Smallville Season 8 Confirmed: Oh… Joy

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Smallville 3 Smallville Season 8 Confirmed: Oh... JoySo they’re really going to do it.

Smallville is moving ahead to Season 8. A variety of sites are reporting it based on some press release that I can’t seem to find. Here’s the relevant bit:

“Also renewed were the long-running Thursday night team of ‘Smallville,’ which will begin its eighth season, and ‘Supernatural,’ which will begin its fourth season.”

According to Kristin Kreuk (Lana Lang) will be back for at least a portion of the season. Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor) and Allison Mack (Chloe Sullivan) are still up in the air, although renegotiations are imminent now that there has been a pick up.

And over at the Comics Continuum they’re saying that for some reason the show’s Martian Manhunter may not be able to put in an appearance due to all the Justice League movie gyrations. Why exactly either of those have anything to do with the other is beyond me.

It also seems that most everyone’s contract is up in the air since I believe that except for Tom Welling, everyone signed up for a 7 season stint on the show. It’s been stated for quite a while that Michael Rosenbaum, who plays Lex Luthor on the show wouldn’t be back for an eighth season, which I always thought would be the kiss of death for the series.

If you want to lose someone, lose Lana, not Lex. Although based on the last couple of episodes I think it’s already headed downhill.

Come on Smallville – surprise me and turn the show around before it sinks deeper into the muck of cheesy, shark-jumping territory.

Sources: Earth’s Mightiest, & Comics Continuum

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  1. Ugh. This series has gone from a delight, to a guilty pleasure, to just plain awful. The writing this season is more ridiculous than ever, and Lana continues to be a shiny, vapid tumor on the face of the show.

    With Lex gone, who’s the antagonist? Lionel turns back to the dark side? Chloe becomes permanently-possessed by a phantom zone escapee? This show has nowhere left to go.

  2. VERY dissapointed by this I was hoping it would just die .
    I used to be a big fan but it just got too bad.
    The longer it was on the furher it got away from its premise, the relationship between Clark and Lex .

  3. Yeah, I really thought that Season 6 was just about the peak for this show. I’ve watched it more out of habit and the worry of missing something “cool” than anything else lately.

    I wrote about it’s slide in quality here:

    Is Smallville Circling the Drain?”


  4. I am ready and anxoius to see the new season! I love everyseason of Smallville and I never will hate any part of Smallville and I am GLAD that they are going through with the 8th season. :D yay!!!

  5. Smitty, you could be right, but the last couple of episodes… damn. Plus Lana is turning into some moustache twirling villainess IMHO.


  6. “I am hopeing that the last couple of episodes were a little off”


    Yeah, the last couple of episodes were reruns. But, could anyone tell? I watch every episode, but it didn’t exactly start out stellar. Remember the Meteor Rock Character of the Week?

    The best part of every Smallville is the opening sequence. I think it’s the best of any show, ever. The pause between the opening scene and the music gets me sucking in my breath so I can sing along–Somebody saaaaaave me!

    An interesting formula on the show is how they wrap up the main story with about 10 minutes left for an “epilogue.” I give the writers credit for pacing the story well enough to do that. I also like the continuity and background arcs, although they come and go. Right now Brainiac killed his creator to fix himself…and…where is he?

  7. Why is Smallville only on once a month instead of once a week now?

  8. Kruek and Welling have permanent angst-ridden looks. But that’s the CW for ya.

  9. Well I for one like the show, I was hoping that the show would continue to season 8. I like the season finales because it always keeps you guessing and I dont want Lana to leave because she is so hott

  10. Just when Clark and lana have a decent chance at live together, why take it away?
    The story should lead smallville on a new path. Clark always belive he can protect lana, so show us man of steel can protect. Kill luthor and bring darkseid or other more stronger villain from supes history!!!

  11. Smallville started off as a light-hearted, fun, but still very deep show. It was about love, being different, and family. Smallville has always been about Lana and Clark, and i hope it will continue to be. I know it can’t end happily between the two of them, but the writers should leave the Clark-Lois thing for the Superman story. This is Clark’s story, and Smallville Clark is in love with Lana, that’s just the way it is.

