern

Now, check out the promo below.

I’ve got to admit, those costumes look pretty great. I wasn’t too excited after seeing Hawkman as Smallville is pretty much hit-or-miss with their costume designs, but I’ve got to admit that Sandman and Dr. Fate have gone down the road of Green Arrow and look great. Add in an appearance by Green Lantern and I’m more than sold on this.

While we’ve still got two holidays to get through before this episode airs, the promo has me totally excited for what’s to come. For a show that’s in its ninth season, it appears that there’s no slowing down for the red-blue blur. If this momentum continues, there’s no doubt (in my mind) that a tenth season will be on the schedule.

What do you think of the promo and the first looks at Sandman and Dr. Fate? Does the possibility of a Green Lantern appearance guarantee that you’ll be tuning in?

Catch Smallville “Disciple” January 22 at 9PM on The CW

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  1. I have NEVER watched this show… I guess I will now. 😀 Nice looking.

  2. oooo they even have a painting of the JSA. Yeah will be watchung that just for the “goosebump” factor.

  3. Smallville hasn’t made a single mistep this season, and this teaser looks simply amazing! I wonder how they will actually do green lantern, it’ll probably be a tiny part but even that would be awesome!

  4. Finally Smallville will bring in more characters from the comics, and not just any characters, the originals from the Golden Age, it’d be awesome to see Jay Garrick and Shazam in there!

  5. Dr. Fate looks dead on! Great job there! And isn’t this double episode/movie directed by Tom W., mister Smallville himself?

  6. @dannyboy

    Tom Welling is directing the second half of the 2 hour episode.

    And can the Green Lantern Ring look any more cheap than what is being shown. I thought Smallville got a boost in money to make this episode.

  7. It seems obvious that the showrunners are making every effort to deliver a top-notch season and to honor the fans as well as the characters that made comics special in the first place. Looks like a fun time to be watching this series!

  8. The Ring does look a little funny, but i really don’t care. lol. Everything i’ve seen so far has got me just so pumped for the 22nd!

  9. I’m looking forward to seeing Carter Hall aka Hawkman, too bad no Hawkgirl but maybe bring her in later or something, Anyway, I sense a 10th season of Smallville for next year.

  10. This show looks too ridiculous for my taste. It’s like 90210 mixed with semi-superheroes in bad costumes.

  11. Show is definately inthe right direction this season and I foresee a season 10 in the making. I believe atthis point, or come January/February Smallville shoudl move back to a MOnday thru Thursday slot because I know it it very difficult to catch on Fridays. (I for one dont catch it) Bringin this show in its revamped format to another weekday wouold greatly boost the ratings and help lead into a 10th season. This season so far has been great. The two hour event in January will have fans pumped and and at to the soar in ratings.
    There is still much to resolve which leads me to believe that a season 10 is in the making.
    1-Lana story arc is far from over, we need some resolution before the show ends.
    2-Dont be fooled, Lex is not dead- he cant be- we need to have this addressed before the show ends…possible cameo of Rosembaum or an actor who resembles him might be neccessary.
    3-The fortress needs to come back to life.
    4-Chloe needs to die (subjective opinion, but I support it)
    5-The whole Jimmy Olsen thing needs to be clarified, who is teh real Jimmy Olsen is still left open to interpretation.
    6-Clark needs to start to put together “the suit”
    7-The smaller characters ( Green Arrow, Tess, Martian Hunter, Bizzaro (he’s not dead), etc) need to have their story arcs in the show resolved.

    These are just some points I have but my basic pint is that we have plenty of room for a 10th season. I hated teh show the past two season but if they could keep up what is going on this season then by all means go for it. Two things that HAVE TO BE ADDRESSED for certain : Lana and Lex

  12. @ JM
    I agree with point 10, where is supergirl. they just brought her in and left her floating in the phantom zone (which clark easily escaped)

  13. excuse me, #8

  14. What I wanna know…I saw The Spectre in that painting. How does Smallville deal with that level of power?

  15. lastdrag0n89

    Supergirl isnt in the phantom zone, she went of in search of kandor after Clark released her. Season 8 Bloodline.


    1. The Lana arc is over. Clark is with Lois, if she goes near Clark he will die. After eight years Lana and Clark said their final barn farewell.

    2. Lex isnt dead. You’re right there.

    3. The Fortress has been back online since mid season 8.

    4. It is unlikely Chloe will survive till the show ends, as her character doesnt exsist anywhere in DC continuity.

    5. The Jimmy we saw on the show was never the real Jimmy Olsen, obvious in a way, as Jimmy was meant to be much younger than Clark and Lois, so the introduction of his younger brother at the funeral adjusts the age gap.

    6. If we never see Tom Welling in his red and blue suit, then the show has been a waste of a decades worth of television.

    7. Bizarro was destroyed. Oliver’s character arc will probably never finish, as we should all be hoping her gets his own spin off. As for Tess, when Lex finally returns, he will deal with her I’m sure.

    8. Supergirl went off in search of Kandor, which we now know was trapped inside the orb, but as the actress is on another show, she probably wont be back.

  16. The Red-Blue Blur = the stupidest superhero name of all time (worse than Elongated Man!). /sarcasm/Real creative, writers./sarcasm/

  17. @ Drew and Foopher

    Ya, the ring kinda reminds me of a plastic toy which you would find in a cereal box. Maybe they planned it like that, and we’ll have to check our Cheerios or what not next month……….

  18. Uh, Bizarro explodes, after being zapped by blue Kryptonite. I really doubt he will be coming back.

  19. @ drsam
    which episode/season was that in ?
    i only remember clark hitting him towards the sun and then he flies off, never to be seen again… but then again i have been fast forwarding some of the episodes (catch stand the dialogue sometimes)

  20. Season 7, the two parter Gemini & Persona. Bizarro pretends to be Clark and moves in with Lana while Clark is trapped in the fortress. Clark finds out, and as everything work opposite on Bizarro. The blue kryptonite increases Bizarro’s power to the point where he cannot contain it and explodes.

  21. I’m sure the GL ring will look better in the episode. They probably haven’t finished adding all the special effects to it. It will probably be glowing green when the episode actually airs. These teasers don’t always have all the post production special effects finished.

  22. man that ring looks dumb

  23. I’ve been reading alot of stuff like (for example) Kara still in the Phantom Zone, Bizarro not dead… and on and on. Season 8 episode 8 Kara is released and she leaves looking for Kandor. (Now that it’s out i imagine we may… or at least SHOULD… see her again soon). Bizarro got the fooph blown out of him in season 7 episode 10. Lana puts the Blue kryptonite in his hand and goes all Ka-BOOM!

  24. … and very good point ChosenOne

  25. Man, this is gonna confuse the people who watch the Green Lantern movie. All the kiddies only know John Stewart from Justice League, and all the teens will only know Alan Scott from this.

  26. Hal Jordan, Green Lantern 2814.1 FTW.