    If that requires the end of Smallville, then so be it. But after Clark and Lana, i don’t think there’s anything left for the series to do. That completes his transformation into Superman, knowing that he can’t have a real relationship no matter what happens. It’s sad, but that’s the final realization.

    I say that clark and lana should finally be happy together, everything should be great, but then lana gets sick or injured with something that was somehow caused by clark and he can’t fix it. Then she dies, but they are at least in love when she goes.

    (I know in the comics she marries Pete, but that doesn’t quite fit the show)

  12. Always loved this show from the beginning. If season 8 is to be the last, then maybe have some closure in the last few episodes. Time for Lana to go on her merry way, mother Martha to come back home and run the farm, Clark moves to Metropolis, Perry White takes over the Daily Planet and hirers a young Clark, ending where Superboy leaves off and Superman begins. He has to leave the farm sometime to find his place on this world. A spin off titled “Metropolis” isn’t that bad of idea as long as the romance between Lois and Clark doesn’t mirror the old “Adventures of Lois and Clark” TV series. A.L.&C. wasn’t a bad show but it just never touched on Clark’s inner alien side. Besides maybe a few cameo roles for Lex in a couple of episodes, there has to be a seedy side of the city to attend too where some meteor freaks remerge and new villains come to be.

  13. This show was a favorite of mine but has gotten too Beverly Hills 90210-ish. When I read that Kara was going to teach Clark how to fly, I said “FINALLY”. But Clark didn’t even attempt to fly. It’s good they brought Brainiac back but the show needs more action. If this is the final season, then they need to have Clark finally come to the realization that “with great power comes great responsibility” (sorry Spidey). They need to have him finally donn his legendary suit for the final episode and fly off into the sunset or something.

    Give the people what they want, CW.

  14. Couldn’t agree much, John Taylor!

  15. I’m glad they’re finally closing the chapter on the whole Clark-Lana affair. From a character development standpoint, Lana was holding Clark back. In fact, they should have killed her off. Nothing like a defining moment of tragedy in a hero’s life to open his eyes and see that there are some things that even Superman can’t fix.

    Lana’s death would hasten Clark’s maturity towards the Man of Steel.

    Seriously, Lex has had more “growth” as a character than Clark has this entire season. He’s really stepped into the whole “villain” role. But what’s amazing about Michael Rosenbaum is how he was able to still add that sliver of “humanity” in his portrayal of Lex.

    See, even the darkest villains have some touch of “humanity”, which makes their journey to darkness that much more tragic.

    Truth be told, Smallville stopped being interesting because of Clark five seasons ago. It was really Lex that kept me coming back. They should rename the show, “Being Lex Luthor”, or “I, Lex” or simply “Lex”. It would center around Lex and his journey into villainy.

    I think that Lex aside, the show jumped the shark as of Season 4, long before the writer’s strike.

    I think that maybe it would have helped, if the creators, Miles and Al mapped out the whole SERIES before mapping each season. That way, the development could have been more nuanced and constant.

    I personally think it should’ve been a story of Clark and Lex’s parallel journey. IF theyb had kept to that, and paced it right, the series would still have it’s power now. Instead, they have a hit-miss situation. And often, it’s not even a bull’s eye when it “hits” but more like a sideways graze.

    How sad.

    One can only hope Season 8 will bring the show back from the mess that was the Season 7.

    For now, let’s enjoy Lex’s last episode in the season finale.

    Break a leg Mike!

  16. I’ve watched all the series, but I thought that the show has gradually been going downhill since Season 5, but Season 7 really made it clear to me how bad it’s got.

    Without Lex for Season 8, I think it will be hard to maintain a good story which compares to the quality of the first few seasons. It’s such a shame though, as it’s without a doubt my favourite show!

    However, I’m glad Lana won’t be returning. That should allow the story of Clark to flow better, and the series can focus more on his development.

    I feel that Season 8 should be the final one though, and it still has the potential to be brought back.

    Also, if “Brainiac” does return, I think his name should be changed – it sucks! As a character and actor he is great, just the name doesn’t fit. And it really annoys me how Chloe seems to be able to “hack” into everything every episode by just pulling a few string.

    They need to make the stories of the other characters more realistic, and focus on Clark’s development more. Jimmy is awesome, and I hope Green Arrow returns too, the episodes he featured in were always good.

    The main thing for Season 8 is definitly more action, less lovey dovey with Lana. It’s getting too old.

    Well anyway, that’s what I think :)


  17. To be honest, I thought the show “jumped the shark” when the magic storyline appeared, but some brilliant writing tied all of it together during season 7. I am a dyed in the wool fan and will watch no matter what. It is the best show on television. Certainly it is a better depiction of Superman than the ridiculous Superman Movies. Sure, I’ve been disappointed about some of the storylines, but to be frank, none of the comic books have covered this part of superman’s existence where he CHOOSES to be superman. It is interesting how they are taking a completely made up cast and transitioning them into the Legend.

    Michael Rosenbaum, there is no other Lex Luthor. Kristin Kreuk, you will always be Lana. Allison Mack, you’ve made Chloe a part of the Lore. If you do not return to the show, our lives will be much emptier without the characters YOU made real.

    Superman must fly this season. I don’t care about the suit. That can wait until the final episode.

  18. lex need to come back for season 8 he makes the episode more exciting lex and clark acting what makes episodes good

  19. Im really happy an 8th season is comming out soon but if lex isnt in the show how will they develope the lex vs superman scenario also im really REALLY hoping this is the season clark learns 2 fly i mean its been to long now hes gota start taking 2 the skys lol roll on season 8 :D

  20. Like most viewers I have really enjoyed the show. I do think its time now for clark to move on and start his training to become Superman. The Clark/Lana relationship is well and truly over. But I dont think his relationship with Lois should evolve yet, leave it for Superman, they just seem a very unlikely couple. Especially as Lois looks old enough to be Clark’s mother. Looking foward to series 8 hope its a good one

  21. I’m a late bloomer of Smallville (watched series 1-7 in April, didn’t sleep for two weeks lol)I myself believe Clark and Lana are well and over. I always thought what does she actually do she only ever gets attacked LOL! poor girl.
    I also think Clark and Lois should be left for superman as we know it happens. I would like Clark and Chloe to get together. Roll on series eight. I’ll be watching it on the internet as I am in the Uk and we have just started on series 7, but I watched it already, no harm in watching it again though especially as I am crushing on Clark at the moment LOL!.

  22. Time for Clark to grow up. There’s been too much teenage angst and drama with Lana. I hope he comes to the realization that loving Lana was a childhood thing and move on to understanding who he really is. Lois needs to appear in more episodes and start helping him along with thhis realization. I think it really is Lois that inspires him to choose to be Superman. Even without powers, Lois is fearless and always takes the initiative to do what’s right. Clark as teenager has been self-indulgent and whiny, treating his gifts as burdens. He needs to start appreciating them. Lois recognizes the good and honorable in Clark (sans abilities) and that in itself makes him special. I can see Clark wanting to be his best self around Lois, she’s demanding that way.

  23. in the end of season 8, i think we have to see happy ending of clark-lana affair. i agree if smallville is about superboy but don’t really obey the comic, lana and clark should be together.


  25. season 7 finale was great with the distruction of the fortress was good but we know in some shape or form it will be rebuilt. I think in some way lex should wake up with his mind wiped by Jol-El and he finds him self in an goverment hopspital standing above him should be Waller. This will be a good story for him not being around “have him working on some kind of project that makes apearances through out the season then have him appear in a later ep. but this is just a sugestion, just make it so he just dosent disapear without a reason.

  26. There’s no smallville without Rosenbaum!

  27. i love smallville but they need to start getting clark to be more powerful and get some more tuff villians for him to fight…thats the only way this show will survive.